25 Perfectly Thoughtful One Year Dating Anniversary Gifts For Her

By Meghan Thomson | Updated: October 2, 2023

    Looking for gift ideas for a 1st anniversary doesn’t have to be challenging. We rounded up some of the best gift ideas for you to get your favorite girl. In this gift guide, you will find something to help you say happy anniversary to your best friend.

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    Do you give a gift for a one-year dating anniversary?

    Marking your 1-year dating anniversary with a thoughtful gift is a lovely way to show your partner how much they means to you and celebrate the amazing journey you’ve shared so far. It doesn’t have to be extravagant – focus on finding something that captures the essence of your relationship, making the occasion even more memorable and special for both of you!

    What can I get my girlfriend for our first anniversary?

    Celebrating your 1-year dating anniversary calls for a gift that reflects your love and shared experiences. Consider a sentimental custom photo album, a heartfelt handwritten love letter, or a memorable experience like a romantic weekend getaway or a fun couples’ activity. Ultimately, the thoughtfulness behind the gift will make your special day even more memorable!

    For your first anniversary with your girlfriend, consider gifting her something that truly reflects your love and cherished memories. Personalized jewelry, like a custom necklace or bracelet, is a beautiful and heartfelt option she’ll adore. Alternatively, you could surprise her with a curated photo album showcasing your favorite moments together or plan a romantic weekend getaway to create even more amazing memories.

    What are the best one-year dating anniversary gift ideas?

    The key is choosing a gift that speaks to your unique connection, showing her how much you care and appreciate the time you’ve spent together!

  1. A Year of Us
  2. one-year-dating-gifts-for-her-a-year-of-us

    A journal designed for couples is an excellent catalyst for meaningful dialogue and deepening mutual understanding. With various questions from the fun and whimsical to the serious and profound, there’s no chance for boredom. Your girlfriend is sure to appreciate the thoughtfulness and originality of this unique anniversary gift.

  3. Lovebox
  4. lovebox-one-year-dating-anniversary-for-her

    This may look like a simple box, but it is extraordinary. This love box is a note messenger. A message, drawing, or animation can be sent to the love box through an app. The top will spin to indicate a note has been received. Also, simply turning the heart of the box will send a virtual rain of hearts back to the sender.

  5. Heart Pendant Necklace
  6. first-dating-anniversary-for-her-heart-pendant-necklace

    She will wear this heart pendant necklace for your next date night or special occasion. Over a dozen options are available to choose from, so you can select the one to fit her best.

  7. Couples Adventure Challenge
  8. couples-adventure-challange-one-year-dating-anniversary

    Any adventure-loving girl is sure to love this first-anniversary gift. It adds fun and spontaneity to the adventures you already love taking will make this even more special. This adventure book contains 50 date ideas, and once you scratch off a date idea, you have to follow through!

  9. Where We Met Map
  10. Turn a special street or area in this famous city into an art map. Just search for the address of your special place, and we’ll find it for you. These wall art prints come in a range of designs and sizes to match your preferences. We have frame options to suit any style of living space, no matter your home decor. Create something that’s perfect for you. Make your map print truly unique by taking full advantage of our personalization options. Add text, craft a special message, change the names, and more to create a piece of art tailored to you.

  11. Framed Heart Map
  12. one-year-dating-anniversary-for-her-heart-map

    A year of dating is best recognized with a beautiful custom first-anniversary gift. This heart map can be of a particular place, such as your anniversary date, your first date or where you first said: “I love you.” Your loved one is sure to have this hanging on her wall.

  13. Vitamin Me Love Notes
  14. vitamin-me-love-notes-one-year-dating-anniversary-for-her

    Navigating a long-distance relationship can be tough, yet Vitamin Me offers an ideal way to stay connected. Pen short, affectionate messages that she can unveil daily or during moments when she’s especially missing you. She’s certain to value the effort and sentiment you invest in crafting these personalized notes just for her.

  15. Custom Folded Book
  16. custom-folded-book-one-year-dating-anniversary-for-her

    Your smart literary girlfriend will love this custom-folded book. First dating anniversary gifts deserve to be meaningful, and she is sure to adore how much you incorporated her passion with this gift. This is also perfect as a paper anniversary gift.

  17. Travel Scrapbook
  18. travel-scrapbook-one-year-dating-anniversary-for-her

    Documenting travel can be fun and an excellent time for bonding. She is sure to love this wooden travel photo album and its accessories. Stickers, pens, and fun borders are included when you assemble your pages of travel adventures. It is sure to inspire future travel ideas too! The perfect 1st anniversary gift idea if you love to travel together.

  19. Lavender Candle
  20. lavender-candle-one-year-dating-anniversary-for-her


    This candle is perfect if you are the type of couple always laughing. Not only does it have a beautiful lavender smell, but also a funny quote. You can add this to a gift basket for a more personalized gift.

  21. Keychain Set
  22. keychain-set-one-year-dating-anniversary-for-her

    Typically I’d think a matching keychain is cheesy, but this one is pretty cool! It is customized with your initials and a particular date making it a sweet and romantic gift.

  23. Sherpa Wearable Blanket
  24. sherpa-wearable-blanket-one-year-dating-anniversary-for-her

    The girl that is always cold will genuinely appreciate this wearable blanket. That doesn’t mean she won’t continue to steal your hoodies, though! Instead, she will keep warm while cuddling up with a book or with you watching her favorite movie.

  25. Compass Sterling Silver Necklace
  26. sterling-silver-necklace-one-year-dating-anniversary-for-her

    Show her how much she means to you with this symbolic, meaningful, and understated necklace on a sweet card. Although the chain has a dainty look, it is incredibly durable and made of 925 stainless steel, safe for the skin. Also, it is handcrafted with love and packaged to be gifted.

  27. Talk, Flirt, Dare! Game
  28. talk-flirt-dare-game-one-year-dating-anniversary

    You get to know someone pretty well during the first year of dating. A card game like Talk, Flirt, Dare! will help you dig deeper into the relationship. The rules are simple: pick a card, answer the question or complete the dare. You are both going to love this fun game.

  29. Cute Pillow Case
  30. cute-pillow-case-one-year-dating-anniversary-for-her

    This pillowcase is thoughtful and cute whether you are in a long-distance relationship or travel for work. She can use this as a temporary fill-in until you get back to be with her.

  31. Rose Teddy Bear
  32. rose-teddy-bear-one-year-dating-anniversary-for-her

    Flowers are always an excellent gift, but this flower teddy bear is something she can treasure for years to come. It is made with artificial flowers and presented in a beautiful clear gift box to be put on display.

  33. Canvas Weekender Bag
  34. canvas-weekender-bag-one-year-dating-anniversary-for-her

    A great weekend bag can be hard to find, and this one is guaranteed to be a winner. It is made of 100% heavy cotton canvas, has leather accents, and has an adjustable shoulder strap for comfort. Multiple interior pockets also make organized packing easier.

  35. Aromatherapy Spa Set
  36. one-year-dating-anniversary-gifts-for her-spa

    Your hardworking, always-on-the-go girlfriend will appreciate this at-home luxury spa gift set. Of course, you could spoil her with a spa day, but an at-home one is even more intimate and personal. This self-care basket for women contains precisely the at-home spa day essentials needed to encourage relaxation and a rested state of mind.

  37. Cheese Board
  38. cheese-board-one-year-dating-anniversary

    A cheese board is a great gift that will be used for future date nights. This set is elegantly made of natural bamboo and sustainably grown. Why not add some cheeses and a board game or two for a fun night in.

  39. Embroidered Waffle Robe
  40. embroidered-waffle-robe-one-year-dating-anniversary-for-her

    Celebrating the first anniversary with a night in can be super romantic. So let her be extra comfortable with this new waffle robe. It comes in multiple colors and has various embroidery options for personalization. Multiple sizes are offered, too, including plus-sized! 

  41. Personalized Apron
  42. personalized-apron-one-year-dating-anniversary-for-her

    Is she a chef that makes everything taste even better with extra love? This custom apron will be something she wears almost daily in the kitchen. The font can be in six different colors so that you can match it to her style.

  43. Funny Tumbler
  44. funny-tumbler-one-year-dating-anniversary-for-her

    The best anniversary gifts are practical. A tumbler with a cute saying is something she will use for coffee each morning. Let her know you are missing her (and her butt) with this adorable stainless steel mug.

  45. Long Distance Love Picture Frame
  46. long-distance-love-picture-frame-one-year-dating-anniversary-for-her

    Long-distance relationships offer challenges but are worth it for the one you love. You should print out her favorite picture of you two and place it in this elegant frame. This gift will quickly show her that the miles don’t count since there is even more love.

  47. Quilted Duffle Bag
  48. quilted-duffle-bag-one-year-dating-anniversary-for-her

    A beautiful quilted duffle bag is an excellent gift for overnight stays or weekend getaways. This bag has many features, including a detachable shoulder strap, and is easy to clean. You can also personalize it with her name, initials, or monogram.