36 of the Coolest Gifts for Nerds to Geek Out On

Updated on June 13, 2022 Updated on Jun 13, 2022
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    If you’re looking for a gift to give that person who refers to themselves as a nerd, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re—squints seductively—pretty nerdy ourselves. In this awesome nerd-inspired gift guide, we’ve put together a list of 36 of the coolest gifts for nerds to geek out on!

  1. Death Star Star Wars T-Shirt
  2. gifts-for-nerds-death-star-t-shirt

    Before The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda, there was Darth Vader and the Death Star. Pay homage to one of the OGs of Star Wars lore with this Death Star t-shirt. I don’t know who holds the top spot for nerdiest nerds in nerdville, but Star Wars nerds are pretty high on the list. This Star Wars Death Star t-shirt makes a superb gift for that Star Wars fanatic in your life who likes to show their allegiance. 

  3. The Master Theorem Book of Puzzles
  4. gifts-for-nerds-master-theorem-book-of-puzzles

    Do you love logic puzzles? Are you crazy for crosswords? Do you get caught up in escape rooms? Then this mind-bending book will leave you pleasantly perplexed. It contains 40 unique puzzles, called Theorems, created by a mysterious person known simply as M. The brains behind The Master Theorem–a secret society of geniuses that indulged in ciphers, puzzles, and code-breaking–M is opening the book on their puzzling pursuits with this delightfully challenging collection.

  5. Desk Top Storm Cloud
  6. gifts-for-nerds-storm-cloud

    Nobody knows who invented the “storm glass”—ancestor of this charming cloud—but pioneering meteorologist Robert Fitzroy popularized it. This playful interpretation works the same way it did back then. The special liquid inside the glass crystallizes in different patterns as the barometric pressure changes. Fitzroy used his while carrying Charles Darwin on his famous five-year voyage. Sitting on your desk or windowsill, yours can accompany you on side trips to Planet Weather Nerd. 

  7. Flying Saucer + Alien Family
  8. gifts-for-nerds-flying-saucer-alien

    Making peace with the pod people is easy when you can simply invite alien lifeforms right into your home. Zooming by in their flying saucer, this family of otherworldly characters isn’t interested in becoming Earth’s new overlords, but warning: they’ve been known to take over the conversation. This incredible work of coffee-table art is the perfect gift for that UFO-loving nerd in your life! 

  9. Great Beards of Science Pint Glass
  10. gifts-for-nerds-beards-of-science-pint-glass

    Bunsen’s burner. Pavlov’s dogs. Mendeleev’s periodic table. These guys aren’t just famous for their discoveries and inventions–they’re also acknowledged for their bodacious beards. Check out these and more famous hairy faces on this pint glass celebrating the greatest beards in science. This gift is perfect for that beer-loving science nerd in your life! Want the female version? Check out this Great Women of Science Pint Glass!

  11. Super Magnetic Putty
  12. gifts-for-nerds-putty


    Made with micron-sized iron-based particles distributed throughout, the astonishing moldable magnetic putty takes on the properties of a magnet itself when placed in close contact with the included Neodymium Iron Boron magnet. Put it near the magnet, and within five seconds, the putty will stretch itself out to reach the magnet almost as if it were alive. Press the magnet into it, and the whole piece of putty becomes magnetic, able to lift tacks and paperclips on its own after charging in a magnetic field. It’s perfect for science-loving kids!

  13. Elements Photo Card Deck
  14. gifts-for-nerds-elements-photo-card-deck

    Whether you find chemistry a bit “Boron” or have a dog named Promethium, you’ll love the Elements Card Deck! A mesmerizing memorizing aid for people ages 10 to adult features big, beautiful photographs of all 118 elements and scientific facts on the back of each one. The deck also includes additional cards that explain the properties and arrangements of the elements and suggest activities to help you study. Get yours before they Argon!

  15. Ultimate Book of Trivia
  16. gifts-for-nerds-ultimate-book-of-trivia

    Did you know Herbert Hoover kept pet alligators? And that the longest recorded bout of hiccups is 68 years? If contemplating those bizarre circumstances left you craving more, add this book of trivia to your coffee table collection. It has more than 1,000 knowledge tidbits that range from the strange (cats can be left-handed!) to the astonishing (cats can be left-handed!), so you’ll never have to talk about the weather at a party again.

  17. Star Trek Battleship 3D Night Light
  18. gifts-for-nerds-star-trek-3d-night-light

    If you’re a fan of Star Trek, then this 3D battleship night light makes a great gift! With seven color-changing options, you can pick a new color for each day of the week. It makes a great gift for that Star Trek fan who wants a little bit of extra light to light up the night!

  19. Scientific Core Sample Glass
  20. gifts-for-nerds-scientific-core-samples-glass

    When it comes to Earth science, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Take a four-billion-year trip back in time and underground with this geologically minded glass. Just fill it up with your favorite drink (dark liquids like chocolate milk, iced coffee, or stouts and porters work best), and the cup’s illustrated graphic offers a glance at life throughout our planet’s tumultuous history. Featuring flora, fauna, and extinction-level events, it’s an homage to Earth’s sedimentary rock stars designed especially for savvy science lovers.

  21. Game of Thrones Collectibles Chess Set
  22. gifts-for-nerds-game-of-thrones-chess-set

    If you’re a nerd, you almost surely pride yourself on your chess prowess. If you’re a super nerd, you pride yourself on your ability to win the Game of Thrones chess match. All of your favorite (and most despised) characters make up the game board making this chess set both practical and gorgeous! It makes an excellent gift for that Game of Thrones superfan! 

  23. Secret Hitler Game
  24. gifts-for-nerds-game

    Secret Hitler is a dramatic game of political intrigue and betrayal set in 1930’s Germany. Players are secretly divided into two teams – liberals and fascists. Known only to each other, the fascists coordinate to sow distrust and install their cold-blooded leader. The liberals must find and stop the Secret Hitler before it’s too late.

  25. Cosmic Galaxy Lollipops
  26. gifts-for-nerds-cosmic-lollipops

    Made using high-quality ingredients and a handcrafted manufacturing process, these unique lollipops are a galactic work of edible art. Each pop features a 2D Milky Way star scene encapsulated in the sweet candy exterior for an image that lasts until the final lick. In ten mouthwatering flavors (coconut, cinnamon, peppermint, and blueberry, to name a few), this treat provides the gift of wonder and adventure for that special space junkie, junior astronomer, or sweet connoisseur in your life. Each lollipop is individually hand-wrapped and sealed.

  27. Teas of the Boston Tea Party
  28. gifts-for-nerds-boston-tea-party-tea

    Boston Harbor, December 16, 1773: It’s late, it’s freezing, and the colonists aren’t going to take it anymore. “No taxation without representation!” The day goes down in history as the Boston Tea Party. Take a taste of colonial times with this set of five teas–two green and three black–in the varieties that were in the 342 chests thrown overboard during that momentous protest. As a bonus for the history buff nerds, the set also details how many chests of each tea were destroyed, brewing directions and flavor profiles, and uncommon facts about tea in early America.

  29. Star Trek Baby Outfit



    This adorable Star Trek baby onesie makes a truly out-of-this-world gift for that Star Trek super-fan who has a baby! It comes in several different colors sizes. If you have to get a gift for a baby but want to keep it nerdy, then this is the gift to give! 

  31. Time Since Launch Clock
  32. gifts-for-nerds-time-since-launch-clock

    Count up the days from a single moment with this clever time “capsule.” Whether it’s the day you moved into a new home, had a baby, or quit smoking, the timepiece makes a truly unique gift for the person whose life is about to change forever. Here’s how it works: Pull the stainless-steel launch pin to initiate the timer, and the instant is burned into a chip, making it yours forever (it actually counts for 2,738 years).

  33. Caffeine Molecule Mug


    Caffeine, is there anything it can’t do? No there is not! This glass will delight caffeine-loving nerds as it shows the molecular makeup of the world’s most consumed drug. The mug holds 16 ounces of that sweet nectar. 

  35. Space Rockets Poster


    Space nerds will geek out over this poster! The poster features a timeline of the rockets we humans have sent into outer space. It measures 36/24 inches. 

  37. Rosewood Brainteaser Trio Puzzle
  38. gifts-for-nerds-brainteaser-puzzle

    Take a break in the middle of a hard-core study session or a draining evening of presentation planning with these three challenging puzzles. Start with the cross- and star-shaped brainteasers to get your neurons firing, then move on to the hardest one in the set: the snake cube. Taking them apart is easy; putting them back together is where your problem-solving skills get their time to shine. All three come in a glass-top wooden box for display and storage—that is, if you can ever put them down. 

  39. 100 First Words for Little Geeks
  40. gifts-for-nerds-100-first-words-for-geeks

    Sure, your little one is obviously brilliant, but can she make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs? Or correctly spell “thermodynamics?” Brainiac parents will be delighted by these clever board books. The Little Geeks title is baby’s first introduction to STEM words, movie references, and all manner of fandoms. Little Geniuses covers science, the arts, and more, with words like quark, cubism, and mitochondria. 

  41. Personal Interactive Planetarium
  42. gifts-for-nerds-personal-planetarium

    Amateur astronomers can take a journey through the cosmos with this augmented reality viewer and audio guide. Insert your smartphone, and it overlays constellations, galaxies, planets, and cosmic factoids in six modes across the night sky. Like your own personal planetarium, this stellar device brings the digital and real worlds together, taking you from our little blue dot to the far reaches of the universe. 

  43. Slow Dance Sculpture
  44. gifts-for-nerds-slow-dance-sculpture

    Conceived as a wedding gift for dear friends, who are both dancers, this innovative design combines science, technology, and art to make everyday objects appear to move in slow motion. It’s an optical illusion, created by syncing lights to vibrations, but the scene is remarkably alluring: flowers, leaves, and other tiny treasures elegantly undulating within a shadow-box-style frame. Whether the piece is hung on the wall or positioned on a table or shelf, the objects can move freely through three different dance modes.

  45. Legend of Zelda Coffee Mug


    If you grew up playing Super Mario and Legend of Zelda on the Nintendo gaming consoles, then this Legend of Zelda coffee mug is the gift for you! Any nerd will attest, this all-time classic Nintendo game gave us some great life lessons. This Legend of Zelda retro game coffee mug is the perfect geeky gift for that gamer coffee-loving nerd in your life! Packed will 11oz of your favorite beverage and all the nostalgia you can handle, this mug is a geek gift win! 

  47. Star Wars Jedi Sith LED Light Saber
  48. gifts-for-nerds-led-lightsaber

    The perfect nerd gift doesn’t exi…You can act like you don’t want one, but if you’re a true Star Wars nerd, you want one. This Jedi Sith LED lightsaber is the perfect gift for that Star Wars nerd in your life! If you’ve ever pretended an empty wrapping paper roll is a lightsaber, then it’s time to grow up and get a real LED lightsaber. 

  49. Mechanical Paper Plane Launcher
  50. gifts-for-nerds-paper-plane-launcher

    The old-fashioned, hand-launched paper airplane gets a steampunk-inspired upgrade with this model plane launcher. First on your pre-flight checklist: follow the step-by-step instructions to assemble the baltic birch plywood pieces without glue or special tools. Next, get ready for takeoff by winding up the hand-held launcher’s rubber band motor, then pull the trigger to launch one of three included planes (one plywood glider and two paper airplanes) or your own lightweight creation. Send your aircraft almost 100 feet in loops or barrel rolls by adjusting the angle of the wings. 

  51. Blown Glass Radiometer
  52. gifts-for-nerds-windmill


    Like so many scientific discoveries, the radiometer—also known as the “light mill” because of how light makes the vanes spin—was invented more or less by accident. In 1873, while measuring minute amounts of substances, chemist Sir William Crookes noticed that sunlight disturbed the accuracy of his data. Investigating this effect, he invented this fascinating and geekily beautiful device, making the conversion of light into kinetic energy look mad cool. 

  53. Batman: The Golden Age Vol. 1 Comic Book
  54. gifts-for-nerds-batman-comic-book

    American popular culture has produced few heroic figures as famous and enduring as that of the Batman. The dark, mysterious hero who debuted in 1939’s Detective Comics #27 as the lone “Bat-man” quickly grew into the legend of the Caped Crusader. Batman: The Golden Age Volume One collects all of the Dark Knight Detective’s first-ever adventures from Detective Comics #27-45, Batman #1-3, and New York World’s Fair Comics #2. This comic makes a unique gift for that Batman fanatic in your life! 

  55. TV Genius Playing Cards
  56. gifts-for-nerds-tv-genius-playing-cards

    Place your bets. Jokers, Gilmore Girls, and Parks and Recreation are wild. Deal out the magic of television with this standard deck of illustrated playing cards. Filled with 54 of TV’s most influential stars and series creators, the deck splits up the genres by suits: hearts = comedy, clubs = drama, diamonds = crime, and spades = fantasy and science fiction. This playing card set makes a tremendous gift for that pop culture television nerd in your life! 

  57. Revolutionary Water Powered Watch
  58. gifts-for-nerds-water-powered-watch

    Run, run, run. Like most watches, that’s what this one does. Unlike them—but just like you—it needs hydration to keep on keeping on. Unscrew the back, fill it with water, and the H2O’s naturally occurring negative and positive ions generate electricity by reacting to the special metal plates. It makes a great gift for kids and adults who love science or geeky mechanical wonders. Choose from green, blue, purple, pink, red, orange, yellow, or gray.

  59. Literary Insults Chart
  60. gifts-for-nerds-literary-insults-chart

    Winston Churchill once said, “Tact is the ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip.” On the other hand, you could throw tact to the wind and go straight for this collection of zingers from great authors. These insults run the gamut, from sassy to sophisticated. It makes a great gift for any bibliophile or friend who enjoys acerbic wit. It makes a great gift for any bibliophile or friend who enjoys acerbic wit. 

  61. Mars Dust Globe Desk Toy
  62. gifts-for-nerds-mars-dust-globe

    A modern twist on a classic snow globe, this beauty will awaken the adventurer in anyone who shakes it. When the dust clears, you’ll see the planet view of Mars, with detailed topography of Valles Marineris and Olympus Mons on one side and an adult and child astronaut on the other. It’s a hopeful symbol of a future where our ability to explore will know no bounds. 

  63. Orba Handheld Multi-Instrument
  64. gifts-for-nerds-handheld-multi-instrument

    Have you ever dreamed about having a rhythm section ready to play at your whim? If so, this little powerhouse of an instrument is your new best friend/bandmate. It’s an instrument designed for your hands that connects a musician’s playing to the creative possibilities of digital sound. Tap, slide and drum your way to creating countless songs on the fly without needing to tune a single string or set up a single drum. The integrated looper lets you layer drums and bass over chords and lead parts so you can create a whole song in seconds.

  65. Star Wars Vinyl Clock


    This vintage-style wall clock is made of 12-inch vinyl record and works on 1 AA battery (not included). The Clock they have used in this design has the best quality quartz movement, and the outside design is made from a used vinyl music record, so it may have little scratches on the surface. This popular Star Wars-themed clock design is a perfect Christmas, anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, or graduation gifts for Star Wars fans!

  67. Air Pix Flying Camera
  68. gifts-for-nerds-air-pix-flying-camera

    Catch epic moments with your crew using this cutting-edge flying camera. It snaps photos or videos in-flight using super-charged, turbo fan propellers that hover up to 18 meters (about 60 feet). Here’s how it works: Download the connected app and turn your cell phone into a “remote control.” Fly the camera as high as you wish, then snapshots with the 12-megapixel lens. Your incredible selfies download straight to your phone for those social media shares that can’t wait. This is one must-have nerd gadget!

  69. Harry Potter Complete Series Book Set
  70. gifts-for-nerds-harry-potter-books

    If you’re a fan of the Harry Potter books, then one of the best gifts you can give is the gift of the magical world of Harry Potter to someone who has never read the complete series. This all-in-one book-lovers set is everything a new fan needs to catch up on all things Harry Potter. Whether you’re a first-time Harry Potter reader or you want the complete set, this package makes a great gift idea! 

  71. CIVIO Build Your Case Civil Rights Game
  72. gifts-for-nerds-civil-rights-game

    This isn’t your grandfather’s board game. In the words of legendary Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, “Real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time.” This intriguing gin-rummy style game reveals the many steps that have shaped civil rights in the United States over nearly 250 years. Using 78 colorful illustrated cards representing laws, court decisions, and more, players challenge each other to create precedents and race to become Chief Justice.