27 Football Gifts That’ll Score You a Touchdown

By David Lautaret | Updated: November 6, 2023

    Whether navigating the maze of game day snacks or sitting on the edge of your seat during a nail-biting fourth quarter, one thing’s for sure: football isn’t just a game; it’s a way of life. When the love for the sport runs deep, settling for a generic gift won’t cut it. 

    If you’re on the hunt for the perfect present for the football fanatic in your life—whether they’re a rookie fan or a seasoned veteran—you’re in the right place. Welcome to our curated list of football gifts guaranteed to score you a touchdown in the gift-giving game. Strap in and get ready to kick off your shopping spree with a winning play! 

  1. Personalized Football Jersey
  2. football-gifts-custom-jersey

    Whether you’re traveling or just staying home, nothing says you’re a true fan like sporting your name on the back of your favorite team’s jersey! Whether you played NCAA high school football or just enjoyed cheering from the sidelines, everyone has dreamed of having their name on their favorite team’s jersey! Now, you can make that happen with this fantastic gift idea! 

  3. Football’s Greatest Plays Coasters


    Touchdown! But also, don’t let that beer or coffee mug touch down on the coffee table. Each coaster in this set of four is laser etched with a description of a game-changing moment in your favorite football team’s history. It’s perfect for a fun way to reminisce over memorable plays with friends, or you can make the set a gift for a fan who knows their team’s stats like the back of their hand. It’s an excellent sports gift for your football coach.

  5. NFL Levitating Hover Helmet
  6. football-gifts-levitating-helmet

    This levitating football helmet makes an excellent gift for those science-loving kids or friends in your life! Pick from several NFL teams, so no matter who you cheer for, you can find an excellent levitating helmet to show off on your work desk, in your man cave, or on a bedroom dresser!

  7. 3D Football Night Light
  8. football-gifts-football-lamp

    Whether your little guy needs a night light for comfort or you want to light up a dark hallway, this 3D football night light makes an excellent gift for that sports fan who could use a respite from the dark! Change up to seven colors to make this night light fit into any room in your home! 

  9. Paracord Football Bracelet
  10. football-gifts-paracord-bracelet

    This paracord survival bracelet is fashionable, shows your love for the game of football, and will come in handy if you’re traveling around the globe and need high-quality paracord! If you’re looking for an inexpensive gift idea that won’t break the bank, this paracord bracelet with a football charm in the middle makes a great gift idea!

  11. Authentic Football Stadium Relic Watch
  12. football-gifts-stadium-relic-watch

    For those of us for whom the words “Green Bay” or “Ann Arbor” conjure decades of hopes and frustrations, personalities, and plays, this watch can be a touchstone for keeping close to our love of the game. Its face is crafted from salvaged seats from iconic stadiums in one of those legendary football towns, with the rich patina of the natural wood from which fans have cheered for decades, making it a unique gift they’ll treasure forever.

  13. Officially Licensed NFL Silk Touch Bathrobe
  14. football-gifts-nfl-bathrobe

    If you enjoy being cozy in a luxurious silk touch bathrobe, you might as well have one that’s officially licensed fan gear! These unisex bathrobes are great for men and women and make a tremendous fan gift. They’re incredibly soft and comfortable and come in every NFL team, so no matter who you cheer for, you can be cozy and warm while you do it! 

  15. NFL Game Used Uniform Wallet
  16. football-gifts-nfl-wallet

    With an interior divider made of a game-used jersey, this wallet is a fun, functional way to carry your team colors wherever you go. Each home or away jersey is hand-cut to feature at least two colors, the team name is debossed on the front, and contrast stitching for a subtle touch. Having come from the field in a regular-season game, the fabric shows varying amounts of authentic wear and tear. 

  17. Stainless Steel Football Tumbler
  18. football-gifts-tumbler

    This football-inspired tumbler gift set makes the perfect gift idea for that coffee or tea-loving football fan in your life! The double vacuum-sealed stainless steel tumbler keeps hot and cold drinks cold for hours so that you can enjoy your favorite beverage any time of year! The metal straw and wire cleaning brush make this gift set the ultimate touchdown for your football-loving coffee and tea drinkers! 

  19. Football Trainer Throwing Net
  20. football-gifts-trainer-net

    If your child wants to be a future quarterback, they must practice their throwing accuracy. This football training target net is an excellent gift for that aspiring athlete. With three targets to aim at and a net space available in 8’x8′ or 6’x6′ dimensions, this throwing target makes an ideal gift for the future QB1!

  21. Ultimate Fantasy Football Trophy
  22. football-gifts-trophy

    If you’re a fan of football, then there’s a good chance you are a fan of fantasy football. It doesn’t matter if you ever played a high school football snap. You can be King of the gridiron with this fantasy football trophy! Give fantasy football an added boost by making this Lombardi Trophy of fantasy football the ultimate prize for the season’s winner! The trophy can be customized with up to four lines of text. 

  23. NFL Tropical Button-Up Shirt
  24. football-gifts-floral-shirt

    With the pandemic winding down, many people are planning their next tropical vacation. Don’t let yourself be seen in one of those regular low shirts that leave people unsure who your favorite NFL team is! These NFL tropical button-up t-shirts are incredibly comfortable and stylish. Show off your true colors and cheer for your team no matter which exotic island you find yourself on! 

  25. Retro Electronic Football Game
  26. football-gifts-electronic-game

    This retro electronic football game makes the perfect gift idea for those gamer friends in your life! Retro everything is in style, and this electronic football game is a nostalgic blast from the past! Whether they’re a current kid or just a kid at heart, this retro football game will be one of their favorite gifts of the year! 

  27. Personalized College Football History Book
  28. football-gifts-college-history-book

    Whether born into a generations-old tradition or cheered in person on campus, college football fans are devoted to their alma maters for life. Let the spirit-filled fanatic in your world retrace the history of their beloved squad through reprinted coverage from The Washington Post or the Los Angeles Times archives. Make this collector’s item even more unforgettable by adding your favorite fan’s name to the cover and a personalized message. 

  29. NFL-Opoly Junior Board Game
  30. football-gifts-nfl-board-game

    Family game night, they just got a whole lot more fun! This NFLopoly Junior game makes a great addition to the family game night repertoire. Kids as young as six can play this game, so everyone in the family can have fun! It works best for 2-4 players, and a typical game lasts 20-35 minutes! 

  31. NFL Team 3-Piece Grill Set
  32. football-gifts-grill-set

    The goalpost for the best football gift might seem to keep moving, but I think we’ve scored a touchdown! Give the King of the Grill the gift they want this football season—an NFL team 3-piece grill set! Whether it’s for Father’s Day, a Christmas gift, or a birthday gift, this tailgating grill set will make him so happy he might weep with joy. When you’re cheering for your favorite team on game day, it helps to flip those burgers while fully showcasing your team spirit!

  33. Collapsible Football Water Bottle
  34. football-gifts-water-bottle

    Proper hydration is essential whether you’re out on the gridiron or studying film, waiting for the regular season to start. This collapsible 20oz football-shaped water bottle makes staying hydrated easy! It collapses when empty, so you never have to take up valuable packing space with an empty container. This water bottle has a handy carabiner and no-spill flip-open lid for easy access! 

  35. Motivational Football Wristbands (12-pack)
  36. football-gifts-bracelets

    Sometimes, we need a little extra motivation. These football-themed motivational bracelets are a great reminder to keep your eye on the prize! Whether you’re a current athlete or love the positive life lessons, these bracelets make a great gift for those wanting to stay motivated while making a fashion statement! It is a fun thing to bring to your next Super Bowl party.

  37. Wilson “The Duke” Official NFL Football
  38. football-gifts-official-nfl-football

    This is no youth football. It’s the real McCoy! If you’re looking for the most legitimate NFL football you can get your hands on, then this “The Duke” Official NFL football makes a tremendous gift for that die-hard football fan in your life! Whether they want to practice their catching and throwing skills using an official NFL football or want to keep it on the mantle in the man cave, this NFL football makes a gift they’ll remember forever! 

  40. Stainless Steel Football Whiskey Stones 


    If you’re a fan of whiskey and football, then these stainless steel football-shaped whiskey rocks are the ideal gift! Put these whiskey rocks in your freezer and drop them into your favorite beverage for an ice-cold drink that won’t get watered down! This gift set comes with six football rocks and will be a big hit! 


    When you don these authentic NFL stadium cufflinks, you can show your devotion to your team even when you’re not in the stands cheering them on during the Big Game. Whether you’re going head-to-head at work or out on the town, these accessories provide a stylish link to football’s past. Each pair is made of materials salvaged from the seats of famous football stadiums and is shaped like the aerial view of each stadium.

  42. Agility Ladder and Speed Training Cone Set
  43. football-gifts-training-set


    Every athlete needs to work on their agility. This is especially true if you’re playing the game of football! This agility cone and ladder training set will make a great gift for that child who is stepping their game up! Whether they’re trying to make varsity, earn a college scholarship, or be a little better when they play backyard football with their friends, this agility training set makes an ideal gift! 

  44. Personalized NCAA Biggest Fan Book
  45. football-gifts-ncaa-biggest-fan

    This customizable book makes one of the best football gifts for boys as it puts your soon-to-be or new No. 1 seed in the middle of a story about themselves and your beloved alma mater’s football squad. With illustrations of their memorabilia-packed bedroom to the gridiron where they play the hero in the homecoming game, the tale scores extra points with details like your child’s name, the team’s name, colors, mascot, and fight song. 

  46. College Stadium-View Picture Frame 
  47. football-gifts-college-stadium-pictureframe

    The roar of the crowd. The taste of the beer. And, of course, the football, the football! Relive cherished college memories with this customizable art. The frame features a 3-D replica of your favorite stadium, plus a space to insert a 4 “x 6” photo—a snapshot from the glory days, perhaps? Or maybe a picture of you and your favorite fan enjoying a game together. Set it on your desk or hang it on the wall to show love for your No. 1 team. 

  48. NFL Team Logo Face Mask


    Show support for your favorite team with these breathable, washable NFL team logo facemasks! Whether you’re cheering from your famous NFL stadium or want to show support for the hometown team, this 3-pack of facemasks will help you cheer on your favorite team no matter where you are!

  50. Quarterback Draw Football Board Game
  51. football-gifts-quarterback-draw-board-game

    If you go into withdrawal between seasons, this tabletop game of strategy, skill, and chance provides a sidelined substitute. Go head-to-head in groups of up to three as you help defend your end zone from the opposing team. As QB, coach, and offensive coordinator, you’ll lead your players downfield by drawing gameplay cards and completing passes with the included beanbag ball. Score five touchdowns, and you’re going to that magical amusement park and dozens of imaginary endorsements.

  52. NFL Trading Cards Blaster Box
  53. football-gifts-trading-cards

    Few things in life are as exciting for a football lover as opening a fresh bag of trading cards and pouring through it to find which football players and stars you’ve collected! This card box has 132 trading cards, including six parallels and one blaster exclusive! If you’re a fan of trading cards and the NFL, then this blaster box makes an incredible gift! 

    What are the best gifts for football lovers?

    A top-notch pick could be a custom jersey of their favorite team or player to show their loyalty in style. For those who love to analyze every game, a subscription to a premium sports channel or a football magazine could be just the thing.

    Consider football-themed video games or board games for friendly, competitive fun off the field. And let’s not overlook the quintessential football fan accessory – a cooler or grilling set for the perfect tailgate party. Any of these gifts would make a football lover feel like they’ve just won the Super Bowl! Let’s score a touchdown with some fantastic gift ideas for football lovers!