30 Father’s Day Mugs To Make Your Old Man Feel Special

Updated on June 7, 2022 Updated on Jun 7, 2022
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    What should you give to your dad this Father’s Day? There are photo gifts, canvas prints, t-shirts, wall art, a touching dear dad Father’s Day card. The gift ideas for Father’s Day are endless and overwhelming. If your dad is anything like my dad, then what he wants is a good Father’s Day mug in his life! Whether you want to go with something funny, touching, or just plain weird, we’ve got you covered with great Father’s Day mug gift ideas!

  1. Thanks For Being My Dad
  2. fathers-day-mugs-thanks-for-being-dad

    This touching Father’s Day coffee mug is both funny and sweet! The mug says Thanks for being my dad. If I had a different dad, I would punch him in the face and find you from: -Your Favorite child. This clever mug is dishwasher and microwave safe and holds 11oz of his favorite hot beverage. 

  3. Ugly Children Coffee Mug
  4. fathers-day-mugs-ugly-children

    Life isn’t always perfect, but at least your dad doesn’t have ugly children. Make your dad spit out his favorite drink with this hilarious coffee mug. The mug says, Dad, no matter what life throws at you, at least you don’t have ugly children. This funny coffee mug will quickly become his favorite way to drink his morning cup o’ joe. 

  5. Baseball Park Mug Map
  6. fathers-day-mugs-baseball-parks

    If your new dad is a baseball fanatic, then we’ve got the perfect gift idea! Fenway Park. Camden Yards. Wrigley Field. The names alone conjure up the sights, sounds, and memories of a day at the ballpark. Each of these chunky mugs features an overhead map of an iconic MLB™ stadium in the team’s colors, plus an official logo. They’re an ideal gift for the baseball-loving dad who thinks of his team’s stadium as hallowed ground.

  7. Star Wars Coffee Mug
  8. christmas-gifts-for-dad-mug

    This Darth Vader ceramic mug with a removable lid is perfect for the ultimate Star Wars fan who has quipped, “…because I am your father!” your entire life. The mug is ideal for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or even a tipple of whiskey. A great mug for fathers day!

  9. Best. Dad. Ever. Personalized Mug
  10. fathers-day-mugs-best-dad-ever

    This personalized coffee mug makes a great Father’s Day gift for anyone who has the best dad ever! The coffee mug has the words Best. Dad. Ever inscribed as well as We love you and the names of the gift-givers. Not only is this mug going to win over dad’s heart, but it comes in the standard 11oz size as well as the gigantic 15oz size, making it a great gift for that dad who likes to drink a big cup of coffee!

  11. Best Grand-Farter Ever (with real fart sounds)


    This silly coffee mug says Best Grandfarter Ever for the grandpa in your life who loves a good gag gift. That’s not the only trick up the sleeve of this hilarious gag gift. In addition to the funny print, this mug also makes farting noises. If he doesn’t spit out his drink when he reads the mug, he’ll for sure spit out his drink when he lifts the mug and hears one of seven preprogrammed farting noises! 

  13. Super Dad Gift Set


    If you’re looking for something more on the sweet side, then this dad mug gifts set might be the ticket. Included is a beautiful 14oz tea or coffee mug, coaster, and spoon. All of this is housed in a tasteful box, making it an exceptional Father’s Day gift idea. 

  15. Daddysaurus Coffee Mug
  16. fathers-day--mugs-daddysaurus-mug

    Your dad is a lot like other dads, except he’s way more awesome. If you’ve got an awesome dad on your hands who also happens to love dinosaurs, then this is the perfect gift idea for him! This coffee cup holds 11oz of his favorite beverage and can be put in the dishwasher and microwave. It’s a lot like a regular coffee mug, just more awesome. 

  17. I Will Always Be Your Financial Burden Coffee Mug
  18. fathers-day-mugs-financial-burden

    This cute and funny coffee mug makes a great Father’s Day gift for a daughter, who isn’t so little anymore, to give her daddy. No matter how old I get, I will always be your little girl…scratch that…financial burden. This cute coffee mug comes in 11oz and a 15oz size.

  19. Nacho Average Dad
  20. fathers-day-mugs-nacho-average-dad

    If your dad loves nachos and/or puns, and he’s also not just a regular average dad, then this is the funny dad mug for him! This is nacho average mug. It’s dishwasher safe, can hold hot and cold drinks, and will proudly keep 11oz of your favorite beverage within its grasp. Maybe those qualities are pretty average for a high-quality coffee mug, but it’s still a really cool gift idea! 

  21. Dad Nutrition Facts Superhero Coffee Mug
  22. fathers-day-mugs-dad-nutrition-facts

    This cute coffee mug tries to put into words exactly what makes up a great dad. He’s 100% strong, 150% guiding, 200% reliable, 300% unbelievable skill, 500% devotion and care, and 1000% unconditional love. All that combines to make one superhero of a dad. If your dad fits these descriptions, then this is the coffee mug for him.  

  23. Keep Calm, and Papa Will Fix It
  24. fathers-day-mugs-papa-will-fix-it

    If you’ve got a DIY fix-everything-in-site type of dad, then this is the coffee mug for him! Everyone, relax. Don’t panic. Keep calm. Papa will fix it. This mug holds 11oz of your favorite hot or cold beverage and is the perfect gift idea to make a statement. My dad is awesome and can fix anything! 

  25. Shack Up With My Mom Mug


    This playful Father’s Day mug makes a great gift for that stepdad who inherited you when he decided to shack up with your mom. Why beat around the bush when you can tell it like it is?! If your stepdad loves coffee, tea, and shacking up with your mom, then this funny coffee mug makes a terrific gift idea! 

  27. Super Dad Mug
  28. fathers-day-mugs-super-dad

    While their origin stories don’t involve gamma rays, insect bites, or faraway galaxies, today’s fathers are still superheroes in our book. These comic-inspired mugs let you showcase Dad’s secret “save the day” alter ego. With hand-drawn and digital illustrations, each customized cup features his likeness (name, skin tone, hairstyle, and color) and two to three of Dad’s amazing superpowers (strength, speed, contagious dance moves, and more). Don’t just tell the Old Man he’s super–show him.

  29. The Greatest Father in the Galaxy
  30. fathers-day-mugs-greatest-father-galaxy

    Oh, your dad is the world’s best dad? That’s cute. Mine is the greatest father in the entire galaxy. If your dad is a Star Wars buff, then this Greatest Father in the Galaxy daddy mug makes a great Christmas, Birthday, or Father’s Day gift idea. Whether he wants to drink tea or coffee, hot or cold beverages, this mug does it all while telling the world of his official title. 

  31. Personalized Daddy Daughter Coffee Mug


    This unique daddy-daughter coffee mug makes a great gift for that dad in your life who prefers sentimental gifts. Best friends for life! This ceramic mug can be customized with dad and daughter’s names and you can choose the size 

  33. I’m a Proud Dad of a Freaking Awesome Daughter
  34. fathers-day-mugs-freaking-awesome-daughter

    You’re a freaking awesome daughter, and your dad sure is proud of you. At least, he better be. Give your dad the type of funny Father’s Day mug he deserves with this cute and funny father-daughter coffee mug. Every time he takes a sip of his favorite beverage from this mug, he’ll be reminded of how freaking awesome of a daughter he helped raise!

  35. Personalized Family Ski & Snowboard Mugs
  36. fathers-day-mugs-family-ski-snowboard

    Give your skiing and snowboarding team captain the gift of these personalized family ski & snowboard mugs. The alpine likenesses of individual family members are personalized through your choices of skis or snowboards, skin tone, hair, clothing color, and the mug owner’s first name. Create a set to celebrate the individuals connected by your family’s winter sport pursuits, whether you’re all gathered for cocoa or toasting in different mountain lodges.

  37. Thank You For Teaching Me How To Be A Man
  38. fathers-day-mugs-how-to-be-a-man

    If you’ve got the type of dad who never let you stay inside just because you were a girl, then this is the coffee mug for him! Whether you had to help shovel snow, fix a flat tire, or do any number of chores as a kid, your dad always taught you the life lessons of how to be a man…even though you’re his daughter! 

  39. This is What an Awesome Dad Looks Like
  40. fathers-day-mugs-awesome-dad-looks-like

    Maybe it’s the beer glasses, but your dad thinks he’s a handsome fellow. If your dad likes to talk about how handsome he is constantly, then this funny dad gift is the perfect Father’s Day gift idea for him! This funny coffee mug holds 11oz of your favorite hot or cold beverages and will put a smile on your dad’s face every time he uses it. Be sure to be ready for a lot of dad jokes, though, while he’s drinking his morning brew! 

  41. Personalized Family Mugs
  42. fathers-day-mugs-personalized-family

    Characterize your family’s unique collection of individuals with these personalized custom mugs featuring this sophisticated yet simple artwork. These best-sellers are the modern version of a photo mug and way cuter. One side features the artists’ depiction of individual family members, personalized through your choices of skin tone, hair, clothing color, and the mug owner’s first name, while the other displays your family name and year established (optional). 

  43. Papa Knows Everything Coffee Mug
  44. fathers-day-mugs-papa-knows-everything

    This Papa knows everything ceramic mug is for the big boys! It holds 16oz of your favorite beverage and is the perfect coffee mug for that DIY dad who seems to know everything. Whether he’s a history buff, who can name any sports stat, or a woodworker who knows how to make anything in his shop, he’ll get a kick out of being recognized for knowing everything! 

  45. Mugaholics Papa Bear Mug
  46. fathers-day-mugs-papa-bear

    This 15oz Papa Bear Mug from Mugaholics makes a great Father’s Day gift idea for that dad in your life who prides himself on being Papa Bear. This mug isn’t overly flashy, but its simple design sends a strong message. This mug is sturdy, dependable, and can take whatever life dishes it, just like your old man! 

  47. I’m a Grandpa. What’s Your Superpower?
  48. fathers-day-mugs-grandpa-superpower

    Father’s Day isn’t just about gifts for dad. It’s for grandpas too! If you need a Father’s Day mug for a grandpa in your life, then this adorable coffee mug is a keepsake he’ll treasure! It’s taken him a long time to be a grandpa so let him show off for the world while he drinks his morning tea or coffee!

  49. Run. Bike. Fitness Mug
  50. fathers-day-mugs-run-bike-fitness

    If you’ve got a fitness fanatic dad who is always outside running or biking, then this handmade drinkware mug is the perfect gift for him! For athletes who eat, sleep, and breathe their sport, now they can drink it too. These stoneware mugs pay tribute to cycling and running (or the athletes who take on both). Each one is hand-thrown, applied an athletic motif, then finished with a food-safe reactive glaze. After a trip to the kiln, they’re good to go. Ready, set, sip!

  51. Dog Dad Coffee Mug
  52. fathers-day-mugs

    Not all dads have human children. If your man is a dog dad, then this cute coffee mug makes the perfect gift for him. The simple design is pleasing to the eye and will quickly become his favorite mug. Let him send the world a message with each sip of his favorite tea or coffee. He’s a dog dad, ’nuff said. 

  53. Not From Your Sack Still Got My Back
  54. fathers-day-mugs-from-your-sack

    Leave the serious gifts for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or a baby shower. This is Father’s Day! This jaw-droppingly hilarious coffee mug will make the room blush as your stepdad pulls it out. The picture shows a pair of hairy testicles while the writing says Even though I’m not from your sack, I know you still have my back. Happy Father’s Day. Is there a better gift for the coffee-loving stepdad who loves a good laugh?! 

  55. Geometric Formation Mugs
  56. fathers-day-mugs-geometric-formation

    Anything but your average cup of joe for your old man! These distinctive mugs serve a bold blend of creativity and day-to-day function. The geometrically gorgeous vessels transform your morning cup of coffee or tea into an immersive art experience. Share the joy with an art-loving dad. It’s a gift he’ll savor sip by sip.

  57. Father Daughter BFFL Personalized Mug
  58. fathers-day-mugs-bffl-father-daughter

    If your dad is your best friend for life, then this adorable coffee mug is a no-brainer! The picture shows a big fist and a tiny fist giving knucks to each other. You have a special bond with your dad, and this coffee mug is the perfect way to give him a daily reminder of just how special your bond is with each other. Personalize this mug with your and his names to make it even more meaningful! 

  59. Tea Maker To Go
  60. fathers-day-mugs-tea-maker-to-go

    If your dad is a big-time tea lover, then this teacup travel mug tumbler is a terrific gift idea! This ingenious mug gives on-the-go tea lovers the convenience of tea bags with a loose-leaf taste. Choose the steeping mode that’s best for the tea you’re using. For a controlled infusion, put the tea leaves in the lid’s strainer compartment. For continuous infusion, drop them directly into the mug. Double-walled stainless steel insulation maintains the contents’ temperature—hot or cold—for about six hours.