31 Cute Unicorn Gifts For Girls Who Love Magical Equines

By Belinda Gosbee | Updated: November 30, 2023

    There’s just something about unicorns and little people. Be it their brightly colored manes, glittery skin, magical horn, or ability to fly – they have stolen the hearts of tiny humans everywhere (and older ones, too).

    If you know a young girl obsessed with a mythical horned creature, she probably already has a few unicorn staples. So we’ve trawled the net to bring you a gift guide of unique and exciting unicorn gifts for girls.

    What are the best unicorn gifts for girls?

    From adorable bedroom decor to craft boxes, incentives to clean her teeth or drink more water, and wardrobe pieces to ensure she stands out on the playground. A plethora of pastels is guaranteed – your only problem will be picking just one!

    Here are unicorn gift ideas for girls that will delight all those who believe in the magic and majesty of the single-horned steed. Cue the sparkles and rainbows! 

  1. Electric Toothbrush Set 
  2. unicorn-gifts-for-girls-toothbrush

    Brushing one’s teeth is always a chore (even for adults!), but this may be the perfect gift to make brushing fun. You get a unicorn-themed electric toothbrush, a rinse cup, a 2-minute sand timer, a replacement brush, and a printed brush chart.


  3. Jean Jacket
  4. unicorn-gifts-for-girls-jean-jacket

    Rugged denim, sequins, and cotton candy fur for the girl who likes to make a statement. Believe it or not, this jacket is machine washable, and sizes will fit girls aged 3 – 12.

  5. Tea Set And Case
  6. unicorn-gifts-for-girls-tea-set

    An adorable tin playset for unicorn fans is decorated with magical horses, enchanted clouds, and vibrant rainbows. It comes in a travel case, and for just $25, you’ve got an impressive gift set on your hands.

  7. Unicorn Gift Set
  8. unicorn-gifts-for-girls-gift-box

    Celebrate a special little girl with this curated unicorn gift box. It includes a unicorn backpack, 300pc sticker book, hair ties, hair clips, a pom-pom rainbow necklace, a color-in wood ornament craft kit, silicone fidget in varying colors and shapes, a pom-pom furry unicorn pen, and a sweet message card.

  9. Unicorn Party Dress
  10. unicorn-gifts-for-girls-party-dress

    Every young girl will dream of themselves in this unicorn tulle dress with a sweet horned headband– especially for their unicorn-themed birthday party. And it’s a dear price for what you get. The bodice detailing of the unicorn face is delicate and expensive-looking. Check the listing for different colors available.

  11. Unicorn Chuck Taylor All-Star 
  12. unicorn-gifts-for-girls-converse

    These Chucks are so whimsical you’ll wish they came in your size. Bound to be your little one’s new go-to shoes, these are too cool for school. Kids sizes 3 through 10 are available.

  13. Jumbo Unicorn Toy
  14. unicorn-gifts-plushie

    The closest thing she’ll get to her unicorn is this extra-large plush toy. It’s perfect as a smushy, cushy unicorn pillow or a big ol’ snuggly stuffed animal. And if the 31-inch-sized plushie isn’t big enough, you can size it up to 43 inches!


  15. Custom Unicorn Necklace  
  16. unicorn-gifts-for-girls-necklace

    The sweetest little name bar necklace for unicorn lovers of all ages. The gold-plated sterling silver tag can be personalized with any name – in a choice of fun fonts – to make this piece of unicorn jewelry genuinely unique to them.


  17. Painted Clock
  18. unicorn-gifts-for-girls-clock

    Unicorns are real, and so is time. This round, oil-paint-inspired clock measures 9.5 inches and is the perfect room decor to help her learn time. It has no audible tick and requires a single A.A. battery.


  19. Award-Winning DIY Craft Kit  
  20. unicorn-gifts-for-girls-craft-kit

    This kit is six craft kits in one and won an Oppenheim Toy Gold Seal Award. Girls can explore their creativity by crafting a unicorn headband, sewing a stuffed unicorn, creating a magical necklace, crafting a rainbow garland, and designing a colorful unicorn tail. 

  21. Light-Up Rain Boots
  22. unicorn-gifts-for-girls-rain-boots

    Magical unicorn rain boots that light up when they stomp? Yes, please! These waterproof PVC boots are built tough but comfy. Plus, the pull handles make for an easy on-and-off process. Available in shoe sizes 5 through 13.


  23. Water Bottle 
  24. unicorn-gifts-for-girls-water-bottle

    Kids need to drink more water, and what better way to encourage it than with a water bottle plastered with super cute unicorns? These make a great gift for “back to school” celebrations, and as they’re stainless steel and double-vacuum insulated, they’ll keep drinks cold for 24 hours.

  25. Sparkly Skirt
  26. unicorn-gifts-for-girls-skirt

    How about a sparkling knee-length tutu skirt covered in rainbow unicorns for two through ten-year-olds? This skirt is a little showstopper and sure to be a new favorite piece in their closet.


  27. Bento Lunch Box  
  28. unicorn-gifts-for-girls-bento-box

    This travel-friendly lunch box has five sections, a spork, and many unicorns. The removable tray is microwave and dishwasher-safe (and BPA-free!), and you’ll also get a bonus eBook for lunch ideas. There’s a matching thermos available over HERE.


  29. Dream Catcher 
  30. unicorn-gifts-for-girls-dream-catcher

    Catch all their sparkliest dreams in this gorgeous unicorn dream catcher made with silk flowers, beads, and a pastel arrangement of fabric and ribbons – it’ll make a stunning addition to any young girl’s bedroom wall at a bargain price.

  31. Bathtime Gift Box
  32. unicorn-gifts-bath-set


    This sweet, small-batch unicorn bath set contains six bath bombs, two bracelets, hair ties, rings, and more. The bath bombs come in coconut, strawberry, lemon, orange, rose, and lavender, all unicorn favorites.

  33. Area Rug 
  34. unicorn-gifts-for-girls-area-rug

    A little pricier, these rugs are adorable and stylish and would make a great asset to a unicorn-themed bedroom. They can be purchased round or square in various sizes, starting from $44.

  35. Personalized Dinner Set
  36. unicorn-gifts-for-girls-dinner-set

    Here’s a personalized gift for the littlest unicorns to make them feel extra special at mealtime. They’ll get a personalized plate, bowl, cup, and cutlery in a matching drawstring bag made from BPA-free melamine. The placemat is an add-on but does complete the cuteness factor.

  37. Hair Clip Set
  38. unicorn-gifts-for-girls-clips

    This adorable unicorn hair set is sparkly, elegant, and pretty, featuring a felt unicorn, shimmery stars, and a bow with a horn. If it’s Christmas gifts you seek, these make great stocking stuffers. Or a sweet party favor for a unicorn-themed party.


  39. Crochet Hat And Scarf 
  40. unicorn-gifts-for-girls-beanie-scarf

    This gift will ensure they pull on a warm hat, scarf, and mittens all at once this winter. This sweet piece is crocheted from a cotton/polyester/acrylic yarn with a detailed unicorn horn, ears, and pastel mane that’s soft and cozy.


  41. Pogo Stick
  42. unicorn-gifts-for-girls-pogo

    Get those Chuck Taylor’s on this pogo stick! It may be foam, but it supports up to 250 pounds! Yup, Mom and Dad can give this a whirl too. And here’s a fun fact: Pogo jumping is a fun way to learn skills like hand-to-eye coordination and agility. 

  43. Sweet Miniature Figurine
  44. unicorn-gifts-for-girls-miniature-gift

    A personalized wish jar that’s the perfect heartfelt gift from a best friend, sister, or even from Mom. You can also create your unique message to include inside. Pair it with a rainbow-iced cupcake for a simple birthday gift surprise!

  45. Official Unicorn Handbook  
  46. unicorn-gifts-for-girls-book

    This unicorn book from the Magical Unicorn Society is a vibrantly illustrated guide to everything unicorn-related. Here, they can unravel where unicorns live, how to find them, their extraordinary powers, what they eat, and how to train them.


  47. Bike, Scooter & Skateboard Helmet  
  48. unicorn-gifts-for-girls-helmet

    The best unicorn gift for active girls, this helmet will turn heads while protecting their own. The dial system fits kids from 8-14 years, and, most importantly, it’s certified by all the big bodies: ASTM International, C.E. (E.U. standard), and the U.S. CPSC.


  49. DIY Succulent Gift Box 
  50. unicorn-gifts-for-girls-succulent-pot

    A highly original gift box for kids (and kids at heart), this unicorn gift arrives ready to be painted and planted with sparkly paint, a paintbrush, a mini shovel, and a real live succulent. 

  51. Shimmering Table Lamp 
  52. unicorn-gifts-for-girls-lamp

    Simple but elegant, this lamp will illuminate an older child’s room in style with its shimmering gold glitter. It has an easily accessible rotary switch on the cord and is an upgrade on her beloved unicorn night light. 

  53. Piñata
  54. unicorn-gifts-for-girls-pinata

    Did someone say unicorn party? Here’s a piñata to get that started! It comes with a blindfold and bat and can hold assorted candies up to 10 lbs (yikes!). He’s almost too pretty to destroy.

  55. Glow In The Dark Plush Blanket
  56. unicorn-gifts-for-girls-blanket

    This super soft unicorn blanket is made of a high-quality luminous fiber that absorbs and stores light energy. Just expose it to a light source for at least 15 minutes – the brighter the light, the stronger the unicorns will glow in the dark.

  57. Kid’s Camera
  58. unicorn-gifts-for-girls-camera

    This unicorn camera for kids has a protective silicone case and a shock-proof shell because – y’know, kids. But don’t be mistaken, this is a genuine camera –it has dual cameras (front & rear), 1080 video, and an H.D. eye protection screen equipped with autofocus, 8x digital zoom, 28 frames, and six filters!

  59. A Little Handbag
  60. unicorn-gifts-for-girls-handbag

    Every girl needs a handbag! Whether she’s getting around the mall with Mom, shopping at the living room grocery store, or headed off to Grandma’s house, this one is packed with unicorn magic.

  61. Personalized Tooth Keepsake 


    Personalize a little tooth fairy box for the little unicorn with this unique keepsake. It’s made from high-grade pine wood, and the name can be customized. This would make a cute newborn, baptism, or first birthday gift. But in reality, they could be gifted until they start losing teeth.