36 Batman Gifts for Every Fan of the Caped Crusader

By David Lautaret | Updated: December 11, 2022

    Wham! POW! There are a lot of heroes out there, but there’s just something about Batman. The caped crusader is one of the most popular characters ever created, right up there with Superman and Spider-Man. This year get the perfect present for the Batman fanatic in your life.

    We found Batman gifts for adults or kids. From toys and Batman shirts to collectibles and other great gear, we have the best ideas right out of Gotham City. 

    ZIP! If you’re looking for Batman-themed gift ideas, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you love the Adam West classics or Christian Bale modern take on the Caped Crusader, we’ve got the best batman gift ideas for every type of Batman fan! BAM!

  1. Batman Pop-Up Batmobile Tent
  2. batman-gifts-batmobile-tent

    This pop-up tent can easily be set up and taken down so your child can experience all the fun of playing inside the Batmobile at a moment’s notice. The tent measures 40x27x27 inches and has multiple entrances and exits, so the game never has to end! With this pop-up tent, their imaginations will run wild. They’ll have so much fun they’ll forget to ask for the iPad! 

  3. Batarang Replica 
  4. batman-gifts-batarang

    The Caped-Crusader always has a plethora of amazing devices at the ready, but his tried and true gadget of choice is his trusty Batarang! More often than not, Gotham’s Dark Knight plucks this throwing weapon from his utility belt when coming face to face with foes of every kind, and now you can too! Made out of soft rubber, this 10 inch wide LARP (Live Action Role-Play) Batarang is perfect for cosplay and role-playing and comes with a nylon carrying case featuring a loop for attaching to a belt, strap and more.

  5. Interactive Batman Gauntlet
  6. batman-gifts-interactive-gauntlet

    This awesome interactive gauntlet takes imagination to a new level with over 15 phrases and sounds. Play out your Batman adventures with 2 modes! Battle mode features action sound effects when you punch, and mission mode activates storytelling missions with lights and phrases. This is a must-have gift for any little heroic Batman you have running around your house! 

  7. Batmobile Pedal Go-Kart
  8. batman-gifts-batmobile-pedal-go-kart

    This pedal-powered Batmobile go-kart makes a great gift to encourage your child to get outside and exercise! Whether they use this go-kart in the backyard, out on the sidewalks, or even in the playroom, the cardiovascular benefits they’ll get from this far outweigh the price. Plus, it’s just super cool! A great birthday gift idea that any kid would love! 

  9. Batman Ice Cube Tray
  10. batman-gifts-ice-cube-tray

    This Batman molded rubber ice cube tray has 12 cavities for you to make batman ice cubes or batman chocolate for a birthday party. The Batman ice cube tray novelty gift is black and measures 5″x10″ and comes with twelve cavities that create Batman’s famous Bat symbol. Become a kitchen superhero with these ice cubes sent straight from The Dark Knight! 

  11. Lego DC Batman 1989 Batwing
  12. batman-gifts-legos

    This 2,363-piece DC Batman Batwing Lego set is one of the coolest Batman toys any fan of the Caped Crusader could ever hope to get! The set comes with three figurines—Batman, The Joker, and a Boombox goon. It’s the perfect Lego set to bring the nostalgia of the 1989 Batwing back to life. Whether you’re a kid or an adult, this Lego set is the perfect gift for the fan of Batman! 

  13. Batmobile Remote Controlled Vehicle
  14. This remote control Batmobile features a spring-loaded eject feature. Push the button on the controller and automatically launch Batman (figure included) into a superhero action flip! Drive your Launch and Defend Batmobile RC in any direction with the 2.4GHz dual joystick controller! Race up to 6 vehicles at once and control your RC from up to 250 feet away! Combining RC and action figure play, this Batmobile includes an exclusive 4-inch Batman action figure! The vehicle even works with any 4-inch figure from your collection!

  15. Batman Folding Double-Blade Pocket Knife
  16. batman-gifts-knife

    This awesome double-bladed Batman pocketknife is the coolest present for that Batman fan who loves the latest gadgets! It measures 5.5-inches long and weighs 7.2oz when the blades are out. This knife measures 10.25-inches and comes in 5 different colors and is one of the coolest pieces of Batman merchandise! 

  17. Hot Wheels Die-Cast Set of Six Vehicles
  18. batman-gifts-hot-wheels-set

    If the Batman fan in your life is also a fan of Hot Wheels collectibles, this 6-vehicle package is the gift set for them! Whether you’re getting for a child who wants to use them as toys or a grown-ass man who wants to add them to his collection, this Hot Wheels set makes a tremendous gift idea!

  19. Batman Engraved Pint Glass
  20. batman-gifts-glass

    If you’re a fan of delicious craft beer and the Caped Crusader, then this laser-engraved action-scene etched pint glass makes a great gift! Hold up to 16oz of your favorite beverage and frankly look awesome doing it. Even if you don’t like beer, this pint glass will be a welcome addition to your glassware collection!

  21. Rock ’em Sock ’em Batman v. Superman
  22. batman-gifts-rock-em-sock-em-superman

    This Batman v. Superman Rock ’em Sock ’em set brings the action to life! Play as either Batman or Superman and let the battle begin! This makes a great gift for that fan of the Batman v. Superman crossover. Whether you want to use these as memorabilia pieces or as a birthday gift that gets daily action, these Batman v. Superman Rock ’em Sock ’em toys are sure to be a hit! 

  23. Handcrafted Joker Personalized Leather Wallet
  24. batman-gifts-joker-wallet

    These super high-quality veg-tanned leather Batman & Joker wallets are handcrafted and meticulously detailed. Customize the wallet with your initials on the inside, as well as a number of personalized touches you can have done. If your man is a fan of The Joker and is in the market for a new wallet, this would make a memorable and useful gift! 

  25. Batman 80th Anniversary Poster
  26. batman-gifts-80th-anniversary-poster

    It’s hard to believe we’ve culturally had Batman in our lives for over 80 years. This 36×24-inch 80th Anniversary Batman poster makes a great Batman gift for that fan of the Caped Crusader who understands the history and lore of Batman. If you’re a Batman geek who likes your history then this poster is a winner! 

  27. Batman Vinyl Wall Clock


    These awesome Batman-themed wall clocks are 100% vinyl and depict a badass outline of Batman. These vinyl wall clocks make a great and unique gift for that Batman superfan in your life! 

  29. Batman Logo Silver Keyring 
  30. batman-gifts-logo-keyring

    This keyring keychain accessory makes a nice Batman gift for that fan who could use a fun little daily reminder of their fandom. No one will ever accidentally take home your keys when you’ve got this awesome Batman logo attached to your car keys. 

  31. Superhero Batman 3D Night Light
  32. batman-gifts-3d-night-light

    This Bat symbol 3D night light makes a great gift for any fan of the Dark Knight. Whether you’ve got a little hero who doesn’t want their nights to be too dark or you just need a little extra light, this 3D night light is stylish and functional! It comes with up to 16 different color changes using the remote control, so this night light can fit your home decor no matter your color scheme! 

  33. Batman Batcave Shadowbox Diorama 
  34. batman-gifts-shadowbox-diorama

    Holy dioramas! It’s the Batcave from the classic 60’s show. Complete with the Batmobile, Bat-poles, and crime-fighting equipment used by the Dynamic Duo. It comes ready to hang on your wall. The diorama measures 15.125x7x1.625″. It’s the perfect Batman gift for the true fan who loves eclectic art as much as they love Batman! 

  35. Justice League Kids Batman Cape Shirt
  36. batman-gifts-kids-cape-shirt

    This adorable short-sleeve Batman tee comes with a removable cape so your little guy can go from Bruce Wayne to Batman in a flash! Made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester, this durable Batman costume shirt will make your child feel like they’re the real Caped Crusader! Available from sizes 2T-12.

  37. DC Comic’s Men’s Batman Classic T-Shirt
  38. batman-gifts-classic-t-shirt

    Sometimes the best gift is one without all the bells and whistles. This classic Batman t-shirt makes a great addition to the wardrobe of any Batman fan. Available in black and distressed black, this made-in USA t-shirt is 100% cotton and showcases the classic Bat symbol.

  39. 12-inch Batman Rebirth Blue Action Figure
  40. batman-gifts-action-figure

    If you’re a 1990s kid, then these muscle-bound action figures were a huge part of growing up. Bring back the nostalgia and pass the excitement on to the next generation with this 12-inch tall Batman action figure in his classic blue uniform. This Batman action figure is also available in Tactical Black as well as Camo Suit Batman. Complete the cast with Harley Quinn, Copperhead, The Joker, and Boy Wonder himself, Robin!

  41. Batman Bobblehead


    If you’ve got the ultimate Batman fan in your life, they need this Batman Bobblehead in their life! The bobblehead comes in a gift box and stands six inches high.

  43. Batmobile Parking Only Sign
  44. batman-gifts-batmobile-parking-only-sign

    Don’t you dare park that clunker here! Make it clear that only Batman’s iconic ride is welcome when you display this fun, colorful wall décor. Reading, “Batmobile parking only—all others will be zapped! Gotham City ordinance,” this street sign-inspired wall art would make a great gift for your favorite superhero.

  45. Batman Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet
  46. batman-gifts-bottle-opener-fridge-magnet

    If you’ve got a Batman fan in your life who needs to pop bottle tops, then this stainless steel Batman-themed bottle opener fridge magnet makes for a really great Batman gift. Pop the cap and slap this flying Batman outline magnet back on the fridge until you call upon it once more! 

  47. Batman Baby Blanket
  48. batman-gifts-blanket

    This 30″x40″ baby blanket turns sleeping time into a thrilling experience! This is for the baby Batman fans out there (Or their Batman fan parents!). The ultra-soft blanket is made of polyester and machine washable. 

  49. Bat-Signal Over Gotham Canvas Wall Decor


    If you’re looking to increase the artistic look of your studio, then this Batman and Bat Signal Over Gotham canvas makes an excellent gift! “The signal goes on, and he shows up.” Send up the Bat signal with this unique tribute to the Dark Knight himself! Featuring a Bat-signal over the Gotham Cityscape, this canvas art is a crime-fighting solution to boring decor.

  51. Batman Night Light
  52. batman-gifts-light


    ‘Bruce’ up your home decor with the Batman night light. This sleek, black light will illuminate the dark night. This is an ideal gift idea for your friends who are fans of the DC Comics multiverse. This light is the perfect way to illuminate your man cave or teen’s bedroom.

  53. Batman Batmobile Toddler Bed
  54. batman-gifts-batmobile-bed

    I’m not jealous…Okay, I’m a little bit jealous. This Batmobile toddler bed is way cooler than any bed I’ve ever owned. Made from durable molded plastic with built-in guardrails, it measures 29.5″ wide by 54.25″ long and is 17.25″ tall. It fits a standard crib-size mattress. If you’re trying to get your toddler excited about leaving the crib and getting into a big kids’ bed, then this is the ticket! 

  55. Batman 4-Film Blu-ray Collection
  56. batman-gifts-blu-ray-collection

    This awesome 4-film Batman blu-ray collection features four iconic Batman films—Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever, and Batman & Robin. Relive the nostalgia of the 1990s Batman films with this epic 4-film anthology! Christian Bale’s Batman was amazing but true fans of Batman will always have a soft spot in our hearts for Michael Keaton, George Clooney, Val Kilmer, and the rest of the A-list 1990s Batman cast! 

  57. Welcome to the Batcave Floor Mat
  58. batman-gifts-floor-mat

    This Welcome to the Batcave doormat makes a great home decor addition to your man cave or woodshop! If there’s a spot in your house that he’s in charge of decorating, then he almost surely wants a cool Batman-themed floor mat. The floor mat measures 24″x16″ and is made from durable, rough fibers making it perfect for wiping your feet before coming inside! 

  59. Adam West 1966 Signature Reprint
  60. batman-gifts-adam-west-signature-reprint

    This Adam West signature reprint features a 1966 photograph of Adam West as Batman standing atop the iconic Batmobile from the Batman TV series! This is a super cool gift to give any hardcore Batman fan! Put this in your man cave, woodshop, or anywhere you’ve got your Batman memorabilia!

  61. DC Comics Batman Mug
  62. batman-gifts-mug

    This Batman mug features panels from the classic comic books. Old school Batman fans will appreciate the style. The mug is made of ceramic and holds 20 ounces. 

  63. Batman/Superman Volume 1: Who are the Secret Six?
  64. batman-gifts-secret-six-hardcover

    Batman teams up with the Man of Steel in this 160-page hardcover comic book to track down and help those who a ravenous, mutated Joker virus has infected. Just one problem: they don’t know who they are. A virus is spreading, and it’s not just after innocent people but some of our most powerful heroes, as well. The biggest question isn’t why or how, but who?

  65. Classic TV Batgirl Halloween Costume
  66. batman-gifts-batgirl-halloween-costume

    The Batman universe isn’t just for the boys. This officially licensed Batgirl Halloween costume is as close to the original 1966 Batgirl costume as you can get! Be the talk of your next costume party with this unique and realistic outfit! Also available in the 1966 Adam West Batman costume, The Joker, Catwoman, Robin the Boy Wonder, Penguin, and more!

  67. Batman Wall Art 
  68. batman-gifts-prints

    These pieces perfectly capture the dark broodiness of Batman. Captivate your imagination with this tasteful piece of art that will quickly become a favorite in your home! 

  69. Personalized Batman Tie Clip
  70. batman-gifts-tie-clip

    Sometimes you have to dress up as Bruce Wayne, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show off your Batman fandom while you’re doing it! This high-quality personalized Batman tie clip comes in a beautiful case making it a terrific gift he’ll be anxious to wear! 

  71. Batman Wall Key Rack
  72. batman-gifts-key-rack

    Finally, a place to keep all your keys in one inspiring place! Keep the keys to your car, truck, house, Batmobile, and Batcycle together, so you never again have to go searching through the Bat Cave to find them. This Batman-themed key holder rack makes the perfect gift for that fan of Batman who could use a little help keeping track of their keys!

  73. Batman Molds
  74. batman-gifts-molds


    These Bat-shaped molds are made of silicone. The molds can be used to make ice cubes, candy, chocolates, soaps, and more.