23 Fun Harry Potter Gifts for a Wonderful Wizarding Wedding

By Paul Marino | Updated: December 16, 2022

    Love is in the air for Wizards and Muggles alike! So give your loved ones a little piece of Hogwarts on their special day, and Wingardium Leviosa, your Harry Potter wedding gift above the rest!

  1. Cake Topper


    This single word is perhaps the most meaningful and certainly the most romantic in the entire Harry Potter series. And a perfect way for a bride and groom to show their commitment and top their wedding cake! 

  3. Harry Potter Photo Scrapbook
  4. Harry-Potter-Scrapbook

    Photo op! Every wedding concludes with hundreds, if not thousands, of pictures of the day. Since it’s so hard to pick from only a handful of photos for an album, this scrapbook is the perfect gift to keep those unforgettable moments close to the heart. Photos can continue to be added as the couple goes on more adventures after their magical Harry Potter Wedding!

  5. Chocolate Frog Jewelry Case
  6. Chocolate-Frog-Jewelry-Case

    Although the frog is not chocolate, this gift is sweet. This unique gift case will provide Harry Potter fans with adequate storage for their most treasured belongings, whether storing rings, necklaces, or other wizardly trinkets. 

  7. Personalized Cutting Board
  8. Harry-Potter-Cutting-Board

    Personalized for any name and date, this cutting board is engraved with one of the most iconic lines from the Harry Potter universe. True love transcends time, and this gift won’t disappoint your newlyweds for years to come. A really unique Harry Potter wedding gift!

  9. The Marauder’s Map Throw Blanket
  10. The-Marauders-Map-Throw

    Whether being used for decoration or to snuggle up with, this tapestry throw blanket is all that is needed to accent a wizard’s house common room. So curl up and read your favorite Harry Potter book or grab some popcorn to visit Hogwarts on the big screen!

  11. Customizable Quidditch Mugs
  12. Quidditch-Mugs

    A wizard can never have enough coffee, tea, or butterbeer. This duo of mugs can be customized on the front or back to add that special touch to any witch’s favorite brew of choice. The best part of all? Dishwasher safe!

  13. Golden Snitch Light
  14. Golden-Snitch-Light

    One hundred and fifty points to Gryffindor! The Golden Snitch can help add a little extra light to a room or provide some added illumination to your desk when you’re hard at work. Add some Quidditch to the Bride or Groom’s life with this little piece of Harry Potter History.

  15. Wizard Chess Set
  16. Wizards-Chess

    Looking for gift ideas for a competitive couple? Finely crafted and highly detailed, this officially licensed chess set looks like it came right from out of the movies. Whether the newlyweds play a wild game or decorate the family room, these miniatures are sure to make a statement. Re-live the epic moments from the films!

  17. Hogwarts Paint-By-Numbers Kit
  18. Harry-Potter-Paint-By-Numbers

    Give your bride & groom a fun post-wedding activity that can add some pop to their home decor. This is not your typical paint-by-numbers canvas, but a mix of Van Gogh’s famous Starry Night and the equally famous Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Your married wizards can work together to make this stylized mash-up of Harry Potter and contemporary art. 

  19. Personalized Cake Server
  20. Harry-Potter-Cake-Server

    This stainless-steel cake server is a gift any Harry Potter couple will love; this stainless-steel cake server is the perfect item to add that personalized touch to any wedding reception. Made custom for each order, all you have to do is provide names and dates! As sweet a gift as the cake being served at a Harry Potter-themed wedding.

  21. Alohomora Key Hook
  22. Harry-Potter-Key-Hook

    Chances are, after the wedding, your couple won’t be moving into Godric’s Hollow but will be moving into a more traditional home. With this cute key hook, based on the lock-opening spell from the Potter-verse, a key will never be lost again! Some simple muggle tools are all it will take to add a little charm to the home entrance. 

  23. Harry Potter Porcelain Place Set
  24. Harry-Potter-Place-Set

    This 4-piece set includes a dinner plate, salad plate, bowl, and mug beautifully adorned with imagery from the Harry Potter books and films. Whether having a cup of coffee or a morning bowl of cereal, these are a welcome reminder of all the fun times had following Harry and his friends on all their adventures. One of the coolest Harry Potter wedding gifts ideas for the new couple.

  25. Mr. & Mrs. Shot Glasses
  26. Harry-Potter-Shotglasses

    Any Potterhead would love to have any of the items on this list, but why not have a little fun with Mr. & Mrs. Harry Potter shot glasses during the reception? This pair is high-quality and sturdy glass etched with a Harry Potter lightning bolt scar-inspired design. Raise a glass to love and prosperity!

  27. Quidditch Storage Jars
  28. Harry-Potter-Jars

    This ceramic gift set will give any kitchen an enchanting upgrade. These containers offer extra storage for potions, spices, sugar, anything a witch or wizard would need. Cutely adorned with various Quidditch game staples, you can’t go wrong!

  29. Harry Potter Ring Box
  30. Harry-Potter-Ring-Box

    Speaking of the Unbreakable Vow, why not surprise the betrothed with a handmade wooden mini-chest to house their wedding band? So well-made you could swear that there’s a protection charm cast upon it! The seller has worked with their customers to make custom orders, so reach out and see if you can design the perfect Harry Potter-themed ring box.

  31. Harry Potter Wine Glass Charms
  32. Harry-Potter-Wine-Glass-Charms

    After the wedding, or at the bridal shower, give the newlyweds another excuse to celebrate their marriage! This 12-piece set adds a unique flair to guests’ drinks of fancy. Each piece highlights an essential part of the Harry Potter story, from Harry’s owl Hedwig to the Sorting Hat and even the powerful Deathly Hallows. Convenient storage is included with a box and clip to ensure that a spell won’t have to be cast to locate lost charms after a night of fun.

  33. Espresso Mugs


    Be it tea, coffee, or herbal potion; all magic folk have a preferred drink of choice. Of course, sharing a cup of joe with your wife or husband can be magical, but with matching mugs, it can be all the more remarkable after all this time. It also makes a great anniversary gift for any Harry Potter fan duo.

  35. Hogwarts Houses Mini Jars
  36. Harry-Potter-House-Jars

    An adorable set of mini jars to store all manner of spices and herbs. Each is carefully crafted to represent the prestigious classes of Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw from Hogwarts. Why be ordinary when you can feel like a true witch while trying to make the family recipe chicken soup? These will undoubtedly be a fixture in any Potterhead kitchen.

  37. Wax Seal & Stamp Kit
  38. Harry-Potter-Wax-Seal

    Sending out Thank Cards after the wedding can be a fun, albeit sometimes stressful, event. You can ease some of that tension with this unique and fun DIY Harry Potter-themed wax seal kit. Continue the magic after the wedding by sealing all manner of mail with a wizard’s touch. Maybe Mr. and Mrs. will even send you your Hogwarts acceptance letter…

  39. LEGO Hogwarts
  40. Lego-Hogwarts

    More than just a toy, this meticulous recreation of the wizarding world’s most famous school would have any Potter fan overjoyed. While it may not be your typical wedding present, you will, without a doubt, always be remembered for such an awesome and hard-to-find gift. This is especially true if the newlyweds plan on adding more or currently have magic kin already in the family!

  41. Triwizard Tournament Trophy Cup
  42. Harry-Potter-Triwizard-Cup

    What’s better than winning the Triwizard Tournament? Marrying your true love! While it may not hold the same glory of winning all the events in the tournament, it can hold your favorite drink up to 20 oz. Even if not used for beverage consumption, it would look great among any memorabilia collected by the married couple. Dumbledore approved!

  43. Coaster Set
  44. 21-Fun-Harry-Potter-Gifts-for-a-Wonderful-Wizarding-Wedding-coastersMuggles and wizards alike will appreciate this set of 4 Harry potter Thirstystone coasters. It’s magical! Harry Potter designs are different on each coaster and will not fade or scratch off. Designs include the Deathly Hallows symbol, Platform 9 3/4, Harry’s glasses and scar, and the initials HP with the golden snitch! Designed to complement any d├ęcor, this coaster set makes a perfect decorative gift for Harry Potter fans!

  45. Deathly Hallows Mirror
  46. harry-potter-deathly-hallows-mirror-o

    This triangle-shaped Harry Potter mirror boasts the iconic insignia representing the invisibility cloak, stone of resurrection, and Elder Harry Potter Wand. Though you may not possess the three most powerful artifacts in the Wizarding World to conquer death, you can still conquer a bad hair day with this mythical mirror. Beautiful home decor gift the new couple will love.