37 Gifts for the In-laws That Will Make You Their Favorite

By Laura Fiebert | Updated: December 13, 2023

    Maybe you are lucky and got inlaws who adore you. Perhaps you’re unlucky, and they don’t. Either way, finding the right gifts for inlaws is hard. However, if you are looking for a together gift for your mother-in-law and father-in-law, our gift guide has awesome gifts that will make them love you even more. We’ve got the best gifts for inlaws from an anniversary to Christmas.

  1. Digital Photo Frame
  2. christmas-gifts-for-grandma-frame

    Think of this picture frame as a digital brag board for grandma! The frame allows loved ones to send photos and videos directly to it. This is one of the best gifts you could give a grandma with many long-distance loved ones. 

  3. Family Calendar


    Add the name & date to each tag, then hang it under the appropriate month so she will know all the important dates at a glance! She will never forget and miss your family or friends’ birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations, and any particular date again. It is a beautiful opportunity for the grandkids to work together on creating this family calendar board.

  5. Ice Cream Maker
  6. gifts-for-couples-ice-cream

    What’s better than one quart of luscious homemade ice cream, sorbet, or frozen yogurt? Two quarts! The fully automatic Cuisinart Pure Indulgence makes 2 quarts of your favorite frozen desserts or drinks in as little as 25 minutes. Pair this recipe book and reusable pint containers for a great gift set.

  7. Taste Of Italy Gift Basket
  8. gifts-for-in-laws-gift-basket

    This gift is filled with traditional Italian gourmet food, including Amaretti Del Chiostro cookies, Colavita penne rigate pasta, Italian seasoning mix, and more. Ciao Italia cranberry, sesame cookies, savory rings with fennel seeds, Socado Italian milk chocolate bar, and Bella Campagna mixed olives. A Holiday gift that’s sure to please even the pickiest of inlaws.

  9. Handblown Glass Teapot
  10. gifts-for-the-inlaws-tea-pot

    The Perfect Teapot for Two was created for those who appreciate the finer things in life and is a great gift if your inlaws are tea drinkers. Tea drinking is considered a sacred ritual by many cultures and is cherished deeply. So not only are they getting a teapot but also four double-walled glass cups, tea leaves, and a blooming tea, making it a complete serving set. The tea maker comes with a rust-free stainless steel tea strainer basket that holds tea bags or loose tea leaves, which can be removed after your tea has steeped. The deep infuser goes right to the box. 

  11. Robot Vacuum 
  12. gifts-for-inlaws-vacuumm

    This automatic vacuum is perfect for busy people who don’t have much time to clean or those with mobility issues for whom cleaning is difficult. It’s great for homes with pets, is low enough to clean under furniture, has a filter to help rid the home of dust mites and other allergens, and runs quietly. Your mother-in-law will that you.

  13. Herb Garden
  14. christmas-gift-ideas-for-couples-garden

    This indoor herb garden is ideal for couples who like to cook and don’t have much outdoor space to grow herbs. The stainless steel garden requires no soil; the herbs grow in water, so there’s no mess. The garden comes with six pods to grow basil, parsley, dill, thyme, basil, and mint—a fun gadget for any gardener.

  15. Book of Weekend Trips
  16. gifts for inlaws travel book

    Dream Weekends provided readers with practical itineraries in its popular weekly “36 Hours” column for over a decade in the New York Times. Now you can plan trips all over the US and Canada with one book. So your inlaws will never run out of weeks trip ideas with 150 North American destinations, from metropolitan hot spots to unexpected hideaways, and recommendations for over 600 restaurants and 450 hotels—a great coffee table book for their living room.

  17. Monogram Decanter Set
  18. gifts for inlaws decanter

    This personalized wine decanter set is the perfect gift for the inlaws who love their wine to show off at dinner parties. The 66oz. decanter boasts a curvy shape and birch wood stopper. The four “tipsy” glasses feature swivel bottoms allowing them to tilt in a full 360-degree motion without spilling their precious contents. Best of all, it makes excellent dining room decor.

  19. Around The World Coffee And Chocolate Gift Box
  20. gifts-for-couples-coffee

    Travel the world from the comfort of your kitchen. The ultimate tour of the world’s top coffee-producing regions, including Ethiopia, Kenya, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Colombia, Panama, Brazil, and Kona. Experience chocolaty Latin American coffees, fruit-forward African roasts, earthy Sumatran blends, and everything in between. Bean Box handpicks coffees grown on the world’s finest estates and roasted to perfection by Seattle roasters like Fundamental, Slate, and Vita.

  21. Gardening Set and Seat
  22. gifts-for-inlaws-garden-set

    They don’t have to give up their love of gardening just because getting up and down isn’t relatively as easy as it used to be. This gardening set includes the standard gardening tools and a bench to sit on with a tote to store everything. 

  23. Hummingbird Feeder
  24. gifts-for-inlaws-feeder

    The only thing that can make their garden lovelier is this beautiful hummingbird feeder. This feeder is made of hand-blown glass and holds 38 ounces of nectar. The feeder includes a hanging wire, a cleaning brush, and moat hooks. 

  25. Outdoor Firepit
  26. gifts-for-in-laws-fire-pit

    Pretty and practical. That’s what you’ll get with this classic, wood-burning fire pit. The attractive slate-top ledge makes this fire pit a beautiful addition to any yard or patio and enhances functionality as extra serving space. And, the convenient, adjustable legs make it easy to stabilize the fire pit on uneven surfaces –think, no more alternative solutions to balancing your fire pit while tailgating or camping—this gift the whole family will love.

  27. Gift Basket of Edible Treats 
  28. gifts for inlaws food basket

    Olive & Cocoa specializes in unique, design-driven gift crates that are gracefully packaged inside handcrafted wood boxes and dressed with a satin ribbon and an elegant gift card. Get them a gourmet food crate with all their favorites. 

  29. Salt Sampler


    Cooks and non-cooks alike will appreciate this gift. It contains 12 different varieties of flavored salt from around the world, which are handsomely displayed in metal tins packaged in a wooden box. This gift will take their meals to the next level! 

  31. Personalized Coasters
  32. christmas-gift-ideas-for-couples-coasters

    These bamboo coasters can be customized with the couple’s initials, last names, and a meaningful date. There are four coasters in a set and include a bamboo holder. Makes a great anniversary gift.

  33. Fancy Food Charcuterie Box
  34. gifts-for-parents-food-box
    Celebrate the holidays with this delicious spread, featuring artisan salami, nuts, tasty crackers, and even a piece of raw honeycomb, all carefully crafted and packaged in a square gift box with protective crinkle paper and tied with a satin ribbon. Add a gift message at checkout, and they will include an enclosure card with your gift message inside the box. 

  35. World Travelers Cork Globe
  36. gifts-for-inlaws-globe

    With this colorfully detailed cork globe, they can spin through memories of their past journeys and plot future adventures in a three-dimensional style. Mark the spots you cherish most or even attach pictures, tickets, and souvenirs to relive the thrill of those trips all over again. Bringing a modern touch to a library or office, this personalized keepsake lets them celebrate the beauty beyond their backyard with every turn. It only comes with five pins, so get them more Map Pins so they can mark off all of their travels.

  37. Countertop Espresso Maker
  38. gifts for couples expresso maker

    With a tiny footprint, compact, lightweight, and ergonomic handle, the Nespresso inissia by De’Longhi Coffee machine is a brilliant little machine to make your life easier and fit perfectly into any interior design. Simple to use, it offers an impeccable barista-style coffee every time, thanks to a simple, one-touch operation and patented extraction system which delivers up to 19 bar pressure. A fast-heat uptime means the water reaches the ideal temperature in just 25 seconds—the perfect Christmas gift for coffee lovers.

  39. Monogram Doormat
  40. gifts-for-in-laws-doormat

    A  monogrammed doormat makes any entranceway grand and sophisticated. The extra thick keno abstract circle monogrammed doormat is made of handwoven coir fibers. This doormat sets the tone for a stylish home with its modern take on a classic abstract circle design. Recommended for outdoor/indoor use in covered areas.

  41. Soda Stream
  42. gifts-for-couples-soda

    Are you looking for a fabulous gift? With Fizzi’s compact, cordless design, you can enjoy fresh sparkling water at the touch of a button. They can make ice-cold, fresh sparkling water just as they like it. The best part is that it helps the planet by minimizing the effects of single-use plastic pollution.

  43. Truffle Oil Assortment
  44. gifts-for-in-laws-truffle

    This luxury gift set contains three popular oils; Black Truffle Oil, White Truffle Oil & English Truffle Oil. The maker shaves the highest quality truffles and expertly blends them with cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil or rapeseed oil. Cold-pressing produces less oil than heated pressing but ensures that the delicate flavors & aromas are not damaged.

  45. Special Dates Wall Art
  46. gifts-for-inlaws-dates-print

    This fun and unique wall art piece puts all the special dates in their life together. Put their first date, wedding date, kids, and grandkids’ birthdays. Makes a great conversation piece too. A smile will come to their faces every time they look at it.

  47. Wine Fridge
  48. gifts-for-inlaws-fridge

    They may not be able to have the wine cellar of their dreams, but that doesn’t mean they can’t store those favorite bottles of wine in ideal conditions. By sacrificing a small amount of counter or floor space, having their wine stored under perfect lighting and temperature conditions can become a reality with a wine fridge. 

  49. Humidifier
  50. gifts-for-inlaws-humidifier

    This humidifier can produce both cool and warm mist. Having sufficiently humid air can help with congestion, allergies, colds, the flu, dry skin, and antique wood and leather furniture. The humidifier has a sensor to adjust the mist level to a comfortable level of humidity, automatically turns off if the tank runs dry, and one tank can last for up to 60 hours at the lowest setting.

  51. Unique Wine Glasses
  52. unique-wine-glasses

    Glassware is considered a delicate piece of art. So pair the sensory delight of fine wine with the exquisite art form of these breathtaking glasses. With an exceptionally clear cylindrical body and slender stem, they gracefully showcase sparkling, red, and white wines. Sophisticated, stunning, and luxurious.

  53. Emergency Car Kit
  54. gifts-for-in-laws-car-kit

    This gift will show them that not only are you the practical inlaw, but you’re the caring inlaw too! The kit includes all the essentials needed to sort out a car-related emergency, including jumper cables, rain ponchos, a safety hammer, first aid supplies, and more.  

  55. Nest Learning Thermostat
  56. gifts-for-in-laws-nest

    Nest introduces the 3rd generation Nest Learning Thermostat. With four beautiful colors to choose from and an easy-to-read display, this thermostat will help make your home innovative and energy-efficient. With just a few manual adjustments, the Nest Thermostat can learn your habits and start to save you money by automatically adjusting the temperature.

  57. Marble Salt Cellar
  58. gifts-for-inlaws-salt-cellars

    This beautiful salt cellar is made of marble with non-stick properties that will keep the salt from clumping. The lid helps keep the contents fresh, and the cellar can be used for salt, herbs, pepper, and more—an elegant addition to any dining table. 

  59. Home Coordinates Throw Pillow
  60. home-gifts-pillow

    Home is where the heart is. Made of pure linen, the case is quality, lightweight, and durable with a hidden zipper. You can’t go wrong with this home decor. This is one of my favorites and a thoughtful gift idea. Unless, of course, they are planning on moving soon! A truly unique gift.

  61. Cheese Board Cookbook
  62. gifts-for-your-in-laws-cookbook

    Do they love to cook? Then they’ll love this cookbook. Do they hate to cook? Then they’ll love this cookbook! Creating the perfect cheeseboard is an art, and it’s more complicated than it looks. This book will help them make beautiful cheeseboards for any occasion. 

  63. Personalized Cutting Board
  64. gifts-for-inlaws-cutting-board

    This personalized gift is a cut above the rest. Whether prepping cheese and veggies or displaying homemade hors-d’oeuvres, this wood cutting board by Kim Strassner and Mike Pararas gives their presentation a personal touch. This elegant and functional keepsake is handcrafted and features your family name or the names of a favorite couple engraved on the top.

  65. Ancestry DNA Kit
  66. gifts-for-in-laws-dna-kit

    This kit will show pie charts and percentages of their ethnic background. They’ll understand the different countries that make up their ancestry, learn the area’s history, from ancient to modern times—even learn surprising facts about the place and people who called those places home.

  67. Personalized Outdoor Torch
  68. By day, makers James Schroeder and Jameson Chastain’s steel structure effortlessly turn a backyard into a sculpture garden. By night, their handmade outdoor décor takes on an equally beautiful and illuminating form. Add your family’s mark to their nature-inspired creation by including a name, word, or phrase laser-cut directly into the steel. Each personalized vessel comes with an oil torch canister that sits firmly nestled inside the top of the lantern. Use the oil of choice during outdoor gatherings or fill it with insect-repellant citronella to keep winged party crashers from spoiling the fun. Handmade in Texas.

  69. Wine Bottle Bag
  70. gifts-for-in-laws-wine-bag

    If wine lovers like to take wine outdoors or to BYOB restaurants and want something to keep wine chilled and safely stowed, they will love this wine tote. The sleek look and practical design make the wine tote suitable for all ages and wine lovers. In addition, it’s a stunning way to gift your inlaws two bottles of their favorite wine. 

  71. Fondue Set
  72. gifts for inlaws fondue set

    Fondue fun gets a sleek and convenient makeover with the Cuisinart Electric Fondue Pot. Designed for use with oil, broth, chocolate, or cheese, the set combines powerful electric heat, easy temperature control, and handsome but tidy construction. 

  73. Amazon Prime Subscription 
  74. gifts-for-couples-prime

    They need one if they don’t have a Prime Subscription yet. Perfect for a last-minute gift or a gift for those who have it all. Some key Prime benefits are free two-day shipping on millions of items, instant streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows, and unlimited, ad-free access to over a million songs and hundreds of playlists. What more can they ask for?