36 Romantic Gifts for Him That’ll Keep the Sparks Flying

By Laura Fiebert | Updated: November 5, 2023

    Even the manliest men love thoughtful gifts from their significant others. It makes them feel loved and cared for. Men need a little romance in their lives, too, whether it’s for a birthday gift, Valentine’s Day, Father’s day gift, or just because our gift guide has the best romantic gifts for him that will keep the sparks flying.

  1. Long Distance Touch Bracelets
  2. long-distance-gifts-bracelets

    A pair of Bond Touch bracelets for you and you’re favorite. When you touch it, they feel it—no matter where they are on the planet. The bracelet emits a vibration that mimics your partner’s touch. When you send a touch, your partner’s bracelet will light up in the color of your choice—a great gift for a long-distance relationship.

  3. Wallet Card
  4. romantic-gifts-for-him-card

    This metal wallet card is the perfect way to remind that special guy that you love him.  Credit card sized and made of ultra-thin metal; it’s durable but not bulky in his wallet. The writing will not fade or wear, just like your love for him—a beautiful personalized gift for him to celebrate a special occasion.

  5. Box of Date Night Ideas
  6. romantic-gifts-for-him-date-ideas

    Fancy china is out…. give the unique gift of 48 memorable date nights! The 100% recycled kraft box is paired with 24 solid wood tokens. Each token offers two fun, romantic, or creative date night ideas for couples of any age—the perfect romantic gift for weeks to come. Put this in a gift basket with some wine and his favorite snacks!

  7. Sexy Notepad
  8. romantic-gifts-for-him-valentines-sexy-notes

    While sex is one of our basic needs, the diversity of reasons to engage in it staggers the libido. Clarify your motivation with a checklist indicating every reason for doing it, from an actual desire to boredom to a lack of self-control. Then clear off the kitchen table and let the fun begin!

  9. Where We Met Map
  10. Turn a special street or area in this famous city into an art map. Just search for the address of your special place, and we’ll find it for you. These wall art prints come in various designs and sizes to match your preferences. Create something perfect for you. Make your map print unique by taking full advantage of our personalization options. Add text, craft a special message, change the names, and more to create a piece of art tailored to you. One of the best gifts to celebrate an anniversary.

  11. Laser Engraved Photo
  12. Turn a favorite photo into a one-of-a-kind keepsake he will treasure forever! This breathtaking crystal is custom-made to showcase your best memories in a piece of art. They use innovative laser engraving technology to recreate your favorite photos with real depth and detail inside our high-quality crystals. You’ll never want to go back to ordinary picture frames!  It’s a great gift for celebrating an anniversary.

  13. Couples Toy
  14. romantic gifts for guys toy

    Spice it up with a gadget for the bedroom. The slim design naturally hugs your body, so couples can use it during sex. The extra stimulation will drive you wild while also giving your partner a nice buzz! But there are plenty of other fun ways to use your We-Vibe Sync. With its discreet profile and super-quiet motors, you can quickly wear the Sync Massager during date night while your lover uses the remote control to drive you wild. Or you can use it for solo play, just like your favorite rabbit vibrator. 

  15. Together Journal
  16. harry-potter-gifts-book

    This Q&A a Day provides a question for every day of the year, with enough space for two people to jot down a one- or two-sentence response. The journal offers a variety of questions; some may address the relationship. Where would you like to travel with your partner? What does your partner’s laugh sound like? What is your top priority today?

  17. Box of Love Notes
  18. romantic gifts for him love letters

    Create a treasure trove of love letters for your main squeeze. Fill in the blanks on eight situation-specific missives, seal them in their corresponding envelopes, and present the package in its keepsake box. The letters can then be opened immediately to provide your thoughts and encouragement.

  19. Personalized Couple’s Portrait
  20. romantic-gifts-for-him-print

    Send in a photo of you and your man, and an artist will create a custom portrait based on your image. The print is 8 x 10 and printed on thick textured fine art matte paper. A unique, meaningful gift he’ll treasure forever! 

  21. I Love You, Voice Art
  22. mother-of-the-groom-gifts-print

    Customize this canvas with your own personal message sound wave. The art is created from your voice recording and an optional handwritten note. The message can be heard by scanning a QR code that is included with your purchase. It’s a perfect Christmas gift that speaks from the heart and a uniquely meaningful gift for your boo for Valentine’s day.

  23. Personal Message Bracelet 
  24. romantic gifts for men bracelet

    Give your guy a handwritten secret message he can look at every day. The Loved One’s Handwritten Leather Bracelet has a hidden message that makes a super romantic gift for him. The actual handwriting is laser engraved on the inside of the bracelet and cannot be seen by anyone but the wearer. The outside of the bracelet is plain leather.

  25. Sexy Candle
  26. This hilarious candle is a unique way to put a smile on their face for sure and will make a funny, naughty gift for your significant other. 

  27. Intimacy Prompt Cards
  28. This game is designed to foster intimacy between new partners and to reignite it between long-term partners, bringing them closer. Each card contains a prompt designed to spark fun and meaningful conversation. 

  29. What I Love About You Book
  30. romantic gifts for him valentines book

    This fill-in-the-blank book prompts you to say what is in your heart but may not always be at the tip of your tongue. Tell the most important person in your life just how much they mean to you by completing the scores of unique, evocative checklists, short answers, and phrases in this book. Then, create your own love story.


    No matter how many miles away you are, with these custom map cufflinks, you can wear a unique piece of your hometown, where you met, where you were married, your yearly getaway, or your favorite landmark right on your sleeve. These handsome, personalized cufflinks seal clippings from reproduced maps or charts, providing you with a link to the past and an inventive way to keep your shirtsleeve buttoned.

  31. First Dance Lyric Print
  32. romantic-gifts-print


    This print modeled after a vinyl record can be customized with the lyrics of any song that is special to you and your partner; “your” song, the song you danced to at your wedding, the song that topped the charts on the day you met, whatever you want! 

  33. Custom Photo Crew Socks


    These custom photo socks are silly and fun! Upload the photo you want printed on the socks, and the designers will do the rest. The socks come in several colors and are machine washable. But they should not be machine-dried but air-dried out of the sun. So the socks, like your love, won’t fade! 

  35. Kama Sutra Kit
  36. romantic-gifts-for-him-kama-sutra-kit

    The Kama Sutra Lovers gift set lets you take passion with you wherever you go. It’s the ideal travel companion for lovers. A collection of petite, sensual treats perfectly proportioned to meet TSA rules and fit easily into luggage. The kit contains enough for multiple nights. 

  37. Funny Card
  38. romantic-gifts-for-him-card

    Sometimes even though we have a big heart, our boobs are bigger! Let that special someone know you love them with all your boobs with this funny card, perfect for celebrating an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or simply because! Go a little extra to be fun and flirty, and say it with a funny card.

  39. Massage Stones
  40. romantic-gifts-for-him-stones

    These natural lava stones can help bring a sensual massage to the next level. Using the stones during a massage can help improve circulation, release tension, and soothe aches and pains. There are six stones, four placement stones, and two working stones. 

  41. Date Night in Cookbook
  42. romantic gifts for him cookbook

    Rekindle the romance at home with a weekly date night, one-on-one, over an absolutely delicious meal for two. Sweethearts, spouses, and parents Ashley and Gabe Rodriguez found themselves deep into marriage and child-rearing when they realized they were missing the connection of their early relationship and needed to prioritize each other. They instituted a weekly date night at home to sauté, roast, mix, dice, and reconnect over delicious meals. Great gift idea if you love to cook together.

  43. Heart Map Print
  44. romantic-gifts-for-him-map

    This map print can be customized any way you like. It can be a map of the place you met, a map of where each of you is from, a map of the location of your first date or wedding, or anything that has special meaning for the two of you. Each map comes unframed and is sized to fit in a standard-sized frame. 

  45. Scratch Off Map of the World
  46. romantic-gifts-for-him-map


    Do you and your partner share a wanderlust as well as regular lust? Then this is the perfect gift for him. Scratch off each location you’ve visited together to reveal a map of the location underneath. The poster measures 36 x 24 inches and is unframed. 

  47. Kissing Mugs
  48. romantic-gifts-for-him-mugs

    Isn’t it romantic? These coordinating mugs are cleverly designed to resemble two lovers’ faces. When you fit them together, they form a flawless kiss—what a charming way to enjoy “tea for two” with that very special someone. Also perfect for coffee, cocoa & all other drinks, hot or cold.

  49. I Love You More Keychain Bottle Opener
  50. romantic-gifts-for-him-keychain

    Many a romance started over a beer or two. This keychain/bottle opener is a fun gift if your partner loves beer. Made of stainless steel, it’s lightweight and measures 85 x 40 millimeters. 

  51. Star Wars Han Solo and Leia Print
  52. romantic-gifts-for-him-i-love-you-print

    Did you and your partner bond over your shared love of Star Wars? If so, this print will have a special meaning for the two of you. The print is 11 x 14 inches and comes unframed. He’ll love it, we know!

  53. Engraved Compass
  54. romantic-gifts-for-men-compass


    This Robert Browning’s “Grow Old Along With Me” Engraved Compass with Stamped Leather case is made of solid brass.  The compass comes with an impressive hand-stitched leather case that is stamped with a Nautical Anchor.

  55. Photo Frame


    Looking for a romantic anniversary gift? This wood and string art picture frame is perfect! Sweetheart patterns made with cotton lines it is a beautiful addition to any home. 

  57. Funny Pillows 
  58. These throw pillows with “Tonight” on one side and “Not Tonight” on the other are great to put on your bed to let your special someone know what you think because he can’t read your mind—a funny gift for your hubby. Perfect for Valentine’s day!

  59.  New York Times Sweetheart Sunday Crosswords
  60. romantic-gifts-for-him-crosswords

    What’s more romantic than lying in bed on Sunday morning and doing the Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle? Now, you can recreate those cozy Sunday mornings anytime with this book of 75 puzzles from the Sunday New York Times. 

  61. Kinky Truth or Dare
  62. romantic-gifts-for-men-dare

    Liven up date night with an adult version of a game that’s always pushed some boundaries: truth or dare. Featuring 100 racy seductions printed on double-sided sticks, all this game asks is that you and your partner draw a stick and choose truth or dare–intense blushing guaranteed.

  63. Boudoir Book
  64. romantic-gifts-for-him-boudoir-book

    For his eyes only. The Boudoir photo album is one of the hottest trends in groom’s gifts, and for good reason. When you see the expression and thrill on his unsuspecting face when he opens up your boudoir book, it’s going to be priceless! A boudoir photo book will surprise and thrill him more than you can ever imagine. This might be the ultimate romantic gift idea. 

  65. Sexy Mug


    Just imagine the look on their face when they open the gift box and find their new favorite coffee mug. Thanks for all the orgasms. The mug is a great romantic gift idea for him and a not-so-subtle reminder of how good in bed he is. You may be having more than breakfast in bed 😉

  67. Cocktail Shaker
  68. romantic-gifts-for-him-shaker

    What’s sexier than a well-made cocktail, shaken not stirred? This 24-ounce shaker is made from rust-proof stainless steel, and the kit includes a 1.5-ounce jigger and an e-book that contains cocktail recipes, bartending tips, and techniques. 

  69. Customized Wooden Cutting Board
  70. romantic-gifts-for-him-cutting-board

    Cooking a meal together is one of the best couple’s activities. This customized cutting board will come in handy on those nights you stay in and make a romantic dinner. The board measures 9 x 17 inches and is made of two-toned bamboo. Nineteen different designs can be customized for you and your partner.

    What are romantic gift ideas for him?

    So what can you get him that makes him feel special?  While there are so many amazing romantic gifts out there, I truly believe that the most romantic gift for a man is truly personal and meaningful to him. What are his interests? What is his love language?  It could be a heartfelt letter expressing your love and appreciation for him or a photo album filled with memories of your time together.

    Maybe it’s a unique piece of jewelry he always wanted or tickets to see his favorite sports team. Whatever it is, make sure it truly speaks to his heart and shows him how much you care. Regarding romance, it’s not about the price tag but the thought and effort you put into making him feel loved and cherished.