29 Sneaky Awesome Gifts for Hunters That Hit The Mark

Updated on May 12, 2022 Updated on May 12, 2022
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    If you’re looking for gifts for hunters in your life, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what type of hunting gift to get them. Should you go full camo? Should it help them actually hunt or show the world they like to hunt in their spare time? Be not overwhelmed. Whether they hunt waterfowl, whitetail, or wild game, we’ve got you covered with this excellent gift guide for hunters!

  1. Monocular High-Power Waterproof Spotting Scope
  2. gifts-for-hunters-spotting-scope

    This monocular spotting scope features 8×42 magnification and ensures the best view in a field of 1,000 yards. The 42mm FMC green film objective lens allows more light transmission and brightness. This waterproof, fog-proof, dust-proof, and shockproof design is completely sealed and 100% nitrogen filled and the bearable structure withstands the worst weather conditions.

  3. Leadnovo Heated Vest
  4. gifts-for-hunters-heated-vest

    This heated vest is the ultimate in luxury and style. At the very least, it will keep your hunter warm without weighing him down with an unwieldy amount of clothing. The pictures show people wearing this vest on the outside of your dress shirt, but unless your hunter can fight like a hockey player, we recommend wearing it under your outer layer like a normal person. No matter how you wear it, this vest makes a great gift for the cold-weather hunter in your life! 

  5. Hunting Emergency Survival Kit
  6. gifts-for-hunters-emergency-survival-kit

    This 12 in 1 hunting survival kit is just what your hunter needs to make sure they’re prepared for whatever nature throws at them. Included in the kit are an Upgrade survival knife, a pocket bellow, a wire saw, a water bottle clip, an emergency blanket, a flintstone scraper, an emergency window breaker and flashlight, a credit card knife with bottle opener, a multi-use spoon/fork, a carabiner, a paracord compass, and a waterproof box. Keep this kit in the car with you, or take it out into the woods!

  7. Rechargeable Electric Hand Warmers
  8. gifts-for-hunters-electric-hand-warmers

    Nothing ruins a hunt faster than cold hands. These rechargeable electric hand warmers negate that issue quickly, fast, and in a hurry. Stop wasting money with those single-use hand warmers you used to use. Not only that, this hand warmer acts as a power bank that can charge your electronic devices. This hand warmer is an amazingly cool gadget that fits neatly in the palm of your warm little hands. 

  9. Stansport 12 Gauge Shotshell Thermo Bottle
  10. gifts-for-hunters-thermo-shotshell-bottle

    When you’re out in the woods all day, it’s nice to have a hot cup of coffee or a nice hot bowl of soup at the ready. This shotgun shell-looking thermos is both awesome in design and functionality. It keeps up to 25oz of your favorite liquids, either hot or cold, and the top of the shell comes off, transforming itself into a handy bowl. Keeps food or beverages warm or cold for up to 24 hours, making it a functional and unique gift for the hunter in your life!

  11. Adventure Essentials Survival Kit
  12. gifts-for-hunters-survival-kit

    On wilderness adventures, you want to be thinking, “The Earth’s magnificence is beyond human comprehension,” not “Did I forget the matches?” This kit contains the safety supplies you need for short-term excursions, cleverly stashed in a military-grade aluminum LED flashlight. The impeccably crafted items—including water purification tablets, a compass, a wire saw, reflective trail markers, and, yes, waterproof matches—are packed in small canisters that fit perfectly into the flashlight tube. Chuck it in your bag or glove box, and be prepared never again to be plagued by distracting worries in the wilderness.

  13. Mossy Oak Hunting Field Dressing Kit
  14. gifts-for-hunters-field-dressing-kit

    This field dressing kit from Mossy Oak is just the thing your successful hunter needs. Included in the kit are a 7.5-inch caping knife, a 10-inch boning knife, a 9.4-inch gut hook skinner, a 7-inch wood and bone saw, a steel stick/brisket spreader, a pair of red game cleaning gloves, a tungsten carbide v-sharpener, and it all fits nicely into a solid black case. The whole thing is very manly and impressive. 

  15. Stealth Cam SD Card Reader


    The CRV-43 offers a 4.3-inch LCD screen that provides clear images and video reviewing of game activity captured on your game camera while in the field. Operating the CRV-43 is simple; insert the memory card to view the photos and videos captured. This trail camera unit is equipped to zoom, scroll, and delete images directly from the device. The external SD card slot accepts memory cards up to 64GB of memory.

  17. Antler Handle Grill Set
  18. gifts-for-hunters-grill-set


    Light up the BBQ and get grilling! This grilling set is made of stainless steel with a deer antler handle. Not only is this a great grilling set but the spatula is a bottle opener too! Perfect for those backyard barbecues! 

  19. Solar Charger Power Bank
  20. gifts-for-hunters-solar-charger

    Whether you’re hunting, camping, or just enjoying a trip in nature, this solar charger power bank is an ideal accessory to have! This charger will charge your electronic devices quickly using its 18w solar-powered system. Included in the charger are an emergency flashlight and compass. This charging bank is a must-have for any hunter who relies on electronic devices out in the woods!

  21. Archery Broadheads 100 Grain


    If there’s one thing bow hunters could always use, it’s a few more broadheads. This set comes with 18 three-blade broadheads and a high-quality carrying case. Works for a crossbow, compound bow, and recurve bow. This high-end gift would be some hunting gear your favorite hunter would greatly appreciate. 

  23. Eat Sleep Hunt Repeat Coffee Tumbler
  24. gifts-for-hunters-eat-sleep-hunt-tumbler

    This Eat Sleep Hunt Repeat coffee tumbler holds 20oz of your favorite hot or cold beverages and lets the world know you mean to find yourself a quiet place to do a little hunting and coffee drinking. Whether you’re spending the day at the lake or out in the woods, this tumbler is a must-have for any hunting fan!

  25. Hunter’s Specialties Cover Scent Wafers
  26. gifts-for-hunters-scent-cover-wafers

    Scent Wafer technology makes pure, concentrated scents part of the wafer itself. These wafers are long-lasting and naturally refresh themselves when returned to their storage container after use. For fast and effective scent cover, hang your Scent Wafers from nearby branches in your tree stand or pin them to your clothing. Each case includes three scent wafers and hangers. These scent cover wafers are easy to use and effective, making them unique gift ideas for hunters that won’t break the bank. 

  27. The MeatEater Fish and Game Cookbook
  28. gifts-for-hunters-meateater-cookbook

    The MeatEater cookbook is a must-have for any hunter who eats what they kill. One reviewer put it this way, “As a MeatEater fan who loves to cook, I can tell you that this book is a must-have for anyone who ever spends any time harvesting food in the outdoors. The recipes are superb and simple, and the learning here is immense. Most importantly, home cooks looking for great ways to stretch their boundaries even in the smallest ways will delight in this superb reference for fish and game meat cookery. Steven Rinella is the total package when it comes to food and the great outdoors.”

  29. USB Rechargeable Green Light Headlamp
  30. gifts-for-hunters-rechargeable-headlamp

    Stop wasting money replacing the batteries in your old headlamp! With this, USB rechargeable headlamp batteries have become a thing of the past. This headlamp has six different combinations of green and white light, so you can dial in the exact amount of light you need! It makes a great gift for hunters, fishermen, or just anyone who might find themselves in the outdoors after dark! 

  31. Utility Bracelet
  32. gifts-for-hunters-utility-bracelet

    When you’re out hunting in the woods, there’s no telling what obstacles may come your way. Tackle everyday life with competent aplomb when you wear this handsome multi-tool bracelet. One-click and out pops a multi-functional knife with a flat head screwdriver on its tip. Because it’s always within reach on your wrist, it’s the ultimate handy tool. Open packages, slice an apple, fix a bike on the fly; it can do a little bit of everything. This bracelet is one of the most unique and best gifts for hunters. 

  33. Hunters Survival Kit Cooler Bag
  34. gifts-for-hunters-cooler

    Hunting is a great way to get yourself some meat but let’s be honest, one of the best parts about hunting is snacking on all the various meats you already own. This 12 can soft-sided insulated camo cooler bag comes stocked with all sorts of delicious meats to enjoy on your next hunt. Included is a wide variety of game meat, cheeses, and crackers. The perfect gift for that hungry hunter in your life!

  35. Insulated Camouflage Hunting Stool
  36. gifts-for-hunters-camo-hunting-stool

    This lightweight folding hunting chair comes with a built-in cooler so you can sit and relax while you keep your lunch cool. At only 3.3 pounds, it’s light enough to hike with, so you don’t have to leave it at the truck while you’re on your next hunt. This waterproof fabric is durable, easy to clean, and the stool can hold up to 330 pounds! This stool is one of the best gifts for that hunter in your life that could really use somewhere to sit!

  37. Whiskey Bullets
  38. gifts-for-hunters-whiskey-bullet

    Rifle hunters universally enjoy shooting guns and collecting ammo. Many of them also enjoy a nice whiskey drink on the rocks. If the hunter in your life happens to fit into the Venn diagram in such a way that they also enjoy whiskey on the rocks but dislike the watered-down taste adding ice to whiskey produces, then this whiskey bullet gift is for them! Put the bullets in your freezer, then put them in your whiskey. They cool down your drink without watering down your drink, and that’s something we can all get behind!

  39. I’d Rather Be Hunting Socks
  40. gifts-for-hunters-rather-be-hunting-socks

    You don’t have to tell your boss, let your socks do the talking! Camouflage green colors keep you concealed in the office, while the bottom sports a hidden message: “I’d Rather Be Hunting.” The socks feature a stylish and sharp pattern with deer, ducks, dogs, crosshairs, rifles, and hunting knives. The cuff is accented with blaze orange to really fire off the camo color theme! Hunters are sure to love these hunting socks this Christmas.

  41. This is My Deer Hunting Shirt
  42. gifts-for-hunters-hunting-shirt

    Say goodbye to boring orange shirts that don’t say anything funny and say hello to this shirt, which does, in fact, say something funny.  If you’re out in the woods rifle hunting, then you have to wear hunter’s orange. If you have to wear hunter’s orange, you may as well be snarky about it. This long-sleeve t-shirt is warm, orange, and hilarious, making it the perfect gift for any hunter in your life!

  43. Beef Jerky Gift Set
  44. gifts-for-hunters-jerky

    They need some lite but protein-packed sustenance while they are put all day hunting. Pack: Experience a range of flavors, spice levels, and savories. Each item in this box is a great portable meal replacement and grab & go energy snack, perfect to leave in your office, home, or at a party! Great for camping or outdoor trip!

  45. Duck Commander Jase Robertson Duck Call 
  46. gifts-for-hunters-duck-call

    Designed to have the same volume and range as a mallard hen, this Jase Robertson duck call is the perfect gift for that duck hunter in your life. The soft tone is perfect for that last pass, and the patented Phil Robertson double-reed friction system makes it incredibly easy to blow. Use a soft call for when the ducks are close or a loud call when they’re far away. This pro series Jase Robertson duck call is so good it might even trick your hunting buddy. The best gifts for hunters are high-quality and practical, and this duck call fits the bill perfectly. 

  47. Reversible Orange/Camo Pattern Beanie
  48. gifts-for-hunters-hat

    This big game hunter gift will keep you warm enough to stay out for hours! The reversible beanie is a serious must-have for those cold-weather bowhunters and rifle hunters. With camouflage for bow hunting season and hunter’s orange for rifle hunting season, it’s the perfect beanie to keep your head warm no matter what season it is. Made from soft and warm tactical fleece, it will quickly become the favorite beanie of whoever is lucky enough to own one. 

  49. Bifold Premium Leather Duck Hunter Wallet
  50. gifts-for-hunters-duck-hunter-wallet

    This premium leather duck hunter wallet is a thoughtful and unique gift for that waterfowl hunter in your life. This beautifully constructed wallet holds up to 10 credit cards and is detailed enough to satisfy nearly any wallet carrier while also being simple enough to not be overwhelming. If your man is in the market for a new wallet, then this duck hunter wallet is a great option. Need a wallet but not a duck hunter? Check out these awesome minimalist wallets!

  51. Deer in the Headlights Card and Dice Game
  52. gifts-for-hunters-deer-in-the-headlights-game

    This wild and wacky card and dice game are perfect for those family game nights while you’re waiting to go on your next big hunting trip. The game is fast-paced and can be enjoyed by everyone. Be the first to discard all of your cards and win the round, but watch out! A ‘Deer in the Headlights’ roll will stall your progress. Roll a ‘Car’ or ‘Running Deer’ and dump cards on your opponents. The first player to discard all their cards wins the round.

  53. The Trapper’s Bible 
  54. gifts-for-hunters-trappers-bible

    The Trapper’s Bible offers the best of the best. It’s an amazing collection of hard-to-find information and an informative look into life as a trapper. Learn to recognize animal tracks and signs; master a variety of wood and steel traps, snares, deadfalls, and pens; mix your own animal scents; skin, stretch, cure, and tan hides. Learn how to trap every animal imaginable; and more! A collection of tips, tactics, and anecdotes from the finest trappers the United States has ever seen, The Trapper’s Bible is an essential reference guide for hunters, trappers, and historians.

  55. Wolf Display Knife on Stand


    Bring the spirit of the wolf into your hunting cabin or man cave with this dramatic display knife on a rustic stand! Rich etched graphics adorn the stainless steel blade, while the faux carved handle features a delicately detailed portrait of a wolf. A stunning centerpiece for any hunter’s collection! Makes a great Christmas gift or birthday gift for the outdoorsman on your shopping list. Decorative purposes only.

  57. Bass Pro Shops Gift Card
  58. gifts-for-hunters-bass-pro-shop-gift-card

    One of my favorite birthday gifts to receive is a gift card to my favorite store so I can pick out what I actually want and need. Deer hunters love Bass Pro Shops gift cards like babies love flailing their limbs madly about. There’s no need to feel like you have to have the most unique gift at the party. I love gift cards, you love gift cards, and hunters love gift cards, especially when they come from Bass Pro Shops.