26 Super Spectacular Gifts For 4-Year-Old Boys

Updated on April 19, 2022 Updated on Apr 19, 2022
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    Being a four-year-old is a magical time of life! It just so happens that you know a four-year-old, and he needs a gift! Whether you’re looking to give them an educational present, or just the most fun gift you can find, we’ve got you covered with 26 super-awesome gift ideas for four-year-old boys!

  1. 156-Piece Dinosaur Track Set 
  2. gifts-for-four-year-old-boys-dinosaur-set

    Create a unique dinosaur track with this 156-piece dinosaur playset. It helps kids learn how to build and gives them the joy that only creating a dinosaur-themed world can provide. The track pieces can be arranged in such a way to move the track wherever your four-year-old’s imagination takes it! 

  3.   Foam Stomp Rocket Launcher
  4. gifts-for-four-year-old-boys-rocket-launcher

    Do you love watching foam stomp rockets hurl into the sky? Of course, you do. Does your four-year-old boy? Of course, he does. Shoot, man, this gift is non-stop fun whether you’re a 2-year-old, 3-year-old, or even a 7-year-old, but we think being four is the perfect age for this gift! Jump on the air-filled launch-pad and let the fun-filled chaos ensue. Includes eight foam rockets!

  5. Two-Way Kids Walkie-Talkies
  6. gifts-for-four-year-olds-kids-walkie-talkie

    When you’re playing outside, communication is critical. The longer the range, the better! These kids’ walkie-talkies can handle large terrain areas, up to 3 miles in an open field and .5 miles in a residential area. These walkie-talkies are equipped with 22 channels, reinforced by 99 CTCSS sub-codes so that you can minimize the likelihood of other people being able to communicate with your children by using the same frequency. 

  7. Augmented Reality Interactive Globe
  8. gifts-for-four-year-olds-augmented-reality-globe

    This augmented reality interactive globe is a four-year-old’s science dream! Go on a virtual tour of the planet with your little guy and get him excited for a life of curiosity and wonder as he explores all seven continents in augmented reality!

  9. Zingo Early Reading  Board Game
  10. gifts-for-four-year-old-boys-early-reading-game

    This fun game teaches kids the recognition of essential words. It turns the whole scary world of early reading and pre-reading into a fun game where suddenly reading feels attainable and not all that scary. It makes an excellent gift for that kid eager to read and would be helped with a bit of gamification. 

  11. Highlight Magazine Set


    If you have younger kids who want to get in on the Highlights Hidden Pictures fun, the My First Hidden Pictures 4-Book Set is just the thing. It’s a customer favorite every year. With black-and-white and full-color images, word and picture clues, and dozens of stickers in each 24-page book, these simpler puzzles provide seek-and-find fun just for little ones. Other activities like mazes, matching games, and handwriting practice reinforce fine motor skills, attention to detail, and concentration. Perfect for ages 3 to 6.

  13. Superhero Costume
  14. gifts-for-four-year-old-boys-superhero-costume

    This gift set comes with six different superhero costumes making it an ideal gift for that four-year-old boy who wants to play dress up and be Spiderman one day and Captain America the next day. Now all of his friends can come over to have their Superhero-themed hangout session without needing to share costumes! 

  15. Flybar Foam Pogo Jumper
  16. gifts-for-four-year-old-boys-foam-pogo-jumper

    The My First Flybar foam pogo stick is hours of healthy, bouncy fun. Crafted from durable foam, this is an ideal first pogo stick for kids; each jump makes a fun squeaky sound destined to delight. This kids jumper is designed for indoor and outdoor use. The heavy-duty components will withstand all conditions, and unlike inferior jumping toys, this pogo jumper for young kids is made to last!

  17. Fourth Birthday Shirt
  18. gifts-for-four-year-old-boys-four-shirt

    This shirt is perfect for a kid who happens to be turning four or just already exists as a four-year-old. How old are you, buddy? Check the shirt. I’m four. This is an outstanding shirt suitable for an exceptional kid. It’s simple, adorable, and will quickly become his favorite shirt.  

  19. Kids Toy Golf Set
  20. gifts-for-four-year-old-boys-golf-set

    If you’re a golf-loving parent, then you’ll want to start your four-year-old’s education off correctly with an iPlay kids golf set. Help them learn the game and learn how to swing early so that when it’s time to hit the green with mom and day, they’ll be ready! 

  21. Little Tikes Waffle Blocks Bag
  22. This 60-piece waffle block set is easy to use and provides endless possibilities for fun! Building blocks are a terrific educational tool, and with these waffle blocks, they can build high, wide, and even 3D. With the Little Tikes waffle bock set, it’s easy for little hands to build big!

  23. Shock-Proof Binoculars
  24. gifts-for-four-year-old-boys-shock-proof-binoculars

    These shock-proof binoculars are great for that curious kid in your life who wants to see what’s going on way over there but maybe can’t be trusted not to drop them when he’s done. This is a great gift to allow your kid to practice his binocular skills whether you’re on a camping trip, road tripping in the RV, or just out for a walk!

  25. Build-Your-Own Marble Coaster
  26. gifts-for-four-year-old-boys-marble-coaster

    Take your child’s imagination on a DIY ride full of dips, turns, and daredevil demonstrations of physics and engineering with this laser-cut wood roller coaster kit. With no special tools (just household white glue), you don’t have to be a professional woodworker to put it together! More than 30 Baltic birch pieces come together to make a mini marble coaster. Powered by a hand crank, the DIY thrill ride runs on kid power instead of batteries. Makes a great gift for some quality building time with your little guy!

  27. Franklin Kids Baseball Batting Tee
  28. gifts-for-four-year-olds-kids-batting-tee


    There are tons of toys on the market if your little guy is into basketball, but what if he prefers baseball? This batting tee is awesome! It’s specifically designed to adjust and teach young Tee-ball players how to practice their hitting as they continue to grow and improve. Designed so that young hitters can practice their hand-eye coordination. Perfect for that 4-year-old future baseball player! 

  29. Lego Classic Creative Box
  30. gifts-for-four-year-old-boy-lego-box

    Kids love Legos, and now that he’s a big 4-year-old, it’s time he gets his own set! This 484-piece Lego set makes a great gift for kids whether they’re a 4-year-old, 5-year-old, 6-year-old, or even older! Kids will spend hours playing with this medium-sized building kit. This build-your-own play toy is the perfect gift for practicing fine motor skills and problem-solving! Adult supervision required as there are small pieces that could potentially be choking hazards. 

  31. Melissa & Doug USA Puzzle
  32. gifts-for-four-year-old-boy-melissa-and-doug-puzzle

    This 25-piece Melissa & Doug puzzle is one of the best gifts for 4-year-old boys who love to challenge themselves with puzzles! Learn geography and problem-solving skills while having fun! They might need a little help from their 6-year-old or 7-year-old sibling but after the first time, they’ll be able to do it all on their own! Instill an excitement for traveling and geography with this exciting puzzle! 

  33. Cartoon R/C Remote Control Toy Cars
  34. gifts-for-four-year-old-boys-rc-cars

    These Prextex cartoon vehicles are the perfect introduction to RC toys for young children and toddlers! Includes 2 Vehicles: 1 police car with 1 removable policeman action figure and remote control; and 1 racing car with 1 race car driver action figure and remote control. The two vehicles have different frequencies so that kids can play with both vehicles at once! 

  35. The Floor is Lava Interactive Game
  36. gifts-for-a-four-year-old-boy-floor-is-lava

    This family fun interactive game does a great job at getting your kids off their seats and on their feet! Promotes movement and physical activity indoors or outdoors. Whether your little one wants to play with his preschooler friends or even just practice by himself this game provides hours of exercise oriented fun! 

  37. Pool Floaty Water Gun (6-pack)


    This 6-pack of pool floaty water guns makes a great gift for that summer BBQ or birthday party! Summer is right around the corner and that means fun in the sun and water fights! Children agree this is one of the best toys for 4-year-old boys! 

  39. Take-Apart Toy Construction Trucks
  40. gifts-for-four-year-old-boys-take-apart-construction-trucks

    Whether he wants to play construction guy, mechanic, or farmer, he’ll love learning how to put these machines together! This toy set lets him learn how to piece together the vehicles using simple plastic screws and bolts. Help him learn a skill and create a sense of accomplishment with this truck set!

  41. Sticky Ball Dart Board
  42. gifts-for-four-year-old-boys-sticky-ball-dart-board

    This classic kids dartboard game comes with twelve balls (six red and six blue) for hours of safe fun! Little hands will love to grip and throw the balls. Little kids will squeal with delight as the balls stick to the dartboard target! This dartboard is such a fun way for a little boy to learn hand-eye-coordination and how to throw! 

  43. Thomas and Friends Trike


    Playtime becomes a lot of fun whether he’s out on the racetrack or just zooming around the backyard! This trike is perfect for Thomas fans. This toy also helps get him excited about taking the next step and getting a mountain bike to hit the trails!

  45. Marble Run Maze Building Toy
  46. gifts-for-four-year-old-boys-marble-run

    Kids will love to play with Meland Marble Run Toy Set! Promotes imaginative play and problem-solving as they create different pipelines and watch the marbles go fast through the track! This educational toy makes for one of the best learning resources to help them develop their STEM skills whether they build by themselves or with the whole family!

  47. PAW Patrol Zip-Up Character Hoodie
  48. gifts-for-four-year-old-boys-paw-patrol-hoodie

    This Marshall the Firefighter sweatshirt is the perfect gift to keep your heroic 4-year-old warm! With six characters to choose from these zip-up PAW Patrol hoodies are sure to be a huge hit for any 4-year-old boy! Your little heroes can romp to the rescue with the PAW Patrol pups, as they use their tools, tech, vehicles, and problem-solving skills to save Adventure Bay. 

  49. Critter Catcher Adventure Kit
  50. gifts-for-four-year-old-boy-critter-catcher-kit

    This complete gift set has everything they’ll need to begin their outdoor adventures. Whether it is in the backyard, family trips, or camping, this kit is the perfect exploration set for the adventurous, imaginative, active child. Everything they need to explore, collect, study, learn about nature and the creatures that live in it.

  51. Picasso Tiles Glow in the Dark Set


    This magnetic building set features glow-in-the-dark tiles pieces. Leave them under direct sunlight to activate the glow. Remember though, the longer you expose your tiles to light, the longer and brighter they will glow in the dark. Looking for a larger set? Check this one out!