23 Dino-Mite Dinosaur Gifts And Toys For Kids Of All Ages

By Laura Fiebert | Updated: November 28, 2023


    Many little boys and girls go through what is known as “the dinosaur stage” when they’re obsessed with dinosaurs. Sometimes, they never grow out of the dinosaur stage and become grown-up men and women obsessed with dinosaurs. 

    Was it watching Jurassic Park for the first time, a trip to a natural history museum when we saw those substantial dinosaur fossils pieced back together to their full, towering height? Or maybe it’s that dinosaurs were made extinct, here one day and gone the next. Whatever the reason we first fell in love with dinosaurs, it’s no surprise. Dinosaurs are fascinating and mysterious, and they roar and breathe fire! Wait, that’s dragons! Well, dragons are kind of like dinosaurs! 

    We have some great gift ideas if you have a dinosaur-loving kid of any age. They will love them all, from dino toys to books to fossil kits! Take them back to the Jurassic period with our dinosaur toys and gifts for that dino lover in your life.

  1. Inflatable Sprinkler 
  2. dinosaur-gifts-sprinkler

    A colorful, inflatable sprinkler is perfect for kids to play and cool off on hot summer days. The hose hooks up to the dinosaur’s belly, and the dinosaur has the water coming out of the mouth.

  3. Dinosaur Hoodie
  4. dinosaur-gifts-hoodie

    Made of a cotton blend, this adorable fleece hoodie is breathable and comfortable. The high-low hem hoodie with dino spike details on the hood and back is excellent for boys and girls. The cozy hoodie comes in two sizes. 

  5. Tyrannosaurus Rex 3D Lamp
  6. dinosaur-gifts-light

    The T-Rex dinosaur night light is an optical acrylic flat board with laser engraving that gives you a unique 3D visual effect. Your little one can sleep with the dinosaur night lights on, which can help them feel safe at night. This dinosaur lamp is an excellent dinosaur gift. The T-Rex night light has dimmer lights in seven colors that the touch button and remote control can change.

  7. Floor Puzzle
  8. dinosaur-gifts-and-toys-puzzle

    Bright, bold, and detailed illustrations offer many things to spot once the puzzle is complete. Building puzzles promotes hand-eye coordination and the development of problem-solving skills. They are packaged in a keepsake carrying box with a soft cotton rope handle or easy for little hands to hold.

  9. Plush Dinosaur Feet Slippersdinosaur-gifts-slippers
  10. Slide on these slippers for relief after work or for fun family matching on Christmas morning! You’ll love the comfortable padded lining wherever you wear these fluffy animal paws!

  11. Jurassic Park Lego Playset
  12. dinosaur-gifts-legos

    Build an excellent offroader vehicle, a detailed interior trailer, a jungle scene with hidden treasure, and a Baryonyx dinosaur, then role-play a dangerous treasure hunt with Owen in Jurassic World! Kids can recreate thrilling action from the LEGO Jurassic World animated series with this popular dinosaur toy kit.

  13. Sound Book
  14. dinosaur-gifts-and-toys-song-book

    The prehistoric play box includes 12 dinosaur animal figures, including stegosaurus, t rex, and velociraptor. Follow the narrating dragonfly through the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods, exploring the colors, landscapes, and habitats of your favorite dinosaurs. Discover and learn the rumbling sounds of each of the 12 dinosaurs featured.

  15. Ask Me About My T-Rex Shirt
  16. dinosaur-gifts-and-toys-tee

    Have you seen this excellent flip-shirt technology? They print on the shirt’s underside so you can reveal the design underneath at the perfect moment. It is great for costume parties but casual enough to wear anywhere. It’s an ideal flip over the surprise that always gets a laugh!

  17. Dinosaur Fossil Dig Set
  18. dinosaur-gifts-and-toys-fossil-kit

    Your little paleontologist will love this National Geographic dino-mite fossil kit. The kit includes archeological tools and a digging site filled with three genuine fossil treasures waiting to be unearthed. Each of these real fossils is millions of years old! Identify each and learn about their formation with our fascinating, detailed learning guide. This educational toy sparks imaginative play!

  19. Dinosaur Mask
  20. dinosaur-gifts-mask

    Get ready for thrilling action and adventure with Jurassic World! Masks are inspired by the movie’s iconic Tyrannosaurus Rex and Indoraptor and feature realistic details like skin texture, color, and teeth so kids can become their favorite dinosaurs! The opening jaw feature allows a chomping motion for even more realistic action. This is a perfect Halloween gift! 

  21. Dinosaur Eggs
  22. dinosaur-gifts-eggs

    I feel like a real paleontologist excavating up unique toy dinosaurs from the dino eggs. Find a T-rex, Dilophosaurus, Ankylosaurus, and much more! Once dug up, find the appropriate card describing the history and characteristics of the dinosaur. The kit includes eggs, chisels, instructions, and 12 beautiful full-colored learning cards – one for each dino. It all comes packaged in a sleek display box. It has everything needed for the young scientist to excavate the dinos with ease and gain a deeper understanding of them.

  23. Dinosaur Mug
  24. dinosaur-gifts-mug

    This fun mug is an excellent way for kids to finish their drinks. As the mug gets emptier, a dinosaur suddenly appears! The cobalt blue mug holds 11 ounces, and there are several other animals to choose from—the perfect gifts for coffee drinkers

  25. Dr. Suess’s Dinosaur Book
  26. dinosaur-gifts-and-toys-water-book

    Journey through the fascinating world of dinos with this positively prehistoric nonfiction book featuring the Cat in the Hat. Learn about how fossils are formed and found, and get an accessible introduction to dinosaurs, from the flying Archaeoptyerx to the spiky Ankylosaurus. (And do not fear–the Cat in the Hat will break the names down for easy pronunciation for kids and parents.) Perfect for readers who are really into dinosaurs (or even just dino-nuggets) and for any kid who loves learning and science.

  27. Dinosaur World Playmat
  28. dinosaur-gifts-and-toys-play-mat

    The complete set of 12 dinosaur figures, eight trees, and a compelling dinosaur park playmat together will thrill your kids, encouraging their creative play! Boost your kids’ imagination and help them develop their learning skills through an unforgettable trip to the world of adorable dinosaurs. By joining efforts with their peers, they create a setting for dino hunting, chasing, and countless adventures that will keep them excited for hours!

  29. Stud Earrings
  30. dinosaur-gifts-earrings

    Who says dinosaur jewelry can’t be elegant? Not us after discovering these lovely earnings. The earrings are made from 925 sterling silver with a white gold finish and are hypoallergenic, lead, and nickel-free, so they are appropriate for those with metal allergies. The earrings come in a gift bag ready for giving. 

  31. Dinosaur Alphabet Print
  32. dinosaur-gifts-print

    What better way for dinosaur-loving girls and boys to start learning their ABCs than with a bit of help from their dinosaur friends? The print is on art-quality paper, measures 11×14 inches, and comes unframed. 

  33. Nessie Ladle 
  34. dinosaur-gifts-ladle

    Like Nessie popping out of Loch Ness, this Nessie will pop out of their pots! This cute ladle is a fun gift for home cooks, even if they aren’t dinosaur lovers. Make Nessie spotting a daily event! 

  35. Dinosaur Puzzle
  36. dinosaur-gifts-puzzle

    Dinosaur lovers will adore this puzzle. It includes fun facts about dinosaurs, and the pieces glow in the dark! The puzzle has 100 pieces and is suitable for children ages five and above. When fully assembled, the puzzle measures 12×18 inches. 

  37. Plush Toy
  38. dinosaur-gifts-toy

    Dinosaurs have a ferocious reputation, but dinosaur fans will agree that this fluffy little triceratops is nothing short of cuddly and adorable! This little fellow stands 11.5 inches tall, and his smooth surface is washable with a cloth and warm water. If they love dinosaurs, they will love him. Roar! 

  39. Dinosaur Blanket
  40. dinosaur-gifts-blanket

    Okay, these may not be realistic dinosaur depictions, but look cute! What better blanket for your dinosaur lover to snuggle under? The blanket is made of cozy flannel and is available in two sizes. 

  41. Hanging Plaque
  42. dinosaur-gifts-sign

    Everyone needs a little pep talk now and again, and who better to provide some extra motivation than their dinosaur friends? This wooden sign will look great in their bedroom or playroom and is a fun stocking stuffer. 

  43. Waffle Maker
  44. dinosaur-gifts-waffle-maker

    Even the most anti-breakfast eaters will happily tuck into these waffles! The waffle iron makes five different dinosaur shapes, and the non-stick surface makes post-breakfast cleanup a breeze. This is a fun birthday gift. 

  45. Shower Curtain
  46. dinosaur-gifts-shower-curtain

    If you have kids who are reluctant about bath time and brushing their teeth, let this guy encourage them! The shower curtain is made from a polyester blend and is available in three sizes.