25 Sparkly Splashy Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas

By Belinda Gosbee | Updated: January 28, 2023

    If your lil’ sea maiden desires an under-the-sea jamboree, we’ve got a ton of pastel-hued and sparkle-fueled mermaid birthday party ideas. Here’s everything you could possibly need, from DIY sweet treats to decorations, party favors, and games,

  1. “Setting The Scene” Kit
  2. mermaid-birthday-party

    The easiest way to set the scene for your under-the-sea party is with this plus-sized mermaid party decoration kit. You’ll get a backdrop, a fishing net, a large foil balloon tail, 2 x silver mermaid balloon tails, and all of these other gorgeous pastel balloons to create a balloon garland. Plus mermaid stickers, a hanging jellyfish, and an instructional manual.

  3. Piñata


    Did someone say piñata?! There’s nothing like beating up a little mermaid for sweet treats. This beauty measures 16 inches high and 11.5 inches wide and is perfect for a The Little Mermaid party. However, she’d work great at any mermaid celebration. Choose your favorite candy or confetti and insert it into the opening on top. 

  5. DIY Mermaid Donuts
  6. mermaid-birthday-party-donuts

    These decorated donuts look patisserie-bought, and they’re so simple to prep with pre-made donuts. The Savvy Saving Couple created this recipe over here using a packet of glazed donuts and just four other ingredients: confetti sprinkles, a can of vanilla frosting, food coloring, and Wilton candy melts. Little ones will go nuts for these!

  7. Mermaid Potato Sack Race  
  8. mermaid-birthday-party-sack-race

    Potato sack racing never died, it just got way cooler. So kick off the fun party games with this set of 12 colorful nylon potato sacks. There’s no better way to create giggles than lining up a group of under-the-sea princesses for a game of jumping mermaids. First one to the line wins!

  9. Table Skirt
  10. mermaid-birthday-party-table-skirt

    Here’s a beautiful chiffon table cloth to glam up the food table. It’s a 6ft skirt so it can either go along the front of a 6ft table or around the front and one side of a 4ft table. It’s also perfect for a round table. If you prefer those brushable sparkly sequins that you can write a message in, here’s another choice. Or for a plastic alternative, these are super cute!

  11. Mermalicious Headband 
  12. mermaid-birthday-party-headband

    The birthday queen of the ocean needs to stand out from the crowd and this beautiful headpiece will help her do just that. It’s decorated with a sequin mermaid tail, a pearl-covered seashell, a glittery starfish, a bouquet of pearls, and a backdrop of beautiful teal flowers.

  13. Plates, Cups, and Napkins
  14. mermaid-birthday-party-plates

    These matching mermaid party supplies – two sizes of plates, napkins, and cups – come in an iridescent pastel “mermaid scale” design and will cover up to 16 guests. The tableware doesn’t come with cutlery but you can grab a matching lilac-colored set over here. For little girls, this is a super cute party set, as is this Little Mermaid Birthday set.

  15. Party Invites
  16. mermaid-birthday-party-invites

    The best way to get everyone excited about your mermazing mermaid theme party is with some stand-out invites. Etsy has a heap of printables for all party planning occasions. You personalize with your details and then buy the design file for around $5. Next, you go and print the file wherever you find the best prices, like FedEx or Staples.

  17. Cake Stand 
  18. mermaid-birthday-party-cake-stand

    Whether it’s cupcakes, rice crispies, or donuts you can turn them into a centerpiece with this simple, sparkly cake stand. It’s made of high-quality cardboard and won’t easily bend or break. It’s also easy to assemble!

  19. Rice Krispie Treats
  20. mermaid-birthday-party-rice-krispies

    Another fancy-looking addition to your party food menu, these gorgeous pastel-dipped Rice Krispies can be whipped up in no time thanks to this easy recipe from Momdot! To make things quicker you can purchase ready-made Rice Krispie treats to get a head start. A guaranteed show stopper!

  21. Tail Napkins
  22. mermaid-birthday-party-tail-napkins

    You can never have too many napkins at a kid’s party, especially with all those sweet treats. These mermaid tail napkins are the most precious darn things and look pretty cool on a table as an added decor piece.

  23. Candy Stickers
  24. mermaid-birthday-party-candy-stickers

    The easiest mermaid-themed trick you can pull off is probably these candy stickers. Just grab a packet of Hershey’s Kisses (we recommend this birthday cake flavor) and then stick these little mermaid stickers on the base. Voilà! A perfect sweet treat for the table as well as for party favor bags.

  25. Mermaid Hair Ties 
  26. mermaid-birthday-party-hair-ties

    These hair ties make a great party favor addition for a girl’s birthday party and will be loved by girls big and small (and their moms!) You’ll get 12 individual packs, each with three hair ties, for a very affordable price.

  27. Jellyfish Paper Lanterns  
  28. mermaid-birthday-party-jelly-fish

    These jellyfish paper lanterns are ADORABLE and they help create the feeling of life under the sea. These birthday party decorations have a length of 36 inches and come with three wire ropes, plus mermaid + shell stickers. You could even use these to decorate the birthday girl’s bedroom afterward. 

  29. Cake Decorating Kit


    There’s no need to spend a ton of money on a mermaid cake from the local cake store. This kit provides everything you could need to decorate like a contestant from The Great British Bake Off.

  31. Party Favor Bags + Keychains
  32. mermaid-birthday-party-party-bag

    These shimmering mermaid party favor bags have the added bonus of a mermaid tail keychain in every bag. So you can get ahead on your goodie bag fillers with one affordable purchase. The pack includes 13 bags and 13 colored sequined keychains.

  33. Seashell Suckers


    These delicious lollipops are the perfect party favors for a sea-themed little celebration. They come individually wrapped as a set of 12 in a mix of watermelon, blue raspberry, and grape flavors.

  35. Party Game Duo
  36. mermaid-birthday-party-game-duo

    This party activity double-hitter brings you a bean bag toss game and a Pin The Tail on The Mermaid game. The tossing game needs to be hung with room for bean bags to shoot through so hanging string is supplied. While blindfolds and stickers are included in the pin-the-tail game.

  37. Sea Maiden Tattoos
  38. mermaid-birthday-party-tattoos

    Splash some color onto your mermaid-themed celebration with these beautiful pastel-colored, temporary tattoos. The pack includes 28 tattoos that are skin-safe and made in the USA. They’re easily removed with oil but if not, they should last 5-7 days – even while swimming in the sea!

  39. Glittery Party Hats 
  40. mermaid-birthday-party-party-hats

    These sparkly party hats will instantly turn your part goers into creatures of the sea. You’ll get 18 party hats in six colors that will arrive flat-packed, but easy to fold. They also make excellent table decor to set the scene.

  41. Mermaid Water Mocktail
  42. mermaid-birthday-party-mocktail

    Whip up an under-sea mocktail that’ll impress all your little sea princesses. The Hawaii Travel With Kids blog has a super easy recipe for “mermaid water” using Gatorade and juice. Need some vessels? Check out these plastic mason jars.

  43. Table Decorations
  44. mermaid-birthday-party-centerpieces

    These mermaid party decorations are made entirely of felt and one packet will get you 16 shapes in three assorted colors. You can use them as centerpieces on each table or cluster them together for a decorative effect.

  45. Professional Cake Topper
  46. mermaid-birthday-party-cake-topper

    If the thought of decorating a large mermaid cake makes your knees buckle, you can order these ready-made fondant cake toppers from Etsy. Grab one or two tails in the color of your choice (as well as any clamshells, stars, etc) and turn a basic cake into an instant masterpiece. The decorations are made from edible, long-lasting fondant and are easily shipped in the post.

  47. Coloring Books
  48. mermaid-birthday-party-coloring-books

    This fantastic set includes 12 mini coloring books, each individually packaged with four crayons. You could use these as party favors or put them at each place setting for some coloring in fun. Coloring is a great calming activity after all!

  49. Mermaid Skirt + Top
  50. mermaid-birthday-party-dress

    The birthday girl will be seeking something special to wear and this top and skirt ensemble was designed with little kids in mind. The designers understood that no child could sit still enough for fancy mermaid finery so this original outfit stretches and moves for unrestricted prancing and twirling.  Great for Halloween!