24 Gifts For 6-Year-Old Boys With An Active Imagination

By Laura Fiebert | Updated: February 27, 2024

    Six-year-old boys are bursting with imagination, energy, and social smarts! They’re feeling more robust, more coordinated, and grasping concepts that were a mystery just a year ago. Whether diving into books, constructing toy cars, mastering a new sport, or cracking the code on STEM projects, these youngsters are on a thrilling learning curve. And in today’s digital world, it’s refreshing and essential to focus on gifts that spark their innate creativity and keep their young minds engaged!

    Here are the best gifts for 6-year-old boys (and even 6-year-old girls!), be it a birthday party, Christmas, or Hanukkah

  1. Pedal Go Kart
  2. gifts-for-6-year-old-boys-pedal-go-kart

    Even better than Hot Wheels is this awesome full-sized pedal go-kart. It can be used indoors or outdoors, offering benefits like building coordination and strength. Since it provides an authentic driving experience, Master six will want to spend all day speeding through the neighborhood.

  3. Marble Run
  4. gifts-for-6-year-old-boys-marble-run

    The National Geographic Glow in the Dark Marble Run is an incredible construction activity kit for kids! The 80-piece playset has everything you need to customize incredible runs that will see your glowing marbles racing toward the finish line. In addition, the detailed guide has lots of information about the physics of motion and gravity, so they can learn while they play.

  5. Nintendo Switch Lite
  6. Nintendo Switch Lite is a small and light Nintendo Switch system optimized for personal, handheld play. With a built-in control Pad and a sleek, unibody design, it’s great for on-the-go gaming and is compatible with all physical and digital Nintendo Switch games that support handheld mode.

  7. Nerf Tactical Gear
  8. gifts-for-6-year-old-boys-nerf-tactical-gear

    Need a gift for an energetic little guy? Need a gift for an energetic little guy? This gift is an excellent birthday gift idea and will be enjoyed by the b’day boy and all his friends. This set includes vests, darts, clips, goggles, and a face covering. I bought this for my nephew’s Christmas gift, and they played for hours! 

  9. Hover Soccer
  10. gifts-for-six-year-old-boys-hover-soccer

    Here’s a new concept soccer toy for kids to kill time inside. Kick the hover soccer ball around the house and get laughs, exercise, and hours of fun. It can turn any smooth floor, like a low-pile carpet or hardwood, into an indoor court where kids can burn off all their excess energy. Perfect for your little soccer player.

  11. Kidizoom Camera
  12. gifts-for-6-year-old-boys-camera

    This kid-friendly camera includes all the tools a budding photographer could ask for—capture pics in colorful templates to create collages or explore static and animated photo effects. Turn the camera on yourself, and it automatically detects faces for the perfect selfie! In addition, the camera has a video recorder, voice recorder, and four built-in games.

  13. Remote Control Car
  14. gifts-for-6-year-old-boys-remote-car

    This car will drive over all surfaces and withstand all kinds of bumps! A great toy for developing hand-eye coordination, it spins, flips, and goes backward, forward, left, and right. Suitable for six-year-old competitors on all ground– lawns, snow, rock, road, and sand. It also has LED lights and a rechargeable battery.

  15. T-Rex 3D Lamp
  16. dinosaur-gifts-and-toys-dino

    The T-Rex dinosaur night light is an optical acrylic flat board with laser engraving that gives an amazing 3D effect. So your little one can sleep with the dinosaurs to help them feel safe and secure– especially when they love dinos!  The night light has seven light-up dimmer colors and can be controlled by a touch button and remote control.

  17. Stomp Rocket
  18. gifts-for-6-year-old-boys-stomp rocket

    The dueling Stomp Rocket is a 100% kid-powered blaster, which lets two kids launch rockets simultaneously so they can see who goes higher. So run, jump and stomp on these rocket launchers that can go up to 200 feet in the air! They’re strong and durable and fantastic for active, outdoor play for a six-year-old. 

  19. Outdoor Exploration Kit
  20. gifts-for-6-year-old-boys-outdoor-adventure

    This terrific outdoor kit encourages scientific exploration and a love of nature. Whether indoor or backyard play, the handy backpack allows for easy carrying so the adventurous child can explore and learn. Fantastic for bird watching, sporting games, hunting, nature walks, and wilderness expeditions.

  21. Walkie Talkies
  22. gifts-for-6-year-old-boys-walkie-talkie

    Is he itching for a little independence? They’ve come a long way since that 1-year-old birthday party! Walkie-talkies are the best gift for little boys to embrace adventure. Another perk to walkie-talkies? They can give your child a sense of freedom, and you can still be there when they need you. Set one up for yourself, and you can journey with them — from an appropriate mom distance.

  23. Razor Scooter
  24. gifts-for-7-year-old-boys-scooter

    With the original A model kick scooter’s phenomenal success, Razor continued with the A2 model. All of the slick aluminum style with the addition of cool new features – a spring-less front suspension and a wheelie bar—is the best gift idea for the seven-year-old on the go.

  25. K’nex Building Set
  26. gifts-for-6-year-old-boys-knex

    Watch his creations come to life when you attach the battery-powered motor to them with this construction set! This building toy set will get their creative juices flowing. It comes with easy-to-follow instructions that teach your child to create such models as a race car and aircraft.

  27. Superhero Capes and Masks


    With these superhero costumes, your little one can climb buildings, pretend to fly, or show super strength to save the day. The perfect gift to promote imaginative play includes all eight superheroes shown. Prefer Batman? We’ve got that too!

  29. Science Kit
  30. This science kit for kids has 21 exciting and interesting activities, including– creating your lava lamp, making crystals, and a volcano science kit. The detailed color manual and online demonstration videos will teach your children to complete the science experiments with easy-to-follow instructions. Of course, all ingredients included are safe and child-friendly.

  31. Star Wars Lego Set
  32. gifts-for-6-year-old-boys-lego

    LEGOs are the best toys for 6-year-old boys! They can build, play with, and display an iconic Star Wars A-wing fighter collectible model with mini-figures. This building kit features two firing missiles and retractable landing gear for epic living-room space battles!  A great gift for a Star Wars fan. Are you not into Stars Wars? Then check out this awesome LEGO City set.

  33. Board Game
  34. gifts-for-6-year-old-boys-board-game

    This cooperative, fun romp is a wonderful game for honing deductive reasoning and critical thinking in a non-competitive environment. As you work together to try and capture the guilty fox, you’ll learn valuable skills such as estimating probability, problem-solving, and paying attention to details! It’s also an Amazon mega-seller.

  35. Clay Mythical Creatures Set
  36. gifts-for-6-year-old-boys-clay-set

    Bring mythical creatures to life with vibrant clay! Art, adventure, science, and fun combined for the perfect STEM experience for young boys. He will learn and fantasize about these mythical creatures through creative play while tuning his fine motor skills. The kit includes everything he needs to create a dragon, phoenix, and unicorn (including skeletal molds to give them shape!)

  37. Crayola Art Case


    Spark their imagination with this assortment of creative tools – over 83 pieces of Crayola art supplies! – in one cool, portable storage case. The case is perfect for travel and contains safe, non-toxic art materials. 

  39. Take Apart Toys
  40. gifts-for-6-year-old-boys-take-apart-toye

    These are some of the coolest educational toys you can find. However, this is not one of those toys that kids will play with once and never take out again. Instead, these innovative “take-apart” kits will become your kid’s favorite toy on a daily basis. This pack of 7 take apart toys includes moveable vehicles and dinosaurs that come fully assembled. The Kit includes 192 pieces.

  41. Kiwi Co. Subscription
  42. gifts-for-6-year-old-boys-kiwi

    KiwiCo was founded by a mom AND engineer with a mission to inspire the next generation of innovators and problem solvers through seriously fun hands-on projects. The high-quality crates make it fun and easy for families to explore and create together. Select the crate for 5-year-olds to 8-year-olds, then choose from a monthly, 3-, 6-, or 12-month plan (cancel anytime.)

  43. Slime Lab
  44. gifts-for-6-year-old-boys-slime

    Explore science’s squishy, stretchy, slippery, magnetic side with National Geographic’s Mega Slime & Putty Lab. It contains eight amazing varieties of slime and putty, plus cool accessories. What makes putty so stretchable? Why does slime drip and ooze? Check out the learning guide for interesting slime, putty facts, and a few simple experiments for kids to try at home.

  45. Pictionary
  46. gifts-for-6-year-old-boys-pictionary

    Pictionary is a fun game and great for playtime or family game nights. This kid vs. adult version offers the whole family hours of laughs and entertainment. You’ll use the wand to draw in the air, but the images will appear on the screen for a fun guessing game. 

  47. DIY Dinosaur Night Light
  48. gifts-for-six-year-old-boys-diy-night-light

    The six-year-old in your life will love creating their own dinosaur lantern that doubles as a night light. Kids will watch their dinosaur lantern come to life with easy step-by-step instructions. The kit includes a jar, lid with color-changing lights, lantern handle, dinosaur landscape, glue, foam brush, black cord, dinosaur tooth, six dinosaur stickers, beads, and glitter dust.

    What kinds of toys do 6-year-old boys play with?

    Six-year-old boys love toys that spark their imagination and ignite their sense of adventure! They enjoy building and creating with construction sets, like LEGO or magnetic blocks, which help develop their fine motor skills and creativity.

    Action figures, superheroes, and toy vehicles also top their list as they engage in thrilling make-believe battles and races. Board games and puzzles provide hours of fun while teaching essential problem-solving skills. At this age, they’re also drawn to STEM toys and kits that introduce them to the exciting world of science, technology, engineering, and math in a playful way!

    What are the best gifts for 6-year-old boys?

    We’ve put together a great gift guide of items for six-year-old boys to push their inventiveness and inspiration– and hold their attention! From go-karts to marble runs, adventure packs to STEM toys, slime labs to clay making, Star Wars to Marvel, and plenty of cars and dinosaurs. And yep, there’s a Nintendo thrown in there too.