32 End of the Year Teacher Gifts From Their Favorite Kiddo

By Candice Elliott | Updated: January 11, 2023

    Teachers are among the most important and hardest workers in society. Parents forced to homeschool their kids during the pandemic found a whole new appreciation for their child’s teacher. Show them that appreciation with these end-of-the-year teachers’ gifts.

  1. Reusable Whiteboard Notebook
  2. end-of-the-year-teachers-gifts-notebook

    The best teacher gifts are those they can use over and over. This notebook fits the bill. The notebook contains 36 lined pages that can be written on with the included pen and wiped clean with the included cloth. The Rocketbook app, which works with iOS and Android, can send their notes to cloud services. The notebook makes an excellent graduation gift for the soon-to-be teacher too! 

  3. Nelson Mandela Quote Print
  4. end-of-the-year-teachers-gifts-print

    How many teachers have chosen their profession after reading this quote from Nelson Mandela? This print will make a significant gift for any teacher in your life. The print is on white matte card stock, measures 8×10 inches, and is not framed. 

  5. Personalized Notepad
  6. end-of-year-teachers-gifts-notepad

    Dashing off all of those notes to parents will be a lot more fun with this adorable, crayon-themed notepad! The pad can be personalized with the teacher’s name. The pad has 50 sheets of paper and is available in two sizes, 5×7 and 8×10. 

  7. Desktop File Folder Tote and Organizer
  8. end-of-year-teachers-gifts-organizer

    Your favorite teacher will use this organizer every day from the first day of school through the end of the school year. The tote has plenty of room and individual pockets for everything they need during the school day and has handles to make it easy to bring home at the end of each day. 

  9. Zen Garden Desk
  10. end-of-the-year-teachers-gifts-garden

    Even the best teachers have bad days. This desktop zen garden can help them find a bit of calm during a hectic day. The garden comes with all of the accessories shown, and your favorite teacher can add their own little trinkets for a personalized garden. 

  11. Candle 
  12. end-of-year-teachers-gifts-candle

    If you’re looking for the perfect teacher appreciation gift, this candle is right on target. The best teachers do more than teach; they inspire. This candle is made of soy wax, and the holder is ceramic. The candle comes in a pretty open-faced gift box. 

  13. Teacher Appreciation Gift Box
  14. end-of-year-teachers-gifts-box

    This school teacher gift box has an array of gifts they’ll appreciate, including an apple scented candle, a sleep mask, an ornament, and a plant pot. The box is an excellent year-end teacher gift idea and a nice Christmas gift too. 

  15. Tea Drops
  16. end-of-year-teachers-gifts-tea

    Some people prefer tea to coffee. In that case, these Tea Drops are a great choice because they’re so pretty and unique. Each Drop is loose leaf tea mixed with a bit of sweetener. Drop one in a cup of hot water, stir, and enjoy! The tea leaves can be consumed for a nice dose of antioxidants. 

  17. Journal
  18. end-of-year-teachers-gifts-journal

    From preschool to high school, teachers hear some things! This journal lets them note all of those memorable quotes down. This journal includes labels and prompts for the name and age of the kid who made the quote and the date they said it. 

  19. Personalized Teacher Coffee Mug
  20. end-of-the-year-teachers-gifts-mug

    This teacher mug is the perfect gift for teacher appreciation week (the first full week of May each year). The cup can be personalized with the skin color, hairstyle, and teacher’s name and with the quote. There are two sizes available, 11 and 15 ounces. 

  21. Straw Tote Bag
  22. end-of-year-teachers-gifts-tote

    After the last day of school, she might be heading out to the beach or planning on spending her days next to the pool. Either way, this straw tote bag is the perfect accessory. The bag is made of hand-woven straw and has a zipper closure so it can be used as a day bag too. 

  23. Tumbler 
  24. end-of-the-year-teachers-gifts-tumbler

    This travel tumbler is for the super teacher in your life! Made of stainless steel, the tumbler keeps drinks hot or cold for hours. The tumbler includes a straw and lid and holds 22 ounces. 

  25. Hand Sanitizer Keychains


    Kiddos are little germ factories, so this is one school gift that will get lots of use! The keychains come with empty bottles which can be used to hold hand sanitizer, lotion, or sunblock, cure, and useful! 

  27. Women of Change Bath Balm Gift Set 
  28. end-of-year-teachers-gifts-balms

    Teachers are big girls creating change by teaching little girls how to create change! So they deserve a little self-care, and these bath balms provide it. The balms feature Rosa Parks, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Frida Kahlo, Amelia Earhart, and Maya Angelou and each one has a magnet inside. 

  29. Coffee Gift Set 


    Move over, Starbucks! This coffee gift box contains nine varieties of organic, whole bean coffee from Uganda that are hand-roasted in small batches for rich flavor. Their mornings just got a lot better! 

  31. Composition Notebook Pouch
  32. end-of-year-teachers-gifts-pouch

    Old school teachers will remember these old-fashioned notebooks well! The pouch is made of cotton canvas and measures 9×6. The bag is excellent for carrying pencils, cash, credit cards, ID, keys, cellphones, chargers, and other small items. 

  33. Amazon Gift Card
  34. end-of-year-teachers-gifts-gift-card

    Many teachers dip into their own pockets to buy school supplies for their students, so one of the best gift ideas is a gift card, so they’re not spending their own money. Or they can treat themselves! Amazon gift cards are available in various denominations, and you can choose your own amount too. The card comes in a gift cardholder. 

  35. Lunch Tote
  36. end-of-year-teachers-gifts-tote

    This lunch tote is a great gift for a teacher who doesn’t want to eat cafeteria food! The tote is insulated with aluminum film, keeping things hot or cold. The lining is easy to wipe clean in case of spills, and the tote has a mesh pocket for their phone or water bottle. 

  37. Sand Art 
  38. end-of-the-year-teachers-gifts-sand-art

    The sand slowly floats through this sculpture, calming and mesmerizing! The statue can help promote calm and mindfulness on even the craziest days. The sculpture is available in several colors and is a great conversation piece. 

  39. Teacher Stamps
  40. end-of-year-teachers-gifts-stamps

    These self-inking stamps are a thoughtful gift for busy teachers. The ink is oil-based and safe for kids, and the stamps are great for a preschool teacher.

  41. Felt Letter Board
  42. end-of-year-teachers-gifts-board

    This felt letter board is a fun way to announce lessons, birthdays, and special events in their classroom. The 10×10 inch board includes 296 white and 145 gold characters, including numbers, emojis, symbols, cursive words, the 12 months of the year, and seven days of the week. 

  43. Coaster Set 
  44. end-of-year-teacher-gifts-coasters

    These coasters make a nice end-of-year teacher’s gift and are a great hostess gift too. The six coasters are made of ceramic and come in an iron holder. The coasters are lined with cork so that they won’t damage furniture. 

  45. Keepsake Figurine 
  46. The best year-end teacher gift ideas are those they’ll treasure for years to come. This figurine certainly qualifies. The sentiment behind the figure is “Open books, open minds.” The hand-painted ornament is made of resin and measures four inches in height. 

  47. Mason Jar Plant Box 
  48. end-of-the-year-teacher-gifts-planter

    This planter box is an especially lovely gift for a preschool or elementary school teacher. The wooden plant box includes three Mason Jar planters that can grow real plants or hold silk or live flowers at home or school. 

  49. Thank You Notes
  50. end-of-year-teachers-gifts-notes

    Thank you notes are always a thoughtful gift because they often come in handy. Especially for teachers who may get the first day of school gifts, birthday gifts, holiday gifts, teacher appreciation week gifts, and end-of-year teacher gifts! There are 100 cards, envelopes, and sealing stickers. 

  51. Desktop Organizer
  52. end-of-year-teachers-gifts-organizer

    This natural wood organizer can help keep their desk tidy. The organizer can be stacked and adjusted to suit their needs. The unit has two racks with five different units and can be used to organize and display everything they need to have handy in the classroom. 

  53. Chocolates
  54. end-of-year-teacher-gifts-chocolate

    A good piece of chocolate can make a good day better and a bad day bearable! This box of Godiva chocolate contains 19 pieces of assorted chocolates, light, dark, and white, with a mix of fillings. Perfect with a cup of coffee. 

  55. Mug Warmer
  56. end-of-year-teachers-gifts-warmer

    It can be hard to finish a cup of coffee or tea before it gets cold when you’re a busy teacher. This mug warmer will solve that problem! The warmer offers two temperatures, and no special mug is required. The warmer shuts off automatically after eight hours and goes into sleep mode when the cup is lifted from it. 

  57. Wine Labels 
  58. end-of-year-teachers-gifts

    Give that teacher a gift that will erase the bad memories of the past school year, wine! Well, wine labels. These fun labels are peel and stick and can be affixed to any standard bottle of wine. These labels are a great gift if you have older kids who change classes every period. 

  59. Customized Recipe Box
  60. end-of-the-year-teachers-gifts-box

    If you’re the type of parent who is good at organizing things, this would be a great teacher gift, especially for a home-ec teacher. Each child could contribute a recipe, and the box can be presented to the teacher at the end of the year. The box comes with cards and wooden dividers, and the engraving can be customized. 

  61. Enamel Pins
  62. end-of-year-teachers-gifts-pins

    These enamel pins are a fun gift for any teacher! The pins can be fixed to a jacket, a tote bag, a lunch tote, a gym or computer bag, or even shoes for a fun bit of accessorizing. 

  63. Felt Tip Pens 
  64. end-of-year-teachers-gifts-markers

    Remember how excited you got as a kid when you got a shiny new box of crayons? That’s how a teacher will feel when they open this set of felt tip pens! There are 24 pens in 24 different colors, and the ink is quick to dry to help prevent smears.