28 Father of the Bride Gifts That Will Induce Happy Tears

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    Planning a wedding is extremely time-consuming and tiring. You need to plan all of the details from venue to outfits and everything in between. We’ve picked the best father of the bride gift ideas so you won’t have to spend the time searching. These gifts range in price and include ideas perfect for the future son-in-law, family, or friends to gift as well.

  1. Personalized Cufflinks
  2. father-of-the-bride-gifts-personalized-cufflinks

    These stainless steel cufflinks are personalized with the wedding date and bride’s name. They are sure to be cherished by Dad and he will be honored to wear these as he walks his little girl down the aisle. Also, he will always have these to bring back memories from her big day.

  3. Custom Handkerchief
  4. father-of-the-bride-gifts-handkerchief

    Custom 100% cotton handkerchiefs are a perfect keepsake father of the bride gift. This item is made with care and the embroidery adds a special touch. In addition, you can choose the font color and personalization to make this item truly unique. 

  5. Engraved Whiskey Glass Set
  6. father-of-the-bride-gifts-whiskey-glass-set

    Whiskey glasses, coasters, and cooling cubes are beautifully packed in an engraved wooden gift box and sure to be loved. In addition, this is a perfect Father’s Day gift to impress your future father-in-law. Also, adding his favorite bottle of whiskey will make it extra special.

  7. Stainless Tie Bar
  8. father-of-the-bridge-gifts-tie-bar

    This beautiful stainless steel tie bar can be engraved and multiple finishes are offered. Also, engraving is available on the front and back to create a personal touch. Dad will love wearing it on the big day since it is such a thoughtful gift. 

  9. Personalized Tie Patch
  10. father-of-the-bride-gifts-tie-patch

    A heart-shaped tie patch allows the bride to sneak a special note to her Dad which he can have with him for years to come. In addition to choosing a color for the heart, the font color can be chosen as well.

  11. Father and Daughter Hand Painted Figure
  12. father-of-the-bride-hand-painted-figure

    This hand-painted figure was created to celebrate the love between a father and daughter.  In addition, sentiment: ”Celebrating the bond of love between fathers and daughters” is written on an Enclosure Card. Above all, this thoughtful gift will be cherished by the recipient.

  13. Picture Frame
  14. father-of-the-bride-gifts-picture-frame

    A beautiful wooden frame that holds a 4” x 6” photo from the wedding day. This frame can be placed on a table or hung on a wall. Also, if you are in need of a Christmas or Father’s Day gift after the wedding this frame can be gifted with the picture already added.

  15. Father of the Bride Stainless Tumbler
  16. father-of-the-bride-gifts-stainless-tumbler

    Stainless Steel laser engraved tumblers are a great gift that will surely get constant use. They are double-wall insulated to keep the drink hot or cold throughout the entire day. Since you want them to be used during the big day add a personal title and the date to keep them from getting mixed up!

  17. Whiskey Decanter Set


    A beautifully packed whiskey decanter set that includes glasses and slate coasters all packaged in a pine gift box. This set is made of high-quality material it will be proudly displayed and shown off.

  19. Engraved Leather Wallet
  20. father-of-the-bride-gifts-leather-wallet

    Personalized leather wallet engraved with thoughtful words for Dad. In addition to two cash pockets, it has 8 slots for the credit cards and will be useful on the wedding day. This beautiful wallet with a rustic look will be cherished for years to come.

  21. Personalized Knife
  22. father-of-the-bride-gifts-personalized-knife

    This engraved knife can be ordered alone or with a personalized box and is also great for groomsmen gift ideas. A name and date can be added if desired. The wooden handle and black blade offer an elegant look.

  23. Copper Money Clip
  24. father-of-the-bridge-gifts-copper-money-clip

    The 14 gauge copper money clip is hand-stamped to add a personal touch. This is something special for the honored father of the bride. Gifting a special item like this will truly be appreciated.

  25. Pocket Watch
  26. father-of-the-bride-gifts-pocket-watch

    Some dads love the newest gadgets but this pocket watch is the perfect touch to the tuxedo. A gorgeous piece on its own and a monogram can be added for a personalized gift. Similarly, it would be a great wedding gift for the groom.

  27. Gold Foiled Card
  28. father-of-the-bride-gifts-gold-foiled-card

    A perfect gift is not complete without a card. These matte white cards with gold foil detail will wow the recipient. Special notes from the bride and groom will make these cards extra special

  29. Father-in-Law T-Shirt
  30. father-of-the-bride-gifts-father-in-law-tshirt

    A t-shirt perfect for a father-in-law with a sense of humor. This shirt comes in 5 colors, is machine washable, and super soft.

  31. Keepsake Wallet Card
  32. father-of-the-bride-gifts-keepsake-wallet-card

    Made of lightweight metal this keepsake wallet card can be gifted on a special day. Multiple options are available including mother of the bride gifts. Packaged in a blue gift envelope it is ready for gift giving.

  33. Father of the Bride Socks
  34. father-of-the-bride-gifts-father-of-the-bride-socks

    Dad will be touched by this special gift. Dad can wear this perfect wedding day gift on the walk down the aisle.

  35. Leatherette Cigar Holder and Cutter
  36. father-of-the-bride-gifts-leatherette-cigar-holder-and-cutter

    Any cigar lover will adore this thoughtful gift. The leatherette cigar holder has a pocket for the cutter and can be engraved in two places. The cutter will cut a cigar up to ⅞” and this set comes packed in a box for gifting.

  37. Customer Engraved Lighter
  38. father-of-the-bride-gifts-custom-engraved-lighter

    This solid brass lighter casing has a stunning matte black finish and can be engraved for a personalized gift. If you are planning to get the cigar holder and want something extra this is a great addition. Don’t forget to grab some lighter fluid to fill this, since it can be refilled this will be treasured for years to come.

  39. Wine Glass Set
  40. father-of-the-bride-wine-glass-set

    Wine lovers will adore this gift which includes two glasses for the parents of the bride. Since the text is etched into the glass it is guaranteed to not wear off over time. The glasses even come already packaged in a gift box.

  41. Wedding Day Face Mask
  42. father-of-the-bride-wedding-day-face-mask

    Adding a face mask to bride gift ideas for her father seems weird. However, nothing since March 2020 seems normal so here we are. This mask will help keep the Father of the Bride safe and keep him from misplacing his mask through the day. The mask even has a pocket for a filter which is included.

  43. Glass Beer Mug
  44. father-of-the-bride-gifts-glass-beer-mug

    Look no further for the Dad who keeps telling you how his daughter’s wedding made him broke! Also, a perfect gifting idea for the beer-loving Dad. The saying is etched into the glass ensuring it will last through washing and long after the wedding is paid for.

  45. Thank You Keychain
  46. father-of-the-bride-gifts-thank-you-keychain

    A simple keychain that displays a screwdriver, wrench, and hammer will be loved by the handy father. This is made of stainless steel and very durable. The father of the groom would also love this from his son.

  47. Funny Coffee Mug
  48. father-of-the-bride-gifts-funny-coffee-mug

    The perfect gift for any coffee-loving father-in-law with a great sense of humor. This high-quality ceramic mug can be used daily or displayed in the kitchen. Since it is microwave and dishwasher safe it can be easily heated and washed for daily use.

  49. Personalized Beer Bottle Opener
  50. father-of-the-bride-gifts-personalized-beer-bottle-opener

    This is a great gift idea from a son-in-law for the beer-loving Father. Also, it can be personalized on both sides if desired for a personal touch. Since the bottle opener is made from hardened aluminum it is lightweight and can be used as a keychain.

  51. Wedding Day Gift Set
  52. father-of-the-bride-gifts-wedding-day-gift-set

    If you are looking for a gift set for Dad look no further. This set includes a card, socks, handkerchief, shot glass, and coaster.  Also, you can personalize the socks and handkerchief for an extra special touch.

  53. Personalized Flask Set
  54. father-of-the-bride-gifts-personalized-flask-set

    Help Dad get through all the wedding day payments with this personalized leatherette flask. The gift box and flask can both be personalized with a name, wedding info, and initial. In addition, there are two shot glasses and a funnel are included to complete the set.

  55. Leather Weekender Bag
  56. father-of-the-bride-gifts-leather-weekender-bag

    This leather bag is the gift to get for the dad who loves weekend getaways. Since the vintage-inspired design is combined with the distressed leather it gives a rich classy look. Also, this is a great gift that can be used for a golf trip once all the post-wedding excitement settles.