31 Marvel Gifts For Fans Who Have Everything

By Belinda Gosbee | Updated: March 6, 2023

    The Marvel Universe is enormous and true Marvel Fans undoubtedly already own a piece or two (or 10) of that cosmos. Thus we’ve scoured the interwebs to find you only the most unique marvel gifts– so you can be the superhero this Christmas/birthday/anniversary.

  1. Retro Movie Posters
  2. marvel-gifts-retro-posters

    These retro, mid-century Marvel posters are original and minimalist. The cast list appears in fine print at the bottom and the muted color tones would fit most decors without overpowering it. Frames not included.

  3. Captain Marvel Wallet


    If they dream of being an ex-U.S. Air Force fighter pilot turned extraterrestrial Kree warrior, this wallet will keep them feeling empowered as they go about their daily business. It’s just enough to pull attention without bringing too much bling.

  5. Black Panther Snapback Cap
  6. marvel-gifts-black-panther-cap

    If this officially licensed Marvel Black Panther Hat doesn’t get you into Wakanda … Made from 100% PU “vegan” leather for a sleek, stylish look, it’s one size fits most with a snapback adjustable strap and it’s an Amazon bestseller.

  7. Groot Succulent Planter
  8. marvel-gifts-groot-planter

    Gift them a guardian of their own galaxy with a unique baby Groot succulent planter. They not only look unusual but they’re made from an unusual substance – a combination of wood and biodegradable plastic. Seriously adorable. Succulent not included.

  9. Thor Coffee Mug 
  10. marvel-gifts-mug


    This 11 oz mug makes quite the impression as a one-of-a-kind collectible. The only thing it doesn’t do is magically refill your coffee. This has Father’s Day gift written all over it.

  11. Black Widow Sweatshirt Or Tee
  12. marvel-gifts-black-widow-sweater

    This choice of sweater or t-shirt is a subtle nod to Natalia Alianovna “Natasha” Romanoff, a.k.a Black Widow who was born in Stalingrad in 1984. Of course, only a real fan will get it and in the meantime, you’ve got an awesome retro top to pair with your jeans.

  13. Marvel Official Cookbook
  14. marvel-gifts-cookbook

    WTF? Yup you heard that correctly. Here’s an official cookbook from the peeps at Marvel and Chef Justin Warner. Think … Storm’s Tournedos, Hulk Smashed Potatoes, Green Goblin Pumpkin Bombs, or Nova Space Cop’s Galaxy Doughnuts. Okay, stop drooling and buy them the damn book!

  15. Katy Action Figure Keychain
  16. marvel-gifts-katy-keychain

    From Shang Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings, Katy is Shang Chi’s closest friend, sidekick, and just all-around cool chick. She’s played by Awkwafina and is sure to be a beloved new hero to many a young girl. 

  17. The Hulk Shift Knob 
  18. marvel-gifts-hulk-shift-knob

    A superhero shift knob may not provide your vehicle with superpowers, but it will allow you to use your favorite Marvel superhero to power down the road. If Hulk ain’t your man, there are five other Marvel choices.

  19. Deadpool Oven Mitt
  20. marvel-gifts-mittBring Deadpool into the kitchen with this themed oven mitt. Made of cotton twill, the mitt is machine washable.

  21. Watercolor Wall Art


    These prints capture some of their favorite characters from The Avengers in soft watercolors, which lend a somewhat ethereal quality. The prints measure 10 x 8 inches and are not framed.

  23. Hero Inspired Leather Wallet
  24. marvel-gifts-wallet

    They won’t see this one coming. A beautiful new distressed leather wallet etched with their favorite superhero. The wallet is ultra-slim and has a cash pocket, six card pockets, an exterior quick-access pocket, and a metal cash clip. Choose from 10 Marvel icons.

  25. Infinity Gauntlet Oven Glove 
  26. marvel-gifts-oven-glove

    Handle hot pots like an Avenger with the power of the Infinity Stones. The oven glove is just like the iconic gauntlet worn by Thanos except this one’s made from flexible, heat-resistant silicone. Perfect for the Marvel fan who likes to bake.

  27. Spiderman Toothbrush Holder
  28. marvel-gifts-toothbrush-holder

    This Spidey will make kids want to brush their teeth. He’s made of plastic so safe for a child’s bathroom and has four slots. 

  29. Tony Stark Vintage Sunglasses
  30. marvel-gifts-stark-sunglasses

    These replica glasses are identical to those Tony Stark is famed for, but they also serve as a solid pair of sun shades in their own right – providing 100% UV protection. They come in multiple colored lenses but choose “A2” if you want to match Tony. 

  31. Star-Lord Tee
  32. marvel-gifts-star-lord-tee

    Guardians of the Galaxy (or Chris Pratt) fans will appreciate this cryptic Star-Lord tee in the Klyn language. Get it in gray or blue (Chris wore gray) for men or women. So, what’s it actually say? The debate is still on.

  33. Avengers Whiskey Glasses 


    A collectible set of whiskey glasses will impress any bourbon-drinking Marvel fan. The glasses come packed in a Marvel window box that’s great for display and the pair celebrate yet another great Marvel world.

  35. Iron Man’s Final Speech
  36. marvel-gifts-iron-man-speech

    This print set will bring out all the feels for any true fan of the MCU (that’s Marvel Cinematic Universe). It’s an epic speech by Tony Stark and a heartwrenching one when placed into the context of The Avengers: Endgame. If they’re particularly fond of Iron Man this one’s your gift.

  37. Captain America Massaging Gaming/Office Chair
  38. marvel-gifts-captain-america-chair

    Upgrade their gaming set-up or make the workday more comfortable with this retro Marvel-inspired chair with neck pillow and lumbar massager. The chair’s made of high-density molded foam and reclines to 180° if they need a wee nap. 

  39. 20th Anniversary Wolverine
  40. marvel-gifts-wolverine-figurine

    Funko Pop! honors the 20th anniversary of the X-Men marvel movies with a Logan/Wolverine bobblehead figurine. The sharp-digited little guy stands 3 3/4 inches and comes in a keepsake display box. Plus, of course, he looks like Hugh Jackman.

  41. WandaVision Camping Mug
  42. marvel-gifts-wandavision-mug

    Inspired by Wanda Maximoff, a.k.a The Scarlet Witch, and her fellow Avenging hubby, Vision, these camping mugs are durable enamel and hold 12 oz. Choose the Romani sorceress alone or for a set, grab a matching Vision mug.

  43. Thor Wallet
  44. marvel-gifts-wallet


    Carry the God of Thunder in your purse or bag with this faux leather wallet. The outside has some outstanding and eyecatching applique work and features Thor’s helmet. A perfect gift for women, kids, or cosplayers.

  45. Stan Lee Mosaic Print
  46. marvel-gifts-stan-lee-print

    He’s the godfather of Marvel, and this Stan lee mosaic print is one of the best Marvel gifts for hardcore fans. Printed on fine archival paper with high-quality ink, the large photo comprises hundreds of Marvel characters. It’s sure to be a talking point in any room.

  47. Venom Crew Socks
  48. marvel-gifts-venom-socks

    Officially licensed, these Marvel comic book socks celebrate super-villain, and Spidey’s arch-nemesis, Venom. But, let’s face it, pop culture socks always make great gift ideas, and these savage symbiote ones will bond to any Marvel Geek‘s feet like an alien to a human host. 

  49. Captain America AirPod Case
  50. marvel-gifts-airpod-case

    Here’s something super cute for the fandom that also won’t break the budget – a 3D Marvel Captain America Shield Case for their AirPods. It’s far more standout than the traditional white case; it’s convenient to charge and compatible with Generation 1 & 2 AirPods.

  51. Marvel Encyclopedia
  52. marvel-gifts-encyclopedia

    Recently revised, extended, and updated, the Marvel Encylopedia is an absolute MUST for any fan who wants to go deep into the MCU. It details little-known facts about all the iconic Marvel characters and is created in full collaboration with Marvel Comics. This is the BIBLE.

  53. Baby Groot Cutting Board 
  54. marvel-gifts-groot-chopping-board

    Guardian of the Galaxy‘s Baby Groot is adorable, naive, and mischievous – and up for any challenge. Like slicing and dicing fruits and veggies, or displaying your cheeseboard or dessert offerings.  

  55. Iron Man Wireless Mouse
  56. marvel-gifts-mouse

    Now you can have Marvel avengers in the palm of your hand all day long. Enter the Iron Man mouse and yes, his eyes do light up. In addition, it’s wireless, no software is needed, and it’s compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac.


    Sleek and regal, like the King of Wakanda himself, this officially licensed tie bar features a polished black finish with the face of T’Challa’s alter ego. Do you love those matching cufflinks? Get them over here.

  57. Marvel Comics Blanket
  58. marvel-gifts-blanket

    If classic Marvel comics are more their thing, this snuggly throw blanket will give their space a heroic upgrade. It features 72 unique Marvel comic book covers, is officially licensed, and has a thick and fluffy sherpa lining on the flip side.

  59. I Love You 3000 Wooden Decor
  60. marvel-gifts-wooden-sign

    A simple way to say how much you love them, this wooden gift has the heartfelt final words of Iron Man’s Tony Stark. It’s made from Birch Wood and is a touching gift to a true fan.