25 T-Rexcellent Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

By Paul Marino | Updated: October 15, 2022

    Do you have a Tyrannosaurus-sized party to plan but none of the supplies? Don’t worry; it’s not the end of the world! You bet Jurassic Park that this list will satisfy even the most carnivorous dinosaur fans, no bones about it!

  1. T-Rex Party Decoration Set
  2. dinosaur_birthday_party_trex_kit

    The first thing any dinosaur-themed birthday party needs is decorations! This set comes with napkins, cups, party plates, straws, table decorations, anything you can need for dinosaur birthday party ideas. Start the party off right with more triceratops than you can shake your tail at. There is enough decor to set up for around a 24-person party.

  3. More Party Decorations!
  4. dinosaur_birthday_party_dino_decor

    Dinosaurs don’t have to be roaring and chasing each other all the time. This cute dino set includes a birthday banner, an adorable pink brontosaurus balloon, 65 latex balloons, ribbons, a balloon chain, and even a cake topper! Your dinosaur-themed party will look prettier than a pterodactyl, and you can get all this from one place; make your wallet and your little dino happy.

  5. Dinosaur Egg Excavation Kit
  6. dinosaur_birthday_party_egg_excavation

    Easter eggs are great, but Dino Eggs are better! Perfect for party favors, each egg contains a different mini dinosaur toy for partygoers to discover. After seeing what surprise is inside, you can even read up on some dinosaur facts with the included learning cards. Fun and educational!

  7. Standing Dinosaur Balloons
  8. dinosaur_birthday_party_standing_balloons

    Add some flair to your birthday party decorations with these four stand-up dinos. Made out of sturdy aluminum foil, each balloon can be filled with air or helium and only require some minimal DIY setup. Either as table markers or used for party games, any kids’ birthday party will unquestionably be brightened up by such cool characters.

  9. Glow-in-the-Dark Tattoos
  10. dinosaur_party_ideas_glow_tattoos

    Whether you’re looking for dinosaur party favors or a fun activity at your kid’s birthday party, you can never go wrong with easy-to-apply and fun to talk about tattoos. Mix and match between dinosaur fossils, volcanos, meteors, and more! Not just regular tattoos, some feature a golden or silver metallic sheen, and some even have a glow-in-the-dark effect. All pieces come pre-cut, so all you have to do is get some water and you’re ready to ink up the party!

  11. Dinosaur Party Masks
  12. dinosaur_party_ideas_dino_masks

    Take the party from prehistoric to dino-mite! Why have kids running around the party when you can have a pack of velociraptors storming the scene? Soft felt means that no one has to worry about getting hurt, and lots of colors mean everybody can be their favorite dinosaur. So many masks even the adults can join in. Mama T-rex can be the leader of the pack!

  13. Dinosaur Backdrop
  14. dinosaur_birthday_party_dino_backdrop

    Get ready for a prehistoric photo-op! Having a beautiful watercolor backdrop for pictures will bring any dinosaur-themed birthday to giganotosaurus levels of fun. So hang it up at the entrance to invite your guests in, or post it right behind the birthday cake to get some memorable shots of your little dino in action.

  15. Another Dinosaur Backdrop!
  16. dinosaur_birthday_party_different_dino_backdrop

    No need to worry if your little archeologist thinks dinosaurs are cuter than cool; we have the perfect backdrop! Bright pinks and purples accompany two friendly-looking dinos that would love to say “cheese!” with your party guests. Not every dinosaur-themed party needs carnivores trying to eat herbivores; all dinosaurs can be friends at this party!

  17. 3-Pack Dinosaur Tablecloths
  18. dinosaur_birthday_party_dino_tablecloth

    We almost forgot all these dinosaur party supplies one of the most important ones. Save your tables from ravenous party goers with these packs of Jurassic tablecloths; three to a set. Decorated with dinosaur footprints, fossils, and eggs, this tableware is the best accent you can get to go alongside your other dinosaur party decorations. Whether you want to clean up and use them for another party or want to throw them out after the dino-feast is up to you, these durable table cloths can withstand even a tyrannosaurus meal. 

  19. Party Favor Kit
  20. dinosaur_birthday_party_dino_party_favor

    Don’t forget to send everyone home with a goodie bag to keep the fun going! This package comes with over 20 dinosaur slap bracelets, ten dinosaur keychains, rubber rings, ten sheet temporary tattoos, and ten dinosaur stampers. Why spend time trying to order multiple knick-knacks when you can get this whole set with one simple click? Instead, mix and match or order extra to ensure everybody gets a little bit of everything.

  21. Dinosaur Party Game Kit
  22. dinosaur_birthday_party_dino_games_kit

    A party without games is hardly a party at all. Pin the tail on the t-rex will undoubtedly be a fun experience for the kids, so get those prizes ready! This set comes with a game, but it also comes with stickers and tattoos to use for gift bags as prizes; it’s up to you. What a deal!

  23. Dinosaur Drawstring Bags
  24. dinosaur_birthday_party_dino_drawstring_bags

    So far, we’ve had a grab bag of great birthday party favors that you can pass out towards the end of your party, and now you’ll have the best way to give out your goodies. These colorful and stylish drawstring bags will keep all your favors safe and can be used even after the party is over. A little way down our list, you’ll find another excellent party idea in which these bags might come in handy. So many possibilities, so many dinosaurs!

  25. Dinosaur Lollipops


    Spinosaurus ate meat, brontosaurus ate plants, and now, your guests can eat fun fruit-flavored lollipops. Coming in a pack of 12, the flavors are cherry and blue raspberry.

  27. T-Rex Pinata
  28. dinosaur_birthday_party_dino_pinata

    Always fun at any event, it’s pinata time! This green guy can hold up to 5 pounds of assorted candies, treats, or doodads and is sturdy enough to take a wallop from hungry dino-fans. Easily fillable from a resealable hole and easily hung from a loop on top, you won’t have to worry about your pinata breaking or leaking any trinkets out before game time. The drawstring bags from earlier would be great to go along with this as well; load them up with candy!

  29. Dino Chomping Mask
  30. dinosaur_birthday_party_dino_blue_mask

    Now that you’ve invited all the guests, it’s time to invite a celebrity to the dinosaur party! Make an appearance as Blue from Jurassic World or gift it to the birthday dino as a special treat. With extreme chomping action and eyes that move around like a natural predator, think of all the dino-tag or jump scares that can be had at the party. 

  31. Paint Your Own Dinosaur Set
  32. dinosaur_birthday_party_dino_painting

    If you’re looking for some activities for a dinosaur-themed birthday party, painting custom dinosaurs can be a great way to break up the day. Eat kit contains ten different all-white dinosaurs that anyone can stylize to their heart’s content with the included paint. No tutorial required. Will the stegosaurus be painted accurately to what history believes it looked like, or will it be purple, blue, and yellow? Who knows, but one thing for sure, everyone would be happy with their custom dinosaur after the party.

  33. Inflatable T-Rex Costume
  34. dinosaut_birthday_party_trex_costume

    If you thought it’d be cool to have the Jurassic World Blue mask, imagine how awesome it would be to be a full-fledged Tyrannosaurus Rex! Be the star host of the dinosaur-themed party and pass around hors d’oeuvres in prehistoric style. All that’s needed to start the costume up is to pop 4 AA batteries into the included fan and watch as it fills up to size. An excellent investment, this costume can be used for Halloween, costume parties…even baby showers to welcome a new baby dino into the world!

  35. Dinosaur Stamps
  36. dinosaur_birthday_party_dino_stamps

    What seems to be a simple batch of dinosaur stamps can actually be a versatile part of the whole party experience. Decorate the invitations before mailing so potential guests know that there’s going to be fun in the future. At the party you can use these to customize crafts, mark off completed party games, or even use them as substitute tattoos. When it’s time to head home, these would even make a nice addition to fill out any goodie bags looking for more treasure. So many possibilities!

  37. Prehistoric Centerpieces
  38. dinosaur_birthday_party_dino_centerpieces

    Would you like to sit at the coconut tree or the volcano table? Before you serve your dino pizza add a little something extra to your tables with these brightly colored centerpieces. This set is made out of durable cardboard so even if the kiddos want to use them as toys, let them have fun! As a bonus, if you don’t need anything for your tables, spiral garland comes packaged in so you can string them up and around the festivities.

  39. Dinosaur Cupcake Tower
  40. dinosaur_birthday_party_dino_cupcake_tower

    If you’re thinking of having a candy table and wanted something of a focal point, look no further than this 3-tier cupcake tower. This beautiful watercolor holder is easy to set up with just a few simple steps and strong enough to hold around 24 cupcakes. This is no one-and-done item either; a quick wipe down is all that’s needed, and you can store it for any other future dinosaur themed event. 

  41. Dino Party Hats
  42. dinosaur_birthday_party_dino_hats

    All this time and we’re just getting to the most fitting birthday party supplies out there, party hats! Each order comes with 20 hats in 5 different styles, with a total a 4 hats per style. Truly a no-brainer party purchase, these hats pop with color and offer enough diversity that everyone can get their favorite dinosaur hue!

  43. Bean Bag Toss
  44. dinosaur_birthday_party_dino_beanbag

    Looking for another activity after everyone is done painting their favorite dinosaurs or munching on cupcakes? This fun beanbag toss game can add some longevity to party and can be kept around for more fun even when it’s not dino-time. Easy to set-up, its even easier to put away with the included storage bag/carrying case. Doubles as a party game and a gift all in one!

  45. Dino Gummies
  46. dinosaur_birthday_party_dino_gummies

    No kid has ever turned down candy from a goodie bag, right? Perfect for a candy table or a farewell gift, these strawberry flavored gummies are gluten-free so they can be enjoyed by virtually anyone. A whopping 72 gummies come when ordered so you wouldn’t have to worry if you wanted to save some for a sweet treat after the party. Just make sure no one snatches up the spare raptor gummies you were saving!

  47. T-Rex Cake Pan
  48. dinosaur_birthday_party_dino_cake_pan

    There’s no need to spend top dollar on a custom dinosaur cake when you can make one of your very own! The customization options are only limited to your imagination; will you make a green t-rex, a chocolate cake with dinosaur bone designs, or a whole miniature dinosaur-shaped island? A quick handwash is all that’s needed after baking and this hardy pan will be ready for the next dinosaur-themed function.

  49. Dinosaur Candles
  50. dinosaur_birthday_party_dino_candles

    The final item on our list is the perfect complement to the previous one. This set of 4 adds some flair to a themed cake that your standard store-bought candles can’t bring to the theme. All it will take is one big dinosaur roar to blow out these candles. Time for cake!