27 Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas For Your Young Jedi

By Belinda Gosbee | Updated: April 2, 2024

    With countless new stories, planning a Star Wars birthday party isn’t as simple as it was in 1980. Party supplies will swing your theme toward either the classic Skywalker saga or The Mandalorian (dominated by baby Yoda, of course). We’ve covered a mix of both to help you decide.

  1. Party Supplies
  2. star-wars-birthday-party-supplies

    This Star Wars party supply kit will get you well on your way to party day. The pack for 16 guests includes classic Star Wars paper plates, napkins, paper cups, paper masks, red plastic cutlery, a plastic table cover, and a 6ft birthday banner. Plus an exclusive Porg birthday pin for the guest of honor. If you’re vibing Baby Yoda look no further.

  3. Life-Size Stormtrooper Balloon
  4. star-wars-birthday-stormtrooper-balloon

    If you’re going to buy Star Wars decorations, make an impact, you should. This life-size stormtrooper (he’s 5’7) is rather epic and he’ll be more than happy to man the food table. Meanwhile, this giant R2D2 balloon can greet your guests at the door.

  5. Chewbacca Donuts 
  6. star-wars-birthday-donuts

    These wookie donuts will be a surefire hit and are remarkably simple to make. A Night Owl shares a recipe here using brownie mix poured into a donut pan. After baking, pipe icing onto your donuts then add a fondant strip dotted with white icing. Some people get scared off by fondant, but you’re literally only cutting strips here.

  7. Party Cups 
  8. star-wars-birthday-cups

    Decorate your party with these fancy cups. Whether for Yoda Soda or as party favor containers, they’ll give your table a coordinated look. The cups are BPA-free and can be customized with a name, and your choice of designs.

  9. Cute Cake Toppers  
  10. star-wars-birthday-cupcake-toppers

    These adorable cupcake toppers will delight young kids (or baby shower attendees) and come as a pack of 12. Grab a cupcake mix online or try your hand at easy vanilla cupcakes over at Life, Love, and Sugar. Meanwhile, these Rebel Alliance stencils are also a fantastic way to DIY cupcakes.

  11. Light Saber Pretzels
  12. star-wars-birthday-pretzels

    A simple snack for your Star Wars-themed food table is these pretzel lightsabers. Not only will they look great on the table but there’s just something about mixing sweet and salty! This recipe by Two Sisters Crafting is easy and requires only pretzel rods and candy melts in red, blue, and green.

  13. Party Invites
  14. star-wars-birthday-invites

    Your kid can be the Jedi star of their own invite with these printable Star Wars birthday invitations. Sold as digital files, you can either print them yourself or send them out via email or text. If you instead have a little Rey on your hands, check out these invites. The same company can also customize a matching party poster.

  15. Feed “The Child” Game
  16. star-wars-birthday-grogu-game

    He may be cute, but Baby Yoda has an insatiable appetite for frogs. This pin-the-tail spinoff encourages kids to correctly place a frog in The Child’s mouth while blindfolded. The game includes a large character poster, six sheets of frog stickers, and two eye masks.

  17. Inflatable Lightsaber
  18. star-wars-birthday-lightsabers

    Inflatable lightsabers are a cost-effective and straightforward idea that can be used as party decorations, party favors, or place settings. This 15-pack comes with red, blue, and green lightsabers to cover most sides of the galaxy.

  19. Large Play Balls
  20. star-wars-birthday-theme-balls

    These multipurpose inflatable balls (Death Star, BB8, and R2D2) can be used in all sorts of ways – hang them up, have a party game of dodgeball, stack them on a food table, or just let them float about the party.

  21. Grogu Sugar Cookies
  22. star-wars-birthday-grogu-cookies

    Little kids and Mandalorian fans will flock to grab one of these adorable Baby Yoda cookies. The best part is you don’t need to suddenly become a cookie artist by the weekend. This box of one dozen cookies can ship anywhere in the country. Another idea: Roll out your own theme cookies with this embossed roller.

  23. May The Forks Be With You
  24. star-wars-birthday-forks

    Made from eco-friendly birchwood, this tableware comes in a pack of 20 and is printed with the line, “May the fork be with you.” Sure, there’s no knife, but most kids won’t use one at a party. Better yet, use them as dessert forks.

  25. More Balloons
  26. star-wars-birthday-balloons

    You really can’t have too many balloons to instantly jazz up a theme party. This set brings you a great variety with a Baby Yoda foil balloon, an R2D2 foil balloon, a BB8 foil balloon, two silver star foil balloons, and 12 deliciously dark Star Wars latex balloons.

  27. Child’s Rey Costume 
  28. star-wars-birthday-rey-costume

    One of the most beloved Star Wars characters from The Force Awakens, Rey is a hero for a whole new generation of little girls – and a  kickass Jedi to boot! This officially licensed costume fits kids 46 to 53 inches tall, and up to 62 pounds (approx 5-7 years.)

  29. Tie Fighter Treats
  30. star-wars-birthday-fighter-treats

    These tie fighter treats from Pretty Providence are made with mini marshmallows dipped in melting candy, then sandwiched between two Oreo thin crisps. So simple! And yet incredibly effective at upping your Star Wars game.

  31. Mandalorian Popcorn Boxes
  32. star-wars-birthday-popcorn-boxes

    Popcorn boxes are a fantastic vessel at a party. You can fill them with any party food or use them as take-home goody “bags.” For a Star Wars party, you could pop some galactic blue popcorn, grab a big jar of candied popcorn, or fill the boxes with potato chips or those “lightsaber” pretzel sticks.

  33. Family Birthday Shirts
  34. star-wars-birthday-family-shirts

    A themed birthday calls for some themed outfits. These tees are great for getting the entire family involved, especially if they’re equally passionate Star Wars fans. Handmade to order, you can personalize names, sizes, and a vast array of shirt colors.

  35. Han Solo Candy Molds
  36. star-wars-birthday-choc-solo

    These candy molds are a fun and easy way to make themed treats. Fill them up with varying colors of chocolate or candy melts, let them set in the fridge, then pop them out onto a serving plate! There are also stormtroopers and tie fighters available. 

  37. Vinyl Backdrop
  38. star-wars-birthday-backdrop

    A large backdrop is an easy way to set a Stars wars mood, whether behind your food table or as a photo booth backdrop. This galaxy battle measures 7×5 feet and puts you instantly into a very active battle scene!

  39. Mandalorian + The Child Cutout
  40. star-wars-birthday-mandolorian-cutout

    Can you ever have enough life-size decorations at a Star Wars birthday party? Not only is The Mandalorian what’s hot in Star Wars these days, but holding that illegally cute Baby Yoda will make him the most popular guy at the party. These cutouts are also great for photo “booths.” I’m also rather fond of this classic 1977 Princess Leia.

  41. Deluxe Vader Pinata
  42. star-wars-birthday-pinata

    These pinatas are entirely handmade to order and include a double-sided design and a door for filling candy. There are no staples and reviewers swear by how sturdy they are compared to many on the market– enough to ensure that every child can get a swing. Darth Vader is 20″ tall, 15″ wide, and 5″ deep.

  43. Ewok Cookies
  44. star-wars-birthday-ewoks

    If you’re looking for more Star Wars birthday party ideas, the website DIY Inspired has a load of them based on their FREE printables! Like these Ewok cookies – which are simply choc-chip teddy bear Grahams bagged up with Ewok labels. I’m also loving their Leia Buns Donut Holes and Han’s Rolos – Rolo chocolates.

  45. Party Favor Bags
  46. star-wars-favor-bags

    Goody bags work in two ways: they look great as part of your decor, and they give your guest a gift bag to take home  – and everyone loves a freebie! You don’t need to spend a lot to fill them – some party favor ideas could include Star Wars-themed lightsaber pencils, notepads, stickers, lollipop rings, dipping sticks, graham crackers, or fruit-flavored snacks.

  47. Honeycomb Centerpieces


    Honeycomb centerpieces are a quick and easy way to decorate tables in a Star Wars theme. They come flat-packed and you use the supplied glue dots to secure the honeycomb balls into an open position. You’ll get eight pieces per packet.

  49. Cakelet Pan
  50. star-wars-birthday-mini-cake-pan

    A Star Wars treat that can be made, again and again, this cute nonstick pan pops out seven traditional Star Wars-shaped cakelets. If you’re not in the mood to make cake batter grab one of these mixes. Note: A lighter-colored batter allows the features to be better seen on these characters.

  51. Beanbag Toss Game
  52. star-wars-birthday-beanbag-toss

    Another easy game to keep kids interested is a beanbag toss game. You’ll get one toss banner, four colored beanbags, and a piece of rope to hang the game. Aside from being fun, it’s the type of game that develops children’s hand-eye coordination.

  53. Edible Cake Topper
  54. star-wars-birthday-cake-topper

    Edible icing art is a great way to make a simple homemade cake look like a professional masterpiece. So come to the dark side with this Darth Vader birthday cake wrap. Simply remove the icing art from its backing, place it onto a freshly iced cake, and let it settle (instructions are included). Bonus: try these galaxy-speckled birthday candles.