28 Killer Gifts For The True Crime Fans In Your Life

By Candice Elliott | Updated: March 26, 2024

    True crime podcasts, books, documentaries – you name it, true crime is on a sizzling streak right now! So, if someone in your world binged every My Favorite Murder episode and whose idea of a lullaby is the newest Netflix actual crime doc, they’ll seriously dig any of these gift ideas we’ve lined up.

    Whether they’re armchair detectives, podcast enthusiasts, or avid readers of crime literature, our list of killer gifts is crafted to captivate their curious minds. From immersive board games that let them solve a mystery firsthand to exclusive true crime merchandise that celebrates their favorite series, each item is selected to deepen their passion for the genre.

    Dive into our carefully curated selection and discover unique, intriguing gifts that will make the true crime fans in your life feel like they’re part of the investigation. It’s an exploration of the darker side of humanity, packaged in a way that’s sure to intrigue, thrill, and maybe even chill them to the bone.

    Our gift guide has true crime gifts for the Murderino in your life.

  1. Cold Case Murder Mystery Game
  2. true-crime-gifts-cold=case-game

    Unsolved Case Files thrusts you into the gritty world of a cold case gumshoe, entrusted with cracking a chilling murder from years past, armed only with the original investigator’s case file. Do you have what it takes to unravel the mystery behind Harmony Ashcroft’s demise on May 1998? Unsolved Case Files is your ticket to proving your detective prowess, measuring your sleuthing skills against those of the small screen’s finest. It’s time to solve the case once and for all.

  3. Hunt A Killer
  4. true-crime-gifts-game

    Deep down, every true crime fanatic thinks they could solve all those cold cases they see on crime shows. Put their crime scene investigation skills to the test with this murder mystery game! This version of Hunt A Killer is not the subscription box version you’ll often hear advertised on true crime podcasts. However, this version can be played in one go; it takes 45-60 minutes. Players will investigate a murder at a tavern. There are ciphers, clues, puzzles, tangible evidence, and documents for a fun, fully immersive game to get to the bottom of an unsolved case any criminal mind will love! 

  5. True Crime Puzzle Book
  6. true-crime-gifts-cold-puzzle-book

    Don’t leave these puzzles unsolved! This puzzle collection includes an assortment of crime-themed mysteries
    Verbal, logic, memory, and visual puzzles are included. For example, they solve word searches and memory puzzles based on true crimes. Other puzzles let you play detective, find witnesses, or track criminals through logical deductions. 

  7. True Crime Calendar
  8. true-crime-gifts-calendar

    A calendar always makes an excellent holiday gift; if you need holiday gift ideas for a true crime fan, this is the perfect gift. First, they’ll learn more about the stories on Netflix murder shows and Investigation Discovery true-crime shows each day! Then, slay at the next serial killer trivia night! 

  9. Adult Coloring Book
  10. true-crime-gifts-coloring-book

    Coloring can be an excellent, relaxing hobby. Combine that hobby with their true crime hobby with this unique gift, the Female Serial Killers Coloring Book. More than just a coloring book, the book includes information about the killers, victims, murder method of choice, the location, and the period of the crimes. 

  11. Murder Most Puzzling Book
  12. true-crime-gifts-cold-puzzle-book

    A body in the topiary garden! Death at a clairvoyant convention! This witty riff on the classic whodunit brings out everyone’s inner detective. Become the faithful sidekick to amateur sleuth Medea Thorne to help her crack 20 different diabolical cases using various puzzle-solving skills. Each mysterious case is sumptuously illustrated in a glorious, gothic style to help bring the adventure to life (or death).

  13. Serial Killer Cookbook
  14. true-crime-gifts-cookbook

    The perfect gift for murderinos and true crime fans, The Serial Killer Cookbook: Last Meals pairs serial killer trivia with the recipes of the meals these killers ate during their final hours. With full-color photos, chilling true crime facts, and easy-to-follow steps, you’ll be cooking killer meals in no time. This collection of recipes is both delicious and surprising and spans breakfast staples to an indulgent dessert.

  15. Serial Killer Playing Cards
  16. true-crime-gifts-cards

    This deck of playing cards features 54 different American serial killers. Each card provides details like the killer’s name and aliases, the number of murders committed, the time and location of their murders, and their chosen method. These aren’t like baseball cards; they’re a complete set of playing cards. 



    Crime scene cookie cutter! Make your very own chalk outline cookies with this cookie cutter. It’s made from food-safe material, has a sharp edge, and is available in three sizes. 

  17. Coffee Mug
  18. true-crime-gifts-mug

    There is something about the dulcet tones of Bill Curtis and Keith Morrison that makes you want to binge-watch murder documentaries! You can do that with your morning coffee or evening tea with this coffee mug. The mug holds 11 ounces, is made of ceramic, and hand-washing is recommended. 

  19. T-Shirt
  20. true-crime-gifts-shirt

    The late, great comedian Patrice O’Neil thought about getting a receipt for every purchase, no matter how small, so he’d always have an alibi should he be accused of a crime. So, if you can relate, this comfy t-shirt is for you! The t-shirt is available in several colors, sizes, and men’s and women’s cuts. 

  21. Keychain
  22. true-crime-gifts-key-chain

    We’ve all watched Forensic Files and thought, “I wouldn’t make that rookie mistake!” We all think we are clever enough to commit the perfect crime. This key chain is sturdy stainless steel and arrives in a gift bag. 

  23. Tote Bag
  24. true-crime-gifts-tote

    Have you got a best friend who is your partner in true crime and wine? They’ll love this tote bag! The bag is made of 100% cotton canvas, is medium-sized, measuring 15 inches by 15 inches, and the handle has an 11-inch drop. The tote bag can hold about 20 pounds and is washer and dryer-safe. 

  25. Christmas Ornament
  26. true-crime-gifts-ornament

    From Jeffery McDonald to Chris Watts, they weren’t fooling us. When a wife turns up dead, the odds are good that the husband did it. This ornament makes a perfect Christmas gift for the true crime-obsessed person in your life. 

  27. Bookmark
  28. true-crime-gifts-bookmark

    The only people who collect more books than true crime junkies are cookbook junkies. True crime fans will have seven books on Dahmer alone! Make sure they not only don’t lose their page in all those books but their place, either! This bookmark will hold both for them until they can dive back into their “case files!”

  29. Doormat
  30. true-crime-gifts-mat

    True crime aficionados understand the importance of asserting their Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable search and seizure. This doormat lets the Five-Oh know they aren’t getting across your threshold without a warrant! The mat is made of natural coconut fibers and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. 

  31. Keith Morrison Mug
  32. true-crime-gifts-mug

    I am speaking of Keith Morrisson! Look what I found! You read that in his voice. The best gifts make the recipient laugh; I genuinely laughed when I saw this. This mug holds 15 ounces. This is the ultimate if you’re looking for true crime birthday merch! This will make any true crime lover, LOL.

  33. Evidence Tape
  34. true-crime-gifts-tape

    Every true crime fan knows how important it is to preserve the integrity of evidence and its chain of custody. This red evidence tape is a fun gag gift. The tape can be used to seal boxes, which is what it’s intended for, but it would be fun to use as stickers on laptops, phone cases, gym bags, and more! At least for those of us with a macabre sense of humor. 

  35. Throw Pillow
  36. true-crime-gifts-pillow

    Snuggle up with your favorite things, coffee, books, true crime, and this throw pillow! This pillow is hand-cut and sewed, made of spun polyester, and printed on both sides. This is not just the case; it’s a filled pillow. 

  37. Vintage Post Cards
  38. true-crime-gifts-cards

    What’s scarier at Halloween than serial killers? These eight vintage-style postcards feature a Halloween theme and a serial killer. The cards are double-sided and come in envelopes. They’re based on vintage Halloween postcards and are a fun, unique gift for true crime fans. 

  39. Zippered Pouch
  40. true-crime-gifts-bag

    This zippered pouch resembles an evidence envelope. The bag is made of recycled polypropylene, so it’s easy to wipe clean. In addition, the pouch can be used as a wallet to hold cosmetics, chargers, glasses, pens, and other small-ish items. 

  41. Candle
  42. true-crime-gifts-candle

    This hand-poured soy candle smells like you’re in a cult! But, no, it’s forest-scented, a nice evergreen smell. The candle measures nine ounces and has a burn time of around 50 hours. So stay sexy, and don’t get murdered! 

  43. Small Sacrifices
  44. true-crime-gifts-book

    Ann Rule is the queen of true crime writers, and her book Small Sacrifices is what turned me into a true crime junkie when I was a teenager. The book tells the story of Diane Downs, who was accused of shooting her three small children, killing one for the love of a man. Ann Rule is a gripping writer who chose psychologically interesting true crime cases rather than gory ones. Any true crime fans will also love Everything She Ever Wanted If You Loved Me and The Stranger Beside Me, Rule’s bestseller about serial killer Ted Bundy, whom she knew years before he was known to have killed dozens of young women. 

  45. Tea Towel
  46. true-crime-gifts-towel

    This towel is excellent for drying dishes and your hands and wiping your prints off of blunt objects. The towel is made of cotton flour sack and measures 38×24 inches. 

  47. Personal Alarm
  48. true-crime-gifts-alarm

    Watching, reading, and listening to true crime can make you paranoid! Every person is a potential predator, and you’re about to get your own Dateline episode. So pull the top pin and activate an alarm and a strobe light that can last up to 40 minutes. This personal alarm can give you a sense of security. 

  49. Forensics Kit
  50. true-crime-gifts-kit

    Okay, this kit is a STEM toy for kids aged eight and older, but it has really neat stuff that adults would get a kick out of, including fingerprint powder, crime scene tape, plaster powder for casting footprints, and more! In addition, there is a manual to teach you about forensics and a non-violent crime to solve. 

  51. Cereal Killer Spoon
  52. true-crime-gifts-spoon

    Everyone should have a special cereal-eating spoon. This one is perfect for true crime fans! The spoon is stainless steel, and the phrase is engraved onto the spoon. The spoon measures seven inches long and is dishwasher safe. 

    Why are some people obsessed with true crime?

    Welcome back, dear readers! Today, we’re diving into the burning question: Why are some people obsessed with true crime? For many, the psychological intrigue draws them in as they try to understand the complex minds of those who commit these heinous acts. Others find comfort in knowing they’re prepared for dangers lurking in the shadows.

    Lastly, there’s no denying the adrenaline rush and morbid fascination that comes from exploring the darker side of humanity. So, stay tuned as we unravel more mysteries in true crime!

    What are the best gift ideas for true crime fans?

    A fantastic gift for a true crime enthusiast would be a subscription to a popular true-crime podcast or magazine, providing them with hours of captivating content. Another great option is to gift them a collection of bestselling true crime books or a true crime-themed board game for interactive fun.

    You could also consider a personalized map detailing infamous crime scenes or a high-quality detective’s toolkit to inspire their inner sleuth. They’ll be thrilled with a gift that indulges their passion for true crime!