25 Inexpensive Groomsmen Gifts That Wont Break the Bank

By David Lautaret | Updated: January 2, 2024

    All those wedding costs can pile up pretty quickly, but being cheap about your groomsmen’s gifts doesn’t mean they have to suck. So, if you’re looking for the perfect gift for that groomsman in your life but don’t want to break the bank, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled a list of the best inexpensive groomsmen gifts money can buy. 

    What kind of gifts do guys give their groomsmen? 

    Expenses can add up quickly when planning a wedding, and finding affordable groomsmen gifts can sometimes be challenging. But fear not! We’ve compiled a list of 25 inexpensive groomsmen gift ideas that are practical and thoughtful and won’t leave you with an empty bank account.

    From personalized gifts and pocket knives to cool socks and quirky lapel pins, there’s something for every type of groomsman on this list. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to find the perfect gift for your squad without breaking the bank.

  1. Personalized Groomsmen Gift Set
  2. groomsmen-gift-set-groomsmen-gifts

    Personalized gifts are always a good idea. This customizable box set is an excellent groomsman gift and a great way to show how challenging kick-ass they are. It comes with a flask, leather wallet, and Tac-Force locking knife. Each item is engraved with the recipient’s name and is housed beautifully in a high-quality box. 

  3. Customized Flask Set of 3
  4. groomsmen-gifts-flask-set

    If you’ve got a bunch of groomsmen who love themselves some whiskey, then this personalized flask set is the ticket! Each flask is beautifully etched with the friend’s job title, the wedding date, the names of the bride and groom, and the friend’s name, including a large letter for their initial. 

  5. Set of 10 Wedding Party Wooden Bottle Openers 
  6. groomsmen-gifts-bottle-openers

    These wood-handled bottle openers are a great parting gift for your groomsmen. Each time they open another round, they’ll remember being in your wedding and all the beers you shared back before you were married. Just kidding, I’m sure you’ll still be able to hang out with your friends after marriage. You know, forget I said anything. 

  7. Collins and Co. Groomsmen Gift Set
  8. collins-and-co-gift-set-groomsmen-gifts

    If you’re looking to get your groomsmen a multi-piece gift pack, but you want it to focus on their love of drinking cold beverages on a hot summer day, then this gift the et is a great option! Each Collins & Co. gift comes with a pair of stylish black sunglasses, a tuxedo-wrapped can koozie, a tux marriage koozie, and a metal straw. 

  9. Shot Glasses


    These shot glasses are the perfect way to commemorate you, lifelong friendships on your big day! If you’ve got a bunch of groomsmen who like to drink whiskey, this shot glass gift set is the perfect parting gift to help you all remember an unforgettable time! 

  11. Groomsmen Personalized Multi-Tool (Set of 10)
  12. groomsmen-gifts-personalized-multi-tool

    These multi-tool pocket knives are a DIY groomsman’s dream! Each wooden-covered blade is engraved with the groomsman’s full name as well as the wedding date. This multi-tool pocket knife set includes a blade, corkscrew, screwdriver, bottle opener, and saw. mes with ten individual pocket knives to ensure everyone in the wedding gets a lovely keepsake! At only $5 each when you buy 10, these are an excellent, affordable groomsmen gift idea!

  13. Groomsmen Proposal Box
  14. groomsmen-gifts-proposal-gift-box

    Add a little spark to your planning with these proposal boxes! When you’re looking to ask someone to be part of your wedding, you can either ask (boring!) or give them a proposal box! Pack it full of any groomsmen gifts you want—each box measures 9.5×6.5×3 inches. Maid of honor and bridesmaid version here!

  15. Groomsmen Pocket Watch
  16. groomsmen-gifts-pocket-watch

    What was once old is new again, and the classic pocket watch is making a huge comeback. In a world where everything is digital and lacks style, this incredibly cool pocket watch will be a huge hit with the groomsmen, groom, and best man! A personalized pocket watch is a unique gift idea to let them know how special they are! 

  17. Personalized Wood Handle Hatchet (Set of 5)


    If you’re looking to give your groomsmen something fun, manly, a little dangerous, and just plain awesome, then these wood-handled hatchets make a tremendous bespoke gift! The blade is made from stainless steel and the overall length of the hatchet is 9-inches. 

  19. Engraved Pocket Knife
  20. groomsmen-gifts-knives



    This excellent locking-blade pocket knife is an incredible gift to give your you wants made with a 3.25-inch blade and measures 4.5 inches when closed. The total weight is a hefty 5oz. Choose from 1, 3, 6, or 10 knives and specially engrave them with the groomsman’s name, wedding date, and wedding title! Keep them for everyday use, or display them in your man cave! 

  21. Engraved Analog Wooden Watch
  22. groomsmen-gifts-engraved-wooden-watch

    These specially engraved analog wooden watches are a unique way to let your groomsmen know how much you care while also ensuring they’ll be on time for the wedding! These watches are made from genuine black sandalwood and come with a wooden gift box. Choose from 17 different engraving options so no matter what the person means to you, you can show them they mean a lot! 

  23. 12 Gauge Tuxedo Groomsmen Shot Glasses
  24. groomsmen-gifts-12-gauge-shot-glasses

    Time to empty the decanter. We’ve found the most excellent shot glasses around! If you’ve got type of a wedding where people know which gauge of shotgun shell this is, then these shotgun shell shotglasses make a great groomsmen wedding gift! If your groomsmen are into whiskey (or small amounts of other liquids), then these 12 gauge shotgun shell shot glasses make a great gift! The tuxedo design makes them a fun gift, even if you don’t drink whiskey! 

  25. Retro Junior Groomsmen Gaming T-Shirt
  26. groomsmen-gifts-junior-gaming-t-shirt

    If you’re looking for a unique gift for a junior groomsman, then this retro-design Junior Groomsman Level Unlocked t-shirt makes a great gift he’ll remember forever! Whether he’s a hardcore gamer  groomsman, he understands the right of passage of being included in your first wedding! 

  27. Custom Groomsmen Proposal Gift Set
  28. groomsmen-gifts-proposal-gift-set

    This groomsman proposal gift set comes with everything the modern groom needs. Suses? Check. Wine bottle opener? Check. Custom wooden beard comb? Double-check. With a gift set like this, who wouldn’t agree to be a groomsman? If this shows up at my door, the answer is “Yes!” I don’t even need to know you to agree to be part of your wedding after sending me this bad boy.

  29. Personalized 30oz Stainless Steel Tumbler Set
  30. groomsmen-gifts-stainless-steel-tumbler

    Let your groomsmen live it up by keeping their hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for hours with these customizable stainless steel tumblers. These glorious drink receptacles hold up to 30oz of their favorite beverage and come personalized with the groom’s name on them, so even that one groom who loses everything will be able to keep track of his drink! 

  31. Custom Engraved Groomsmen Beer Steins
  32. groomsmen-gifts-custom-beer-stein

    An all-time classic groomsmen gift is a personalized engraved gift. These bad boys are etched with the recipient’s name, their wedding title, and the date of the big day. These beer mugs hold 12oz of your favorite beer and come in sets between 1-8 mugs, so no matter how many friends you have at your wedding, this beer mug makes a great gift! 


    This cufflinks and tie clip combo is the chef’s kiss of awesome groomsmen gifts. If you want to take the style points up a few notch give the best groomsmen gifts, these letter engraved cufflinks from Loyallook are great. As lo and g as their name starts with a letter in the alphabet, you can be sure to a cufflink that will work for them! Each cufflink set also comes with a tie money clip so their entire outfit can be on point. 

  33. Groomsmen Necktie Beer Holder
  34. groomsmen-gifts-necktie-beer-holder

    Maybe you’re not trying to up your groomsmen’s fashion game so much as you’re trying to make their time being a groomsman even more awesome. If that’s the case, these necktie beer holders are a unique gift idea that every groomsman will love. Whether you have them wear these hilarious ties to the actual wedding or just during the bachelor party is your call. 

  35. Ace Stainless Steel Bottle Opener
  36. groomsmen-gifts-ace-bottle-opener

    These unique stainless steel bottle openers fit in your wallet just like a credit card. This groomsman gift idea is perfectly understated in its simplicity and design. “Thanks for being a groomsman. Here’s a practical gift that you’ll love.” Beautiful. 

  37. Survival Multi-Tool (10-Pack)
  38. groomsmen-gifts-survival-multi-tool

    This survival multi-tool 10-pack is a tremendous gift to give your groomsmen if you’re looking for something practical won’t break the bank, and detours a little bit from the standard groomsmen gift. The credit card-sized multi-tool can be folded into a sharp knife.

  39. Personalized Cigar Gift Box
  40. groomsmen-gifts-cigar-box

    This personalized cigar gift box is a unique groomsmen gift or wedding favor to help your friends remember your big day! The wooden box is beautifully decorated with your friend’s last name and initial, their wedding job title, and the date of the wedding. Please note: Cigar and bourbon are not included in this gift box. You’ll have to add those yourself. 

  41. Drinking Team Member Coolie
  42. groomsmen-gifts-drinking-team-coolie


    If you’re looking for a nice gift that will be a simple gesture of your appreciation, then these wedding-themed Groom’s Drinking Team Member koozies are a solid option. Give them a touching way to keep their cans cool on their travels while reminding them that they’ll always be on your drinking team!

  43. Bachelor Party Groomsmen Sunglasses (7-Pack)
  44. groomsmen-gifts-sunglasses

    There’s nothing than going back through wedding photos only to notice your groomsmen are either all squinting or all have mismatched sunglasses. These stylish black sunglasses help tie the whole ensemble together by keeping everyone matching while reminding everyone of their wedding title. If you’re looking for a simple yet practical gift for your summer outdoor wedding, then this 7-pack of wedding-themed sunglasses is a no-brainer! 

  45. Groomsmen Sock Set of 7
  46. groomsmen-gifts-sock-set

    This classic groomsmen gift is a fun addition to the wedding day outfit. Each sock looks like your slack dress sock, but it will reveal your buddy’s wedding responsibility if you pull up your pant leg. These socks are a comfortable and fun way to add a summer outdoor wedding day! 

  47. Set of 10 Personalized Pocket Knives
  48. groomsmen-gifts-name-date-pocket-knife

    This simple yet effective pocket knife has all your favorite tools, including a bottle opener, blade, and Philips head screwdriver. On the outside are your friend’s name, wedding title, and wedding date. The elegant wood wrapping makes this gift the perfect way to show your groomsmen some love. Plus, it comes in a 10-pack, so you’ll be sure to have enough to go around! 

    How much do guys spend on groomsmen gifts?

    Hey man, groomsmen gifts can vary in price depending on many factors. On average, guys usually spend anywhere from $30 to $100 per gift, but some guys may spend more or less than that. It all depends on your budget and what you want to give your guys as a thank-you for being a part of your big day. Some popular gift ideas include personalized items like flasks or cufflinks or experiences like tickets to a sporting event or a round of golf. Ultimately, deciding what works best for your crew and your wallet is up to you.