31 Gifts For 4 Year Old Girls To Ignite Their Imagination

By Meghan Thomson | Updated: November 21, 2023

    Little girls can be so much fun to shop for. There is essentially an endless number of gift ideas that can be matched to their personality. We found great ideas for the sporty girl, science lover, princess fanatic, and more.

  1. Dress Up Trunk
  2. gifts-for-4-year-old-girls-dress-up-trunk

    Disney princess outfits will be the favorite gift of any 4-year-old girl who loves role-play. Outfits and accessories are included in this 27-piece set and can be stored in this adorable lightweight trunk. 

  3. Kerplunk
  4. gifts-for-4-year-old-girls-kerplunk

    Little kids love interactive games, and kerplunk is a long-time favorite for many! My niece loves playing this game with me, and I love that it helps with hand-eye coordination while playing a fun game. 

  5. Minnie Matching Game
  6. gifts-for-4-year-old-girls-game

    A matching game designed for Disney-loving little girls. This game can be played alone or as a group and is a fun way to build memory skills. This could be perfect as a stocking stuffer or birthday gift.

  7. Walkie Talkies


    Playtime with these walkie-talkies will be much more fun for your favorite little ones. They will love that there are multiple channels, and you can reach out to various devices simultaneously! Also, the long-range feature makes these outside toys for activities with friends and family.  

  9. Magna Tiles
  10. gifts-for-4-year-old-girls-magna-tiles

    Magna tiles are fun to play with and also approved STEM toys. This must be included in the gift guide for little hands that love building. Since this toy is suggested for any 3-year-old child and above, it fits excellently onto our list.

  11. Ice Cream Playset


    Ice cream sundaes are a delightful treat for imaginative play, perfect for little ladies of three years and up! This 28-piece set, constructed from durable wood, is loads of fun and aids in developing her hand-eye coordination and social skills. It’s time for a playful ice cream social!

  13. Scooter
  14. gifts-for-4-year-old-girls-scooter

    Little girls love to be on the move, so this scooter is a great gift idea. The handle is adjustable, and an optional seat allows them to sit or stand as they hurry along. Also, the wheels light up for an extra fun touch; no batteries are required!

  15. Magnetic Dress-Up Toy


    Melissa & Doug are known for making great educational toys, just as this one is. The best gifts for 4-year-olds include a Paw Patrol play set they won’t want to put down. The 64 pieces make a great set for imaginative play, as kids can mix and match the outfits.

  17. Magic Doodle Mat
  18. baby-boy-gifts-mat


    Outdoor toys are perfect for warm weather holidays, like Easter or birthdays. Fill the magic pen with clean water and draw on the magic drawing mat; the content disappears automatically after 3-10 minutes. This will keep her busy for hours!

  19. Scratch Paper Art
  20. gifts-for-4-year-old-girls-scratch-paper-art

    Rainbow magic scratch art paper is perfect for kids who love to scribble. They will uncover fun rainbow designs as they scratch away the black matte top layer from the drawing board. Your favorite little artist will be ecstatic when they open this gift. 

  21. Dress-Up Accessories
  22. gifts-for-4-year-old-girls-dress-up-accessories

    What fun is a princess dress up without the accessories?! An adorable storage box holds shoes, jewelry, a tiara, and even a wand for your little princess. This set was designed to promote imaginative play and is the perfect addition to any preschooler’s toy collection.

  23. Castle Playhouse Tent
  24. gifts-for-4-year-old-girls-castle-playhouse-tent

    A princess castle tent is one of the best toys for a four-year-old who loves playing pretend. She can dress up in princess clothes and have the time of her life in this castle decorated with sweet white starlights. Also, the tent is made of a material that can be wiped down with a cleaning product for an easy clean.

  25. Portable Dollhouse
  26. gifts-for-4-year-old-girls-portable-playhouse

    This glam getaway dollhouse has a latch and handles, making it easy for little girls to bring on their getaway. Colorful accessories engage girls’ decorating skills, while a unique feature keeps the pieces in place. Since it is recommended for 3 to 7-year-olds, your favorite girl can enjoy this toy for a few years.

  27. Realistic Babydoll
  28. gifts-for-4-year-old-girls-realistic-babydoll

    My niece is obsessed with realistic baby dolls, and honestly, I’ve been fooled a few times when I see one on the couch. Reborn baby dolls make this adorable, lifelike toddler, who comes with a pink outfit and matching giraffe.

  29. Babydoll Pram
  30. gifts-for-4-year-old-girls-pram

    The baby doll-loving little girl will adore a doll pram. A basket is on the bottom of the cart so she can carry additional accessories. Since the handle is adjustable, it can grow with the little girl.

  31. Hungry Hungry Hippos
  32. gifts-for-4-year-old-girls-hungry-hungry-hippos

    A game that needs no introduction, colorful hippos quickly gobbling up marbles is fun for the family! Your favorite little girl will be laughing as she pushes down the tail for the hippos to gobble up the marbles and win the game.

  33. STEM Flower Garden
  34. gifts-for-4-year-old-girls-STEM-flower-garden

    Building blocks with a girly twist, flower garden building offers hours of fun. Since the petals, flowers, and stems can be mixed and matched, they provide endless combinations. They are easily washable and make a great display piece in the kid’s bedroom or even the living room.

  35. Coloring and Activity Set


    Artsy girls will thank you a thousand times for this princess activity set. This pack includes all the necessary supplies for coloring and entertainment at home or on the road, with Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, Sleeping Beauty, Princess Rapunzel, and more!

  37. T-ball Set
  38. gifts-for-4-year-old-girls-t-ball-set

    Getting kids involved in sports helps them develop many skills and teamwork! This adorable pink t-ball set can be folded for more accessible storage and has five balls for practice. Also, this is an excellent gift for a spring birthday or holiday to enjoy the warm weather!

  39. Matching Letter Game
  40. gifts-for-4-year-old-girls-matching-letter-game

    Family board game night needs this game added to the collection; it combines learning and fun. Not only will kids learn how to spell 60 words, but this includes instructions for a multiplayer game. 

  41. Mermaid Backpack
  42. gifts-for-4-year-old-girls-mermaid-backpack

    The preschool fashionista needs to sport this adorable mermaid backpack at school. The bag is made of a soft plush material, and the shoulder straps are adjustable, so she will love wearing this bag herself!

  43. Toddler Digital Camera
  44. gifts-for-4-year-old-girls-toddler-digital-camera

    Kids love technology; a digital camera will allow them to take pictures without worrying about their phone or expensive camera breaking. Since this camera is shockproof, comes with a lanyard, and offers a video option, it will stay safe and keep her occupied for hours!

  45. Activity Table Set
  46. gifts-for-4-year-olds-table


    This versatile table offers a top for building blocks; if flipped over, a smooth top is a great workspace, or remove the top piece for storage, a water table, or a sand table. Since it is a lightweight, durable material, it is easy to clean and move around if desired. Also, it includes buckets for the side of the table to hold blocks as the child builds their masterpiece!

  47. Flamingo Luggage Set
  48. gifts-for-4-year-old-girls-flamingo-luggage-set

    If you’re shopping for a child who travels, this luggage set will be the perfect gift. The interior is fully lined with multi-use organizational compartments or pockets, making it easy to pack many items. The larger piece has an adjustable handle to accommodate different heights, and the smaller bag has adjustable backpack straps!

  49. Golf Set
  50. gifts-for-4-year-old-girls-golf-set

    Sports like golf help children improve their fine motor skills, body balance, hand-eye coordination, and concentration ability. It builds a healthy respect for teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship. This set includes a bag, multiple clubs, golf balls, a tee, and practice holes, so it will make them feel like they’re playing just like their favorite golfer does.

  51. Pretend Makeup Set
  52. gifts-for-4-year-old-girls-pretend-makeup-set

    Little girls who love stealing Mom’s makeup will adore this pretend makeup set, and mom will love that it doesn’t come at the expense of the ruined product. The playpieces are very well made and look natural! Since the brushes are real, she will feel like she is genuinely doing her makeup. Also, it comes with an adorable carrying case for sleepovers or to keep it neat!

  53. Hairdressing Set
  54. gifts-for-4-year-old-girls-hairdressing-set

    A future hairstylist’s dream gift includes a carrying case, working hairdryer, pretend flat iron, comb, brush, plastic hair clips, and mirror. Any little girl who loves playing pretend and dressing up will love this hairdresser set. Also, the carrying case fits everything perfectly, so it stores away neatly.

  55. Science Lab Set
  56. gifts-for-4-year-old-girls-science-lab-set

    Foster a curiosity for science by conducting actual hands-on experiments with this great set. This set includes experiment activity cards and all the tools you would need. Your favorite 4-year-old can learn the terms for each item and will be excited to explore the science world!

  57. World Map Puzzle


    Learning about our world is essential for kids, and these wooden puzzles are a fun way to do it! Each puzzle has 100 pieces, and the world puzzle shows animals and famous landmarks in the countries. 

  59. Play-Doh Set
  60. gifts-for-4-year-old-girls-play-doh-set

    Kids of all ages love Play-Doh! It can be used to sculpt and mold alone, but this set offers many tools to make even more creations. Preschoolers and big kids can use their imaginations for fun arts and crafts activities.

  61. Soccer Set
  62. gifts-for-4-year-old-girls-soccer-set

    Soccer is a great sport, and teaching a 4-year-old some of the basics in the yard with this set will be so fun. The portable functionality makes this goal easy to move and store in seconds. Also, getting her to practice soccer will get her to work on her fine motor skills and learn teamwork.

    What are some interests of 4-year-old girls?

    Four-year-old girls are bursting with energy, curiosity, and creativity! They’re often drawn to imaginative play, which allows them to explore the world around them and develop essential social skills.

    Popular interests for this age group include dress-up and role-play activities and engaging toys like dolls, building blocks, and art supplies that inspire self-expression. They also love interactive games and books that introduce them to new stories, characters, and learning experiences. With their budding personalities shining through, four-year-old girls are truly a delight to watch as they discover their passions and interests!

    What are the best gifts for 4-year-old girls?

    Discovering the perfect gifts for 4-year-old girls can be a delightful experience, as their curiosity and creativity open up a world of possibilities. In this guide, we’ve rounded up the best gifts that combine fun, learning, and inspiration, tailored to capture the imagination and cater to their budding interests.