29 One Month Anniversary Gifts To Show Him The Love

By David Lautaret | Updated: November 27, 2023

    Ah, the ol’ one month anniversary! Is it love? Is it infatuation? Will these two hearts be intertwined henceforth? Should you get something sweet, funny, or practical? There are lots of things to consider. Luckily, we’ve put together the perfect gift list featuring the best one-month anniversary gift ideas for him!

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    What are the best one-month anniversary gifts?

     A lovely choice could be a custom piece of jewelry, perhaps a charm or pendant, that represents a special shared moment or an inside joke. If you’re more into experiences, planning a surprise date to a place that holds meaning in your relationship would definitely score points.

    A handwritten letter or a photo album detailing the moments you’ve spent together so far would also make a charming, personalized present. If your partner is a foodie, a home-cooked dinner or gourmet chocolates could be the ticket to their heart. No matter the gift, the most important thing is to show them you’ve cherished this first month together and look forward to many more!

  1. Cact-Us Mug
  2. one-month-anniversary-gifts-for-him-cact-us-mug

    This cute coffee mug combines your love of the cactus plant and your love of coffee. Before you met your boyfriend, it was just Cact-U and Cact-I, but now it’s Cact-Us! This adorable coffee mug is microwave and dishwasher safe and holds 11oz of your favorite beverage! 

  3. Personalized Lucky Copper Keychain
  4. one-month-anniversary-gifts-for-him-copper-penny-keychain

    This custom gift idea is sure to make him smile! It’s not overly romantic, but it’s also not a gag gift. This practical gift idea features a penny stamped with your initials and anniversary! If you’re looking for an inexpensive unique gift idea, this is a great option! 

  5. Custom Couple Illustration
  6. one-month-anniversary-gifts-for-him-couple-illustration

    This cute gift idea is perfect for the couple celebrating their one-month anniversary! The unique design of this digital art will make your boyfriend or husband smile as he opens up a present of the two of you immortalized in this couple’s illustration! Whether for a birthday, Christmas, or anniversary gift, he’ll love this present! 

  7. Where We Met Map
  8. Turn a special street or area in this famous city into an art map. Just search for the address of your special place, and we’ll find it for you. These wall art prints come in various designs and sizes to match your preferences. Our frame options suit any living space style, no matter your home decor. Create something perfect for you. Make your map print unique by taking full advantage of our personalization options. Add text, craft a special message, change the names, and more to create a piece of art tailored to you.

  9. Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Making Kit
  10. one-month-anniversary-gifts-for-him-wine-making-kit

    Winemaking is a simple, natural process. Add yeast to grape juice, let it ferment in a controlled environment, and boom. Yet wine’s mystique can make the vintner’s art seem out of reach. Consider this kit a pool floaty for the beginner winemaker: It helps you jump in without fear. The kit contains all the equipment and ingredients needed to make one gallon (approximately five 750ml bottles) of robust Cabernet Sauvignon. 

  11. Glad We Swiped Right Journal 
  12. This journal makes a fun gift idea for you and him to share as a couple! Use it to come up with date night ideas, recount fun outings together, or as a way to pass secret messages back and forth to each other! If you’re looking for a cute gift idea you can use together, this makes a great option! 

  13. Couples Personalized Decision Coin
  14. one-month-anniversary-gifts-for-him-decision-coin

    Couples decision coin. Save the arguments and flip it! This decision coin is an excellent addition to any date night and will help solve disputes before they begin! At first, it’s all agreements and whatever you want, dear. After a month or two, those true opinions start to come out. Prepare for the inevitable with this fun, personalized decision coin! 

  15. You Have My Heart Bullet Bottle Opener
  16. one-month-anniversary-gifts-for-him-bottle-opener

    This previously fired bullet bottle opener makes a unique gift idea for that boyfriend who loves guns, freedom, and opening up a cold one! Give him a gift he’ll be showing off to his friends all year long! This bullet bottle opener makes a great Christmas gift, stocking stuffer, birthday gift, or anniversary gift idea! 

  17. Multi-Function Anniversary Pocket Knife
  18. one-month-anniversary-gifts-for-him-pocket-knife

    This multi-function anniversary pocket knife is a sharp one-month anniversary gift idea he will love! This knife has an LED light, a bottle opener, a seatbelt cutter, a fire starter, a glass breaker, and an extra sharp blade! The do-everything pocket knife truly shows how much he means to you!

  19. Love Is Art Kit
  20. one-month-anniversary-gifts-for-him-love-is-art-kit

    Giving a whole new meaning to the phrase “art lover,” this kit lets ardent couples make a one-of-a-kind, highly personal painting in the bedroom. Pick the special occasion; maybe Valentine’s Day, his birthday, your 1st anniversary. Capture your passion, and celebrate your bond with boldly intimate art. This art kit is a romantic gift for lovers or a sexy gift for your partner that neither of you will ever forget. Whether you keep its intimate origins secret or not is up to the two of you.

  21. Engraved Docking Station


    This phone docking station is a great solution to charge and store devices and everyday essentials in one place. It’s an elegant way to keep things organized and charged. The station is available in several finishes to match any decor. 

  23. 100 Things I Love About You Journal
  24. one-month-anniversary-gifts-for-him-100-things-journal

    Every significant other deserves to know how much they’re loved. 100 Things I Love About You makes it easy to show affection and appreciation thanks to compelling prompts in a fun journal format. Finish this journal before gifting it to him or complete it together. The prompts are easy to follow, and he’ll feel like a knight in shining armor after receiving this fantastic gift!

  25. Intimacy Card Deck
  26. one-month-anniversary-gifts-for-him-intimacy-card-deck

    Dust off date night and enjoy an evening sans screens while you work your way through 150 questions that are sure to spark quality conversations. You might be surprised by the twists and turns your talk will take as you share memories, divulge dreams, and learn to speak each other’s love languages with prompts like “Describe Our First Kiss” or “What’s One Thing I Can Do To Make You Feel More Supported?” The cards take their cues from six categories: intimacy, relationships, past, life, random, and about you. Deeper discussions are a single question away. 

  27. NBA 2K22
  28. one-month-anniversary-gifts-for-him-nba-2k22

    FYI, this is what he actually wants. If you want to keep it low-pressure and not at all romantic for the one-month anniversary celebration, then getting him NBA 2K22 for his favorite gaming system is just about the perfect gift idea. This game is available for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and any other gaming console he has. This best-seller game is a must-have if you want to keep it light! 

  29. Personalized Leather Photo Keychain 
  30. one-month-anniversary-gifts-for-him-photo-keychain

    This cute personalized gift is a fun twist on the keychain. Instead of having a boring keychain, why not give him a keychain that has up to 14 of your photos hidden in a custom leather pouch?! With this gift, you can choose between several high-quality leather colors, add your initials and your favorite photos, and viola! A perfect one-month anniversary gift for him! 

  31. Xbox One Controller Charging Station 
  32. one-month-anniversary-gifts-for-him-controller-charger

    Maybe you’re looking for something on the practical side and not on the romantic side. In that case, if he’s a hardcore gamer, then this Xbox One controller charging station makes a fantastic gift idea. Help him complete the gaming room with this practical addition, and he’ll be wrapped around your finger! 

  33. 3D Crystal Photo 
  34. one-month-anniversary-gifts-for-him-3d-photo

    If you’re looking for an ultra-cute anniversary gift idea, this custom 3D crystal photo is a must-have! Choose your favorite picture of the two of you, him and his dog, or any other adorable photo you have, and get it engraved into this crystal heart. The finished product is stunning, and this best-seller is available in small, medium, and extra-large sizes!

  35. Hidden Message Bracelet
  36. one-month-anniversary-gifts-for-him-hidden-message-bracelet

    This handmade leather bracelet is the perfect fashionable gift for you or that special person in your life. You can personalize it with a hidden message to your boyfriend, husband, or friend. He’ll love the simplicity of the design as well as the comfort of the genuine leather and copper, and stainless steel clasp. 

  37. NSFW Candle 
  38. one-month-anniversary-gifts-for-him-nsfw-candle

    Say I love you in the first month in the most hilariously inappropriate way possible. This NSFW candle says, light me when you want a blowjob, and I feel it will quickly become his favorite candle. Choose either the label only and add your candle or get the label with the candle included. Either way, he’ll love this gift idea! 

  39. Stainless Steel Bullet Whiskey Stones 
  40. one-month-anniversary-gifts-for-him-whiskey-stones

    This set of six stainless steel Whiskey Stones are specifically designed to gently chill your whiskey without the diluting and rapid chilling effects of ice. Three Whiskey Stones will gently reduce the temperature of your dram to not less than 50F, significantly minimizing the harmful effects of rapid cooling while subtly taking that cutting edge off. And they behave the same way every single time.

  41. Create Your Own Reel Viewer 
  42. one-month-anniversary-gifts-for-him-reel-viewer

    Ah, nostalgia. Give your boyfriend a double dose with this grown-up, just-for-you version of one of childhood’s greatest gadgets: the reel viewer. Assemble snapshots of your favorite memories and add them to your very own reel using the redemption code included with your viewer. Once you receive your made-to-order reel, pop it in the viewer and marvel at your first date, your favorite beach at sunset, or whatever else you want to be immortalized.

  43. My Girlfriend is Hotter Coffee Tumbler
  44. one-month-anniversary-gifts-for-him-coffee-tumbler

    This funny travel tumbler is a great gift idea for that boyfriend who loves a hot cup of coffee and an even hotter girlfriend! This tumbler can be used for everything from wine to coffee, tea to juice. It’s made from 18/8 food-grade double-wall vacuum-insulated stainless steel. This tumbler is unbreakable, rust-resistant, doesn’t transfer flavor, and holds 20oz of your favorite beverage. 

  45. Long Distance Touch Bracelets
  46. one-month-anniversary-gifts-for-him-touch-bracelets

    This cute gift idea is perfect for couples in a long-distance relationship or where one partner travels frequently. Tap this device when you’re thinking about your partner, and they’ll receive a similar vibration. There’s also an accompanying app that adds several features. Whether you’re celebrating a month or a 1-year anniversary or a best friend, this device is as unique as it is functional. 

  47. Romantic Mapmaking Cartography Kit and Class
  48. one-month-anniversary-gifts-for-him-mapmaking-kit

    We can all agree that not needing to rescue one’s beloved from a wicked monster, evil spell, or general fairy-tale peril is a good thing, especially because each love story is the stuff of legend all on its own. Join us for a remarkable 90-minute online experience that will teach you to map the captivating realm of real-life romance. This cartography kit includes everything you need to make your love map and a class to show you how! No art experience is required! 

  49. Love Lingual Card Game
  50. one-month-anniversary-gifts-for-him-love-lingual-card-game

    Whether you just started dating or have been married for 15 years, The Love Lingual has been designed to bring you and your significant other closer than ever. How? By asking the right questions. It’s never too soon or too late to start talking to each other!

  51. Personalized Best Boyfriend Comic Book
  52. one-month-anniversary-gifts-for-him-comic-book

    This gift idea is a personalized comic book for all those with slightly (or not so slightly) nerdy boyfriends, husbands, and partners! What better gift to commemorate his birthday, Christmas, or your anniversary than a personalized comic book? It makes for an excellent gift to immortalize your favorite memories together, relive the story of how you met, or write an ode to someone special as a unique gift to them!

  53. Couple Name Morse Code Bracelets
  54. one-month-anniversary-gifts-for-him-morse-code-bracelets

    This adorable couple’s gift is the perfect way to carry your love of each other at all times. These dainty bracelets are stylish for men and women and come in several color options. Each bracelet will have your partner’s name in Morse code. This unique gift is so fun. It’s no wonder it’s a bestseller! 

  55. Talk Flirt Dare Romance Game
  56. one-month-anniversary-gifts-for-him-talk-flirt-dare-game

    This game is perfect for that couple looking to spice up date night! His jaw will drop, and his eyes will widen as he reads some of these prompts. Whether you play as a couple or invite some friends to play too, this fun and flirty game will have him begging for more!

  57. Custom Boxer Briefs
  58. one-month-anniversary-gifts-for-him-boxer-briefs

    Customize your best friend’s underwear with this hilarious gift idea! One of the best gifts you can give is your cute face scattered over his underwear. Whether this is for a wedding, one-year, or one-month anniversary, your face on his underwear is the appropriate gift for the loved one in your life!