29 First Day Of School Gifts To Put A Skip In Their Step

By Belinda Gosbee | Updated: August 28, 2023

    Beginning-of-school gifts are an excellent method for celebrating your budding academic and boosting their enthusiasm, self-assurance, and sense of support. Whether they’re entering a new educational environment or simply embarking on another academic year, these gift ideas are sure to make the start of the school term joyful.

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    What are some first-day-of-school gifts?

    As the first day of school peeks around the corner, there’s an unmistakable mix of excitement and jitters in the air. It’s a time of fresh beginnings, new friendships, and the start of another learning adventure. What better way to greet this momentous day than with a thoughtful gift that not only puts a skip in their step but also assures them that this school year will be something special?

    Whether it’s your child, a friend, or a student you’re cheering on, our handpicked collection of first-day-of-school gifts is here to inspire you. From motivational stationery to heartwarming tokens, get ready to infuse that back-to-school spirit with a dose of joy and positivity! 

  1. Rainbow Eco-Friendly Pencils 
  2. first-day-of-school-gifts-pencils

    Writing is more enjoyable when you do it with a rainbow pencil! These adorable pencils feature an inner body made of recycled colored paper, are non-toxic, and splinter-free. So not only do they look beautiful, but they’re brilliant for the environment.

  3. Roaring Into Kindy Tee
  4. first-day-of-school-gifts-tee

    A fun t-shirt representing your kid’s likes or personality is an excellent first day of kindergarten gift. This ultra-colorful tee features a T-Rex dinosaur wearing a cap, backpack, and sunglasses and is sure to be a hit with dinosaur lovers and their friends. Head into Pre-K here. Or first grade here

  5. Matching Back To School Bracelets
  6. first-day-of-school-gifts-matching-bracelet

    No matter where they go, remind them they’ll always have you. These super-sweet (and fully adjustable) first day of school bracelets assure your little one you’ll always be connected by heart, even if you’re apart. They’re especially helpful if your child suffers from separation anxiety. This dinosaur version is great for little guys. 

  7. Personalized Bag Tags 
  8. first-day-of-school-gifts-name-tag

    These highly original custom name tags are a gorgeous first-day gift, and the sturdy lobster clasp ensures they can be easily clipped onto a backpack. Choose from an excellent animal or multicolored beads to finish the design. Beads are made from BPA-free silicone and are soft and tactile to the touch (except for the plain wooden beads.)

  9. Popit Spiral Notebook  
  10. first-day-of-school-gifts-popit-notebook

    Children can’t get enough of bubble pop fidget toys, making these notebooks a delightful dual-purpose item—perfect for home, the school bus, or lunchtime activities. The vibrant hues are guaranteed to add a “pop” to their first day at school, effectively easing any initial day anxieties.

  11. Stickers Galore!
  12. first-day-of-school-gifts-stickers

    Which child can resist stickers? This expansive set boasts an array of 300 different designs, ranging from food and animals to pop culture and flora. Crafted from durable vinyl, these stickers are ideal for adorning water bottles, books, pencil boxes, or any other item your child considers worthy of a sticker.

  13. Plush Pencil Pouch 


    Every kid loves a unique pencil case to display on their school desk and be the envy of their friends. This leopard meets all the eye-catching requirements (and holds their school supplies!) and can easily be snuggled when desired. Racecar more their jive? Check out this hot rod.

  15. Personalized Crayons 
  16. first-day-of-school-gifts-name-crayons

    A vibrant and unique back-to-school idea, these name crayons are gorgeous! Whether they use them or keep them on display, they’ll be so excited to receive such a personal gift. You could also utilize this idea as a back-to-school teacher gift using their last name.

  17. Star Wars Water Bottle
  18. first-day-of-school-gifts-water-bottle

    A surprise new drink bottle starring a favorite Star Wars character is an easy and thoughtful first-day gift. These dishwasher-friendly, stainless steel bottles come with a leak-proof straw lid and will keep your child’s water cold for hours. Choose from 14 character designs.

  19. Affirmation Cards


    This deck of 48 mindfulness cards was designed specifically for kids. By reading them aloud, they can practice building self-esteem, confidence, and positive thinking, helping to make it a lifelong habit. Practice a “daily draw” with them each morning before school or bed.

  21. Milestone Chalkboard Sign 
  22. first-day-of-school-gifts-chalkboard

    A milestone chalkboard is a great way to document your child’s school journey – especially when comparing the first-day school photos from year to year. To make it a fun gift, have them fill it in themselves with colored chalk pens (or help you to do it) the day before school. Then, you can hang it up on display for the first few weeks for all to see.

  23. A Motivational Notebook
  24. first-day-of-school-gifts-adventure-book

    This cute journal inspires confidence, creativity, and adventure for the school year ahead. It’s such a simple, inexpensive gift, but it signifies new beginnings and escapades. It contains blank and ruled pages for ultimate creative space, whether they love painting, sketching, writing, or doodling. You can also pair it with some cool pens.

  25. Backpack Hand Sanitizer
  26. first-day-of-school-gifts-hand-sani

    Carrying hand sanitizer doesn’t have to be drab. This little Spidey case will ensure they want to clean their hands. He’s easily attached to bags and belt loops and is well-crafted and bright. However, you’ll need to buy a 1 oz hand sanitizer to pop inside this superhero.

  27. Ultimate Snack Survival Kit
  28. first-day-of-school-gifts-snack-package

    Kids are obsessed with snacks, and you probably try to ensure they have plenty of healthy ones year-round. So a special gift for their first day could be this mega snack box to get them through those first few weeks. They’ll think that all their Christmases have come at once!


    Here’s an easy, fun, cheap, and thoughtful gift for a new school year that your kids can also gift to their friends. Start with a free printable gift tag or these Etsy printable gift cards, which are only $3. Then, either purchase a batch of M&M cookies or whip up a batch with this easy rainbow sprinkle cookie mix. A perfect first-day of school treat.

  29. Good Luck Elephant Pendant 
  30. first-day-of-school-gifts-necklace

    An elephant is kind, loyal, and one of the oldest symbols of good luck. When coupled with this sweet message, this necklace will remind your young’un that luck is on their side this year and to keep believing in good things.

  31. Brave Bag Tag
  32. first-day-of-school-gifts-dino-tag

    These sweet wooden dinosaurs have been created with little ones in mind to remind them they’re ROARsome! It’s an adorable gift for a little one starting school or for children who are anxious about returning to school. Pop their “lucky dino” on their bag or pencil case, in a pocket or lunch box.

  33. Bento Lunch Box
  34. first-day-of-school-gifts-bento-box

    Surprise your kiddo on their first day back with a new-look lunch design (with an extra fun meal inside). These bento-style lunch boxes feature five perfectly portioned compartments that encourage variety in their lunch. They’re also a microwave, freezer, and top-shelf dishwasher safe. And drop-proof and leak-proof!

  35. Colored Felt Tip Pens 
  36. first-day-of-school-gifts-felt-pens

    One way to make learning more exciting is by writing with colored pens (whether at school or home), and these felt tip pens will undoubtedly boost the fun factor with their vibrant flair. Plus, they use smear-resistant ink that won’t bleed through the pages.

  37. Pocket Hug Button
  38. first-day-of-school-gifts-pocket-hug

    Help take away your little ones’ worries and anxiety about going to school with a personalized Hug Button. They’re the perfect size to fit into a pocket, pencil case, or even tie onto their bag. Let them know that whenever they touch it, you’ll be sending them a big loving hug.

  39. Swedish Gnomes
  40. first-day-of-school-gifts-gnomes

    Scandinavian Gnomes are a symbol of good fortune, and these pair are ready to cheekily face the school year with an apple and a pencil. Aside from being an adorable first day of school gift, they also make a nice teacher appreciation gift. Though teacher gift ideas are often reserved for the last day of school, it’s a thoughtful way to tell a new teacher: “I’m excited to be in your class!”

  41. Next Chapter Bookmark 
  42. first-day-of-school-gifts-silver-bookmark

    If your favorite little bookworm is starting middle school, a new school, or even high school, this stainless steel bookmark is a great keepsake to mark the occasion. Printed with “Enjoy the next chapter,” it also features the year and a little heart and comes in a cute gift box.

  43. Lucky Coin
  44. first-day-of-school-gifts-coin

    A lucky charm for an older child, this coin makes a heartfelt back-to-school gift from Mom and Dad. It can be kept in their purse or bag pocket to remind them they’re strong and can do anything.

  45. Pastel Sticky Notes
  46. first-day-of-school-gifts-sticky-notes

    There’s just something about young girls and pretty sticky notes! Whether they need to bookmark essential pages, send messages to their friends, or write reading notes for their current book, these pastel sticky notes will keep their life pretty and organized.

  47. Collapsible Reusable Straw 
  48. first-day-of-school-gifts-reuseable-straw

    A great way to encourage eco-friendly habits for slightly older kids is with a fun and colorful reusable straw. The straw assembles and disassembles quickly and can be used in hot and cold beverages. It has soft, food-grade silicone tips on both ends, so it’s also easy on the lips. Then, when they get home, they just pop it into the dishwasher (in a dream world.)

  49. Inspiring Bookmarks
  50. first-day-of-school-gifts-bookmark-set

    For the girl who loves to read, these bookmarks are double-sided and have cute art and inspirational book quotes. They are such a simple idea, but they mark the beginning of the new year and all the exciting books she will read. You could also pair these with an Amazon voucher for a new book of her choice.

  51. Motivational Keychain  
  52. first-day-of-school-gifts-keychain

    For an older child who can appreciate the meaning of this beautiful quote  – “Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think & loved more than you know” – this keychain is a touching affirmation to send them on their way. Nothing in life seems impossible when you feel strong and loved.

  53. Heartfelt Book
  54. first-day-of-school-gifts-book

    A good book about school can be invaluable for getting young kids ready for their big day. This one’s a bestseller and ideal for kids from 3 -7 years. With a heartfelt message and colorful illustrations, the book helps kids learn that their classroom is a safe place to be themselves – and it’s okay to make mistakes. It’s also a sweet gift for a kindergarten teacher on your child’s first day.

  55. Potter Spell Pencils
  56. first-day-of-school-gifts-potter-pencils

    Not everybody is lucky enough to study at Hogwarts, but they will undoubtedly love to imagine it! These Harry Potter-inspired spell pencils are hot foil stamped and make an unexpected first day of school gift for a Potter fan. Guaranteed to be used as a wand the first chance they get.