25 Science Gifts That Are Sure To Make A Big Bang

By Belinda Gosbee | Updated: November 28, 2023

    Step into the laboratory of gift-giving, where beakers bubble with excitement and the air crackles with anticipation for the science aficionado in your life. It’s not just about gifting something; it’s about celebrating the curious minds that get a thrill from the periodic table and are passionate about pushing boundaries beyond Earth’s atmosphere.  

    We’ve curated a gift guide of the best science gifts that are more than just a novelty—they’re a nod to the geniuses who spend nights stargazing and days hypothesizing. Whether they’re amateur astronomers, biology buffs, or chemistry enthusiasts, these gifts are curated to ignite their scientific spark. Picture the fusion of fun and education as they unwrap a gift that not only adds to their collection but also to their insatiable quest for knowledge.

    So put on your safety goggles and prepare to make a big bang with your present—it’s time to give a gift as extraordinary as a supernova and as timeless as the fossils waiting to be discovered.

  1. Chemist’s Spice Rack 


    When a love of science and food collide, this one makes a brilliant gift. This spice rack “chemistry” set is made of wood with glass accessories that include nine test tubes for spices, three flasks for sugar, salt, and pepper, a flask for olive oil, and 36 stickers to label each piece. 

  3. Coffee Mug


    The perfect science gift for a teacher or lab technician, this coffee mug is a fun joke for chemistry nerds. It’ll hold 16 oz of their favorite beverage. The mug is microwave-safe, but handwashing is recommended.

  5. DNA Strand Earrings
  6. science-gifts-dna-earrings

    Deoxyribonucleic acids never looked so cute! How about a DNA double helix in vibrant blue 3D for your clan’s most incredible science geek? The earrings also come packaged in an attractive navy gift box.

  7. Bobblehead Albert Einstein 


    Who could say “nein” to this adorable Albert Einstein computer-sitter bobblehead? He’s officially licensed as a Royal Bobbles collectible and has a unique serial number hologram for authenticity. He’ll also arrive in a colorful, printed collector’s box.

  9. Glow in The Dark Constellation Blanket 


    Bring the wonders of the night sky to your space geek’s bedroom with this unique microfiber blanket. It not only has a fantastic glow-in-the-dark constellation design, but it’s also incredibly snuggly and soft. An Amazon bestseller that makes aan excellentgift for men, women, and kids of all ages.

  11. Geology Humor Tee
  12. science-gifts-geology-tee

    Let their witty geo side shine when they proudly wear this t-shirt featuring the classification scheme for igneous rocks. This one’s a memorable and funny science gift for the rock fan or geologist.

  13. Periodic Table Colorful Scarf  
  14. science-gifts-periodic-scarf

    Help them to rock a little chemistry pizazz and instantly dress up any outfit. This Periodic Table of Elements infinity scarf is sure to be a talking point and makes a subtle, unique gift for science teachers or science nerds.


    Doesn’t everyone want to cut their DNA sequence? Well, with these DNA and chromosome cookie cutters, they can. These make great gift ideas for everyone, from a science lover to a forensics friend. You could even use them for a nerdy gender reveal party.

  15. Women of Science Tote Bag 


    This tote is made of heavy-duty polyester, is printed on both sides and heralds the contributions of some of science’s finest brains.—asuperb gift for the up-and-coming female scientist of the family.

  17. Beaker Wine Glass 
  18. science-gifts-wine-glass

    For those who enjoy their Vitis Vinifera with scientific precision, this glassware is not just kitschy but individually handcrafted to be fine drinking ware.—aunique party piece for classy science enthusiasts.

  19. Cute Keychain
  20. science-gifts-keychain

    Understated, sweet, and lightweight, this keychain will surely make any science lover happy. Science gift ideas don’t need to be complicated or expensive.

  21. Physics Lesson Shower Curtain
  22. science-gifts-shower-curtain

    Get more brilliant the shower with one swift purchase– a decorative shower curtain crammed with physics equations. Made from high-quality 100% Turkish polyester, it’s both waterproof and machine washable, and it won’t fade.

  23. Cell Biology Game 
  24. science-gifts-biology-game

    Fun for the whole family! …or not. Either way, science lovers will go crazy for this biology board game that lets them build enzymes, hormones, and receptors and play with proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, and DNA. It also complies with STEM standards and is recommended for adults and kids from 10 years up.

  25. Desk Planets  
  26. science-gifts-desk-planets

    A gorgeous gift for the astronomer or “outer space” fan, this subtle rendering of the planets of our solar system (sans Pluto) makes an artsy and original desk display. The planets are handcrafted from gemstones and seated on a walnut base.

  27. LEGO Research Institute
  28. science-gifts-lego

    A real-life geoscientist created this DIY Lego Research Institute and depicts three professions within the world of natural science–– a paleontologist, an astronomer, and a chemist. It also comes with a booklet about the creator and the professions.

  29. Not Your Average Science Book 
  30. science-gifts-funny-book

    Science…for Her! is a faux science book written in the vein of women’s magazines–– because that’s how women do science, right? Comedy writer (and Twitter sensation) Megan Amram delivers a hilarious attack on the absurdities of being female that only women (especially women in science) would understand.

  31. Physics Humor Tee
  32. science-gifts-physics-tee

    Gift this t-shirt to a friend who loves physics–– and perhaps a good dad joke. Perfect for a teacher who wants to impress their students or anyone who needs to express their witty love of science.

  33. Giant Microbe Gift Box


    Epidemics and plagues mark history, and it’s what a biologist’s dreams are made of. So why not gift them this cute Plagues From History science toy set? Introducing Covid-19, Zika, Measles, Pandemic Flu, and SARS.

  35. Serotonin Molecule Leggings 
  36. science-gifts-leggings

    Get the happiness flowing with a pair of high-quality serotonin molecule-printed yoga leggings. Each pair is hand-cut and sewn, and you can choose from bright yellow or classy black. Even better, there’s a pocket in the waistband, and USD 1 from each product goes to science education.

  37. Levitating Desk Lamp 


    All science nerds love to impress others with the magic of science, and this levitating lamp gadget is sure to do just that. By using the wonders of electromagnetic forces, the LED lightbulb floats freely in the air without any support or contact while the bulb itself is powered via induction. No wires or batteries are required.

  39. Baby University Board Books
  40. science-gifts-board-books

    What do you gift a science nut who’s just made a new human? Baby science lessons! These bestselling books feature simple introductions to scientific principles. The set includes Quantum Physics for Babies, Rocket Science for Babies, General Relativity for Babies, and Newtonian Physics for Babies. Y’know, just the fundamental stuff.

  41. Biodegradable Phone Case
  42. science-gifts-phone-case

    Marie Curie conducted pioneering research on radioactivity and was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize. Oh, and then she won it again. So she’s a science goddess. The phone case is 100% biodegradable and made from soil, onions, carrots, pepper, sawdust, rice, soybeans, and wheat. For iPhone sizes XS through 11.

  43. Anatomic Brain Coasters  
  44. science-gifts-brain-coasters

    For the sweet neuroscientist in your life, how about this set of glass brain coasters that celebrate cerebral matter? And when the set of 10 is stacked together, it appears as a complete 3D brain!

  45. Serotonin Molecule Necklace
  46. chemistry gifts necklace

    A chemical structure turned into a piece of delicate jewelry. Serotonin is a contributor to feelings of well-being and happiness. Give them a gift of science and happiness. This is perfect for the women in science in your life. 

  47. Telescope
  48. space-gifts-telescope


    This 70 x 400 mm refractor telescope is gexcellentfor observing celestial bodies. It features all-glass optical components that provide clear, crisp views of the world beyond our own. This telescope is quick and easy to set up, even for the novice and will encourage kids and adults alike to love learning about space.

    What are the best gifts for science lovers?

    From groundbreaking gadgets that bring the cosmos to the living room to kits that transform kitchens into biology labs, this guide is brimming with ideas that merge fun with learning. Whether your recipient is a budding Einstein, a hobbyist astronomer, or simply a lover of all things science, this list promises a spectrum of exciting finds bound to leave them in awe!

    If you periodically need to buy something for the science enthusiast, we have some great science gifts that will bring a reaction.