34 His And Hers Gifts To Celebrate Your Favorite Couple

Updated on March 27, 2022 Updated on Mar 27, 2022
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    Whether you need a gift for an engagement party, bridal shower, wedding, or just another Christmas, this His and Hers gift guide contains fun and creative ideas for lucky couples.

  1. Pillow Covers


    The perfect romantic gift for a couple of Office fans, these pillow covers feature Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly. The covers are made of thick cotton linen and measure 18×18 inches. Please note, these are pillow covers, the inserts aren’t included. 

  3. Watch Duo
  4. his-and-hers-gifts-watches

    There are many amusing and cute His & Hers gifts out there but these matching Fossil watches are ultra-classy and a worthy investment. Fossil watches are highly regarded and the stylish, unisex design makes these the best gift for any fashion-forward couple. 

  5. Kissing Mugs
  6. his-and-hers-gifts-coffee-mugs

    This smoochy coffee mug set is utterly adorable and fits together like you and your favorite person. They’d make a charming gift for a bridal shower, for newlyweds, as a housewarming gift, or a Valentine’s Day gift.

  7. Kissing Whale Keychains 
  8. his-and-hers-gifts-keychain

    Aside from being the darn cutest lil’ things you ever did see, these matching keychains are magnetic and thus always attracting each other– a symbol of long-lasting love. They’re super shiny but scratch-resistant and can even be personalized (engraved) on their little tags.

  9. Personalized Sweatshirt Robes
  10. his-and-hers-gifts-robes

    It’s easy to see why these super-soft, sweatshirt-like, robes are a favorite – they’re like your fave hoodie morphed with your comfiest robe. The biggest battle will be forcing yourselves to change before you leave the house.

  11. Bond Touch Bracelets
  12. his-and-hers-gifts-touch-bracelets

    And now for a little something special– a pair of matching bracelets that keep the couple connected while apart. They can send a “touch” from one bracelet to the other and mimic the natural vibration of touch. Then there’s the app where they can also send messages and pictures. More band styles sold separately.

  13. Newlywed Gift Box
  14. his-and-hers-gifts-box

    This carefully curated gift basket is sweetly packaged and ready-to-gift – for a wedding, engagement party, bridal shower, housewarming, or First Christmas. It includes a tea towel, two metal camper mugs (for taking on the road!), and a 1st Christmas ceramic ornament.

  15. A Royal Set Of Tumblers
  16. his-and-hers-gifts-coffee-tumbler

    A right royal set for the King and Queen, these tumblers are super stylish in black and white and would make a unique wedding gift. They’re 100% stainless steel with a printed silicone sleeve and include a removable tea/juice infuser.

  17. Matching Shirts
  18. his-and-hers-gifts-matching-shirts

    The perfect gift for pizza-loving couples is here– a pizza and slice matching t-shirt set. They even have an actual women’s cut so she doesn’t look like she’s wearing a potato sack.

  19. Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker  
  20. his-and-hers-gifts-sandwich-maker

    This sandwich maker may come as one singular gift but it’s an appliance that’s indeed built for two. He wants sausage and eggs; she wants egg and veggies – no matter, they can create a custom DIY breakfast sandwich each but dine as one! Give it as a birthday gift to one and let the other reap the benefits.

  21. Ice Cream Spoons
  22. his-and-hers-gifts-spoons

    Date night with your best friend just got a whole lot more stylish with these matchy-matchy ice cream spoons. With sleek handles and laser engraving, the utensils make for a fun and creative gift. Perhaps you could pair these with home delivery of  Jeni’s ice cream?

  23. Flask Gift Set  


    The couple who drink together… well, that could go either way. But a pair of Mr and Mrs flasks may help to make it a positive pairing! The flasks are made of stainless steel and each holds six ounces. 

  25. Better Together Aprons


    For the culinary couple, this set will ensure they continue to always cook together (’cause it’ll look super weird if they don’t.) You could also throw in a couple of hilarious Blue Q oven mitts for him and for her.

  27. Passport Wallets
  28. his-and-hers-gifts-passport-wallet

    Avid travelers? These gorgeous personalized passport wallets will make great keepsakes of their time spent traveling together. Choose what you want it to say, pick a colored faux leather, and then order TWO – the listing is just for one.

  29. Mr. & Mrs. Cheese Board Gift Set
  30. his-and-hers-gifts-cheese-board

    With a hidden utensil drawer, this cheese tray is handmade with 100% bamboo with a nonporous surface that won’t stain or absorb odors. Packaged in a sophisticated gift box, it arrives with a “beautiful boards guide” packed with snack board design ideas so they can impress right out of the gate! A fantastic gift for cheese lovers.

  31. Personalized Bracelets
  32. his-hers-gifts-bracelets

    For the hip couple in your life – check out this cool bracelet set made of a leather band with stainless steel engraving plate. The plate can be personalized with a name, initials, date, symbols etc. The male bracelet is black while the female is white.

  33. Decanter Set
  34. his-and-hers-gifts-decantar

    Designed specifically for couples, this Godinger decanter set is equipped with two glasses etched with  “Yours” and “Mine,” and a  decanter that unites them, inscribed “Ours.” A top gift for weddings or anniversaries, it makes an elegant addition to a tabletop or bar.

  35. Sleep Masks
  36. his-and-hers-gifts-sleep-masks

    These sleep masks make the cutest duo whether an engagement gift, anniversary gift, or Christmas gift. Wide soft elastic keeps the mask in place and protects against hair damage, while the backing fabric can be either satin (cheaper) or silk (more expensive).

  37. The Date Night Set
  38. his-and-hers-gifts-apron-set

    A bridal shower or wedding present that’s packaged and ready for that kitchen-lovin’ couple– His and Hers matching aprons, potholder, and oven mitts. Plus a carefully crafted Romantic Recipe Book that sets the mood for a romantic evening. Whether it’s BBQ grilling or baking, this gift set will keep them lookin’ cute.

  39. One-Piece PJs  
  40. his-and-hers-gifts-pjs

    These cozy, cute pajamas are perfect for chilly nights, camping, or family holidays. They’re 100% cotton and yup, the cute butt flap is indeed functional. If they’ve got kids you can grab them a matching set too.

  41. Bath Mats
  42. his-and-hers-gifts-bath-mats

    Oh, to have a dry bath mat by the time you go to shower! Playful and stylish, these “His & Hers” bath mats will level up any bathroom– and ensure everyone gets their own (dry) space. Made from extra-plush 100% cotton, they’re super absorbent and come in aqua or linen beige. 

  43. Key Holder
  44. his-and-hers-gifts-keychain

    This handcrafted “his, hers, and paws” leash and key holder is the perfect way to organize the entryway. In our house, our keys and leash are the two top things that get misplaced! This leash holder will get them organized so they know exactly where to find them.

  45. Planner Gift Set
  46. his-and-hers-gifts-planners

    Couples that slay together, stay together!  So here’s a novel gift idea for a motivated team – matching productivity planners. The A5 planners are undated so they can be started at any time and will last a year. The set is packaged in a luxurious gift box with a red bow and includes two matching pens.

  47. Split Blanket & Sheet Set 
  48. his-and-hers-gifts-bedding

    Love shouldn’t be a tug o’ war. That’s why this clever sheet and fleece set is split from the top to the not-quite bottom. It stays securely tucked but allows each to have their own bedding, or kick it off as desired. So the only argument will be over who didn’t make their bed in the morning.

  49. Personalized Beach Towels 
  50. his-and-hers-gifts-beach-towels

    These personalized beach towels make an excellent gift for weddings, setting new couples up nicely for their honeymoon. They’re a soft polyester-cotton blend and you can request different colors.

  51. Han and Leia Cushion Covers


    How about some his & hers home decor for the living room? These I love you, I know cushion covers are no-brainers for Star Wars fans for any special occasion. The black and white motif will suit most decors and the sentiment will give even the most serious living space a quirky pop-culture finish.

  53. Beer Can Glasses
  54. his-and-hers-gifts-beer-glasses

    Personalize this original, beer can-shaped glass set for the happy couple. The glasses are laser engraved, hold 16 oz of beer (or could also be used as stemless wine glasses), and would make a rather lovely wedding anniversary gift.

  55. Matching Underwear
  56. his-and-hers-gifts-underwear

    Time to liven up those couple gifts! Now you probably should be a close friend or relative to gift new underwear and not appear creepy, but this undergarment duo is fun, summery, and a unique gift. 

  57. Towel Hooks
  58. his-and-hers-gifts-towel-hook

    The perfect bathroom accessory for your modern farmhouse-themed home– a set of two hangers, one marked “HIS” and one marked “HERS.” Each hanger has dual hooks for easily hanging towels and bathrobes, and they even double as a coat rack and wall art for the hallway.

  59. Carry-On Suitcases
  60. his-hers-gifts-luggage

    A stylish couple should travel in style and this charcoal and rose gold matching luggage meet the maximum allowances on all major airlines (see list). In addition, there’s a built-in padlock, multiple pockets for stashing smaller items, and 360-degree spinner wheels.

  61. The Honeymoon Combo
  62. his-hers-gifts-hats

    Whether it’s the beach or the pool, every honeymooning couple needs a good sun visor and a way to keep their beer cool. Better yet, they can do so while declaring their new status to the world. An awesome and easy gift for a bridal shower, honeymoon, bachelor, and bachelorette parties. 

  63. Ugly Christmas Sweaters
  64. his-hers-gifts-xmas-sweaters

    What does every couple truly need? Matching ugly Christmas sweaters, naturally! How else will they leave their mark on the festive season and have everyone talking about how cool they two are? You can’t go wrong with a Christmas Vacation theme.

  65. Mug Set


    If kissing mugs aren’t their thing, this ceramic set is adorably simple (and even more perfect for dog lovers.) And, if you prefer it in pillowcase form, that is indeed an option.

  67. Love Seat Camp Chair 
  68. his-hers-gifts-loveseat

    The modern love seat must surely be one you can take camping, to weekend sports and picnics. This conjoined seat can even be configured side-by-side to watch a ball game and then shifted into a half circle to fit around the fire pit and see each other better. The seat includes cup holders, a hidden bottle opener and it all folds up into a backpack tote carrier!