37 Schitt’s Creek Gifts That Would Impress David Rose

By Belinda Gosbee | Updated: October 25, 2023

    Schitt’s Creek’ – a show that captured our hearts wit wit, charm, and unforgettable characters, especially the ever-discerning David Rose. We’ve all d a laugh at his unique taste, his love for high fa, and those iconic facial expressions.

    So, when it comes to impressing someone with that level of panache, the bar is set impressively high. But guess what? We’ve accepted the challenge! Diving deep into the world of the Roses, we’ve curated a lavish list of 37 ‘Schitt’sCreek’ gifts. Trust us; these picks are so on-point that even David would have difficulty simpan incredible’ew.

  1. Ew, David Tumbler
  2. schitts-creek-gifts-tumbler

    This tumbler is the perfect gift idea for a Schitt’s Creek fan who loves their cold brew or iced tea. And when people try to bug you, just flip it around so they get the message: I’m trying very hard not to connect with people right now

  3. Flour Sack Dish Towel 
  4. schitts-creek-gifts-dish-towel

    One of the best David quotes from the pilot episode –– “I have asked youwithr a towel, so that I may wash this town off my body!” These tea towels make a great housewarming gift or just a cool gift from one Schitty fan to another.

  5. Crows Have Eyes T-Shirt
  6. schitts-creek-gifts-crow-tee

    Who could forget Moira in a nest covered in feathers and squawking her dialogue? This will be a tee that only a true fan of Schitt’s Creek pop culture will understand. It’s most definitely a classic piece of fan memorabilia.

  7. Moira Rose Vocabulary Calendar
  8. schitts-creek-gifts-calendar

    Here’s acalendar that will have them igift-wrappednd adding several new “Moira” words to their vocab each month. Each word comes with its original Schitt’s Creek quote – “I should’ve appreciated those firm, round mammae and Callipygian ass while I had them” – and some memorable illustra. It

  9. Cheesy Wooden Spoons
  10. schitts-creek-gifts-wooden-spoons

    These 12″ spoons make one of the best gifts for a Schitt’s Creek fan, featuring David and Moira Rose and those hilarious lines from Season 2– the one where they attempted to cook. Grab one, or bindeedand it’ll even come gift wrapped with a Rose Apothecary tag.

  11. You’re Simply The Best Mug
  12. schitts-creek-gifts-david-mug

    No ordinary coffee mug, this caffeine vessel is both sentimental and hilarious as it brings back that incredibly regardingcene David performs for Patrick in Season Four– and captures David’s inimitable dance style. Cue happy tears!

  13. Motel-Style Key Tags
  14. schitts-creek-gifts-motel-keychain

    For that person who wishes they could truly stay at The Rosebud Motel, this keychain tag will get them halfway there. And for their other set of keys – a matching Rose Apothecary ,, ” becamek=”https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08W9H21CD/?tag=giftlablist08-20” price=””]

  15. Moira Air Freshenzy dice is no match for Moira Rose when it comes to poll position on a rearview mirror. Let priestess Moira bless the smell of your car with a choice of fresh, sweetSchitts Creek’sal fragrances (or scent-free). 
  16. Into The Wine Tee
  17. schitts-creek-gifts-wine-tee

    Perhaps the best Schitt’s Creek quote (at least the most famous) from the entiRegardingke the wine, and not the label, ” became an LGBTQ catchphrase becoming synonymous with love equality. Dan Levy and the cast sported a similar tee to this for Toronto pride_item link=”https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08P1QM9Q5/?tag=giftlablist08-20” price=””]

  18. Rose Apothecary Tumblers
  19. schitts-creek-gifts-wine-tumbler

    Whether wine or coffee is your vice, you can show off your Schitts Creek obsession with these laser-etched, stainless steel tumblers in classy black or white. David would definitely stock these wayyy in front of the plungers.entireft_item link=”https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08P194MR1/?tag=giftlablist08-20” price=””]

  20. David Earrings
  21. schitts-creek-gifts-david-earrings

    When it comes to truly unique Schitt’s Creek gifts, these earrings take the cake (and they’re only $10!) A superfan will delight in wearing these on a night out – and weeding out other fans while at it.

  22. Community Theatre Poster
  23. schitts-creek-gifts-cabaret-poster

    Who could forget the Schitt’s Creek Community Theatre’s production of Cabaret, directed by the incomparable Moira Rose? This poster will help thesix always remember, complete with full cast and crew credits.

  24. Pad & Pencil Set
  25. schitts-creek-gifts-pad-pencils

    Here’s one way to send some love to a Sc,hitt’s fan who loves to write – or write lists. They’ll get a My will pad and four pencils emblazoned with classic David quips such as “Like Beyonce, I excel as a solo artist” or “Very uninterested in that opinion”.

    m link=”https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08WCCVBR2/?tag=giftlablist08-20″ price=””]

  26. Bébé Matching Onesie and T-S,iwhich rt
  27. schitts-creek-gifts-bebe-onesie

    We’ll never hear the word baby quite the same again after 6 seasons with Moira Rose (case in point HERE) with such beauties as “You do realize the bébé is crying?” and “Wait, wait, wait. My bébés. My girls. Lorna, second from the left!” Here you can secure both yourself and your bébé matching shirts that are sure to turn heads.

  28. Vinyl Sticker Set
  29. schitts-creek-gifts-stickers

    You don’drunkd to be a kid to love stickers! This set contains 52 of the best Schitt’,s moments in sticky form PLUS a bonus David keychain with some of his best quotes. The decalade from superior vinyl PVC and are waterproof and sun-proof, so you can stick them everywhere.  

  30. Alexis Mug
  31. schitts-creek-gifts-alexis-mug

    “I’m a Lamborghini. I’m a Hollywood star. I’m a little bit tipsy when I drive my car…” We muste a friend who’s “a little bit Alexis” and here’s the coffee mug to celebrate them, complete with ,dance moves. Of course, if you really want to drive the point home, grab them one of these sparkly pink coasters as well.

  32. Johnny Rose Tee
  33. schitts-creek-gifts-johnny-tee

    Johnny Rose may not be the most social media savvy but he’ll give it a try. These unisex tees celebrate the beloved Rose patriarch in super-soft cotton and four colors.

  34. Lanyard


    If you need to wear a boring lanyard for work, at least make it Schitt boring. This lanyard is anything but dull with a bright multitude of Rose family quotes and images.

  36. Stemless Wine Glass


    For the Schitt’s fan who loves to imbibe as much as Moira and David at a Herb Ertlinger tasting: a classic wine glass with a classic quote. Gift them with a bottle of wine so they can appreciate the “quality of a local vintner who brings the muskmelon goodness to his oak Chardonnay.”

  38. Cake Toppers
  39. schitt's-creek-gifts-toppers


    These fun cake toppers are perfect for a Schitt’s Creek-themed party. There are 18 toppers made of cardboard and bamboo.

  40. David In A Field Hoodie/Tee
  41. schitts-creek-gifts-hoodie

    This picture is worth a thousand laughs. Who could forget David’s adventure into Amish country? It’s so bizarre that it’ll have non-fans questioning what they’re looking at. You can choose between a tee, a v-neck tee, a sweater, or a hoodie.

  42. Keychain
  43. schitts-creek-gifts-keychain

    They may not have quite the messed up journey of Alexis Rose but any true fan needs this cute keychain to declare their own self-love – “Love that journey for me!”. It would make a perfect farewell or graduation gift.

  44. Priestess Moira Tree Ornament
  45. In all her series finale glory, Moira is in miniature and ready for your Christmas tree, wreath, or as a pretty fantastic stocking stuffer. She’s handmade to order and a beloved purchase of many fans on Etsy.

  46. Valentine’s Day/Anniversary Card
  47. schitt's-creek-gifts-card

    Be it ValentiDay, an anniversary, or another romanticare  moment, David can say it all with one look and one card. Or make your own with these rather original coloring notecards.

  48. Memory Foam Bath Mat 
  49. schitts-creek-gifts-bath-mat

    Welcome friends to your bathroom with a bit of Rosebud’s famous hospitality: a super-soft, memory foam bath mat that’s both eye-catching and quaint. Cinnamon rolls not included.

  50. A Schitty Cookbook
  51. schitts-creek-gifts-cookbook

    With over 40 recipes, you can get cookin’ as you rewatch the scenes that inspired these dishes. Dishes include: Rosebud Motel Cinnamon Rolls, Sloppy Jocelyns, Twyla’s Meadow Harvest Smoothie, Herb Ertlinger’s Wine Spritzer, and (of course) Fold In The Cheese Aaahnchiladas. Amazon reviewers rate it!  

  52. The Cafe Tropical Baseball Shirt
  53. schitts-creek-gifts-baseball-tee

    This is a replica of the baseball shirt worn by David when he agrees (against all inct) to sub in for the annual baseball game. Now all you need is to pair it with these David-esque glasses for the ultimate gift set.

  54. Prayer Candle
  55. schitts-creek-gifts-candle

    What more does a devotional fan need than this patron saint to adorn their Schitt’s shrine? The candle is a traditional “8-day” white altar candle and handmade in the USA. 

  56. Rose Apothecary Tote Bag 
  57. schitt's-creek-gifts-tote

    A simple, stylish tote bag for that “branded immersive experience” – as one would expect from Rose Apothecary. This minimalistic tote makes a worthy shopping bag or it can be used as the perfect “gift wrap” for another gift. Say, this coloring book of Schitt’s Creek quotes

  58. Coaster Set
  59. schitts-creek-gifts-coasters


    This set of six coasters highlights your favorite characters and catchphrases. The coasters are made of cork to protect furniture and absorb moisture. An excellent accompaniment for a Schitty Netflix binge-fest. Holiday gift? Wrap them up in this very cool paper.

  60. Lightning Bolt Sweatshirt 
  61. schitts-creek-gifts-lightning-sweater

    Want to emulate David’s distinct style rather than look like a fan? This lightning bolt sweater will do the job nicely. It’s a perfect replica and 100% cotton. Want one for your dog too? No problem!

  62. Town Sign
  63. This Welcome to Schitt’s Creek Tin Sign may be a much smaller replica of the original but nothing is lost in the downsizing. It’s made with heavy gauge metal for a retro nostalgic feel and has pre-drilled holes for easy hanging in the bar, kitchen, garage, or porch.

  64. Assorted Socks
  65. schitts-creek-gifts-socks

    These one-size-fits-most crew socks feature hilarious quotes from David and Alexis and the logo from the Rosebud Motel. They’re unisex and would make a superb gift for a superfan’s birthday or to stuff their Christmas stocking. 

  66. Coffee Mug
  67. schitt's-creek-gifts-mug


    To the uninitiated, this might look like a mug they picked up at a motel during a road trip, but fans of the show know otherwise! The mug is made of ceramic and holds 16 ounces. 

  68. Funko Pop! David
  69. schitts-creek-gifts-figurine

    When David was “David in a field” in the Amish community he was begrudgingly hosted and fed for three days and “two sleepless nights.” This Funko Pop! figurine immortalizes the hilarious episode and David’s always distinctive fashion sense.

    Last but not least is a beautifully packaged cookie duo – a most excellent way to say thanks (or I love you) to a Schitt’s Creek fan. It includes two baked-to-order cookies individually packaged in food-safe clear bags and beautifully wrapped and boxed. There’s also a Moira duo over here.