30 Anniversary Gifts For Friends To Celebrate Them

By Candice Elliott | Updated: February 20, 2023

    Maybe you attended their wedding. Perhaps you were even in it! Maybe you met the happy couple after years of marriage. Whatever the circumstances when you need the perfect gift for the perfect couple, we have anniversary gifts for friends to celebrate them.

  1. Personalized Name and Address Plate
  2. anniversary-gifts-for-friends-address-plate

    A personalized gift is always a great couple’s gift, and this custom name and address plate makes a terrific anniversary present. The metal plate is available in several sizes and designs and can be customized with their name and street address.

  3. Wine Gift Box
  4. anniversary-gifts-for-friends-box

    This wine box is a thoughtful gift for newlyweds! Each section holds a bottle of wine (not included) to be opened on their first, second, and third wedding anniversaries. The box is made of wood so it can be saved as a keepsake box once the last bottle is gone. 

  5. Ottoman Tray


    This tray makes a unique anniversary gift for a couple who enjoy having drinks and nibbles together at the end of the day or love to entertain. The tray is made of wood and modeled after modern art. The tray measures 17×12 inches. 

  7. Tabletop Indoor Fireplace
  8. anniversary-gifts-for-friends-fireplace

    Nothing says “romance” like a nice fire! This tabletop fireplace can be used both indoors and outdoors. It’s smokeless and odorless and runs on rubbing alcohol. Four ounces of alcohol will burn for about 60 minutes. This gift is perfect for romantic date nights! 

  9. Time Capsule
  10. anniversary-gifts-for-friends-capsule

    This stainless steel time capsule is a thoughtful anniversary gift for a couple celebrating their first anniversary. Filling it is a fun project, and they can decide how many years to open it on another anniversary! The capsule is waterproof and can withstand both high and low temperatures. 

  11. Memory Jar
  12. anniversary-gifts-for-friends-jar

    After they’ve been together for a long time, the memories of those special occasions they’ve shared can fade. This keepsake memory jar can help keep those happy times alive. The keepsake jar includes 50 cards for them to write their favorite moments down. 

  13. Decanter Set 
  14. anniversary-gifts-for-friends-decanter-set

    There is shared wine, my wine, and your wine! You’ll have all three covered with this sweet and fun decanter gift set. The wine aerator holds 68 ounces and each wine glass holds 19 ounces. 

  15. Cuddle Pillow
  16. anniversary-gifts-for-friends-pillow

    The inventor of this pillow must be the big spoon! The tunnel under this pillow means the big spoon can cuddle the little spoon without losing feeling in their arm! They can also turn over when cuddle time is over without disturbing the little spoon. 

  17. Portable Picnic Tote


    The best anniversary gift ideas are those that give them a reason to spend more time together, and this picnic set fits the bill! The basket includes complete service for two with flatware, plates, and wine glasses.

  19. Wine Tumblers 


    For the couple who enjoy the outdoors and wine, traditional wine glasses may be too delicate. These unbreakable stainless steel Mr. and Mrs. wine tumblers are a great solution! The tumblers also help keep their wine or other drinks at temperature. Each tumbler holds 12 ounces. 

  21. Appetizer Tray
  22. anniversary-gifts-for-friends-tray

    This tray is great for those nights they want to have a “snacky dinner” with meze or tapas. Or for couples who entertain, perfect for holidays and parties. The tray is made of bamboo, and the four included bowls are ceramic. 

  23. Pillow Cases
  24. anniversary-gifts-for-friends-pillow-cases

    We often feature BoldLoft items on our gift lists because as you can see, they’re sweet, romantic, and adorable! These pillowcases are available in three sizes and make great Valentine’s Day gifts too! BoldLoft makes similarly adorable coffee mugs. 

  25. Pebble Art 
  26. anniversary-gifts-for-friends-art

    This piece of art is as unique as their love. Each one is handmade using natural components like stones, wood, and sea glass from Nova Scotia. Framed in wood, the wall art measures 8×10 inches and makes a beautiful piece of home decor. 

  27. Personalized Canvas Song Lyrics
  28. anniversary-gifts-for-friends-lyrics

    This custom gift wall art print canvas can be customized with any song lyrics that have special meaning to the married couple; “their” song or the first song they danced to at their wedding. The print can be customized with their names, wedding date, and size. 

  29. Customized Throw Blanket


    This memento blanket can be customized in several ways and comes in five colors. The perfect romantic gift for cozy nights on the sofa! 

  31. 50th Wedding Anniversary Photo Frame
  32. anniversary-gifts-for-friends-frame

    50th-anniversary gifts are not something you buy every day, so you want to make it count! This beautiful photo frame holds two photos, one of them on their wedding day and one for the current day. The frame can hang on the wall or sit on a surface and holds two 4×6 inch photos. Perfect for celebrating their Golden Anniversary. The picture frame is available for 25th-anniversary gifts too. 

  33. Salad Set 


    Traditionally the 5th anniversary is the wood anniversary, so this salad bowl set with two serving spoons is a great choice. The best anniversary gifts are those they can use often and for years, and this set is especially nice for a couple moving into a new home. The set is made of acacia wood. 

  35. State Cutting Board
  36. anniversary-gifts-for-friends-board

    We love an attractive and useful gift! This board can be used as a cutting board as the backside is flat, or a cheese board or serving board. Several states are available, and each highlights cities and attractions that make the state famous. This gift is a nice memento of their home state or the state they met. 

  37. Matching Ice Cream Spoons
  38. anniversary-gifts-for-friends-spoons

    Maybe they’re the greatest ice cream partners since Ben and Jerry! What better gift than these cute, matching ice cream spoons? The long-handled spoons are made of stainless steel and come in a gift bag tucked inside a gift box. 

  39. Chocolate Gift Box
  40. anniversary-gifts-for-friends-candy

    Are your best friend and their spouse chocolate lovers? If so, they’ll love this gift box. The box is loaded with a mix of dark, milk, and white chocolates and chocolate-covered pretzels too. This is a great birthday gift for a sweet tooth too. 

  41. Date Night Ideas 
  42. anniversary-gifts-for-friends-date-night-box

    After a few years of dating and marriage, your dating game can get kind of weak! This gift will change things up. The box contains 100 date ideas, and each card has space on the back to jot down memories of the adventure. 

  43. Kissing Coffee Mugs
  44. anniversary-gifts-for-friends-mugs

    Look how cute! These kissing coffee mugs are a unique and sweet gift for your favorite couple. Each mug holds ten ounces, and they come in a pretty gift box ready for gifting. 

  45. Coffee Gift Box
  46. anniversary-gifts-for-friends-coffee

    Does the happy couple share a love of coffee and bourbon? If so, they’ll love this gift! These coffee beans have been aged in whiskey and rum barrels which adds a hint of smokiness and depth to their morning cups of java. The beans are ground, and each bag contains four ounces. 

  47. Charging Station for Two
  48. anniversary-gifts-for-friends-charger

    This gift will ensure that they never fight over the chargers or outlets again! This charging station has room for two phones and two smartwatches. The tray can also hold wallets, keys, change, and various other odds and ends. Perfect for their nightstand

  49. Dutch Oven
  50. anniversary-gifts-for-friends-oven

    Cooking together is one of the most romantic ways to spend time with a spouse. They’ll be able to turn out some great meals with this dutch oven. The oven is made of cast iron coated in enamel for a non-stick cooking surface and holds six quarts. The oven is available in several sizes and colors. 

  51. Indoor Herb Garden
  52. anniversary-gifts-for-friends-garden

    Fresh herbs and produce no matter the season or lack of outdoor space! This hydroponic garden requires no dirt, just water, the included lights, and included nutrients. The garden includes 12 seed pods so they can get started growing right away. 

  53. Espresso Maker
  54. anniversary-gifts-for-friends-espresso-maker

    You don’t need a complicated machine that takes up tons of counter space to make a great cup of espresso. This espresso maker lets you do it right on the stovetop. The maker comes in three, six, and nine cup sizes. 

  55. Sushi Set for Two
  56. anniversary-gifts-for-friends-sushi-set

    Sushi night just got an upgrade even if it’s takeout! This set includes two sushi plates, two sets of reusable chopsticks, and two dipping dishes. 

  57. Foodie Dice 
  58. anniversary-gifts-for-friends-dice

    These dice will help them avoid the “What’s for dinner?” argument! Roll the five dice to find out what protein, vegetables, herb, grain, bonus ingredient, and the cooking method they’ll be serving up for dinner. The dice are a fun way to get out of a cooking rut. 

  59. Tea Light Candle Holder 
  60. anniversary-gifts-for-friends-candle-holder

    This tea light holder will add a bit of romantic candlelight to their home. The finish and included stones make it a perfect fit for a home with rustic decor, and it will look great on a coffee table or mantle. The tea light candles are not included.