3 Year Anniversary Gifts For Your Husband To Show Him Some Love

By David Lautaret | Updated: May 8, 2023

    Congratulations, the big three is upon you! After thirty-six months of marital bliss, it’s time to celebrate! That’s why we’ve put together this modern gift guide. Show your love by getting your husband one of these kickass gift ideas to help him celebrate the leather anniversary!

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    What is the traditional 3-year anniversary gift?

    The traditional 3-year anniversary gift is all about leather, representing the strength and flexibility your relationship has developed over the past three years. It’s like your love has been through the wringer and come out even stronger!

    There are many fabulous leather gift options, like stylish wallets or one-of-a-kind personalized leather goodies. Just think of something your partner will adore and cherish, and you’ll be ready to go. Happy anniversary shopping, and here’s to many more years of love and laughter together!

    What are the best 3-year anniversary gifts for your husband?

    Happy anniversary shopping, and here’s to many more years of love and laughter together! Here is our gift guide with the best 3 year anniversary gifts for him.

  1. Leather Valet Tray
  2. 3rd-anniversary-gifts-for-him-valet

    This convenient leather catchall tray is a great way to organize essentials at home, in the office, or on the go. It’s crafted in richly rawhide leatherette and finished with pinched snap corners. It’s a perfect gift to give or get for a 3rd-anniversary gift to help you celebrate three years of marriage.

  3. Buffalo Nickel Vegan Leather Wallet
  4. 3rd-anniversary-gifts-for-him-buffalo-nickel-wallet

    Have a history buff for a husband who loves cool wallets? This wallet and money clip always hold an extra five cents and a priceless history. Crafted from slim, vegan leather, it features an inset Buffalo Nickel designed by James E. Fraser and minted from 1913-38. The iconic coin honors Native Americans with its composite portrait based on Iron Tail, Two Moons, and Chief John Tree. The flipside gives the nickel its name with a profile of an American bison.

  5. Fell Asleep Here Leather Magnetic Bookmark
  6. 3rd-anniversary-gifts-for-him-leather-bookmark

    It’s happened to every bookworm: You curl up with a good novel, and the next thing you know, you’re waking up without any idea where you left off. A minor inconvenience, sure, but an easily preventable one. When you feel your eyelids start to droop, slide this bookmark onto the page, pointing directly at the current passage. The magnetic closure ensures it will stay put, and its soft faux-leather shell means it won’t damage the paper. 

  7. Level 3 Complete T-Shirt 
  8. 3rd-anniversary-gifts-for-him-level-3-tee

    This funny Level 3 Complete gaming tee makes a great gift for that husband who loves to play video games! The vintage graphics combine with the iconic Playstation controller to make this t-shirt a must-have! It’s available in five colors and will quickly become his go-to gaming shirt! 

  9. Leather Manicure and Pedicure Kit 
  10. 3rd-anniversary-gifts-for-him-leather-pedicure-kit

    Put the man back in manicure with this awesome grooming kit! This manicure set is 100% made of high-quality stainless steel, sharp and sturdy. The 16-piece set will meet all your needs and keep your nails neat and stylish. It makes a tremendous third-year anniversary gift idea! 

  11. Engraved Leather Photo Frame 
  12. 3rd-anniversary-gifts-for-him-leather-pictureframe

    An excellent anniversary picture frame with a detailed breakdown of how long the happy couple has been married! This thoughtful and unique gift would be especially perfect for a couple celebrating their three years anniversary as “Leather” is the traditional 3rd-anniversary gift!

  13. Home Brew Leather Journal 
  14. 3rd-anniversary-gifts-for-him-leather-home-brew-journal

    For any home brewing operation worth its wort, the devil’s in the details. So track your recipes, fermentation, and results in style with this custom home brewing journal. Bound in warm vegan “leather,” this handsome journal includes engaging infographics, handy tables, and systematically structured log pages to guide your beer-making pursuits. It’s a detailed, indispensable resource adaptable for a range of brewing expertise. 

  15. 3 Years Down Leather Pen
  16. 3rd-anniversary-gifts-for-him-leather-pen

    This fun leather pen makes a great wedding anniversary gift! The pen is engraved with the words 3 years down, forever to go. The pen is made from high-quality materials and will be touching and a very practical 3rd wedding anniversary gift idea for your husband! 

  17.  Brass Compass


    Looking for unique wedding anniversary gifts for him? You just found it! Say “I Love You” with this unique antique decor style compass. The Robert Browning quote is a beautiful sentiment on your anniversary and every other day of the year. 

  19. Fix-It Kit
  20. 3rd-anniversary-gifts-for-him-fix-it-kit

    The contents of this compact, vegan leather case have a superpower: fighting entropy, the tendency of things to devolve from order to chaos. Your carry-on suitcase handle comes loose: entropy! Open the kit, take out the interchangeable handle and a screwdriver bit, and halt the enemy. These mighty tools don’t want to sit around looking pretty in their snug, elastic-banded homes. Give your husband the gift of fixing everything around the home! 

  21. 3 Stinkin’ Years Coffee Mug
  22. 3rd-anniversary-gifts-for-him-coffee-mug

    This hilarious coffee mug will give you years of laugh-out-loud enjoyment. The mug says, “Happy Anniversary, still tolerating your farts after 3 stinkin’ years.” It’s the perfect gift idea for that husband who loves a good potty joke and also loves his morning cup of coffee. This mug is dishwasher and microwave safe, so it’ll be usable for years! 

  23. My Best Catch Pokémon Wish Jar
  24. 3rd-anniversary-gifts-for-him-wish-jar

    Looking for an unusual way to tell our loved ones about your feelings? Pick this unique handmade game-inspired glass jar. You can choose the message printed on the attached card: “My Best Catch” or “I Choose You.” It might just be the perfect way to say, “I love you.” This cute My Best Catch wish jar makes a unique gift idea for that husband who is secretly kind of a nerd and loves Pokémon!

  25. Customizable Underwear
  26. 3rd-anniversary-gifts-for-him-leather-underwear

    Celebrate your anniversary in style with these hilarious moisture-wicking boxer briefs. Customize the name on these inappropriate boxer briefs and give him a gift he’ll remember for the rest of his life! These laugh-out-loud underwear are as comfortable as they are memorable and are sure to make him stand at attention! 

  27. Authentic Football Stadiums Relic Watch
  28. 3rd-anniversary-gifts-for-him-football-stadium-watch

    For Vince Lombardi, perhaps the poet laureate of football, the relentless pursuit of perfection in the gridiron was something close to a religion. Its face is crafted from salvaged seats from iconic stadiums in one of those legendary football towns, with the rich patina of the natural wood from which fans have cheered for decades. The cognac-colored strap is vegan leather. Each watch is gift boxed with a certificate of authenticity and is officially licensed by the NFL and the University of Michigan. 

  29. 3rd Anniversary Leather Engraved Flask
  30. 3rd-anniversary-gifts-for-him-flask

    This cruelty-free leather-wrapped stainless steel liquor flask holds 6 oz of your favorite spirit and makes a great gift idea for that husband who loves whiskey! The engraved leather details the years, months, days, weeks, hours, all the way down to the seconds you’ve been married! If your husband loves a good flask, then this is the sweetest one you’ll find! 

  31. Three-Year Anniversary Wallet Card
  32. 3rd-anniversary-gifts-for-him-wallet-card

    My Heart Beats for you Every second of the clock. I am yours. And you are my soulmate, my happily ever after, my best friend, my dream come true, my one & only, my everything, my life, my love, I love you always & forever. Happy 3rd Anniversary! This credit card-sized card makes an ideal gift idea for your husband. He can keep it in his wallet and carry your love with him every day! 

  33. Hidden Message Custom Leather Bracelet
  34. 3rd-anniversary-gifts-for-him-leather-bracelet

    Handmade with high-quality European genuine leather, this bracelet is 10mm wide and has strong, hypoallergenic magnetic clasps. It’s very comfortable and easy to wear. Special phrases, words, coordinates, or wedding dates can be engraved on the inside of the bracelet. It makes a great Christmas gift, birthday gift, or anniversary gift!

  35. Leather Luggage Tags
  36. 3rd-anniversary-gifts-for-him-leather-luggage-tags

    If your husband loves to travel the globe, then why not get him something to help him along the way? These custom leather luggage tags make a great gift idea for the man who is always on the go! Help him easily find his bag with these cool luggage tags made from genuine distressed leather! 

  37. Round Leather Coasters
  38. 3rd-anniversary-gifts-for-him-leather-coasters

    These high-quality handmade leather coasters make a great gift idea for your husband to keep his man cave furniture looking sharp! Whether you use these in the dining room, the kitchen, the home bar, or the living room, these handmade coasters are sure to be part of your family for generations! 

  39. National Parks Camera Strap
  40. 3rd-anniversary-gifts-for-him-national-parks-camera-strap

    From the gentle rolling forests of the Great Smoky Mountains to the Martian-Esque rocks of Arches to the gushing geysers of Yellowstone, America’s national parks never cease to inspire. Bring the beauty of the great outdoors everywhere adventure beckons with a camera strap designed to awe. Featuring imagery from 11 national parks, this adjustable strap supports the heaviest of camera bodies. Crafted from ultrasoft and comfortable vegan suede and leather, it can be worn as a sling, neck, or shoulder strap that protects your body from strain even during the most vigorous journey.

  41. Genuine Leather Toiletry Bag
  42. 3rd-anniversary-gifts-for-him-toiletry-bag

    Made from the finest Buffalo leather and lined with a durable canvas, this Dopp kit bag makes a great gift idea for the husband with discerning tastes. This fully lined leather bag takes on a rich natural patina as it grows older. This classic vintage-style Dopp kit for men is just like your grandfather might have used to store his comb, nail clippers, shaving items, and prescriptions with a few modern upgrades inside!

  43. Black Leather Monogram Keychain
  44. 3rd-anniversary-gifts-for-him-monogram

    Design a one-of-a-kind leather anniversary gift that you personalize! This cute leather-and-metal key fob features your personalized design encased in resin mounted on an excellent black leather backing. The silver-plated hardware and keyring give it that extra touch of class. It makes a tremendous third-anniversary gift to help you celebrate your 3rd year! 


    These personalized leather cufflinks make a great third wedding anniversary gift to help him dress up for a special date night! Personalize these cufflinks with his initials or combine both of your initials. When he wears these cufflinks, he’ll be wearing your love on his sleeve! 

  45. Third Year Leather Anniversary Card
  46. 3rd-anniversary-gifts-for-him-card

    Sometimes one of the best gifts you can gift is a thoughtful card. Handmade gifts are always extra special, and this beautiful card is no exception. This adorable third-anniversary card for him is an excellent addition to any anniversary gift idea! Celebrate your leather anniversary with this thoughtful handmade card and let him know how much he means to you! 

  47. Harley-Davidson Leather Jacket 
  48. 3rd-anniversary-gifts-for-him-leather-jacket

    Go big or go home with this Harley-Davidson leather riding jacket! If he’s a fan of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, this leather jacket is the ultimate comfort and protection. Let him ride on his hog in style while being protected by 100% genuine cowhide leather. If he’s a fan of Harley, then this best-seller is a must-have! 

  49. Reversible Italian Leather Belt
  50. 3rd-anniversary-gifts-for-him-leather-belt

    If you’re looking for a practical gift he can use every day, then this genuine top grain Italian leather belt does the trick! This belt is reversible with a brown and a black side, so no matter what color his outfit is, he can have a stylish belt to go along with it. For a genuine gift to make him feel genuinely loved on your three-year wedding anniversary, this reversible belt is a great gift idea! 

  51. Personalized Leather Bookmark
  52. 3rd-anniversary-gifts-for-him-leather-bookmark

    Personalized gifts are always money in the bank. This adorable leather bookmark says, “We’re only three chapters in, but I love where this story is going,” and can be personalized with your wedding date. It makes the perfect unique gift idea for the husband in your life who loves to read! This would be one of the best anniversary gifts for her as well! 

  53. Personalized Engraved Leather Wallet
  54. 3rd-anniversary-gifts-for-him-wallet

    This personalized engraved leather wallet makes a great 3rd wedding anniversary gift idea for your husband. If he’s in the market for a new wallet, then this vintage-leather engraved wallet will make his eyes well up with pride and happiness. Surprise him with this sentimental gift for your big anniversary day!  A wonderful romantic gift.

  55. Crystal Glass Whiskey Decanter Set 
  56. 3rd-anniversary-gifts-for-him-whiskey-decanter

    Up your drinking game the elegant way with the Billionth Barrel Whiskey Decanter Set! Inspired by old-time Hollywood, this whiskey decanter set exudes class effortlessly. It has a solid base, good weight, and can hold up to 750 ml of your favorite whiskey. The bottle’s glass is intricately blown by hand to ensure each little detail is done to perfection without jeopardizing the drink’s flavors and aroma.