27 Meaningful Gifts For Kids Who Have Everything

Updated on May 3, 2022 Updated on May 3, 2022
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    Do you have some kiddos on your gift list? Don’t want to buy them more plastic junk that will end up in a landfill? We have meaningful gifts for kids who have everything.

  1. STEAM Monthly Subscription Boxes
  2. meaningful-gifts-for-kids-box

    Subscription boxes make great gift ideas for kids who have everything because they’re something that can’t be bought in a store, and it gives them something fun to look forward to. This subscription box is STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) themed and promotes learning in those fields. Each month they’ll receive a package with up to five experiments and art projects with easy-to-follow instructions. The gift also comes with a monthly magazine with different stories, experiments, and crafts to keep kids entertained. The box comes in two versions, one for kids aged five to ten and one for little ones aged two to four. 

  3. Save Spend Give Money Jar
  4. meaningful-gifts-bank


    Teaching children how to be financially responsible and the importance of sharing is among the best lessons they can learn. This money jar will help them learn those things. The bank has three sections; Spend, Share, and Give. A new and improved version of the traditional piggy bank

  5. Voice Recording Stuffed Animal
  6. meaningful-gifts-for-kids-bear

    This fellow looks like an ordinary stuffed animal, but this teddy bear has a secret. He has a little pouch in his back where you can insert a module that holds a ten-second recording of your voice. This gadget is a great gift to give a child who is far away geographically but close to your heart. 

  7. Sharing Time Kids Card Game
  8. meaningful-gifts-for-kids-game

    The most meaningful gifts for kids are those that let them spend time creating memories with their family and getting to know each other better. This card game will do just that. The family game includes 120 cards with conversation starters. This is a great Christmas gift for the whole family. 

  9. Disney Board Game
  10. meaningful-gifts-for-kids-game

    Do you know a family who is Disney mad? This is the board game for them! The answer to each question is a color. What color are Elsa’s eyes? What color is Woody’s vest? This game is the coolest choice for a family game night because it can be enjoyed by little kids and older kids, too, as long as they’re a Disney fanatic! 

  11. Gratitude Journal
  12. meaningful-gifts-for-kids-journal

    This journal is a unique gift for kids who have everything because it can help teach them to be grateful for all of their things! Each page has space for kids to list three things they’re thankful for at the start of their day. It teaches them not only to be grateful but how to start each day on a positive note which can help set them up to have a positive day. 

  13. Plant a Pizza Garden


    Allowing kids to grow their own food can teach them that food doesn’t just appear in a grocery store and good nutritional habits. Veggies taste better when you grow them yourself! And what better way to tempt kids into gardening than with pizza! This gift will allow kids to DIY garden basil, tomatoes, and peppers, harvest the ingredients, and turn them into a delicious pizza! The kit comes with everything needed; add water. The garden starts in the included grow kit and can be transferred to a larger planter. 

  15. Play-Doh Kitchen Creations
  16. meaningful-gifts-for-kids-playdoh

    This Play-Doh set is another fun way to get kids interested in and excited about food. The collection includes six jars of Play-Doh, molds to make kabobs, hamburgers, hot dogs, and more. Kids can set up right alongside the adults at the next backyard barbecue! 

  17. School Years Memory Keeper
  18. meaningful-gifts-for-kids-memory-book

    This memory book is a fun gift for kids of school age. The book includes writing prompts to help kids remember details about their school years and 12 pockets to preserve treasured mementos and photographs of those formative years. 

  19. Interactive Map
  20. meaningful-gifts-for-kids-map

    This interactive, talking map is a great way to expand a child’s world and teach them about the 92 different countries that make up the world we all share. The map teaches kids geography, country names, capital cities, national flags, languages, landmarks, fun facts, and more! 

  21. Coupons for Kids
  22. meaningful-gifts-for-kids-coupons

    This book contains 40 DIY coupons that parents, grandparents, other family members, or friends can give to kids. The coupons can be filled out for things like a trip to the zoo, a museum, dinner out, a movie night, or anything else you’d like to reward a child with because your time is the most meaningful gift of all! 

  23. Matching Bracelets
  24. The best gifts are those that remind you of the giver. That’s what’s so special about these matching bracelets, one for you and one for her! The bracelets are a perfect gift for a far away auntie, grandmother, or family friend. The bracelets are adjustable and made to fit most wrists and will win you the coolest gift giver award. 

  25. Family Tree Wall Decal
  26. meaningful-gifts-for-kids-decal


    Nothing is more important than family! This family tree wall decal makes a great addition to a child’s bedroom. The decal is peel and stick and removable. The “frames” can be used to display a child’s favorite family photos. The decal measures 80 x 63 inches. You might even add this to your wish list! 

  27. Art Set
  28. meaningful-gifts-for-kids-art-set

    Do you know a budding artist? This set is a fun way to foster their creativity. The art set includes crayons, oil pastels, colored pencils, and watercolors, 142 pieces in all. The collection comes housed in a handy wooden carrying case for artists on the go. This is appropriate for kids aged in their tweens and older. 

  29. Work Bench
  30. meaningful-gifts-for-kids-bench

    This is not your average plastic workbench toy! This set is built to last. The set includes a wooden workbench and tools that actually work, including a vise, tool rack, wooden tools, and hardware. The set comes with projects so kids can use the toy to make things! This gift will make their Christmas morning and is appropriate for kids 3 to 6 years old.

  31. Build a Bird House


    Build a little habitat for your local neighborhood birds! The kit includes wood, the hanging chain, four paint pots, a paintbrush, nails, glue, and instructions. This is a fun activity for kids five and older. 

  33. Porcelain Tea Set
  34. meaningful-gifts-for-kids-tea-set


    The best toys are those that let you spend time with a child and who doesn’t love a nice cup of tea! You and the little one in your life can enjoy tea time together. This tea set is made of genuine porcelain and includes a teapot, creamer, and sugar bowls, two cups, two saucers, two plates, two forks, and two spoons and can be stored in its pretty basket. 

  35. Rock Tumbler Kit
  36. meaningful-gifts-for-kids-rocks

    This kit has everything kids need to turn plain rocks into dazzling stones! The set includes the tumbler, polishing grits, sifter, rough gemstones, and a refill pack of gemstones and jasper. The tumbler comes with detailed instructions and a learning guide to teaching kids about the different properties of the stones. 

  37. Color Me Pajamas
  38. meaningful-gifts-for-kids-pjs

    This set of pajamas comes with fabric-safe markers. Kids can color the plant and animal designs any way they choose. The set is an excellent way for kids to express their creativity and get them excited for bedtime. The pajamas are made of 100% cotton, machine washable (even after coloring), and available in other patterns. 

  39. Fitness Cards
  40. meaningful-gifts-for-kids-cards

    Keeping kids active is essential, and these cards are a great gift to help achieve that. Each card depicts a different exercise with instructions on how to perform it and the recommended number of reps depending on fitness level. The cards make a fun stocking stuffer. 

  41. DIY Nightlights
  42. meaningful-gifts-for-kids-light

    This kit includes everything kids need to make three magical fairy lanterns! The set contains three fairy jars, three fairy lights, two sheets of fairy designs, glue, and ribbon. This kit is a great rainy day project or a fun birthday gift for a sleepover party. 

  43. Lenox Jewelry Box
  44. meaningful-gifts-for-kids-box

    This silver metal jewelry box is a great gift for an aspiring ballerina and is a keepsake that she’ll treasure as an adult too. The box features a twirling ballerina in the center that spins to the tune of Fur Elise, and the sleek design updates a classic look to a more modern design. 

  45. Harry Potter Lego Set
  46. meaningful-gifts-for-kids-lego

    When kids discover Harry Potter, they discover a whole magical world that they can get lost in. And now they can build that world! One of the best scenes in all of the movies is the rescuing of Buckbeak in The Prisoner of Azkaban, also the best film, in my opinion. Now kids can make that scene come to life. This Lego set features Hagrid’s cottage, Buckbeak, and the whole cast of characters from that scene. This set is suitable for kids eight and up or big kids of all ages! It’s super fun for the whole family of Potter Heads! 

  47. Pick Your Own Quest Book
  48. meaningful-gifts-for-kids-book

    This book lets kids stretch their creative wings and join a story that pits a dragon against a unicorn. Which creature is more awesome? The book enables kids to decide through a series of more than 30 challenges and 25 different endings. Play as the dragon and then as the unicorn. Have a dance party or shoot baskets. Once the book is finished, 24 more stories are waiting to be told! 

  49. Ice Cream Bath Bombs


    Sometimes a kid’s gift can be a great gift for parents too. That’s the case with these ice cream bath bombs. Some little kids would rather be put on the rack than take a bath, but these fun bath bombs can help entice them into the tub. The bath bombs are made with shea butter and coconut oil. 

  51. Light Up Bath Cubes
  52. gifts-for-kids-bath-cubes


    These cubes are another way to make bathtime fun and easier. The cubes light up when they hit the water and turn off when taken out of the water. They can be used in the bathtub or baby pool, and part of the proceeds are donated to a children’s hospital in Mississippi. 

  53. Stress Ball 
  54. meaningful-gifts-for-kids-ball

    Being a kid can be stressful! This ball is filled with squishy water beads that move around when squeezed. The ball can help kids manage situations that make them anxious or stressed. The ball is available in four fun colors.