30 Ridiculously Amusing Gag Gifts For Men

By Laura Fiebert | Updated: November 14, 2023

    Who doesn’t like a good laugh? Laughter is a universal pleasure, but what makes us laugh differs for everyone. So, finding the perfect gag gift means finding something that celebrates their quirks. That’s why it’s essential to remember who you’re shopping for.

    There are plenty of funny gag gifts for men, but also some bad ones. So, we created our gift guide to save you time by finding the best funny gifts for men with something for every sense of humor.

    Laughter is the best gift you can give. So, he put a chuckle in his day with a ridiculous gift. Our list of funny gag gifts for men should get a knee-slapping roar out of him– be it a birthday gift, Christmas stuffer, or just because.

  1. A Penis Book
  2. gag-gifts-for-men-book

    Here, at last, is the first self-help book for men with Oversized Male Genitalia (OMG). Every year, thousands of men are diagnosed with OMG. Sadly, most are banished to the fringes of society, victims of their freakish length and girth. How to Live with a Huge Penis brings them an inspiring message of tolerance and hope—along with helpful information.

  3. Breakfast Sandwich Maker
  4. graduation gifts for him sandwich maker

    The lazy guy’s meal. Just choose your bread and layer on the fixings: egg, cheese, precooked meat, literally anything. In five minutes or less, this little gadget will perfectly assemble a ready-to-eat breakfast sandwich– an excellent gift for a guy who’s a notoriously bad cook. 

  5. Star Wars Kama Sutra Guide
  6. gag-gifts-for-men-kama-sutra

    If you’re searching for a fun gift for someone who is totally into all things Star Wars – and has a dirty mind – look no further. The Star Wars Kama Sutra is ridiculous and informative, and the most hardcore fans will proudly display it on their coffee tables.

  7. Ball Cream
  8. gag-gifts-for-men

    Proving that funny gifts for men can be functional, too, Fresh Balls prevent wetness, stickiness, and chafing in the groin area. It works and won’t leave a powdery residue in your pants. But it will liven up your coworker’s experience at the Secret Santa party.

  9. Dad Bod Fanny Prank Pack
  10. gag-gifts-for-men-fanny-pack

    A waterproof beer belly fanny pack? If this isn’t the best white elephant gift idea, I don’t know what is. It’s like a dad joke in physical form. It would certainly make a great gag retirement gift. The fanny pack can hold his phone, cash, keys, and watch, and elicit a good “belly” laugh.

  11. Leather Beer Holster
  12. cool-gadgets-for-men-holster

    The Beer Holster is a universal drink holder for all outdoor activities. Perfect for BBQs, hiking, tailgating, DIY jobs, and gardening, both hands are free, and your cold beverage is always within reach—a great gag gift idea for beer lovers.

  13. Toilet Time Potty Putter 
  14. golf-gifts-potty-putter

    This hilarious gag gift is perfect for that golfer in your life who takes his sweet time relieving himself! The potty putty is the gift he can’t wait to use. Let him practice his short game while he takes care of business. It makes a funny golf gift for his birthday, Father’s Day, or Christmas. 

  16. Emergency Underpants
  17. gag-gifts-for-men-underpants

    Spilled a Slushie in your lap, and now your crotch is soaked to the skin? Just whip out these handy dandy Emergency Underpants; before you know it, you’re sitting high and dry again. These funny yet convenient underpants make a jolly, fun gag gift and fit most adults.

  18. Funny T-Shirt
  19. gag-gifts-for-men-ninja-shirt

    Almost every guy I know would be glad to receive this extraordinarily ridiculous tee. Great for parties or anywhere they want to show off, it’s the perfect flip-over surprise that always gets a laugh! It also makes the ideal cheat Halloween costume.

  20. Sneaker Slippers
  21. gag-gifts-for-men-slippers

    These comically plush hightop sneaker-slippers will keep his feet warm on those cold winter nights. They’re even designed with elastic shoelaces to free him from tying his laces. The slipper lining is made with soft and cozy plush fleece; though he may laugh, he won’t be able to remove them.

  22. A Fun Adult Party Game
  23. adult-party-games-drunk-stoned-stupid

    This hilarious card game features 250 cards to decide who in the group is most likely to… “Wake up with half a burrito in bed,” “Have a 20-minute conversation with Siri,” or “Shame people for going to bed.” Disclaimer: not liable for any loss of friendships or fights before, during, or after play.

  24. Wine Condoms
  25. novelty-gifts-wine-condom

    Wine Condoms are a fab solution for preserving wine and are hilarious to have a family member unwrap, especially in front of Grandma. But though they may look silly, they work – a super seal prevents oxygen from entering the bottle of wine and spoiling it—a great novelty gift for wine lovers, a priceless stocking stuffer, or a Dirty Santa gift.  

  26. Butt Face Soap
  27. gag-gifts-soap

    If you know a guy who has to keep everything separate (we don’t mean you, of course), here’s the perfect gag gift. This 2-sided Butt/Face Soap bar makes it easy to know which side to use on what region. It’s even color-coded, so no one gets confused. 

  28. Forthright Drink Coasters
  29. gag-gifts-for-men-coasters

    If you’re looking for a present for a person with a great sense of humor or someone who cares A LOT about their furniture, these drink coasters are just the thing: a perfect conversation starter and a perfect gift for his man cave.

  30. Meat Bouquet
  31. manly-gifts-meat

    What do you get a guy for a special occasion? Jerky? Flowers? Jerky flowers? The answer is the Exotic Meat Stick Bouquet. Six Long-Stemmed Meat Sticks decoratively wrapped and delivered to a carnivore of great taste. It’s hard to go wrong with something that’ll make a guy laugh but also fill his fist with delicious meat sticks—a perfect joke-posy for your meat or charcuterie lover.

  32. Squatty Potty
  33. gag-gifts-for-men-potty

    A squatty potty may elicit a good laugh, but honestly, once he’s tried it, he’ll never go back – it’s scientifically proven to be a better way to poop! This potty is a bestseller, and you know, 40,000 Amazon buyers can’t be wrong.

  34. Grill Sergeant Apron
  35. gag-gifts-for-men-apron

    Get your grill on – that’s an order! This camouflage grilling apron is not just any apron; it’s quite a unique gift. It holds everything a man could ever want or need for an afternoon of fun, like everything. One size fits most.

  36. Cereal Killer Cereal Bowl
  37. Mornings can be murder. This cereal bowl is an excellent gift for a true-crime junkie or horror fan. I mean, Dexter always had his Wheaties! This high-quality glass bowl can be customized in several ways. 

  38. Beard Ornaments
  39. gag-gifts-for-men-ornaments

    These beard decorations are the best gag gift for getting festive. Then they can appear at your next ugly sweater or white elephant party, looking like a Christmas tree. The little balls boast sturdy mini clips for hassle-free attachment to his face. For the guy who loves to be the center of attention.

  40. The Beard Bib


    The Beard Bib catches his chest hair, arm hair, pubic hair, and other body hair trimmings to keep the bathroom clean! This hilarious prank gift is a must for his grooming routine, especially if you must live with him. 

  42. Beer Puffer Jackers
  43. gag-gifts-for-men-beer-cozzie

    A fashionable guy needs a fashionable beer koozie. So he can let his little beer wear this little puffer jacket and look hip while keeping his hands cool—an entertaining gift or stocking stuffer for any beer fan. 

  44. The Office Lego Set
  45. the-office-gifts-lego

    The officially licensed Dunder Mifflin construction set brings The Office to life in a fun-to-build, 369-piece kit. Build, play, and display this detailed realization of the Dunder Mifflin office, featuring three famous cast members in posable Minifigure form! Perfect for The Office Fan.

  46. World’s Hottest Gummy Bear


    Is he brave enough to eat the world’s hottest gummy bear? Find out with this gift! The bear’s heat measures 9 million Scoville units, 900 times more desirable than a jalapeno! 

  48. Dude Wipes
  49. gag-gifts-for-men-wipes

    When packing Dude Wipes, you no longer have to fear the aftermath of that humidity-drenched golf game, lunchtime burrito, or terrible toilet paper at your office. Life should be better than that. Do stocking stuffers get better than this?

  50. Urban Dictionary


    If you know someone of the older generation, a complete dork, or has led a culturally sheltered life, they’re likely perplexed by today’s “street language.” With humor and educational techniques, the Urban Dictionary will teach the tricky tongue of today’s youth. Even the most triflin’ Busta will be representin’ in no time. 

  52. Trap-a-Crap Spray
  53. gag-gifts-for-men-Poo-Pourri

    Spritz the bowl before you go; no one else will ever know! Poo-Pourri Trap-A-Crap air freshener is a pure blend of cedarwood and citrus essential oils that eliminates stinky bathroom odor before it begins. All of this aside, it’s a damn hilarious gift and would make a great Father’s Day gift – y’know, fart jokes and all.

  54. Funny Pint Gift Set
  55. gag-gifts-for-men-glass

    With this gift, your loved one can drink a beer like a real Lannister because they’ll also receive a Hand Of the King beer opener in addition to the glass. What beer enthusiast / GOT fan wouldn’t love this glass from which to chug their favorite IPA or Lager? 

  56. Axe Bottle Opener
  57. gag-gifts-for-men-beer-opener

    This bottle opener keychain is based on the Stormbreaker Axe featured in Infinity War. It’s made of solid iron and coated in antique-look silver. Perfect for a Marvel fan to find in their stocking on Christmas day.

  59. Public Bathroom Survival Kit
  60. Public bathrooms are sometimes an unpleasant necessity. This kit makes them not exactly pleasant but reduces the risk of coming out with a disease! The kit includes antiseptic wipes, a toilet seat cover, and disposable gloves. 

  61. Bring Me Some Bacon Socks
  62. novelty-gifts-for-men-socks

    Socks have been the butt of bad Christmas gift jokes for decades, but these might be the most fabulous pair he has ever owned. Who doesn’t love bacon? Not the recipient of these absurd socks! 

  63. It may Contain Alcohol Mug.
  64. gag-gifts-for-men-mug

    This campfire-style, enamel coffee mug will make someone smile whenever they use it. It’s an amusing gift for any beer lover, homebrewer, drinker, camper, outdoorsman, or coffee lover. Sturdy enough to toss in the back of the car for all his adventures.

  65. Custom Christmas Socks 
  66. gag-gifts-for-men-socks

    Is it a laughable stocking stuffer you seek? These socks with your face plastered over them (or his or the dog’s) are just the thing. Choose your photo, text (naughty or nice), and either red or green socks. They fit Men’s sizes 6-11.