Trick Or Treat! 30 Spooktacular Halloween Gifts For Kids

Updated on February 16, 2022 Updated on Feb 16, 2022
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    Jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, ghouls, haunted houses, black cats, CANDY! Whatever age your favorite trick-or-treaters, Halloween night is something they look forward to each year, and Halloween is at the top of kids’ favorite holidays list! We have 30 spooktacular Halloween gifts for kids. Boo!

  1. Pumpkin Dig Kit
  2. halloween-gifts-for-kids-pumpkin

    This dig kit is a great Halloween gift for a kid’s Halloween birthday. Inside the pumpkin are 12 spooky gifts, and the kit includes the tools needed to excavate them from inside the pumpkin. It’s like a Halloween-themed treasure hunt! 

  3. Lego Graveyard
  4. halloween-gifts-for-kids-legos

    What’s Halloween without a spooky graveyard? This Lego set has 335 pieces and is meant for kids aged seven and up. All kinds of spooky things are lurking just around the corner! 

  5. DIY Potions Kit
  6. halloween-gifts-for-kids-potions-kit

    Bubble, bubble, toil, and trouble! This DIY potion kit comes with everything your little witches and wizards need to cook up several batches of potion. This spooky gift will be a big hit with Harry Potter fans in particular. 

  7. Halloween Craft Kit
  8. halloween-gifts-for-kids-crafts

    Halloween decorations are the best part of the holiday, even better than Halloween candy! This kit lets kids create 20 different Halloween decorations, including sun catchers and window clings, and all the things to decorate them for ultimate spookiness. 

  9. Gummy Candy Kit
  10. halloween-gifts-for-kids-candy

    Making their own candy is a great Halloween activity for kids; the creepier, the better. And what’s creepier than spiders and worms! The kit comes with all of the necessary ingredients and an instruction book. 

  11. Skull Earrings 
  12. halloween-gifts-for-kids-earrings

    These skull earrings are perfect if you need a Halloween gift for an aspiring Goth girl. The pierced earrings are brass and plated with 14K gold with sterling silver posts. 

  13. Coffin Letter Board
  14. halloween-gifts-for-kids-letter-board

    If your kid has a healthy sense of the macabre, they will love this gift. The coffin-shaped letter board is made of felt, and it includes 500 letters, numbers, and symbols. The board comes with a stand, so it sits upright. 

  15. Diamond Painting Kit
  16. halloween-gifts-for-kids-painting

    Diamond painting is similar to painting by numbers, but you use colorful crystals instead of paint. This kit has everything beginners need, and diamond painting is a fun hobby, especially on those raw autumn days when it’s too cold to play outside. 

  17. Trick or Treat Buckets
  18. halloween-gifts-for-kids-buckets

    These Halloween-themed trick or treating buckets are a step up from the plastic jack-o-lanterns we had as kids! The buckets are made from polyester canvas material, so they’re lightweight and sturdy. The bags can hold up to 40 pounds, are easy to wipe clean, and can be used over and over. 

  19. Bubble Bath Bomb
  20. halloween-gifts-for-kids-bath-bomb

    Bath time will be spooky fun with this bubble bath bomb. Each bubble bomb is handmade, and inside is a fun, Halloween-themed squishy toy. Other holiday themes are also available, including Valentine’s Day and Christmas. 

  21. Temporary Hair Color Wax 
  22. halloween-gifts-for-kids

    These hair waxes are a fun way to style your hair and add some funky color, perfect for coordinating with a Halloween costume. The waxes are made from all-natural ingredients, aren’t sticky, and wash out easily. Each order includes all four colors. 

  23. Pumpkin Soap
  24. halloween-gifts-for-kids-soap

    This cute pumpkin soap will end the battle over hand-washing. The soap is made of glycerin and is a warm, spicy, pumpkin pie scent. Each order contains one pumpkin soap. 

  25. Bubble Blower Wand
  26. halloween-gifts-for-kids-bubbles

    Bubbles are a childhood classic that never falls out of favor. This set is not only a bubble wand; it’s also and bubble blower and has light effects! The gift includes bubble fluid and batteries. 

  27. LED Gloves
  28. These LED gloves make a great addition to a variety of Halloween costumes. The gloves have three bright colors and can be set to six different flashing settings. They come with four spare batteries and will fit kids aged three to 12. 

  29. Candy Corn Bowling Set 
  30. halloween-gifts-for-kids-bowling-set

    Finally! A use for candy corn because it’s too yucky to eat! This cute 11-piece set is a fun activity for a Halloween party and any fall-themed party. The set is made of plastic. 

  31. Halloween Squishies
  32. halloween-gifts-for-kids-toys

    There is cute Halloween and creepy Halloween. These squishies are both! The plush Halloween toys are reversible with a cute face and a spooky face. Not only are they adorable, but they can also be used as fidget toys. 

  33. Pumpkin Decorating Stickers 
  34. halloween-gifts-for-kids-stickers

    This gift is great for kids too young to use pumpkin carving tools. They won’t have to miss out on the decorating fun with these stickers. In addition to the faces, there are ghosts, witches, vampires, cats, bats, spiders, and more to create unique pumpkins. 

  35. Pumpkin Carving Tool Set
  36. halloween-gifts-for-kids-tools

    For older kids who want to carve pumpkins, this set makes it easier, safer, and provides more control so their pumpkin can be more than triangles eyes and nose, and crooked teeth mouth! The tools are stainless steel, so they’ll last for many Halloweens. 

  37. Pillow
  38. halloween-gifts-for-kids-pillow

    Add a little Halloween decor to their bedroom with this pillow. The polyester pillow has cord edging and measures 12×18 inches. The pillow is available in throw pillow size too. 

  39. Glow in the Dark Blanket
  40. halloween-gifts-for-kids-blanket

    Bedtime will be their favorite time of day with this Halloween blanket. The plush blanket will glow all night after 20 minutes of sun exposure. The blanket measures 60×50 inches and is washer and dryer safe. 

  41. Bat Purse
  42. halloween-gifts-for-kids-purse

    She’ll have plenty of room for her wand and eye of newt in this bat, spiderweb purse! The purse is made of PU leather and has a zipper enclosure. The bag is available in several colors, and there is a pumpkin purse in several colors too. 

  43. Ghosts in a Bottle 
  44. halloween-gifts-for-kids-ghosts

    If you remember catching lightning bugs in a jar as a kid, this is similar. But instead of fireflies, they’re adorable little ghosts in a jar! Each ghost is handmade, and there are two per order. These are one of our favorite gifts ever! 

  45. Escape Room in a Box
  46. halloween-gifts-for-kids-game

    You have one hour to escape from the room of a crazed scientist before he turns you all into werewolves! This Escape Room game includes everything you need, there are 19 mental and physical puzzles the players must work together to solve, and they only have one hour! The game is for kids 13 and older. 

  47. Pumpkin Nightlight
  48. halloween-gifts-for-kids-light

    Give a spooky, orange glow to their bedroom with this cute pumpkin nightlight. The plug swivels 360 degrees so it can be displayed in most standard outlets, and it has an Off/On switch. 

  49. Jack Skellington Doll
  50. halloween-gifts-for-kids-doll

    Any fan of the Halloween classic movie The Nightmare Before Christmas will recognize this little guy instantly! He’s Jack Skellington, the main character of the beloved film. This plush toy stands nearly 10 inches tall and is made of soft material. 

  51. Light Up Halloween Rings
  52. halloween-gifts-for-kids-rings

    These soft plastic and resin rings light up via LED lights! The rings make great Halloween party favors and can’t help make your trick-or-treaters more visible as they make their candy collecting rounds! There are 50 rings per order. 

  53. Temporary Tattoos
  54. halloween-gifts-for-kids-tattoos

    Nothing says “Happy Halloween” like glow-in-the-dark tattoos! The tattoos are waterproof and last a few days. During the day, they look like regular tattoos, but at night, they come alive and glow in the dark! There are 30 sheets and 400 tattoos. 

  55. Halloween Treats 
  56. halloween-gifts-for-kids-snacks

    The best Halloween gift ideas are the edible ones! Say “Happy Halloween” with this pumpkin full of treats for your hungry little pumpkins! The basket includes both sweet and savory snacks. 

  57. Halloween Treat Bags
  58. halloween-gifts-for-kids-bags

    If you’re throwing a Halloween party, these treat bags are a must! The goody bags can be filled with all kinds of Halloween party favors. There are eight designs, give of each for a total of 40 bags and include stickers so the bags can be decorated. 

  59. Lip Balm
  60. halloween-gifts-for-kids-balm

    Lip balm so good you could almost eat it! The set of three lip balms has all of the moisturizer properties of the classic Chapstick you remember. These Limited Edition Chapsticks are subtly pumpkin pie flavor.