27 Star Trek Gifts That Will Surely Beam Them Up

By David Lautaret | Updated: November 1, 2022

    From Deep Space Nine to The Next Generation, Star Trek is a science fiction media giant with quite the cult following. If you’ve got a Star Trek fan in your life, it can be overwhelming knowing where to start when finding them a gift (especially if you are not a fan yourself). Luckily we’re experts around here, so we’ve got the perfect gift guide no matter your favorite Star Trek iteration.

  1. Star Trek Bamboo Cutting Board


    Star Trek lovers present your very own decorative bamboo cutting board. Part of living well is eating well so this is a reminder to eat well and prosper! 

  3. Optical Illusion Battleship Lamp
  4. star-trek-gifts-battleship-lamp

    This 3D optical illusion lamp is awesome! You can change the ship between seven different colors to fit your mood. It’s a flat surface but looks completely three-dimensional. This makes a great gift for any Star Trek fan that needs a little extra light. 

  5. Next-Generation Bluetooth Communicator Badge
  6. star-trek-gifts-communicator-badge

    With Bluetooth V5 for longer battery life and a new Silver Metal Delta plating to protect the paint against wear and tear, the 2021 Star Trek TNG ComBadge is much more than a prop scaled replica. Its everyday useful features make it the coolest Star Trek collectible in the Delta Quadrant. 

  7. Spock Coffee Mug


    Do you have a friend who likes coffee and Star Trek? This is the mug for them! Made of ceramic it holds 20 ounces, plenty to get them going in the morning. 

  9. Quark’s Bar Pint Glass
  10. star-trek-gifts-quarks-bar-pint-glass

    Deep Space Nine Quark’s Bar pint beer glass features the Quark’s Bar logo digitally printed in full color. This beautiful pint glass makes a great gift for anyone lucky enough to have a taste for both delicious beer and Star Trek as a whole, specifically the Deep Space Nine plotline. 

  11. Star Trek Stickers
  12. star-trek-gifts-stickers


    We know what we’re doing here. You love stickers; I love stickers; everybody loves Star Trek stickers. Stick these babies on your laptop, water bottle, bathroom mirror, anywhere and everywhere you can think of because this bad boy comes with 50 stickers—the perfect gift to let your custom Star Trek flag fly. 

  13. USS Enterprise Pizza Cutter
  14. star-trek-gifts-pizza-cutter

    This collectible Star Trek USS Enterprise Pizza Cutter is a must-have addition to any cooking space. Flaunt your fandom while upgrading your kitchen accessories with this professional quality pizza slicer. Inspired by the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 ship from Star Trek: The Original Series. Specially designed with fans in mind, the ship designation is laser-etched on stainless steel blade’s wheel blade.

  15. Star Trek Qi Wireless Charger
  16. star-trek-gifts-wireless-charger

    This Star Trek Qi Wireless Charger is much more than just a convenient way to charge your phone or tablet. With an Illuminated Starfleet logo that looks beautiful when the device is charging, this wireless charger is a great gift for Sci-Fi fans looking for a unique Star Trek collectible.

  17. The Klingon Dictionary
  18. star-trek-gifts-klingon-dictionary

    As far as Star Trek gifts go, this one is for those who proudly call themselves Star Trek geeks. The Klingon Dictionary is the first comprehensive sourcebook for Klingon language and syntax, including fundamental rules of grammar and words and expressions that illustrate the complex nature of Klingon culture. It features a precise pronunciation guide, rules for proper use of affixes and suffixes, and a small phrasebook with Klingon translations for essential expressions.

  19. Star Trek Cats Windshield SunShade
  20. star-trek-gifts-shade


    If you need to keep your car cool and show passersby how cool you are and how much you love cats, this is the sunshade! It makes the perfect gift for anyone who wants to keep that hot sun out of their car interior and also happens to like watching Star Trek while they’re safely at home and not just driving wildly on the freeway. 

  21. Star Trek Flannel Blanket
  22. star-trek-gifts-flannel-blanket

    This super-soft Starfleet Command fleece is 50 inches by 40 inches and is as cozy as it sounds. It makes an excellent gift for that Star Trek fan who needs a little help staying warm this winter! 

  23. Spock Socks
  24. Star-trek-gifts-spock-socks

    Random chance seems to have operated in your favor! What luck to come across these Star Trek Spock Crew Socks with Ears. What better way to show you’re a serious fan of Mr. Spock? The knit socks feature Spock from the Original Series with little attached Vulcan ears poking out for a serious statement.

  25. Star Trek Key Chain


    A Starfleet Academy keychain! If your Star Trek-loving friend owns some keys, then this is the gift for them. It’s a piece of Star Trek fandom that will help you not lose the keys to your house, car, or mailbox. A great Star Trek-inspired gift that won’t break the bank!

  27. Moods of Spock T-Shirt
  28. star-trek-gifts-moods-of-spock-t-shirt

    Boldly go where no one has gone before with this out-of-this-world Star Trek Moods of Spock t-shirt. These shirts are super comfortable and come in several color options. Available in men’s, women’s, and youth sizes. 

  29. Five-Year Mission Board Game
  30. star-trek-gifts-five-year-mission-board-game

    You are about to begin your 5-year mission aboard the USS Enterprise. But which one? You can crew the classic Enterprise NCC-1701 or the next generation NCC 1701-D. Use your skills wisely to give your crew the best chance at success.  So, which is the crew for you-The Original Series or the Next Generation? This board game can be played with between 3-7 players and takes about 45-minutes to play, making it perfect for game night!

  31. USS Enterprise Bluetooth Speaker
  32. star-trek-gifts-bluetooth-speaker

    This 12” long USS Enterprise replica wireless Bluetooth speaker is much more than just a scaled replica collectible. Its astounding and useful features make it one of the best TNG collectible gifts around! 

  33. Chateau Picard Wine Glass Set of Two
  34. star-trek-gifts-picard-wine-glass

    This Star Trek Picard Wine Glass Set is the perfect holiday, birthday, or graduation gift to give any Star Trek: Picard fan. Fans of Captain Picard can enjoy 16 oz. of their favorite beverage from this stemless wine glass set. 

  35. Captain’s Log Journal


    If you’ve got some things you want to write down, why do it in any other notebook than an official Star Trek Captain’s Log journal? This journal makes a great gift for students, professionals, or anyone needing to take notes. 

  37. Women’s Picard Raglan Nightgown
  38. star-trek-gifts-raglan-nightgown

    These nightgowns are officially licensed and incredibly cozy. It makes an excellent gift for that lady in your life who loves the CBS show Star Trek: Picard (or maybe just Jean-Luc Picard himself) and also likes wearing television-themed pajama nightgowns. This can also be bought for yourself as a terrific self-care gift. 

  39. Star Trek TNG Cats Playing Cards Throw Blanket
  40. star-trek-throw-blanket

    A lot is going on with this throw blanket. Not only does it involve cats, which already makes it awesome, but it involves cats playing cards. But we’re not done. Not only are these cats playing cards, but they’re playing cards while dressed in Star Trek The Next Generation uniforms. Come on; you know you want this blanket for yourself. But, it works equally as well as a wonderful gift to fans of cats, card games, animals dressing up as people, and/or fans of Star Trek TNG. 

  41. Star Trek Funko POPS
  42. star-trek-gifts-figures


    Whether you need a gift for a fan of the original Star Trek series or just a Trekkie who likes action figures, this gift is a must-have! It includes Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock. It makes a great nostalgic gift for those who grew up playing with action figures and watching Star Trek from the beginning!

  43. Star Trek: Discovery Whiskey Glass
  44. star-trek-discovery-whiskey-glass

    The Star Trek: Discovery Property of U.S.S. Discovery Rocks glass features USS Discovery NCC-1031 beautifully etched in frosted white. This makes a great gift for anyone who likes to drink their whiskey, or assorted beverages, from a fancy Star Trek: Discovery glass. 

  45. Star Trek Designing Starships Book
  46. star-trek-gifts-starships-book

    This book, which covers more than 30 ships, including the U.S.S Voyager, Delta Flyer, V’ger, and the Enterprise-J, is packed with original concept art and includes work from legendary artists Syd Mead and Robert McCall. Continue exploring the design process that led to the iconic Star Trek ships from the hit television programs and films. Featuring interviews with the ship designers and screen model builders, this first-time-ever explored subject will appeal to all Star Trek fans.

  47. Star Trek Phaser


    The first thing I always ask when someone tells me they’re a Star Trek fan is, “Where do you keep your phaser?” If you don’t have one, you aren’t one. Trekkies know. This phaser replica is made of resin and is suitable for cosplay.  It’s a must-have gadget for any Star Trek costume. 

  49. Star Trek: Voyager Borg Sphere
  50. star-trek-borg-sphere

    This version of the Borg Sphere is the one that appeared in Star Trek: Voyager. The complicated surface detailing provided a real challenge for the model-makers and resulted in one of the most intricate collection models. It stands at 2 feet tall and is an immeasurably impressive collection piece to own or give as a gift. 

  51. The Next Generation Series 1000-Piece Puzzle


    Fans will love this 1000 piece Star Trek: The Next Generation jigsaw puzzle. Take an adventure with Cobble Hill’s 1000-piece random cut puzzle made with textured linen print paper to reduce glare and a reference poster to help assemble the puzzle. Makes a great gift for the incredibly patient Star Trek fan. 

  53. Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu Christmas Ornament
  54. star-trek-gifts-christmas-ornament

    Relive the “Mirror, Mirror” episode of Star Trek with this Keepsake Christmas ornament of Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu. Storytellers ornament plays a sound and light show when connected to Hallmark’s Keepsake Power Cord. It makes a unique Christmas gift for those in your life who can’t get enough Christmas ornaments in their lives.