29 Lego Party Ideas for A Building Block Extravaganza

By Belinda Gosbee | Updated: February 24, 2023

    Is your little one pleading for a LEGO birthday party this year? If you don’t know where to start, this guide will give you all the LEGO party ideas you’ll need – from food to games, decorations, and party favors. The best part? They’re super easy!

  1. Brick Party Cups 
  2. lego-party-ideas-cups

    These whimsical LEGO brick party cups (with straw and lid) will help you build a great LEGO party – and when they’re not being slurped, they work as instant decor. Of course, you could also pop them into goodie bags!

  3. LEGO Movie Paper Plates
  4. lego-party-ideas-plates

    LEGO fans love LEGO movies, and these plates are an “awesome” way for them to eat their party delicacies. You’ll get eight in a packet featuring fun LEGO Movie characters Emmet, Batman, Rex, and Benny.

  5. Piñata
  6. lego-party-ideas-pinata

    This is a pretty epic LEGO piñata, reviewed by parents as strong enough to give kids a good couple of turns each. It can hold over 3 pounds of candy(!) and has a weight-resistant string for hanging.

  7. LEGO Cake
  8. lego-party-ideas-lego-cake

    It may not be edible, but this iconic LEGO cake makes a great party centerpiece. It has plenty of colorful construction, a top tier you can spin round, buildable candles, a balloon animal, and a top-hatted lego man that waves an age flag (from the enclosed sticker sheet.)

  9. Rice Krispie Treats
  10. lego-party-ideas-rice-krispies

    These treats are effortless to make and look fab! The Stay @ Home Chef has created a recipe for you over here. Make them from scratch or buy some premade Krispies, then transform them into LEGO pieces with M&Ms and colorful icing.

  11. DIY Printable Invites 
  12. lego-party-ideas-invite

    Creating party invitations has never been so easy! Let a talented designer customize the invites for you, then print them on cardstock – either at home or your local print store. You could also email or text the invites to parents.

  13. Gummy Block Candy
  14. lego-party-ideas-block-candy

    These gummy blocks are excellent for a LEGO-themed birthday party, and they really stack together. They have multiple uses – use them as cupcake toppers, birthday cake decorations, or just as yummy treats on the table. Age 4+

  15. Free Printable Bingo
  16. lego-party-ideas-bingo

    A completely free party game that’s sure to be a winner with kids is this LEGO bingo. You can get all the free printable files you’ll need over here – created and shared by a fellow parent, Big D & Me.

  17. Candles
  18. lego-party-ideas-candles

    The perfect birthday candles are those that transform the entire cake. Start with a basic iced cake (store-bought or homemade), and these candles will LEGO-fy it in seconds.

  19. The Main Event
  20. lego-party-ideas-cake

    If you feel like creating a Lego theme cake yourself, this idea not only looks superb, but it’s also pretty easy for novice bakers. In a nutshell, it’s simply a cake mix, some marshmallows, and frosting! Let Betty Crocker show you how here.

  21. Building Block “Twister”
  22. lego-party-ideas-twister

    Put your right foot here and your left foot there! Just like the original Twister game, this party pleaser lets the spinner direct you where to put your hands and feet – for a whole lot of laughs and silly photos. It includes a 5 x 6 ft. vinyl game mat and a cardboard spinner. 

  23. DIY LEGO Treat Box 
  24. lego-party-ideas-treat-box

    These LEGO head-style treat boxes come as DIY printables – so you can print them at home or your local printer. It’s best if you print them on cardstock, then simply cut them out, fold them, and use a bit of glue or tape to secure them closed.

  25. Party Decorations


    This fun set includes a banner-style sign, a ribbon to hang the banner, and a tablecloth. Perfect for your theme! 

  27. LEGO Minifigures – DC Heroes
  28. lego-party-ideas-miniatures

    These little guys aren’t cheap – as with LEGO in general – but they make great prizes for LEGO party games. Or you could use them to decorate the birthday cake. You’ll get six packets, each containing one mystery LEGO person.

  29. LEGO-Colored Balloons
  30. lego-party-ideas-balloons

    You’ve no doubt got a lot of building block imagery planned for your LEGO party decorations. So to complement all those bricks, this 127-piece balloon pack gives you all the primary colors associated with LEGO blocks. Form an arch around the buffet table or divide them up around the party.

  31. LEGO City Tableware 
  32. lego-party-ideas-tableware

    You’ll have your party supplies truly covered with this ultimate LEGO City package. The kit includes 8 dessert plates, 8 lunch plates, 40 blue napkins, 16 LEGO napkins, 8 cups, a table cover, and table decorations. You can also upsize to 16 or 24 guest packages.

  33. Brick Suckers
  34. lego-party-ideas-suckers

    A wonderfully on-point addition to your candy buffet, kids will go crazy for these little LEGO-style suckers. There are four flavors – cherry, raspberry, apple, and lemon – and you’ll get three of each individually wrapped.

  35. LEGO Cheese + Crackers
  36. lego-party-ideas-cheese-snacks

    Simple but effective, these cheese and cracker bites need prime real estate on your buffet table. Designed by Tonya Staab, all you’ll need are rectangular crackers, cheese slices, a knife, and a small fondant cutter (or the large side of a piping tip.) Check out Tonya’s blog over here.

  37. Honeycomb Centerpieces 
  38. lego-party-ideas-centerpieces

    Table centerpieces are great for bringing each table into your theme. These honeycomb birthday party decorations are eye-catching and easy to put together in seconds. Each packet contains nine centerpieces.

  39. DIY Tote Bags
  40. lego-party-ideas-totes

    If you’re looking for unique birthday party ideas, this one’s great! Purchase some small, plain totes and print a yellow “LEGO head” on them following the directions (and free template) of Cutesy Crafts. Then allow each guest to draw their own face with a permanent marker and use it as their goodie bag or a place to keep any LEGO they may acquire.

  41. Tablecloths
  42. lego-party-ideas-tablecloth

    Tablecloths come in handy for presenting your theme at a party, whether for the buffet table or every table involved. This tablecloth pack comes as a set of three, making that job so much easier.

  43. Chocolate + Candy Molds
  44. lego-party-ideas-candy-molds

    These molds are priceless, in my opinion. You don’t need to have an artistic bone in your body to impress your party guests. Whether you use chocolate or candy melts, these molds will give you LEGO blocks and people that can be used as cupcake toppers, birthday cake accents, as a buffet table treat, in party favor bags, or on sticks as “suckers.”

  45. Birthday Cake Toppers
  46. lego-party-ideas-cake-topper

    Another simple way to decorate the birthday cake is to buy incredible custom pieces and pop them on a plain cake. The cake toppers come as names, numbers, and of course, a “Happy Birthday” sentiment and look superb. So now you can focus on the rest of the party planning!

  47. Popcorn + Snack Boxes
  48. lego-party-ideas-popcorn-boxes

    Displaying party food becomes easy when you have these fun-colored brick popcorn boxes. Whether it’s popcorn, chips, or candy, they’ll look bright and eye-catching in these boxes.

  49. LEGO Storage Heads 
  50. lego-party-ideas-storage-head

    These official LEGO heads (meant for storing LEGO) make excellent LEGO birthday party ideas. Choose from mini, small, or large, and fill them with all manner of sweet or savory snacks. Even if you buy only one, it’ll be an excellent accent for the table.

  51. Building Brick Glasses 
  52. lego-party-ideas-glasses

    These LEGO-inspired building brick glasses make a fun activity and a lovely gift. You’ll get 12 glasses and 12 packets of mini-building bricks so kids can create their very own unique pair. Then they can wear them for the rest of the party!

  53. Quick Marshmallow Pops
  54. lego-party-ideas-cake-pops

    In the style of cake pops, come these quick and easy marshmallow LEGO head pops. Perfect for a kid’s birthday party! Turn to In Katrina’s Kitchen for your how-to tutorial. All you’ll need are marshmallows (in 2 sizes), yellow candy discs, lollipop sticks, and a black food coloring pen.

  55. LEGO City Photo Booth  
  56. lego-party-ideas-photo-booth

    Capture all of the party fun with a LEGO City photo backdrop and props. Kids can pose as their favorite LEGO character using one of the 12 photo props, while the backdrop also serves as a scene-setter for the party as a whole.

  57. Pencil Sharpener Party Favors 
  58. lego-party-ideas-sharpeners

    These building block pencil sharpeners make classic LEGO party favors. Add a LEGO pencil, and you’ve got the perfect duo. You could also scatter these across the buffet table or use them as a place marker for each kid at the table. The pack of 12 comes in assorted colors.