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Gifts For Horse Lovers: 20 Perfect Gifts For The Avid Equestrian In Your Life

Updated on September 18, 2021 Updated on Sep 18, 2021
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    Are you looking for the perfect gift for the horse lover in your life? Whether they are just a fan, leisure rider, or avid equestrian, many beautiful gifts will put a smile on their faces. Many unique gifts capture the fun and beauty of horses from jewelry to home décor. Here are some awesome gifts for horse lovers.

  1. Horse Post-it Note Holder
  2. gifts-for-horse-lovers-note-holder

    As a good assistant, the dinosaur-shaped note box can help us record anything important at any time so that we can’t miss it anyhow. At the same time, it is also a fashionable animal-shaped pen box, able to accommodate your pens, clips, erasers and other small things, so that your desktop could be kept cleaner. Besides, it is also an interesting desktop ornament.

  3. Horse Shoe Wine Rack
  4. gifts-for-horse-lovers-wine-rack

    This elegant wine holder is perfectly crafted wrought iron made from cast iron horseshoes will to complete any horse lovers living room, kitchen, or entertaining outdoor area. The rustic rack has clean, elegant lines that complement any decor and a compact size that’s perfect for small spaces or countertops. Hell, you can even keep it in the stable.

  5. Stallion Tote Bag
  6. gifts-for-horse-lovers-tote

    This high-quality canvas tote bag is both stylish and unique. Beautiful stallion horses print with fine craftsmanship. The lightweight, durable, sturdy canvas material is recyclable and easily washable. A must-have for all handbag lovers. 

  7. Horseshoe Bangle
  8. horse-gifts-bangle

    Horseshoe pendants have always been a symbol of good luck. So, pass on good luck to someone you care about or someone who needs a little good luck. This delicate and feminine gold metal horseshoe bangle bracelet will be a perfect touch to their outfit and perfect for any occasion, casual to formal. Goes well with riding boots.

  9. Boot Rack
  10. gifts-for-horse-lovers-rack

    Handmade Horseshoe boot rack. Keep your boots off the ground in a tightly, rustic manner. This rack comes in 3 options to hold two pairs, three pairs, and four pairs of boots. Made with brand-new, genuine horseshoes. Add this piece to your home or bunkhouse for an authentic “western” touch.

  11. Serving Trays
  12. horse-gifts-tray


    These multi-purpose trays are as versatile as they are attractive! You can use themt for shoes in the entryway or mudroom to keep floors clean, as an attractive home for potted plants, or as a neat, no-mess zone for pet bowls.

  13. Horse Wall Art
  14. gifts-for-horse-lovers-wall-art

    Bring an artistic twist to any household. This is a real photographic print, not a cheap inkjet print like some others, and is sure to class up your home decor. Award-winning artist Norm Lanier has reimagined the original artwork.

  15. Door Knocker


    Adding a sense of timeless adventure and traditional style is a job well done by this magnificent door knocker. Standout style is all in the details, taking door hardware elements from everyday to elevated. Solid throughout, the heavyweight cast iron door knocker not only gives a good knock; it says something about the people on the other side – a reflection of their taste! Your guests would love to announce their presence with this knockout knocker.

  17. Horseshoe Necklace


    Horseshoes are a symbol of good luck. This necklace will be a talisman for good luck as well as being a gorgeous piece for everyday wear and special occasions.

  19. Wall Shelf Brackets
  20. gifts-for-horse-lovers-brackets


    These brackets are perfect as a decorative shelf, to hold up a mailbox, or as a decorative touch to a corner or doorway. Made of cast iron, the brackets measures 8 inches and features a Western-style galloping horse. Screws are not included.

  21. Horseopoly
  22. gifts-for-horse-lovers-horseopoly

    This game encourages horseplay! Horseplay is a property trading game based on our equine friends. It has all the action of the traditional property trading game with some galloping good fun. Players can choose to be a bail of hay, saddle, horseshoe, horse trailer, a bag of oats, or a boot! They buy and sell while trying to become the richest player in the game. So hop in the saddle and take this game for a ride.

  23. Horse Bag
  24. gifts-for-horse-lovers-purse

    Looking for a crossbody or even a small travel purse – look no further.  Adjustable Strap – turn the bag into a purse, a crossbody bag, or even a purse wallet phone case! Top zipper closure. The patterned fabric inside lining. 

  25. Horse Shoe Necklace
  26. gifts-for-horse-lovers-necklace

    Keep the open end of your horseshoe pointed up to catch good luck and keep it from running out. The belief of this is that the luck inside the horseshoe will spill or will be lost if pointed downward.

  27. Saddlebox
  28. SaddleBox is the gift box for horse lovers!  Why go out for horse goodies? SaddleBox delivers gourmet horse treats, tack and more directly to your door every month. The best part is all sales benefit equine rescue shelters.

  29. Horse Hoof Socks
  30. gifts-for-horse-lovers-socks

    So, weird but a funny gift for any horse lover. These unique funny socks are durable, comfortable, and are sure to be a hit, whether you’re buying it as a gift for somebody special or wearing it yourself. The print shows the front and backside of their favorite furry animal.

  31. Horseshoe Wall Art


    This cast iron horseshoe wall art would look great in your home year-round. Hang it up in your barn, farm home, front door, or wall. Weave fabric through it to match the season. Simple but perfect home decor for any horse lover.

  33. Horse Throw Blanket 
  34. Snuggle up in this sophisticated rustic home accent blanket.This decorative throw quilt blanket is perfect for snuggling up with on the bed, couch, or chair. Also wonderful for picnics, gifts, or traveling. Its rich design also means it can be used as a decoration! It is warm and cozy and is the perfect blanket for cooler or warm weather.

  35. Saddle Box
  36. gifts-for-horse-lovers-saddlebox

    If you’re looking to buy the perfect personalized gift for horse lovers, then search no further! We created SaddleBox to help foster that special bond between horses and their owners. Every monthly SaddleBox includes items that help riders become closer with their horses, such as treats, grooming products, western gear, and more.

  37. Wind Chime
  38. gifts-for-horse-lovers-chime

    They can enjoy the soft relaxing tones of these harmonic wind chimes. This chime hangs beautifully in a garden, home, patio, office, or near the stable. Excellent design and quality craftsmanship made of iron.