25 Ideas To Throw A Killer Stranger Things Birthday Party

By Laura Fiebert | Updated: May 24, 2023

    Stranger Things, the Netflix TV show, has taken the world by storm with its perfect blend of ’80s nostalgia, sci-fi thrills, and lovable characters. And what better way to celebrate your love for the hit show than with a Stranger Things-themed birthday party? From String lights galore to Demogorgon dogs, we’ve got all the groovy party ideas you need to transport your guests to the mysterious town of Hawkins, Indiana!

    What food should you serve at a Stranger Things birthday party?

  1. Eggo Waffle Bar
  2. It would not be a Stranger things party without Eggo Waffles. But wait, we can’t forget the toppings! Try throwing some ice cream or sweet treats on top of your waffles to get that perfect taste explosion in your mouth. Also, keep some maple syrup, whipped cream, and berries nearby. It is a must-have for any Stranger Things party, as Eleven’s love for Eggo waffles is a running theme throughout the series.


  3. Retro Snacks Bar
  4. Popcorn is a classic snack easily customized to fit the Stranger Things theme. You can serve it in bags Stranger Things Themed goodie bags on them or add some red food coloring to make it look like it’s been contaminated by the Upside Down. You can also make a snack table filler will all types of nostalgic 80’s candy and snacks. And don’t forget Dustin’s chocolate pudding!


  5. Demogorgon Dogs
  6. What do you get when you slipt the end in of your hotdog? A Demogorgon head! These hot dogs are a nod to the fearsome creature from Upside Down. Slit the lot of your hotdogs, wrap hot dogs in crescent roll dough, and bake until golden brown.


  7. Upside-Down Cake
  8. Everyone loves an upside-down cake. However, this classic dessert can be given a Stranger Things twist with an upside-down blackberry cake. The black and blood-red color the blackberries create when cooked will give off the perfect vibes for your party.

  9. Maple Cocktails
  10. If this is an adult Stranger things party, you will need cocktails, and if this one doesn’t fit the bill, I don’t know what will. This Maple 43 Cocktail takes bourbon and maple (a great combo) and adds a waffle on top! Not into whiskey? Then check out this fruity Upside Down Blackberry Cocktail.


  11. Barb’s Chip Dip
  12. In honor of Barb, who met an unfortunate end in the first season, serve up some chips and dip. We found a great recipe inspired by the show. Don’t forget to stack loads of cans of Coca-Cola on the table next to it for a truly 80’s feel.


  13. Joyce’s Alphabet Soup
  14. In the first season, Joyce uses Christmas lights to communicate with her son Will. Serve up some alphabet soup as a nod to this memorable scene. We agree soup might seem like an odd thing to serve at a party, but any Strager things fan will disagree! This is the best recipe we found. stranger-things-party-abc-soup

  15. Dungeons & Dragons Candy and Snacks
  16. For a playful touch, serve up snacks like pretzels and trail mix in small paper bags labeled D&D Snacks. And these Dungen and Dragons dice candy tins will be a big hit. Great to throw in goodie bags as well. 


  17. Demogorgon Strawberries
  18. Chocolate-covered strawberries have never looked so evil! Not only are these SO cool, but they are also delicious too. They are super easy to make with very few ingredients. You can find the step-by-step guide on how to make these here.


    Must-Have Stranger Things Party Decorations

  19. Balloon Arch
  20. stranger-things-party-balloons

    Get ready to take your Stranger Things party to the next level with this fabulous balloon kit! You’ll have 99 latex balloons in different colors and sizes, 2 Star Foil Balloons, 2 Pentagram Foil balloons, and cool cardboard designs featuring Demogorgon, Vecna, and cassette tape, everything you need to create a stunning balloon arch. Plus, assembling it all is a breeze thanks to the included balloon arch strip, dot glue, and tying tool. 

  21. Eleven Cocktail Napkins
  22. stranger-things-party-napkinsThese beverage napkins featuring a bloody-nosed Eleven are perfect for your Stranger Things celebration! With Eleven fresh from using her telepathic powers, these napkins will impress your guests and complete your party supplies. Set them out on your buffet table at a birthday bash or Halloween haunt, and you’ll have the Duffer brothers themselves wishing they were there to join in the fun!

  23. Black And Red Streamers
  24. stranger-things-party-stremers

    There’s no better way to enter the Upsdoie Down than through these streamers. Keep partygoers curious about what is on the other side. This creepy curtain comes with an adhesive strip at the back, so it would be straightforward to hang on your wall. The cut of the tinsels is pretty wide, so they won’t easily strip down. Transform your home into a Stranger Things set.

  25. Upside-Down Table Cloth
  26. stranger-things-party-table-cloth

    Be careful; the Demogorgon might be lurking around to try and eat the tasty party treats you have displayed on this eye-catching tablecloth! Featuring the silhouettes of The Party Gang traveling through The Upside Down, this covering is an easy way to keep a table surface clean at a Stanger Things watch event or themed birthday party.

  27. Spooky Alphabet Decals
  28. stranger-things-party-alphabet-decals

    Bring Hawkins charm to your home with this famous alphabet set from Will’s wall. With the letters being separate, you can customize the placement to your liking – either recreate the iconic scene from the series or create your unique look by arranging them at different heights. 

  29. String Lights
  30. stranger-things-party-alphabet-string-lights

    You can’t have a Stranger Things party without string lights. Therefore, the string lights symbolize hope, connection, and communication between the natural world and the terrifying alternate dimension of Upside Down. They are also an iconic visual element of the show and have become synonymous with Stranger Things in popular culture. Make a cool DIY Stranger Things set in your home.

  31. Cupcake Stand
  32. stranger-things-party-alphabet-cupcake-stand

    Elevate your birthday party or Halloween party decorations with this fantastic 3-layer cupcake stand! Made of high-quality cardboard, it is durable, reusable, and can hold up to 20 cupcakes on its stable and even 3-layer frame. But this stand isn’t just for birthdays – its unique design makes it perfect for other occasions like Halloween. 

  33. Cupcake Toppers
  34. stranger-things-party-cupcake-toppers

    These cute string light dessert decor can be used as cupcakes or cake toppers. Stranger Cupcake Toppers are so cute and good for Stranger Things -inspired party theme party. You can also apply them for ice cream, fruits, cookies, and other desserts.

  35. Plates
  36. Get ready to add a touch of Stranger Things style to your party with these chic round paper plates! These plates are perfect for themed parties, viewing parties, and even Halloween, featuring iconic elements from the show, like the logo, string lights, and an old TV. Made of good quality paper, they are durable enough to hold sweet treats and other foods, and best of all, they are disposable, making clean-up a breeze!

  37. Goodie Bags
  38. stranger-things-party-goodie-bags

    These unique and eye-catching goodie bags are perfect for holding various toys and party favors your guests will love. Made of high-quality cardboard, these bags are sturdy and reusable and can hold treats, snacks, small prizes, and more. The gift bags will surely be a hit at your party and will make fantastic birthday party decorations! Great for collecting all the pinata treats.

    Fun Stranger Things Party Games And Activities

  39. Demogorgan Pinata
  40. stranger-things-party-pinata

    What’s a party without a pinata? Kids and adults alike all enjoy pinata. This one comes fully assembled and made from quality cardboard. Sturdy enough for multiple guests to participate. A weight-resistant string (attached) will hold 3-7 pounds of candy and treats.

  41. Eggo Waffle Eating Contest
  42. How about we kick things up with an Eggo eating contest in honor of Eleven’s favorite food? Here’s the deal: each participant gets a plate with five delicious Eggo waffles slathered in butter and syrup. And to make it even more exciting, we’ll have everyone sit around the table with their hands behind their backs.

    Then, on the count of go, players will dive face-first into their plates and race to be the first to eat all their Eggos! Trust us, it’s messy, it’s tasty, and it’s a whole lot of fun. The first one to clear their plate of all waffle remnants takes home the prize of victory!

  43. Stranger Things Bingo
  44. Stranger Things Bingo is fun whether you’re having a Stranger Things birthday party or viewing party, celebrating season 3, or curling up in bed to binge-watch with your spouse. These printable bingo cards should work for Stranger Things Season 1 and 2. Now to make new ones for season 3! You can buy the Bingo Cards from momontheside.com.

  45. 80’s Candy Guess
  46. Get ready for some sweet nostalgia with this fun 80’s Candy Guess game! Gather a variety of popular candy from the 80s and blindfold the players. Then, challenge them to identify each candy using only their sense of touch, smell, and taste. For an extra challenge, chop the candy into smaller pieces to make it more difficult to identify by size. It’s a sweet and fun game that’s perfect for any Stranger Things party!


  47. Stranger Things Eggo Game
  48. Step into the world of Stranger Things with the Stranger Things Eggo Card Game and play as one of your favorite characters from the show! Whether you choose Will, Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Eleven, Hopper, or Barb, each card you play will have a different effect – from sending players to the Upside Down, summoning the Demogorgon, or causing chaos by reversing the order of play. So can you escape the Upside Down and get rid of all your Eggo cards before the Demogorgon attacks? It’s a thrilling game that will keep you on the edge of your seat!


  49. Decorate Your Own Dustin Hat
  50. All you need to create custom Dustin hats are some blank hats you can find on Amazon, SHarpies, or Fabric markers. Also, check out Sarah’s post for other AWESOME ideas for throwing a Stranger Things Party.