23 Tea Party Ideas For Kids Who Love A Lil’ Charm

By Belinda Gosbee | Updated: June 4, 2024

    The tradition of an afternoon tea party dates back to 1840s England and still retains its charm. Hosting a tea party for kids is a delightful way to bring a touch of charm and whimsy to their day. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, a special playdate, or just a fun afternoon activity, a well-planned tea party can create magical memories for children. So whether they’re inspired by Disney Princesses, Alice in Wonderland, or just miniature treats, here are some sweet and dainty tea party ideas for kids.


    Tea Party Decor Ideas

  1. Vintage-Look Paper Party Supplies
  2. tea-party-ideas-for-kids-paper-plates

    Every party needs the obligatory supplies of paper plates, napkins, and cups, but these may be the sweetest I’ve ever laid eyes upon. Made to look like vintage ceramics, you’ll get a completely child-safe “tea set” – 12 plates, teacups, and saucers plus 20 napkins.


    Let’s get the “partea” started! These super-sweet party decorations come with rose-gold letter balloons and an artificial rose flower garland. Letters have a tiny loop so you can thread string through them—a charming backdrop for a themed tea party.

  3. Tea Pot Centerpieces
  4. tea-party-ideas-for-kids-centerpiece

    These sweet little teapot centerpieces are great decoration ideas for setting the vibe at your tables. As this is a tea party theme, the kids will be spending more time at the table than perhaps they would at another party, so make those tables pop!

  5. Floral Plastic Tablecloth
  6. tea-party-ideas-for-kids-tablecloth

    When dealing with young children, you’re always better off with a plastic tablecloth– one which you can trash or at least hose down with a blast of water. This one is so pretty (look at those golden faux-scalloped edges!) you’ll forget that it’s not fine linen.

  7. Tea Party Garland
  8. tea-party-ideas-for-kids-garland

    These vintage card-stock garlands come as a pack of two, pre-assembled on rope so they’re ready to hang. Which can save you a lot of time setting up that garden tea party. The teapots and teacups are also printed double-sided and can be moved along the rope as needed. 

  9. Teapot Favor Boxes 
  10. tea-party-ideas-for-kids-party-favor

    These showstopping goodie boxes (you’ll get 24) are ideal for your little party guests to head home with some treats. Some party favor ideas might include some Hersheys kisses with these cute tea party stickers, these mini-macaron jewelry containers, and these teacup lollipops

  11. Pretty Paper Straws
  12. tea-party-ideas-for-kids-straws

    What pretty paper straws! If only I could find wallpaper in this print. Yes, tea parties come with teacups, but these make a great goodie bag item that keeps things on theme. Plus, they come in handy for bottles of water during the party.

  13. Ceramic Teapot 
  14. tea-party-gifts-for-kids-pot


    Unfortunately, it’s hard to find nice plastic teapots. But if kids are young let the adults do the pouring of drinks– it brings a lovely “cafe” feel when you have your own waiter. So what do you serve in a teapot at a kid’s afternoon tea? Anything and everything! That’s what makes it fun. Designate a teapot or two for hot chocolate, lemonade, juice, or herbal sweet tea.

  15. Vintage Plastic Silverware 


    It’s such a small detail, but this cutlery set will set off your place settings for an instant “tea room” vibe. You’ll get 24 of each, and afterward, you won’t need to polish them till you can see your face.

    Tea Party Food Ideas

  17. Fancy Sandwiches
  18. tea-party-ideas-for-kids-sandwiches

    A fancy English tea party traditionally centers on sweet treats and savory miniature tea sandwiches. Simple Seasonal has a simple “fairy bread” recipe (buttered bread with nonpareils) that looks and tastes heavenly. Other kid-friendly sandwich ideas might include – ham and cheese, strawberry cream cheese, chicken and avocado, hummus and carrot, turkey and cheese, and banana cream cheese. I’d try to avoid nut butters and mayo as they factor into two major allergy groups. Then take some cute cookie cutters and cut your sandwiches into pretty shapes!

  19. Marshmallow Tea Cups 
  20. tea-party-ideas-for-kids-marshmallow-cups

    These homemade teacups and saucers are super sweet and very easy to put together, as shown by The Thrifty Little Mom. You can make them using English round tea biscuits or round shortbread, marshmallows, mint lifesavers, rainbow sprinkles, and a little powdered sugar.

  21. Small Bites
  22. tea-party-ideas-for-kids-cupcake-liners

    This use of cupcake liners is a superb idea for a children’s tea party by Make Life Lovely. It’s an effortless but stunning way to serve up healthy finger food like fruit and veg, as well as child-sized servings of cookies and crackers. Grab some pretty cupcake liners here.

  23. “High Tea” Towers
  24. tea-party-ideas-for-kids-cupcake-stand

    You can’t have a high tea without some cake stands to stack your sweet treats and sandwiches on! These are perfect in plain pink as they serve as a neutral backdrop against all the fancy floral party supplies and colorful party food. You get two towers per pack.

  25. Bright French Macarons
  26. tea-party-ideas-for-kids-macarons

    There’s nothing like French macarons to turn up the tea party vibes. Unfortunately, macarons are notoriously tricky to master but they’re also not cheap to purchase. These are the best value, best tasting we’ve found but, if you’d still like to try your hand at them yourself, here’s a “foolproof” recipe over at Broma Bakery.

  27. Traditional High Tea Scones
  28. tea-party-ideas-for-kids-scones

    It’s not a traditional tea party menu without some classic English scones. These are quite different from denser American scones and similar to Southern-style biscuits. They’re so effortless to make (just three ingredients!), and heavenly served with jam and cream. However, if time is really tight, you can always grab an English-style scone mix and go from there.

  29. Dreamy Cupcakes
  30. tea-party-ideas-for-kids-cupcakes

    Any good tea party needs some sweet little cupcakes. These confetti cupcakes by Sally’s Baking Addiction not only look super sweet but don’t take much DIY skill to make them look this good. If you need to make things far simpler, then grab a decent vanilla cake mix, some frosting, pink food coloring, and sprinkles. You can also grab some of these sparkly cupcake toppers.

  31. Homemade Chocolate Tea Time
  32. tea-party-ideas-for-kids-chocolates

    These silicone molds are just the thing for creating fun chocolates for your food table – or goodie bag. Make them pastel-toned to match the theme by using colored candy melts.

  33. Teapot Cake Topper
  34. tea-party-ideas-for-kids-cake-topper

    A tea party calls for a simple, pretty cake and you can make it even easier by purchasing a teapot-shaped cake topper. These glittery toppers come in 13 sparkly colors, personalized with the birthday girl’s name. Pop one on a store-bought cake or try your hand at this rosette buttercream frosting.

    Tea Party Games

  35. Bingo Party Game
  36. tea-party-ideas-for-kids-bingo

    Let’s talk tea party games! This downloadable bingo game includes 40 beautiful bingo cards, five pages of caller cards, and instructions on how to play. Each bingo card is ready to print, but if you don’t have the time the seller can print and send for an extra cost. 

  37. Photo Booth Props 
  38. tea-party-ideas-for-kids-photo-props

    Setting up a basic photo booth for little ones to take iPhone pics (or for Mom and Dad to snap photos) is a great party activity that leaves kids with a photo keepsake. This kit includes 25 cut-outs, bamboo sticks, and glue dots. Here’s a lovely photo backdrop to go with it.

  39. Girls Satin Gloves
  40. tea-party-ideas-for-kids-gloves

    Little girls will adore rolling up to a party with a free pair of satin gloves awaiting them. Use them at the place settings or on a table as they enter the party. 

  41. More Game Ideas
  42. tea-party-ideas-for-kids-sugar-spoon-race

    What else can you do at your kids’ tea party to keep little ones amused? Mull over these great game ideas care of The Spruce,  which include a “sugar on a spoon” relay race, a tea bag scavenger hunt, tea bag toss, sugar cube stacking contest, and musical teacups.

  43. Temporary Tattoos  
  44. tea-party-ideas-for-kids-tattoos

    Traditionally, ladies that “do tea” don’t “do tatts” but colorful, temporary tattoos are making a big comeback at today’s kids’ parties. Perfect for a goodie bag favor, or a gift at their place setting. You’ll get two sheets consisting of 48 vibrant tattoos – teacups, butterflies, macaroons, kettles, cupcakes, and more.