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37 Fun Gifts for Couples That Your Favorite Duo Will Love

Updated on November 6, 2019 Updated on Nov 6, 2019
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    Even though they may get too lovey-dovey sometimes, we know you love your coupled friends. We found gifts for all types of couples. Whether it’s for an engagement, housewarming, or for the holidays, our gift guide has 36 perfect gift ideas for couples that they can both use.

  1. Moscow Mule Drink Set
  2. The famous vodka-ginger beer cocktail was born when a poor Russian emigrant tried to sell some mugs she had brought to America all the way from the old country. The Moscow Mule Mugs by Goodygoods is an American dream success. Whether you fancy a beer or an ice tea after a long day, using this classic mug will upgrade your long-awaited unwinding time.

  3. Around The World Coffee Sampler
  4. Travel the world from the comfort of your kitchen. The ultimate tour of the world’s top coffee-producing regions, including Ethiopia, Kenya, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Colombia, Panama, Brazil, and Kona. Experience chocolaty Latin American coffees, fruit-forward African roasts, earthy Sumatran blends, and everything in between. Bean Box hand picks coffees grown on the world’s finest estates and roasted to perfection by Seattle roasters like Fundamental, Slate, and Vita.

  5. A Fun Party Board Game
  6. Codenames is a social word game with a simple premise and challenging gameplay. Two rival spymasters know the secret identities of 25 agents. Their teammates know the agents only by their codenames. The teams compete to see who can make contact with all of their agents first. Spymasters give one-word clues that can point to multiple words on the table. Their teammates try to guess words of their color while avoiding those that belong to the opposing team. And everyone wants to avoid the assassin.

  7. One Pan, Two Plates Cookbook
  8. One pan + fresh ingredients = dinner for two! With an emphasis on reducing prep time and the usual sinkful of dishes, cooking instructor Carla Snyder serves up the ideal couple’s guide to simple, complete, and truly delicious meals that can be made in one skillet, in less than 60 minutes. One Pan, Two Plates will nourish couples, from newlyweds to empty nesters, every night of the week. Great couples gift for those who love date night at home.

  9. Foodie & Cocktail Dice
  10. Are they the type of couple you can always find playing around in the kitchen? They are just a shake away from dinner and drinks with these foodie dice. Make a game of cooking and cocktail devising by shaking up these dice and letting them roll. Makes a great stocking stuffer for foodies.

  11. Customized Star Map
  12. This custom star map print makes the perfect piece to mark any significant life event, be it a birthday, wedding, anniversary, “the day we met,” and more. See your night sky as it was at that very moment that changed your life. Your star map home decor poster will show the stars exactly as they were at that location on that date–and even that time, if you wish! This is the unique photo gift that’s sure to be a showstopper–but we can’t promise there won’t be tears. A picture is worth a thousand words, and now, you can say it with a thousand stars.

  13. Ice Cream Maker
  14. What’s better than one quart of luscious homemade ice cream, sorbet, or frozen yogurt? Two quarts! The fully automatic Cuisinart Pure Indulgence makes 2 quarts of your favorite frozen desserts or drinks in as little as 25 minutes. Pair it with this recipe book and resuable pint containers for a great gift set.

  15. Mine, Yours, Ours Decanter Set 
  16. Give your favorite couple something unique to display (and use) in their home with this Whiskey Decanter Set. It will make an elegant statement on their table or bar with this set and get started. For an added bonous gift it with a bottle of their favorite spirit.

  17. Matching Passport Covers

    If they are a traveling couple, these matching passport covers will protect their most prized possession. They add extra travel organization. They can add their important debit card, personal identification card, and passport while traveling.

  19. Insulated Tumblers

    These stemless wine glasses won’t sweat or rust, regardless of the elements they are exposed to. Cold drinks stay cold and warm drinks stay warm, making this drinkware effective and multifunctional. Take them camping to enjoy both morning coffee and dinner wine. Shatterproof, sturdy, and easy-to-clean, you can throw them in your backpack for a day picnic or create a sophisticated ambiance while hosting a dinner party.

  21. Love Skull Vintage Dictionary Art
  22. Have a badass couple in your life who aren’t into all that lovey-dovey crap? This skull love print should change their mind. Each print is created using an antique dictionary page from the early 1900’s. The pages used are random pages from a vintage dictionary. Each page has a great antique look and feel. 

  23. Mix Tape Pillow
  24. Back in the big-haired heydey of cassettes, there was nothing quite like finding a mixtape in your locker, rushing home to your Walkman, and listening to a musically-coded love letter. Curl up with a bit of nostalgia (and maybe dust off your classic road trip mix from your freshman year) and enjoy this retro indoor/outdoor, double-sided pillow, personalized with your name, high school moniker, or your nickname from your sweetheart.

  25. Personalized Connect Four Game
  26. The couple who plays together stays together. Challenge your other half to some lighthearted competition with Kasey and Justin Pearson’s lovingly crafted four-across game. They carve their handsome, heirloom-quality activity set from maple wood. Amid a field of incised hearts, up to four lines (seven characters each) can be personalized with your names, anniversary date, or a sweet message to surprise the one you adore.

  27. Love Is Love
  28. Give your favorite LGBT couple a beautiful Love is love is love is love pride quote poster for their home. It’s not about the sex or gender of a couple but how they love each other. Celebrate love with them!

  29. Insta Max Mini 90
  30. This is a fun gift for the traveling couple. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 – designed with a classic look offers advanced features, such as bulb and double exposures, that enhanced capability to capture light creatively. The Instax mini 90 is also equipped with new functions and features like macro mode and high performance flash, making this an instant camera for every photographer developed under the concept neo classic.  If the classic look isn’t her style, they also have there Original Insta Mini and its half the price.

  31. Love is Art Canvas and Paint
  32. This kit contains everything they need to create a piece of abstract art while being intimate. All they have to do is set the mood, spread the canvas and enjoy each other. This is a unique bonding experience as you work together to create your intimate artwork. The love is art kit translate your love into a tangible piece of abstract artwork that will forever capture their special moment together.

  33. Tequila Tasting Kit
  34. Salt, sip, sweetness. The essence of a good tequila shot. We’ve made it simple to give a round on the house with our tequila gift sets. Includes everything from the bar:  a cutting board, knife, four shot glasses and the salt plates…just add fresh limes! And for those salt plates, we’ve added salts they’ll lick and love with Himalayan, chili-spice and sugared flavors. There’s a (hardwood) tray to carry all the fixings. Shots. Not everything good should be savored. 

  35. Pizza Stone
  36. Bake artisan-quality pizzas in the comfort of your own home with this professional-grade pizza stone.Cordierite stone heats efficiently for perfectly crispy crusts and features built-in handles for easy carrying. Cooked food releases easily, thanks to the glazed surface, and stone is suitable for both oven and grill use.

  37. Picnic Backpack
  38. Whether they like picnicking in the park, going camping or heading to the beach, the Sunflora Backpack has everything they need. It’s well organized with 4 tableware sets, napkins, plates, plastic wine glasses and cutting board. The detachable waterproof pouch inside the food compartment allows you to put ice, chilled beer and won’t get the picnic bag pack wet. And there is also a matching blanket also features a waterproof PEVA backing to keep you and your belongings dry even in the damp ground. 

  39. Cozy Throw
  40. Nothing is more romantic than being snuggled up with the one you love. There is room for two under this incredibly soft merino throw. The blanket measures 90 by 90 inches and can be washed and tumbled dry. Perfect for a Netflix and chill night.

  41. Countertop Expresso Maker
  42. With a tiny footprint, compact, lightweight and equipped with an ergonomic handle, the Nespresso inissia by De’Longhi Coffee machine is a smart little machine to make your life easier and fit perfectly into any interior design. Simple to use, it offers and impeccable barista-style Coffee every time, thanks to a simple, one-touch operation and patented extraction system which delivers up to 19 bar pressure. A fast-heat uptime means the water reaches the ideal temperature in just 25 seconds.

  43. Ullo Wine Purifier with Hand Blown Decanter
  44. Sulfites are artificial chemicals added to wine as a preservative and are no longer needed once the bottle is opened. Each filter purifies 1 bottle of wine. Üllo purifies wine using a food grade polymer to selectively remove sulfites while allowing other compounds in wine to flow through unaffected. Through Selective Sulfite Capture, sulfites are filtered to reveal more of the wine’s natural flavors and aromas.  Because some wines prefer to be aerated, Üllo was designed to purify and aerate wine in the same pour. 

  45. We Found Each Other Puzzle
  46. This 300 piece, the wooden jigsaw puzzle is customized with an aerial view of the spot the happy couple first laid eyes on one another. Each puzzle covers one square mile of the surrounding area. The couple can have fun assembling it over and over or assemble it and have it made into a piece of wall art to be hung in their home. It measures 18.5 inches long but 12 inches wide.

  47. Sexy Truth or Dare
  48. Playing truth or dare used to be an innocent pass time but not with this racy version. Skip the same old same old date night and stay in with this activity guaranteed to spice things up. There are 100 prompts like “Choose an adult movie for us to watch,” and “What is your ultimate role play fantasy?

  49. Anniversary Wine Box
  50. The Three Nights Wine Box toasts a quiet night together, a night of celebration, and an anniversary – all in one beautiful package. Makes a wonderful gift for others or a special treat for your relationship. The Three Nights Wine Box is a unique way to take time out and share three special nights together. Our patented wine box has three separate compartments for wine. As the couple reaches each anniversary, they reveal and enjoy a bottle of aged wine.

    Toast your love with this crystal champagne flutes. The flared bowls are designed to enhance the bouquet of your bubbly and the laser-etched dots at the bottom of each flute make the bubbles dance in a sparkling stream from the first sip to the last. Each flute holds 7.3 ounces and should be hand washed.

  51. His and Her Robes
  52. After a shower for two, a dip in the pool, or a soak in the hot tub, the happy couple can wrap up in these matching robes. Made from 100% Egyptian cotton, they are soft and lightweight. One size fits most and the fabric stands up to repeated washing, actually getting softer with each wash.

  53. 1000 Ultimate Experiences
  54. It’s been proven that experiences make us happier than things. With this book as their guide, couples will never run out of experiences to plan, share and enjoy. Lonely Planet put together a book detailing the 1000 most unique and exhilarating experiences the world has to offer.

  55. Bodum French Press
  56. Coffee connoisseur couple in your life? Nothing says I love you guys like a pretty french press. Pressed coffee extracts the perfect amount of essentials oils and acids from the coffee bean for maximum flavor; the preferred method for brewing for coffee enthusiasts everywhere.

  57. Brooklinen Sheets
  58. Couples spend a lot of time between the sheets so why not give them some fancy ones. At Brooklinen, we use only long-staple cotton because it produces the longest, strongest and finest cotton fibers in the world. In the case of cotton – a longer staple is a better staple.

  59. Shower Squids
  60. The shower just isn’t big enough, especially when it’s full of men’s and women’s products. Reduce the clutter with these cool shower squids. Not only do they hold essential items like body wash and shampoo, but you also don’t even have to remove the bottle to use it!

  61. Custom Comic Portrait

  62. Don’t just get them any old wall portrait; wow them with a customized comic portrait! Using a picture that you supply, All Pop Art will turn it into a comic portrait that the newlyweds will surely want to prominently display in their living room.

  63. Don’t F**k Up The Drink Coasters
  64. If you’re looking for a present to give to a person with a great sense of humor, don’t look any further. With these drink coasters, you’ll give the best gift ever. Everyone who cares about their furniture needs drink coasters. Why use boring blank coasters when you can have a perfect conversation starter and funny set instead, all-in-one.

  65. Conversation Starters
  66. Conversation Starters by Rob Teigen is a fun way couples can get to know one another again, and better. Each side has a question and an accompanying Scripture verse or quote that is sure to spark some lively conversation and lots of laughter. Learn more about your partner’s hopes, worries, dreams, and joys with this fun resource.

  67. Dat Ass & Dat Beard Mug Set
  68. If you need a gift for a couple that can’t keep their hands off each other, here it is. This set of mugs to highlight your better qualities as a couple. Mugs are hand painted, and ceramic coat sealed and are quite durable. 

  69. Plaster Statue
  70. Capture the ultra-fine details and features of hands, wrists & little feet with crystal clarity as you create a statue-like replica two regular adult hands. Share the experience of lifecasting from the comfort of your own home. Featuring the largest 2 person hand casting kit available on the market.

  71. Cheese Board
  72. Whether prepping or serving, the versatile Marble and Acacia Wood Paddle Board from Artisanal Kitchen Supply adds a personal touch to your kitchen. Crafted of natural acacia wood and beautiful marble, it makes for the perfect culinary accessory. Stylish and versatile, adds a personal touch to casual or formal entertaining.