27 Jaw Droppingly Funny Gift Ideas for Men

By David Lautaret | Updated: November 15, 2023

    Whether you’re looking for a birthday present or Christmas gift or need to give someone a good laugh, we’ve got something for you. With 28 funny gifts for men we’ve got, you’re sure to find something to suit any man. 

  1. Ninja Disguise T-Shirt
  2. gifts-for-men-ninja-disguise

    These made-in-the-USA shirts make a unique and hilarious gift for the guy in your life who loves ninjas and taking off his shirt. I love the shirt but want it in a children’s size. No problem!

  3. Weener Kleener
  4. funny-gifts-for-men-weener-kleener

    Bring sun into the shower or bath with BigMouth Inc’s Weener Kleener! This donut-shaped soap is easy to use – it cleans the body while it dirties the mind. If you’re looking for an outrageously hilarious gag gift for your boyfriend or buddy who just got dumped, this stimulating soap ring will help you treat them to some good, clean fun. One size fits…most. 

  5. Covid-19 Whiskey Glass
  6. funny-gifts-for-men-covid-19-whiskey-glass

    The Covid-19 Whiskey Glass is a funny gift for bourbon and whiskey lovers. Perfect for that hard-to-shop-for Dad or Brother with a Sense of Humor. This unique gift holds 11 oz and is ideal for commemorating the pandemic. Would you prefer taking your COVID-19 medicine in a shot? This Covid-19 Graduation shot glass will do the trick.

  7. Sarcastic Comment Loading Coffee Tumbler
  8. funny-gifts-for-men-sarcastic-comment-coffee-tumbler

    It is a great gift idea for your husband, boyfriend, brother, uncle, best friend, coworker, or Boss. It’s an excellent gift for anyone who likes sarcasm and coffee. These coffee tumblers are made from stainless steel and hold 16 fluid ounces. It keeps hot things hot, cold things cold, and sarcastic people smiling. 

  9. I’m Not Always a Dick Throw Pillow


    Finally, some home decor he can get behind. This cover is 12 x 12 inches and makes a perfect addition to his man cave couch as an ironic throw pillow and conversation piece. Turn any old boring pillow into a pillow he’ll be proud of. Like the pillow, but do you want the female version? We’ve got you covered with the ‘I’m Not a Bitch…’ throw pillow cover. 

  11. I Don’t Give a Damn O’Clock Koozie
  12. funny-gifts-for-men-damn-oclock-koozie

    An excellent gift for the beer lover in your life. These koozies send a clear message— It doesn’t matter what time it is, I need a beer. Have many men in your life who don’t care what time it is? These come in packs from 2 to 96, so everyone can have a hilarious koozie. 

  13. Bad Parking Cards
  14. funny-gifts-for-men-bad-parking-cards

    Now you can prank that poorly parked punk! It’s like a fake parking ticket, but it’s a letter. Slip a snarky note under their windshield wiper and dampen their day. The jokes on that dirty, spot-stealing, Jeep-driving jerk when they find your sassy citation! These cards make a great white elephant gift, Christmas gift, birthday gift, or Father’s Day gift.

  15. Everything Is Fine Memo Pads
  16. funny-gifts-for-men-memo-pads

    Do you have a stressed-out man in your life? Get him these ‘Everything is fine’ notepads to help keep him calm and organized. I Have No Idea What I’m Doing. Everything is Fine. This is my life now. I’m not even trying anymore. Remind yourself that these lovely paper notepads from Guajolote Prints. Will be OK regardless of worries

  17. World’s Okayest Husband T-Shirt
  18. funny-gifts-for-men-worlds-okayest-husband

    It’s a hilarious take on the world’s best such and such t-shirts. Oh, my husband? He’s OK. You know, husbands are just kind of there all the time, hanging out till you need them, like air. Nothing special if you ask me. All in all, I’ve got the world’s most okay husband. World’s Okayest Husband makes the perfect gift for the man in your life who is just OK and loves funny t-shirts. 

  19. Burrito Blanket
  20. funny-gifts-for-men-burrito-blanket

    Have you ever wanted to be a giant tortilla, burrito, or any tortilla-based food? Lay inside the blanket and roll yourself up, becoming the burrito you’ve always wanted. These blankets make the perfect couch accessory to keep you warm and cozy this winter. Come in four sizes and eight different types of food, including pizza and waffles

  21. I Miss Precedented Times Coffee Mug
  22. funny-gifts-for-men-precedented-times-coffee-mug

    2020 has met us with some genuinely crazy times. And how many times have we heard things are unprecedented? So what better way to help make you laugh and get through the year than this unique, outstanding, one-of-a-kind present? Perfect for dad, brother, uncle, or anyone who needs a chuckle.

  23. Dehydrated Water


    This hilarious prank gift is perfect for the guy who loves a good laugh. Make thirst disappear with our new formula that, when diluted, can make up to infinite gallons of water. It was so practical – we couldn’t believe it wasn’t available sooner.

  25. Inappropriate Drink Coasters 
  26. funny-gifts-for-men-inappropriate-coasters

    You want the men in your life to use coasters for their drinks, but they’re disinterested and always forget. Get them the gift of these hilariously inappropriate coasters that they’ll be giddy to use with every drink. 

  28. The Dapper Crapper Set
  29. white-elephant-gifts-dapper-crapper

    Dapper Crapper, for the King of the Can! Spritz before you unload for a classy commode! Our Dapper Crapper Natural Odor Trapper Gift Set includes a 2oz Original Citrus toilet spray and a 2oz Royal Flush toilet spray. Poo~Pourri is formulated with 100% natural essential oils that eliminate bathroom odor before it begins, so you can leave the loo smelling quite dapper. A true gentleman leaves the toilet smelling better than they found it! This is useful and funny, making it one of the best white elephant gift ideas.

  30. I Love You For Your Personality Candle
  31. funny-gifts-for-men-dick-bonus-candle

    This hilariously inappropriate candle makes a unique gift and is a great way to get your significant other to smile for all the right reasons. It smells of lavender and is made from natural soy wax with a 45-555-hour burn time. 

  32. Trophy Husband Socks
  33. funny-gifts-for-men-trophy-husband-socks

    These socks make one of the most comfortable gag gifts for men money can buy. Made from 62% Cotton, 22% Nylon, 14% Polyester, 2and % Spandex, they are a delight to wear and even more of a show-off. Give your trophy husband the socks he deserves.

  34. Meat in Your Mouth Apron
  35. funny-gifts-for-men-meat-apron

    This NSFW apron makes the perfect gift for the grill master in your life. It is ideal for cooking, grilling, picnics, parties, BBQs, camping, and more. Like a cute apron joke, but want it just slightly less NSFW? 

  36. Fire Condom Heat Resistant Gloves
  37. funny-gifts-for-men-fire-condom-gloves

    Fire CCondom will improve performance for the self-declared pit boss or even the ‘dumpster fire’ at the grill. It will bring excitement back to the kitchen and warm up those frosty nights around the campfire. While we may not guarantee it will improve every aspect of your life, we think it will!

  38. Shit The Bed Hot Sauce
  39. funny-gifts-for-men-shit-the-bed-hot-sauce

    One of the best gifts you can get for the guy who likes it a little hot! Imported from Australia, this hot sauce has an impeccable blend of heat and flavor in a generous 8oz bottle. It measures around 35,000 on the Scoville Scale. It’s the perfect sauce for people who like it hot but not insane. 1Tentimes hotter than regular Tabasco.

  40. Reindeer Mankini Thong Underwear
  41. funny-gifts-for-men-reindeer-thong

    “Oh, just get me some new socks and underpants,” your unassuming husband requests. Noted. This hilarious thong mankini is the perfect gag gift to surprise him with, especially if he’s opening presents in front of a bunch of his closest friends. 

  42. Roto Wipe Prank Gift Box
  43. funny-gifts-for-men-roto-wipe

    These hilarious empty prank boxes initially contain bizarre products from ridiculous companies. “Put Your Real Present Inside the Joke Box” and keep a straight face as you watch your friends & loved ones attempt to remain gracious while thanking you for the “Roto Wipe.” Then, watch them laugh when they discover the actual gift inside and realize they’ve been pranked. This is one of the funniest ways to wrap any present! 

  44. Fantastic Book of Useless Information
  45. funny-gifts-for-men

    Did you know that the Pilgrims ate popcorn during the first Thanksgiving? Or that Maine is the toothpick capital of the world, or that frogs have teeth? This Toesome Book of Useless information makes a unique gift for those guys in your life who always like to have the following useless fact at the ready!

  46. Shock Pen 


    Are you looking for a funny prank gift idea? This prank shock pen will do the trick. The next time someone asks to borrow a pen, they’ll be in for a real shock! Perfect for the guy in your life who’s full of surprises. 

  48. Cool Cats and Ass Hats Drinking Game
  49. funny-gifts-for-men-cool-cats-drinking-game

    Men only want one thing…to play a fun drinking party game like Cool Cats and Ass Hats! Learn all about your friends, then laugh at them. It’s an interactive card game that will turn your next party into a hilarious night to remember or forget. It’s perfect for game night, a party, pregame, or anytime you hang out with friends. We recommend playing while drinking, but it’s certainly not necessary.

  50. Rubber Band Gun
  51. funny-gifts-for-men-rubber-band-gun

    These rubber band guns make a fun gift or stocking stuffer for the whole family. True story: one year for Christmas, we gave all the adults rubber band guns. It was the most fun we’ve ever had as a family. This funny gift idea is a bit retro but one the whole family will enjoy.

  52. Mighty 12″ Whoopee Cushion
  53. funny-gifts-for-men-whoopee-cushion

    A mighty wind is what you’ll hear but not smell. Inflate this large Whoopee Cushion to produce the sound of a loud fraudulent fart. This great gag gift is fun for the whole family. Children go wild pranking their ‘unsuspecting’ dad with this comically large whoopee cushion! This classic dad joke gift is always there for a good laugh at a price the child can afford. 

  54. Shakespearean Insult Bandages
  55. funny-gifts-for-men-insult-bandages

    Men love to be the hero. They also love to insult people. These bandages are a unique way to combine both! Each bandage has printed on it a funny insult taken from Shakespeare’s plays and works. Does your child have a cut or scrap? If you want soothing kisses and plain bandaids, go to Mom. If you wish to a Shakespearian insult and your bandaid, go to add!