29 Revved Up Gifts For Motorcycle Riders Everywhere

By David Lautaret | Updated: April 17, 2024

    The open road beckons us all to come and ride her. So anyway, if you’ve got a motorcycle rider who loves the open road, whether they ride a Honda sportbike, a dirtbike, or a Harley chopper, we’ve got just the gift guide for you! Here are revved-up gifts for the badass biker in your life!

  1. Vintage Motorcycle Bottle Opener
  2. motorcycle-gifts-bottle-opener

    If you’ve got a beer drinker who loves to ride motorcycles, this vintage motorcycle bottle opener is a great gift idea! Each time you crack open a cold one, you’ll be reminded of the nostalgic era of vintage motorcycles. So put a smile on your face today with this unique gift idea! 

  3. Personalized Dragon Motorcycle Pocketknife 
  4. motorcycle-gifts-pocket-knife

    This 7″ long personalized dragon motorcycle pocketknife makes a great gift idea for that person in your life who loves dragons and motorcycles! Each knife is exquisitely detailed and gives off a vibe of true craftsmanship. The dragon chopper motorcycle knife will be one of the best gifts they’ll receive all year. 

  5. LED 3D Motorcycle Lamp
  6. motorcycle-gifts-led-lamp

    This 3D illusion LED motorcycle lamp can change between seven unique colors, has an intelligent touch on/off function, and is energy-saving. Light up a dark hallway of the man cave or even a child’s bedroom with this incredible night light lamp! 

  7. Handmade Metal Motorcycle Sculpture
  8. motorcycle-gifts-metal-sculpture

    This iron motorcycle sculpture has an antique brass appearance and is full of luster. It is heavy in your hand, very textured, and dated. Yet, you can place this decorative item full of personality on a bookshelf, desk, man cave shelf, or anywhere you see fit to draw attention to it.

  9. Harley Motorcycle Decanter 
  10. motorcycle-gifts-whiskey-decanter

    Exceed their expectations by thinking about what’s inside their glass. Don’t get just any old whiskey decanter. Instead, get that special someone in your life, a decanter who says something about them and stands up to the quality they expect. Embrace your love of travel, adventure, and a good whiskey. This beautiful hand-blown decanter is a must-have.

  11. Personalized Credit Card Sticker 
  12. motorcycle-gifts-credit-card-sticker

    Give your spouse or loved one the gift of an awesome motorcycle credit card sticker! Customize it with the cardholder’s name and give them a gift reminding them of you every time they spend money.  

  13. Alarm Clock
  14. motorcycle-gifts-kids-alarm-clock

    This retro motorcycle alarm clock makes a great birthday present or Christmas gift for the kid in your life who loves motorcycles! The vintage design is a throwback to a simpler time when alarm clocks said something about the person they woke up. This fun alarm clock’s creative design and plastic frame will add a fashionable and retro decoration to your bedroom, nightstand, bookcase, or desk.

  15. Middle Finger License Plate Screws
  16. motorcycle-gifts-middle-finger-screws

    These custom motorcycle license plate screws make a great stocking stuffer for the biker in your life who has that flipping-the-bird attitude! The craftsmanship on these screws is incredible, and the conversations they’ll start alone are well worth the price tag! So give this fun gift idea to a badass biker who doesn’t mind creating a little trouble!

  17. Old Man Motorcycle Travel Tumbler 
  18. motorcycle-gifts-travel-tumbler

    This 20oz 64Hydro tumbler has double-walled, vacuum-sealed, and copper-coated insulation, which helps keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours & hot for up to 12 hours, making it the perfect travel tumbler for that old man biker in your life! Think he can’t ride a motorcycle with a travel tumbler? Don’t you know you should never underestimate an older man with a bike? 

  19. Personalized Motorcycle Name Art


    This excellent personalized motorcycle name wall art sign makes a super fun gift idea to give that biker family in your life! Each name is spelled out using motorcycle parts as the letters. This unique gift idea will fit perfectly into the woodshop, man cave, living room, or anywhere you want to show off your love of bikes! 

  21. I Don’t Snore Socks
  22. motorcycle-gifts-snore-socks

    These funny socks are a great gag gift for that dad in your life who can’t help but snore when he falls asleep! The socks read, “I don’t snore. I dream I’m a motorcycle.” If you’re looking for an inexpensive gag gift for a guy who loves motorcycles, these best-sellers are a must-have! 

  23. Balaclava Winter Fleece Face Mask
  24. motorcycle-gifts-balaclava

    If you’ve ever had to ride a motorcycle when temperatures were low, you know the importance of a good face mask! This windproof fleece head and face cover will keep you warm and dry no matter the conditions outside. So whether you meet snow or rain, if you’re the badass biker who rides no matter what, then this face cover is for you! 

  25. Creeper Garage Seat
  26. motorcycle-gifts-creeper-seat

    This rolling creeper seat is perfect for the DIY biker who likes to work on his ride! With a place to hold your tools and a comfortable pad to sit on, the four spinning wheels will help you get the job done right and save your back in the process! This creeper supports up to 250 pounds, so your mom won’t be able to use it. Boom. Roasted. 

  27. Metal Trike Desk Organizer 
  28. motorcycle-gifts-desk-organizer

    Stuck in the office and desperately need a way to clean up your desk? This unique metal trike desk organizer will clean up your clutter and give your mind a relaxing break as you dream about the open road. Of course, every time you look at your clean desk, you’ll be reminded that it’s all thanks to motorcycles, and you should probably leave right now to go for a ride! 

  29. Gear Shift Hoodie
  30. motorcycle-gifts-gear-shift-hoodie

    This 80% cotton, 20% polyester classic fit hoodie is a great gift for that loved one who knows the first gear is down and the rest are up. This relaxed-fit hoodie features ribbed cuffs and a front pocket with a small hidden opening for earphone cord feed. This hoodie is warm and comfortable and makes an efficient gift idea! 

  31. Lean Into It Keychain


    Give the motorcyclist in your life a constant reminder that they are loved with this Lean Into It keychain. The keychain says, “When life throws you a curve, lean into it.” This keychain is a great gift for motorcycle lovers and people needing a practical life lesson to overcome tough times. 

  33. Thermal Waterproof Riding Gloves 
  34. motorcycle-gifts-riding-gloves

    Losing your grip on your handlebars because your fingers are frozen can be a death sentence for motorcycle riders. Give them the gift of warm hands even in the harshest conditions with these waterproof thermal removable motorcycle gloves that protect hands and fingers up to -30 degrees! Whether skiing in the mountains, riding a motorcycle in the winter, or just trying to stay warm during a sporting event, these gloves are a must-have! 

  35. Muppet Motorcycle Helmet Cover
  36. motorcycle-gifts-helmet-cover

    If you’ve got a goofball who lives on the wild side, this Muppet-looking motorcycle helmet cover will be his new favorite motorcycle accessory! Would a pair of saddlebags be more practical regarding riding gear? Maybe. However, this gift will brighten everyone’s day when you ride past! Your Blue, Purple, and Black motorcycle helmet cover will turn heads and protect your expensive lid from dust, scratches, and chips!

  37. Biker Dad Stainless Steel Mug
  38. motorcycle-gifts-biker-dad-mug

    This Biker Dad stainless steel coffee mug makes a great Father’s Day gift idea for the dad in your life who is just like regular dads, only more relaxed. The double-wall vacuum-insulated mug keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for hours so that you can enjoy 12oz of your favorite beverage all day! 

  39. Harley-Davidson Biker Gnome
  40. motorcycle-gifts-garden-gnome

    This badass-looking Harley-Davidson biker gnome is perfect for your garden or outdoor patio! Say goodbye to dull garden gnomes, or at the very least, add a little outlaw to your current collection with this hilarious Harley-Davidson leather jacket-wearing garden gnome. This best-seller is a great conversation starter and the perfect gift for the motorcycle enthusiast in your life! 

  41. Harley-Davidson Zippo Lighter 
  42. motorcycle-gifts-harley-zippo-lighter

    This intricately designed Harley-Davidson windproof Zippo lighter is a great gift for motorcycle owners who love a good cigar! Zippo lighters have been around for decades and offer a consistent flame, and that distinctive Zippo click. Whether they enjoy smoking cigars or something else, the Harley-Davidson Zippo lighter won’t disappoint you! 

  43. Custom Metal Wall Art 
  44. motorcycle-gifts-metal-wall-art

    This professional laser cut sign is made with 16 gauge steel and your custom text, then powder-coated to ensure a smooth finish and long-term durability. A string of fairy LED lights is attached behind the sign to highlight your room. The USB plug lets you plug and string LED lights into the USB hub power adapter. You can use the remote to turn the lights on and off, change the color to one of 16 vibrant colors, adjust brightness, cycle through the colors, and set a timer for 6 hours.

  45. Harley-Davidson Pullover
  46. motorcycle-gifts-harley-davidson-pullover

    If you’ve got a fan of Harley-Davidson, then this men’s Lightning Crest 1/4 zip cadet pullover sweatshirt is a great gift idea! The front features a classic Wisconsin Harley-Davidson dealership logo, and the back features an excellent, detailed skull & eagle screen printed graphic. Bold Harley-Davidson script printed down sleeves. This soft pullover is made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. Please note this pullover runs slimmer than usual. Consider sizing up if you want a baggy fit.

  47. Vintage Motorcycle Throw Blanket
  48. motorcycle-gifts-throw-blanket

    This cozy 50″x 40″ throw blanket is an excellent addition to any room in your home! If you want a bigger size, this blanket comes in 60×50 inches and 80×60 inches if you wish for a genuinely colossal blanket! Whether you use this as a throw blanket for your couch or as an additional layer on a bed, this vintage motorcycle throw blanket is worth every penny! 

  49. Personalized Motorcycle Cutting Board
  50. motorcycle-gifts-personalize-cutting-board

    This personalized mountain and motorcycle cutting board is an excellent gift for that couple or family who loves to cook! The cutting board is handmade from high-quality maple, walnut, and oak. Each cutting board measures 3/4-inch thick and is conditioned with mineral oil to ensure a long-lasting product!

  51. Retirement Plan Riding Plaque
  52. motorcycle-gifts-retirement-plaque

    This funny plaque makes a great retirement gift idea for that motorcycle rider in your life who is ready to retire! Whether they’ve already dropped the tie for a motorcycle jacket or are just dreaming of the future as a motorcycle model, this funny retirement plan sign makes a great addition to the man cave, dining room, or anywhere else you want to show off your love of the moto world! 

  53. Motorcycle Salt and Pepper Shaker 
  54. motorcycle-gifts-salt-pepper-shaker

    This cute salt and pepper shaker makes a fun stocking stuffer gift idea for that motorcycle-riding family who loves to decorate their home with all things related to the bike! Whether you’re looking for a Christmas gift, birthday present, Valentine’s Day gift, or any other special occasion, this salt and pepper shaker will rev up their evening meals! 

  55. You Wouldn’t Understand T-Shirt
  56. motorcycle-gifts-biker-wave-t-shirt

    This purposefully pretentious unisex biker wave t-shirt is a great gift idea for that friend in your life who rides motorcycles and will wear snarky tees. This funny shirt pokes fun at the hipster in all of us who likes to have inside knowledge and tell someone outside the bubble they wouldn’t understand. 

  57. Bluetooth Headset 
  58. motorcycle-gifts-bluetooth-headset

    This Bluetooth headset is a thoughtful gift for the motorcycle rider who wants to listen to music or podcasts while enjoying the open road! This three-way motorcycle communication system allows riders to communicate with each other, listen to music, and answer phone calls without taking their hands off the handlebars. This Bluetooth headset is noise-canceling, waterproof, and an absolute must-have! 

    What are the best gifts for motorcycle riders?

    If you’re shopping for a motorcycle enthusiast, top-of-the-line safety gear is always a win; think cutting-edge helmets, durable gloves, or high-visibility jackets. Tech gadgets like a handlebar-mounted phone holder or a Bluetooth headset designed for helmets can make their rides safer and more enjoyable.

    For those long road trips, a high-quality saddlebag is not just practical, but it’s also a style statement. Maintenance kits that include chain lube, cleaning solutions, and essential tools can also be a big hit, helping to keep their bike in peak condition. Lastly, consider lifestyle items like motorcycle-themed apparel or books about the history of motorcycling to fuel their passion even when they’re off the road.