22 Circus Themed Party Ideas That Are Over The Big Top

By Alyssa Bosco | Updated: February 14, 2024

    Circus-themed parties can be so much fun to plan, and you could do so many DIY activities to make the party unique, and one the kids will remember. This party guide will help you plan an enjoyable party that no one will ever forget, from the party decorations to the carnival games to the smiles on everyone’s faces. Let’s plan the party of a lifetime!

  1. Circus Party Plates
  2. life's-a-circus-enjoy-the-party-circus-party-plates

    These Carnival birthday party supplies are perfect for a beautiful birthday party for kids. These plates are a massive hit for younger kids because they incentivize them to eat all of their food to get to the bottom of their plate to see the circus design. 

  3. Circus Photo Booth
  4. life's-a-circus-enjoy-the-party-circus-photo-booth

    Photo booths at a kid’s birthday party are always a huge success. This could be used for so many things. It could be used as a carnival-themed backdrop where kids are smiling, and parents are taking great photos, or it could be used as a welcoming sign for kids to walk into the party of a lifetime. 

  5. Pin the Tail Game
  6. life's-a-circus-enjoy-the-party-pin-the-tail-game

    That’s right, step right up to play pin the tail on the elephant named Dumbo. This party game is great for kids; blindfold them, spin them around three times, and point them in the game’s direction. Good luck to every participant; let’s see how close everyone can get. Kids will have a blast as they are competing for a prize. 

  7. Bean Bag Toss
  8. life's-a-circus-enjoy-the-party-bean-bag-toss

    What kid doesn’t love a bean bag toss at their birthday party? The more points you get, the bigger the prize you will win at the end of the party. This carnival bean bag toss game trains and promotes hand-eye coordination and some math skills while your child is having fun. They need to add up their score to see their prize. 

  9. Circus Table Skirt
  10. life's-a-circus-enjoy-the-party-circus-table-skirt

    What better way to decorate your table at a circus party than this red and white striped table skirt? It’s the perfect way to catch someone’s eye and make them think; maybe I should do this party idea at my next party. All your food, pickings, and desserts can go on this table to make this tablecloth stand out. Get your peanuts here! 


    These are the perfect centerpieces for your child’s circus or carnival birthday party and a baby shower. Each pack includes two centerpieces, and they are 10 inches tall. To make this centerpiece taller, you could create a DIY project and place it on a wooden slab with some peanuts sprinkled around it and some circus animals surrounding it. 

  11. Cut Out Party Decorations
  12. life's-a-circus-enjoy-the-party-cut-out-party-decorations

    Adorable decoration cutouts are the way to go for your kid’s birthday party, and they look great on the dessert table. These decorations are eye-catching and can be a fun addition to your party favors. Whoever’s birthday is closest to the day of the party wins the centerpiece. 

  13. Photo Booth Props
  14. life's-a-circus-enjoy-the-party-photo-booth-props

    A photo booth is always a great idea at a birthday party because it entertains your guests, and everyone will have the most fantastic time ever with friends. These props were designed for adults and children to have a fun-themed party or event, creating a very engaging atmosphere. 

  15. Treat Bags
  16. life's-a-circus-enjoy-the-party-treat-bags

    Every child’s birthday party should have a candy table so they can take home any treats they want. You could use these for a birthday party or even a circus-themed baby shower. Treat bags from a candy table are always the best, regardless of where you go or what event you are at. They usually have all the goods you haven’t had in a while, so step right up and clear the table.

  17. Circus Balloon Set
  18. life's-a-circus-enjoy-the-party-circus-balloon-set

    Every party or event wouldn’t be a party if there were no balloons in sight. These are made to float with helium, and you could decorate with them indoors and outdoors. These balloons will bring out the child in anyone and put a smile on everyone’s face. Who’s ready to party??

  19. Cotton Candy Favor
  20. life's-a-circus-enjoy-the-party-cotton-candy-favors

    Who doesn’t love a mouthful of cotton candy, especially at a birthday party? You could give this as a favor to the kids, or you could place this as a decoration on your child’s candy table for everyone to share. No carnival-themed party is ever complete until you have had peanuts, animal crackers, cracker jacks, or cotton candy to end the perfect birthday party idea. 

  21. Cake topper
  22. life's-a-circus-enjoy-the-party-cake-topper

    This cake topper is perfect for a carnival party. You could use this topper for a child’s first birthday party or any circus-themed event. This topper will make your child’s birthday cake stand out from the rest of the desserts on the table. 

  23. Candy Table tablecloth
  24. life's-a-circus-enjoy-the-party-candy-table-tablecloth

    Circus party tablecloths are always great to decorate with, but this one is perfect for the candy table for your child’s birthday party. You could place the birthday cake in the middle of the table and have popcorn bags, peanut bags, cotton candy buckets, tons of chocolate, cupcakes, lollipops, ice cream, and any other candy you may think of. 

  25. Lollipop Stand
  26. life's-a-circus-enjoy-the-party-lollipop-stand

    This is such a cute accessory to your candy table. You could fill this stand with any lollipops or any treat with a stick, such as cake pops that you could decorate to be carnival-themed. It keeps the treats very organized, and it’s easy to refill. 

  27. Ice Cream Bowl Favor
  28. life's-a-circus-enjoy-the-party-ice-cream-bowl-favors

    Ice cream bowl favors are the perfect gifts at a circus-themed party, especially a summer bash. Ice cream and cake are the perfect combination for a dessert. It fits a large scoop of ice cream and still has room for your child to decorate their sundae. 

  29. Circus Tent
  30. life's-a-circus-enjoy-the-party-circus-tent

    Are they looking for the perfect gift for a child having a circus-themed birthday party? Kids love to make forts as children so they can pretend. This tent is ideal for your child to play with friends and have a sleepover. 

  31. Animal Cookies
  32. life's-a-circus-enjoy-the-party-animal-cookies

    All children love cookies even if their parents don’t allow them to have much sugar. There is always an exception at a birthday party. Kids love to make animal sounds as they eat the different animal cookies. They are working on their recognition skills. Parents could place these as decorations on the candy table.

  33. Balloon Arch
  34. life's-a-circus-enjoy-the-party-balloon-arch

    Balloons are the best way to go when setting up for a child’s birthday party. You could place this arch over the entranceway to the party or the table of the party food or the candy table. These balloons look great anywhere, and they welcome people to your party. 

  35. Party Invites
  36. life's-a-circus-enjoy-the-party-party-invites

    Party invites are essential and the best way for your child to hand out invitations to his class. Sometimes, e-vites are not the best for a child’s birthday because the child will continuously remind the parent of the party if they see the invite on the refrigerator. You want an invite that catches the eye, and this one is perfect. 

  37. Fun Games
  38. life's-a-circus-enjoy-the-party-fun-games

    Carnival games are so much fun to play, whether you are a child or an adult. This set has 28 pieces, and you can play three different fun games, such as the three-legged race, potato sack race, and spoon and egg relay race. This set comes with medals, so you could make it a competition between adults and kids and have a grand prize for the final winner. 

  39. Ring Toss Game
  40. life's-a-circus-enjoy-the-party-ring-toss-game

    Ring toss was always one of my favorite carnival games growing up, and it shows kids how to focus and how they could do anything they put their minds to. This is great for a circus party idea; the kids would love it, as would the adults. Step right up, toss your small hoop, and hop it lands on the cone. 

  41. Popcorn Boxes
  42. life's-a-circus-enjoy-the-party-popcorn-boxes

    Get your popcorn here! These are cute treats for the kids while playing at the carnival theme party. Some people may place these on the candy table or have a popcorn machine that adults or kids can grab anytime! These popcorn boxes are great for a snack right before dessert during the party.