31 Straight Shooting Gift Ideas for Gun Lovers

Updated on April 17, 2022 Updated on Apr 17, 2022
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    If you’ve got a gun enthusiast in your life, it can be tough to know which direction to go when searching for gift ideas. Don’t jerk the trigger; hit the bullseye with this perfect gift guide for gun lovers!

  1. Personalized Firearm Name
  2. gun-gifts-firearm-name

    This 6.5×18-inch block mount name sign makes a great gift idea for the gun lover in your life! Each letter of their name is made using a photograph of a real gun. This unique gift is brilliant in its simplicity and artistry and will be a treasured picture they’ll have for years to come! 

  3. Ray Gun Sculpture 
  4. gun-gifts-ray-gun

    Look out, Captain! The creature is behind you! It’s been a long time since you felt the thrill of those classic sci-fi adventures, whether in a darkened theater or on the Saturday morning TV screen. Your tastes in entertainment may have matured since then, but one blast from this fantastic laser gun replica will bring that old magic flooding back. This galactic artifact makes a great gift for the gun-lover in your life, either a grown-up toy or a youthful work of art! 

  5. I Love My Wife T-Shirt
  6. gun-gifts-i-love-my-wife-t-shirt

    This hilarious I Love My Wife t-shirt will bring laugh-out-loud enjoyment every time you wear it. The shirt says, “I Love it when My Wife lets me buy more guns,” but from far away, it appears to say, “I Love My Wife.” This one-of-a-kind t-shirt makes a great gift for that guy who loves to joke around and buy guns!

  7. Bullet-Shaped Gun Cleaning Kit
  8. gun-gifts-gun-cleaning-kit

    This deluxe bullet-shaped universal gun cleaning kit makes for the coolest gift for your loved one who likes to keep their weapons clean! It features 10 brass wire brushes for cleaning 12 Ga, 20 Ga, and .410 bore shotguns; and .45, .40, .357/.38/.9mm, .30, .270, .22, and .17 caliber firearms. It includes 3 brass cleaning rods, plastic handle, 10 brass wire brushes, 5 mops, 2 brass adaptors, 2 plastic slotted patch holders, 25 cleaning patches, 1 double-ended nylon brush, 1 double-ended cleaning pick, 1 oil bottle & case.

  9. Shotgun Decanter with Bullet Whiskey Glasses


    This awesome handmade shotgun Whiskey decanter set will start your drinking with a bang! The exquisite gun decanter set is installed on a black wooden display stand, leaving a striking impression. Fill the decanter with your favorite bourbon, scotch, whiskey, or spirit and make all your gun-loving friends jealous! 

  11. Back-Up Gun Novelty Socks
  12. gun-gifts-back-up-gun-novelty-socks

    Add a new weapon to your wardrobe with these fun men’s socks featuring an image of a gun in a holster. These socks are 65% cotton, 34% nylon, 1% spandex, and look like traditional dress socks below the cuff, but the ankle has a fun graphic to show off your personality. Quality is right on target with these socks, which are made with long-fiber Fair Trade cotton.

  13. Rubber-Coated Magnet Gun Holder
  14. gun-gifts-gun-magnet

    If you need to conceal a firearm using a magnetic gun mount, then you want to get one that will do the job! This magnetic gun mount from Kings Magnet features a rock-solid high-quality design. This gun accessory for men and women is designed to be super tough, withstanding the bumps, knocks, and accidents. Each gun magnet mount has undergone stringent quality inspection and many hours of development, so you can rest assured it will be there when you need it. Keep it in your home, RV, or anywhere you need to conceal a gun! 

  15. US Flag Bullet Rocks Glass


    This unique 8oz rocks glass has a real bullet lodged into the glass, as well as a tattered American flag etched on the glass side. Whether you’re drinking your favorite craft beer in your man cave or having a BBQ with friends, this US flag bullet glass will be your favorite way to have a drink! 

  17. DIY Wooden Jigsaw Gun Puzzle
  18. gun-gifts-jigsaw-puzzle

    This DIY wooden jigsaw puzzle is the perfect brainteaser for that gun nut in your life who loves puzzles! Simple enough for a smart kid but interesting enough for an adult, this revolver jigsaw puzzle makes a great gift for any age of gun enthusiast! The laser-cut pieces fit perfectly together. No knives or glue required! 

  19. Pistol Grip Coffee Mug
  20. gun-gifts-coffee-mug

    This black and silver pistol-grip coffee cup makes a unique and fun gift for the gun-loving coffee addict in your life! This ceramic Gun Mug comes in various colors and holds 12 ounces of your favorite liquid. Use it for your favorite beverages and make people look twice. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer for the holidays and is dishwasher and microwave safe!

  21. Magnetic Gun Cleaning Mat
  22. gun-gifts-gun-cleaning-mat

    This Bootsteady magnetic gun cleaning mat measures 12×37-inches and is made of 1/4″ durable neoprene. Protect your workbench or table. The surface of this rifle cleaning mat is moisture-resistant, so oil wipes away easily, and solvents don’t leak through the mat and onto your working counters. This gun cleaning mat is large enough to work with any rifle. It’s the perfect size to protect the entire gun when laying it out. When not in use, it rolls up into a tight roll for easy storage.

  23. Fired Shots Expanded Hollow Point Bullet
  24. gun-gifts-expanded-bullet

    This magnificent art piece shows a real hollow-point exploded .45 caliber bullet. Sealed for eternity in this virtually unbreakable acrylic, this interesting art piece will be a favorite for guests whether you keep it in your office, woodshop, or even as a centerpiece in your home. 

  25. Girls Just Wanna Have Guns
  26. gun-gifts-girls-just-wanna-have-guns-t-shirt

    Fun with guns isn’t just for the boys! This fun Girls Just Wanna Have Guns t-shirt is a clever play on words to the original girls just want to have fun. If you’ve got a lady in your life who loves firearms, then this shirt makes the perfect gift. It’s available in 5 colors and sizes small-XXLarge, making it a great gift for all the gun-loving ladies! 

  27. Real Avid The Gun Tool
  28. gun-gifts-gun-tool

    This impressive multitool gadget makes one of the best gifts for gun lovers! It has everything you need to keep your gun collection in top working order! The folding toolset includes a punch tool, universal choke tube wrench, T20, T15, T10 Torx wrenches, 3/32”, 5/32” Allen wrenches, Magnetic hex screwdriver with Phillips 1&2 bits, 1/8” & 3/16” flat bits, scope windage elevation blade, and 420 Stainless claw point pocket knife blade. It folds down to easily fit in your pocket, making it ideal for carrying daily or while you’re on the shooting range! 

  29. Resetting Shooting Bottle Targets


    This target shooting set includes 3 high-visibility bottles that are 9x9x2.5 and 6 feet of cord per bottle. Improve your shooting skills while having fun with these shatterproof resetting targets for indoor and outdoor gun ranges. They won’t shatter. Grab your gun and ammo and make your range trip a success every time. 

  31. Gun Shaped USB Flash Drive
  32. gifts-for-gun-lovers-flash-drive

    This classic handgun-shaped 8 GB USB drive makes a practical and fun gift to give the gun enthusiast in your life! Give this unique gift to your technology-savvy gun-loving friend! 

  33. Defend the 2nd Coffee Tumbler
  34. gun-gifts-defend-the-2nd-coffee-tumbler

    This 30oz Defend the 2nd Amendment coffee tumbler is great for carrying your coffee, tea, or any other beverage that you want to keep protected! It keeps hot things hot and cold things cold thanks to the double-vacuum insulated stainless steel design. Show your support for the 2nd Amendment while you enjoy a hot cup of coffee in style! 

  35. Wall Decor


    This sign sums up the feelings of many gun owners. Made from aluminum, the sign measures 12×8 inches and is the perfect gift for a man cave. 

  37. Thin Blue Line 12-Guage Shot Glass Set
  38. gun-gifts-thin-blue-line-shot-glass

    If you’re a fan of guns and a supporter of the Thin Blue Line, then these 12-gauge Thin Blue Line shot glasses make an ideal gift! Take a shot with a shell using these unique and fun shot glasses! This set of 4 shot glasses are modeled after a 12-gauge shotgun shell. Each shell holds 2oz of your favorite spirit! 

  39. Tactical Double-Carbine Long Rifle Gun Case
  40. gun-gifts-rifle-case

    Keep your gun safe! This sturdy, long rifle case makes a great gift for the gun enthusiast in your life who needs a safe way to travel with their rifle! This double-carbine tactical gun case comes in six colors and holds rifles from 36″, 42″, 46″, 51″, and 55″ in length with a width of 12-inches. It holds 2 rifles & 2 pistols w/ additional pocket compartments.

  41. Ruger Logo Trucker Hat
  42. gun-gifts-ruger-logo-trucker-hat

    This snap-back Ruger logo trucker hat makes an ideal gift for the firearm connoisseur who likes to keep their head covered whether they’re out shooting or just shooting the shit. When you are outdoors shooting, this mesh-back tactical hat will allow your head to breathe on those hot days. Crafted of soft, high-quality fabric for comfort and breathable, this hat fits well, has a nice adjustable snapback, and will accommodate nearly all sizes for a classic fit and stylish look.

  43. Handgun Ice Cube Tray
  44. gun-gifts-handgun-ice-cube-tray

    Pop a cap in your glass and riddle your favorite drink with these badass pistol-shaped ice cubes! These frozen pistols are a full clip of fun and are sure to keep any party or event locked and loaded with laughs! Whether you’re a military veteran, gun enthusiast, or just a fan of war movies, this tray is a must-have! This tray can also be used to mold chocolate, candy, jelly, and soaps into a full Magazine of treats!

  45. Before You Break Into My House T-Shirt
  46. gun-gifts-break-in-t-shirt

    Send the right message with this hilarious t-shirt. Fair warning to all would-be intruders: Before you break into my house, stand outside and get right with Jesus. Tell him you’re on your way. Message received! These 2nd amendment supporting shirts come in men’s and women’s varieties and are available in six colors, making them the perfect gift for that gun-lover with a sense of humor! 

  47. Hollow-Point Silver Bullet Valve Caps
  48. gun-gifts-hollow-point-valve-caps

    Make a statement with these once-fired hollow-point silver bullet valve caps! Included is a set of 4 replacement valve caps for cars, trucks, bikes, motorcycles, and ATVs. As if these weren’t cool enough on their own, a portion of profits benefits the Navy SEAL Foundation. With these valve caps, you can support our troops and look awesome while doing it! 

  49. Tipton Best Gunsmithing Vice
  50. gun-gifts-gunsmithing-vice

    This Best Gun Vice makes gun care a breeze whether you’re cleaning your firearm or gunsmithing a brand new one. The L-shape center support holds break-open guns securely, and the separate quick-release cam blocks move independently to accommodate any stock shape. Easily configurable to handle bolt-action rifles, break-open shotguns, extendable magazine rifles, handguns, and more. 

  51. Picatinny Rail Mount Reflex Micro Red Dot Sight
  52. gun-gifts-reflex-red-dot-sight

    This Picatinny rail mount gun sight has 5 levels of brightness. The automatic brightness sensor adjusts brightness to match the different environmental conditions. 1 MOA per click adjustment, 3 MOA Dot suitable for more accurate shooting, giving you an immediate advantage in speed and accuracy. If you’re looking for the ultimate lightweight reflex sight for your rifle, this is for you. And by weighing only 0.88 ounces, it offers a quick, agile, tough-as-nails reflex dot sight.

  53. We Don’t Call 911 Six-Shooter Sign
  54. gun-gifts-911-six-shooter-sign

    Enjoy a laugh with this awesome-looking warning sign. Intruders beware: We Don’t Call 911. This 911 sign features two crossed six-shooters with bullets over the two ones on 911. Issue a cowboy-style warning to all who come near your home with this fun double-pistol sign. The perfect gift for gun enthusiasts and cowboys, this piece will make a stunning addition to your man cave décor!

  55. 12-Gauge Shotgun Shell Coaster Set
  56. gun-gifts-shotgun-shell-coaster-set

    Keep your table looking new with these badass 12-Gauge Shotgun shell-shaped coasters, which are sure to be a conversation piece in your home. This set of 4 oversized 12-gauge shotgun shell coasters are sturdy and made to last. The base measures 4 1/4″ in diameter, and each coaster is 3 1/4″ in diameter. This coaster set will make great decor for your hunting cabin, lodge, or living room.

  57. Gun Shooting Safety Kit
  58. gun-gifts-shooting-safety-kit

    If you’re shooting guns, whether to practice for hunting or self-defense, you need high-quality, heavy-duty safety gear. This gun shooting safety kit comes with hearing protection—earplugs and earmuffs, two kinds of safety glasses—for bright and regular light, and a sturdy carrying case. Your vision and hearing are critically important, so you must keep both of them protected. Target practice with peace of mind with this gun shooting safety kit! 

  59. Belly Band Concealed Carry Gun Holster
  60. gun-gifts-concealed-carry-holster

    Gun owners concerned with self-defense who have a concealed carry permit need to hide their firearms while maintaining access to them discreetly. This belly band gun holster from ComfortTac fits most pistols and is available in sizes large and extra-large. Large fits waist size up to 44 and extra-large fits waist size up to 54. Make sure to measure your actual hips/belly, don’t just go by your pant size. 

  61. Two-Tone Bullet Cartridge Cufflinks
  62. gun-gifts-cartridge-cufflinks

    These stylish two-toned bullet cartridge cufflinks make a great gun gift idea for that gun enthusiast who has a fashion sense! If you’re looking for an awesome gift idea that’s more sophisticated than a t-shirt, then these cufflinks are the way to go! If he carries a Glock on his person and needs to dress up, these cufflinks will be a bullseye!