40th Birthday Gift Ideas For Men To Celebrate The Big 4-0

By Candice Elliott | Updated: May 11, 2024

    The big four-oh is a milestone birthday! Turning forty is a monumental milestone in any man’s life, often marked by reflective moments and fresh aspirations. It’s a time when thoughtful gifts can truly enhance the celebration, adding depth and personal significance to this landmark occasion.

    Whether the man in your life is a gadget lover, an adventure seeker, or a connoisseur of the finer things, finding the perfect present can show him just how much he means to you. In this blog post, we’ll explore a diverse array of gift ideas tailored to various interests and personalities, ensuring you can find something that not only marks the day but enriches it.

    Stainless Steel Tumbler

    The printed funny saying “I AM 39+” makes it a unique gift as a funny reminder that they will be more fabulous than ever when celebrating their 40th birthday. This stainless steel tumbler is vacuum insulated to keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to six hours. The tumbler holds 20 ounces and is available in a variety of colors. 

  1. Vintage Candy
  2. 40th-birthday-gifts-for-him-candy

    Want to take your friends on a nostalgic trip through time? With over 55 pieces of vintage candies popular in the 1980s, our 1982 birthday gifts for men and women will blow your guests’ minds.

  3. Tactical Pen
  4. 40th-birthday-gift-ideas-for-men-pen

    This is an excellent gift for the birthday boy who loves survival gadgets. It’s a pen, a flashlight, a glass breaker, a fire starter, a multi-key tool, a screwdriver, a wrench, a bottle opener, a ruler, and a serrated tool, and comes with three ink refills. It’s an excellent gift for men who love DIY or spend a lot of time outdoors. 

  5. Oculus Virtual Reality Headset
  6. 40th-birthday-gift-ideas-for-men-oculus

    Take your adventures with you. Explore. Race. Jet-set. Discover. Do what you’ve only dreamed about and go where you’ve never been with Oculus. Oculus Quest 2 is our most advanced all-in-one VR system yet. Every detail has been engineered to make virtual worlds adapt to your movements, letting you explore awe-inspiring games and experiences with unparalleled freedom. No PC or console is required. Get the most out of each moment with blazing-fast performance and next-generation graphics.

  7. Camping Chair and Cooler


    This chair is an excellent fortieth-birthday gift for a man who loves camping, hiking, hitting the beach, or tailgating! It can be worn as a backpack, and the storage compartment can carry gear, the catch of the day if he’s a fisherman, or food and drinks. And it’s a folding chair! It can hold up to 330 pounds and is durable and waterproof. 

  9. Bluetooth Beanie Hat and Gloves
  10. 40th-birthday-gift-ideas-for-men-hat

    This is a great birthday gift for men who like to spend time outdoors, even in the winter. The hat can connect to two smartphones, tablets, or Bluetooth-enabled devices. A full charge gives 8-10 hours of battery life. In addition, you can answer calls and call the last dialed number, and the noise-canceling technology allows for total enjoyment of music or podcasts. 

  11. Hammock
  12. 40th-birthday-gift-ideas-for-men-hammock

    What could be better than finishing the yard work on a hot summer day and kicking back in a hammock with a cold beer? Not much! The hammock includes a stand and is roomy enough for two. Made of heavy cotton, it’s durable and can hold up to 450 pounds. 

  13. Knife Making Kit
  14. 40th-birthday-gifts-for-him-knife-making

    Help him discover a new hobby with this knife-making kit! The kit includes everything he needs, including detailed instructions to craft his folding knife. 

  15. Jedi Bathrobe
  16. Is he a Star Wars fan? If so, he’ll love this Jedi robe! Made of fleece, it has a tie closure and will fit most adult men. 

  17. Slippers
  18. 40th-birthday-gift-ideas-for-men-slippers

    These slippers are warm and practical. Made of suede, the lining is cozy wool, and the bottoms are rubber, making them perfect for wearing inside and running out to grab the paper or let the dog out in the morning. The slippers are available in several sizes and colors. 

  19. Self-Cleaning Water Purifying Bottle
  20. 40th-birthday-gift-ideas-for-men-bottle

    This is another excellent gift for the outdoorsman. This stainless steel bottle cap uses UV-C sterilization, the same process used in water treatment plants. Any water can be purified and made safe to drink in 60 seconds with a few finger taps. The bottle is self-cleaning. It auto-activates every four hours to stop mold and bacteria from breeding in the bottle. Made of durable stainless steel, it can keep a cold drink cold for 24 hours and a hot drink for 12 hours. 

  22. Movado Watch
  23. 40th-birthday-gift-ideas-for-men-watch

    The best 40th birthday gift is something he’ll use every day and keep forever, and this watch from Movado checks both boxes. Made of stainless steel, the look has Quartz movement and is water resistant up to 100 feet. 


    A good pair of cufflinks is a keepsake gift they’ll have forever. This set is stainless steel and is available in all 26 letters of the alphabet. They come in a black gift box, ready for gifting. 

  24. Kinetic Sculpture
  25. 40th-birthday-gift-ideas-for-men-sculpture

    This is something between a piece of art and a toy. It’s a stainless steel kinetic sculpture designed by British artist Ivan Black. Each is handmade by Italian artisans. Its stress-releasing wave design makes it perfect for their work desk. Watch the short video on the Amazon page to appreciate this. It’s mesmerizing to see the sculpture in motion! 

  26. Been There Coffee Mug
  27. 40th-birthday-gift-ideas-for-men-mug

    This coffee mug is from Starbucks Been There Collection, and several states and cities are available. It could be a fun way to start a collection, buy a cup from each place he’s been, a mug from his favorite place, his hometown or state, his current home, or the place he’d most like to visit. The mug holds 14 ounces. 

  28. Decanter and Whiskey Glasses Set
  29. 40th-birthday-gift-ideas-for-men-whiskey-set

    What’s a birthday celebration without a sound, stiff drink? This set is ideal for the 40-year-old man who loves whiskey. It includes four lead-free crystal rocks glasses and a lead-free crystal decanter. The glasses hold 10 ounces, and the decanter 25 ounces. 

  30. Personalized Beer Mugs
  31. 40th-birthday-gift-ideas-for-men-beer-mugs

    This set of four beer mugs has several design options to customize them. They make thoughtful gift for beer lovers. Each much is 14 ounces, and the design is etched into the glass. 

  32. Greatest Mavericks Plays Coasters
  33. 40th-birthday-gift-ideas-for-men-coasters

    If you’re looking for a 40th birthday present for a man who is a basketball lover, this is one of the best and most unique you’ll find. It’s a set of four leatherette coasters depicting significant moments in the Dallas Mavericks games. Many other NBA teams are available as well. 

  34. Yankee Stadium Blueprint 
  35. 40th-birthday-gift-ideas-for-men-blueprint

    Another birthday gift for the sports fans! This is a blueprint of the legendary Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. The poster measures 18 x 24 inches and is printed on museum-quality paper. Ballpark Blueprints offers blueprints of other sports stadiums too. 

  36. Personalized Grilling Set


    Do you know a dedicated bbq lover? This set will make a great birthday present. It includes a spatula, tongs, and a grill fork. The tools have solid oak handles and come in a pine gift box that can be personalized. 

  38. Man Crate Grilling Crate
  39. 40th-birthday-gift-ideas-for-men-crate

    Man Crates is such a fun company! They sell a variety of “manly” gift boxes, all in wooden crates that have to be opened with the included crowbar. This one is made for grill masters! It includes fun grilling accessories, including a tenderizer, a cast-iron smoker box, Hickory chips, BBQ sauce, and more. 

  40. J.A. Henckels Chef’s Knife
  41. 40th-birthday-gift-ideas-for-men-knife

    Even for those who love to cook, it can be a chore when you don’t have the proper equipment. And a good knife is one of the most essential pieces of kitchen equipment a chef can have. This chef’s knife is an excellent addition to a seasoned or budding chef’s tool kit. The knife is made of German stainless steel, measures 8 inches, and is dishwasher safe. 

  42. Sous Vide Machine
  43. 40th-birthday-gift-ideas-for-men-sous-vide

    Never fuss around with a meat thermometer again. Sous vide machine gives you perfectly tender, perfectly cooked meat every time. It locks in moisture and flavor and is excellent for hands-off cooking. Attach the device to a pot filled with water, add the food in a sealed bag and cook it manually or with the built-in controls accessed from your phone via the Anova App. 

  44. Hatch Restore Alarm Clock
  45. 40th-birthday-gift-ideas-for-men-clock

    This gadget is much more than just an alarm clock, and it will help that over-the-hill man get up a little easier! The Hatch Restore is a white noise machine, a reading light, a personal sleep device, and more. The sunrise alarm clock wakes you gently, which won’t cause a spike in cortisol levels, it has soothing content to help you wind down before bed and a soft light for bedtime reading. The alarm can be controlled via the app or touch and requires Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. 

  46. Putting Mat
  47. 40th-birthday-gift-ideas-for-men-putting-mat

    He can practice his putting no matter what the weather! This practice of putting green comes in two sizes, 10 and 12 feet. The non-crease polyester surface and foam base make it feel like a natural putting green. The three holes are on an incline to test his skills. 

  48. Man Can Spa Gift Set
  49. 40th-birthday-gift-ideas-for-men-spa-set

    Self-care kits don’t just make good gifts for women! Men like a little self-administered TLC too! This spa gift set includes soap, shave gel, bay rum oil, hand butter, and a loofah all in fresh, masculine scents. And it comes packaged in a fun paint can! 

  50. Pizza Box Socks
  51. 40th-birthday-gift-ideas-for-men-socks

    Pizza socks in a pizza box! This is a fun gag gift for his 40th birthday. There are four pairs of socks, pepperoni, capriccioso, Italian, Hawaiian, and vegetarian. The socks are a cotton/poly blend and available in several sizes. 

  52. GustBuster Umbrella
  53. 40th-birthday-gift-ideas-for-men-umbrella

    Lighter than ordinary umbrellas yet far stronger, the GustBuster Classic keeps you dry wherever you roam. Unflippable, Unflappable, Unbreakable. It’s the world’s finest wind-proof umbrella. Tested at the college of Aeronautics in Queens, NY, it will not invert in winds of 55+ mph. Limited Lifetime Warranty. #1 umbrella on the PGA, LPGA, and Champions Tours. The patented technology allows the wind to pass through the umbrella while you stay dry. 

  54. Cooling Pillows 
  55. 40th-birthday-gift-ideas-for-men-pillows

    Cool as the other side of the pillow. Both sides of these pillows are cool, thanks to their gel technology. The pillows are also adjustable to your preferred thickness. You can customize them by removing some of the gel foam stuffing to get just the right fit for your sleeping position. The bamboo covers are hypoallergenic, removable, and machine washable. The set is two Queen sized pillows. 

  56. Carry-On Suitcase With USB Charging Port
  57. 40th-birthday-gift-ideas-for-men-suitcase

    A good carry-on is essential for road warriors, and this is a great one. The bag measures 20 x 13.5 x 11 but can expand another two inches to accommodate additional items and it only weighs about 7 pounds. It has a cup holder, USB port, and phone holder freeing up the hand not pulling the bag. The double spinner wheels allow for 360, smooth movement. The inside is lined, and there are pockets for accessories.