29 Perfect Gifts For Horse Lovers Big And Small

By Laura Fiebert | Updated: November 19, 2023

    Are you looking for the perfect gift for the horse enthusiast? Whether they’re pony fans, leisure riders, or your favorite equestrian rider. Whether they’re four, fourteen, or forty-four, these gifts for horse lovers will capture their hearts and minds.

    We’ve found the most perfect gifts for horse lovers, young and old. So dive in below and see what you come up with!

  1. Wind Chime
  2. gifts-for-horse-lovers-chimeA harmonic wind chime’s soft, relaxing tones are a beautiful addition to any backyard. This one is designed with the horse fanatic in mind. The chime will hang beautifully in a garden, patio, balcony, or stable.

  3. Rustic Sherpa Blanket 
  4. horse-gifts-blanket

    Snuggle up in this sophisticated rustic horse blanket, designed by Wrangler – king of comfy jeans and western apparel. It’s perfect for snuggling up on a bed or couch and ideal for picnics or traveling. It also makes great decor for a country cabin or ranch.

  5. Coffee Tumbler
  6. gifts-for-horse-lovers-tumbler

    This stainless steel coffee tumbler makes a great birthday or Christmas gift. Equipped with a slidable BPA-free lid, two metal straws, and a straw brush, it’s both spill-proof and easy to clean. It’ll also keep their drink cold for 9 hours or hot for 5 hours – ideal for when they’re out with their pony all day.

  7. Boot Rack
  8. gifts-for-horse-lovers-rack

    Keep your horseriding boots off the ground in a rustic, on-theme manner. This rack is customizable with a name or phrase and has four size options to hold one or four pairs of boots. You are made with brand-new, genuine horseshoes for an authentic “Western” touch.

  9. Hoof Socks
  10. gifts-for-horse-lovers-socks

    A peculiar but funny gift for any horse lover’s Christmas stocking, these unique “horse feet” socks are durable, comfortable, and sure to be a hit. They’d also make a great Halloween or slumber party accessory.

  11. SaddleBox Subscription
  12. SaddleBox is a gift box for horse owners and horse riders! It delivers items like gourmet horse treats, horse brushes, tack, and gifts for humans directly to their door every month. The best part is all sales benefit equine rescue shelters.

  13. Personalized Water Bottle
  14. gifts-for-horse-lovers-water-bottle

    Coffee? Tea? Juice? This custom horse bottle can handle it all, hot or cold. It’s double-wall insulated and can house 17 ounces of their favorite drink. Each water bottle is laser engraved with a pony and your loved one’s name so it won’t wear off. These make great last-minute birthday gifts!

  15. Paper Clip Horses 
  16. gifts-for-horse-lovers-paperclips

    Need something original for your teenager or college freshman? They’ll be delighted to discover these horse-shaped paperclips in their stocking. They’d also be a fun asset to a veterinarian’s office.

  17. Keepsake Memory Box
  18. gifts-for-horse-lovers-memory-box

    Willow Tree sculptures are bestsellers, known as keepsakes with beautiful sentiments. This memory box sculpture is a carving of a girl embracing her horse, and inside the box is an inscribed message –” Always there for me.” This a heartfelt gift for horse lovers of all ages.

  19. Origami Stud Earrings
  20. gifts-for-horse-lovers-earrings

    These cute little horses are pure 925 sterling silver and crafted to stand the test of time. Each stud is designed to look like an origami horse, making the earrings stand out as they reflect the light uniquely.

  21. Custom Horse Grooming Brush
  22. gifts-for-horse-lovers-brush

    These brushes make a gorgeous personalized gift for a horse fan or their horse– the perfect saddle bag companion. They also make great gifts for clients (from trainers) or to have brushes with each lesson horse’s name on them. The beautiful horse engraving sets off this one-of-a-kind gift.

  23. Horse Shoe Wine Rack
  24. gifts-for-horse-lovers-wine-rack

    This rustic wine holder is made from perfectly crafted wrought iron horseshoes. It will complete any horse lover’s living room, kitchen, or entertaining area, and its compact size makes it great for small spaces or countertops. You can keep it in the stable to hide your vintage Bourdeaux stash.

  25. A Horse Bible
  26. gifts-for-horse-lovers-book

    The definitive visual guide to all things horses! This beautiful book includes over 150 horse breeds, expert advice on keeping, feeding, and grooming, and panels on famous breeds, horses, their owners, riders, and breeders. It also explores the evolution and anatomy of the horse and its place in history, art, and culture.

  27. Stallion Tote Bag
  28. gifts-for-horse-lovers-tote

    This high-quality messenger bag is lightweight, durable, recyclable, and easily washable canvas material. It can be used as a school bag, laptop tote, or overnight bag.

  29. Crossbody Bag
  30. gifts-for-horse-lovers-bag

    Do you know a horse admirer looking for a crossbody bag or small purse to hold their phone? These soft vegan leather bags make unique gifts for horse lovers of all ages. Includes three credit card slots on the inside and an open front pocket.

  31. Post-it Note Holder
  32. gifts-for-horse-lovers-note-holderAre you looking for highly original horse-themed gifts? Look no further! This horse-shaped pen box will hold their pens, clips, erasers, and post-it notes. And any critical notes can be clipped right into the horse’s mouth as a visual reminder.

  33. Hair Ties
  34. gifts-for-horse-lovers-hair-ties

    Bright, colorful equestrian hair ties make an excellent stocking stuffer. Little and big girls will love the no-crease design for “dentless” ponytails and braids. Another great idea would be to pop these into gift bags at birthday parties.

  35. Horseshoe Bangle
  36. horse-gifts-bangle

    This delicate and feminine bangle makes a thoughtful gift and would go as well with a dress as a pair of riding boots. Horseshoe pendants have always been a symbol of good luck. So, pass on good luck to someone you care about or need more luck. 

  37. Women’s T-Shirt
  38. gifts-for-horse-lovers-tee

    A fun gift for horse lovers, horseback riding weekends, equestrian or dressage teams, these 100% cotton tees come in five colors. T-shirts are one of the best gifts for declaring your love of horses to the world.

  39. Horseshoe Pendant Necklace
  40. gifts-for-horse-lovers-necklace

    A horse necklace can make a treasured gift for your favorite horse girl (or horse person), and horseshoes symbolize good luck. This sterling silver necklace is a lucky talisman (great for equestrian gifts!) and a gorgeous everyday piece of jewelry.

  41. Leather Journal 
  42. gifts-for-horse-lovers-journal


    A vegan leather horse journal is a perfect companion for writing their thoughts, poems, sketches, or to-do lists. Handcrafted from 100% top-grain leather, it’s a beautiful, high-quality gift for that particular animal lover in your life.

  43. Horse-Opoly
  44. gifts-for-horse-lovers-horseopoly

    A unique horse-lover gift is this Monopoly-esque game of horseplay! Horse-poly is a property trading game with all the fun of the traditional game. Players can choose to be a bail of hay, saddle, horseshoe, horse trailer, a bag of oats, or a boot. They then buy and sell while trying to become the wealthiest player in the game. 

  45. Women’s Scarf
  46. gifts-for-horse-lovers-scarf

    This long pony-themed scarf can be worn as a wrap or shawl for daily life, work, dining out, or even horse riding. The neutral tone will accompany any outfit, but you can choose from vibrant purple, blue, slate, or blue/beige.

  47. Wine Glass
  48. gifts-for-horse-lovers-glass

    Upgrade their glassware collection with this beautiful stemless wine glass with a horse design. The glass holds 17 ounces and is the perfect glass for wine o’clock.

  49. Door Knocker
  50. gifts-for-horse-lovers-door-knocker

    This magnificent door knocker adds a sense of timeless adventure and old-school tradition. The heavyweight solid brass knocker not only gives a good knock but also says something about the people on the other side of the door – we respect horses in this home!

  51. Horseshoe Wall Art
  52. gifts-for-horse-lovers-art

    This cast iron horseshoe would look great in a home year-round. It can be hung up in a barn, farm home, on a front door, or on a wall. You could even weave fabric through it to match the season—a simple but perfect home decor gift for any horse buff.

  53. Throw Pillow Cover
  54. gifts-for-horse-lovers-pillow

    This bright, vibrant throw pillow cover makes a cute bedroom, living room, or deck decor. It’s chic and vintage; any horse fan would be thrilled to receive one. Insert is omitted, so grab one over here.

  55. Pony String Lights
  56. gifts-for-horse-lovers-string-lights

    These 3D string lights give off a warm, amber glow and are strung on a copper wire that allows you to bend and position them as you like. Battery-powered in a waterproof battery box can be used indoors and outdoors. It is a unique gift that will knock their horse socks off.

  57. Makeup Bag
  58. gifts-for-horse-lovers-makeup-bag

    I Hate Everyone Too: Sometimes, finding someone who understands is hard. Other than my horse. These super cute cosmetic bags (or pencil cases) make great gift ideas for anyone who loves horses. Not your ordinary bag, this bag is woven from 95% recycled plastic and gives back 1% of each sale to environmental initiatives around the globe.

    What are the best gift ideas for horse lovers?

    Here, you’ll find some original stocking stuffers, some solid birthday and holiday gifts, and plenty of presents to say thank you, I love you, or good luck (the trusty horseshoe does represent good luck, after all!) 

    From dainty jewelry to wine glasses, home décor to leather journals, wine racks to horse bibles, memory boxes to customized horse brushes, t-shirts to door knockers, stationary accessories to an all-out horse-around board game! We even found pony string lights and lil’ paper clip horses. Our gift guide has all of your horse-themed gifts covered.