32 Giraffe Gifts That Will Delight Every Wildlife Enthusiast

By Meghan Thomson | Updated: July 25, 2023

    We wanted to include all possible gift ideas for giraffe lovers, making our list about as tall as a giraffe. From bedding to baby gifts and home decor, you’re sure to find something your loved one will be ecstatic to receive. Fun facts about giraffes are included throughout the list so you can show off your new knowledge to your giraffe-loving friend!

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    What are some fun gifts for giraffe lovers?

    For those who have their heads in the clouds with love for giraffes, there’s a herd of fantastic gift options. Consider a charming giraffe-themed necklace for a dash of style. A whimsical giraffe print or artwork would be a stunning addition to their living space.

    An adorable giraffe plush toy could be the perfect cuddle partner, and a cool giraffe-patterned mug can brighten their morning coffee routine. It’s all about finding that fun, giraffe-centric gift that’s as unique and special as they are!

  1. Planter
  2. giraffe-gifts-planter

    Did you know giraffe calves begin sampling vegetation by the time they are one week old? This giraffe planter is great for indoor or outdoor use. It will be adored by the plant and animal lover and your succulent will be safe from this cute animal. Since it is made of weather-resistant polyresin it will hold up in the elements if placed outside.

  3. Wine Bottle Topper


    A giraffe wine bottle topper makes a great gift for giraffe lovers. A light-hearted African safari decoration that’s destined to delight any wine connoisseur! Someone that knows lots of facts might tell you giraffes spend most of their time, including sleeping, standing but they will still love this adorable gift.

  5. Giraffe Mug
  6. giraffe-gifts-coffee-mug

    If you know someone who loves coffee mugs, they will love this for their collection. Its creative design uses the neck as a handle and even features beautiful flowers. 

  7. Watercolor Comforter
  8. giraffe-gifts-duvet

    Giraffes only need 5 to 30 minutes of sleep daily, but we need much more! You should grab this giraffe duvet for your friend who loves relaxing and getting her best sleep. This is a great gift for a giraffe lover who also appreciates art!

  9. Coaster Set
  10. giraffe-gifts-coasters

    These wooden coasters with cork baking will not only keep the table safe but also add style to the room. This set of 4 is sure to keep scratches and water stains away. Since hot and cold cups can be placed on these they are the best gift for wine, whiskey, and coffee lovers.

  11. Onesie Pajamas


    A serious giraffe lover will go crazy over these adorable onesie pajamas. If you’re looking for a child, they have smaller sizes here, and this is even better than a plush giraffe. Not only are they super soft, but they also have a hood and are machine washable for easy cleaning. They even added ossicones which are the giraffe’s hair-covered horns.

  13. Giraffe Print Sandals
  14. giraffe-gifts-giraffe-print-sandals

    We all know comfortable footwear is the best. These giraffe print sandals are not only cute but they have a yoga mat sole that your feet will appreciate. Also, the fabric is so soft you’ll seriously never want to take them off.

  15. Milestone Blanket


    Milestone blankets are a must-have for new moms, and they will love this one. It has a cute mama and baby giraffe and since it is super soft it can be used for a nap or playtime too!

  17. Lunch Tote
  18. giraffe-gifts-tote


    Lunch or snacks will fit perfectly in this adorable tote bag with a pretty giraffe design. It is made of polyester and aluminum foil material and can be thrown in the wash to clean and it dries quickly. This tote will also keep school (or work) lunch cold or warm!

  19. Wind Chime
  20. giraffe-gifts-wind-chime

    Wind Chimes add some charm to a garden or porch and this one with two giraffes embracing will not disappoint. The long necks and faces of these giraffes form a heart and they are hand-painted and polished to make this an extra special unique gift. The chime also has a combination of aluminum rods and miniature giraffes below the crown.

  21. Fuzzy Giraffe Socks
  22. giraffe-gifts-fuzzy-socks

    If you’re making a gift basket for someone fuzzy socks are always a great addition. These are not only super soft but they also have giraffe spots and a giraffe face on them! Also, they’d be a great addition to a basket of giraffe-themed gifts.

  23. Travel Coffee Tumbler
  24. giraffe-gifts-travel-coffee-tumbler

    Coffee is an essential part of the day for most, anyone that is constantly on the go or running late will appreciate a stainless steel tumbler. It is leak and spill-proof plus the coffee will stay hot for up to 12 hours! Also, the beautiful colorful artwork is created in New Hampshire.

  25. Dinner Set
  26. giraffe-gifts-dishes

    When I learned that giraffe feet are the size of dinner plates it seemed like a giraffe gift list wouldn’t be complete without a plate. This set for children comes with a plate, bowl, cup, spoon, and fork. These are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and multiple animal designs are offered which means you can get each child their favorite! 

  27. Toddler Backpack
  28. giraffe-gifts-toddler-backpack

    We all know kids love to be independent and carry their own things so this cute giraffe backpack is perfect. The front pocket is insulated which makes it great for holding a couple of snacks. Your favorite toddler will think this is the perfect gift and not want to take this off!

  29. Giraffe Backpack
  30. giraffe-gifts-giraffe-backpack

    We couldn’t leave out a backpack option for older kids or adults! The shoulder straps are adjustable, two side mesh pockets are great for water bottles, and the main pocket has an additional small zippered pocket. The watercolor giraffe artwork on the front will make anyone that sees this bag want to order one for themselves.

  31. Spiral Notebook
  32. giraffe-gifts-spiral-notebook

    This giraffe is just the cutest sporting some glasses and pineapple on its head! What makes this notebook extra unique is that you can customize the inside, there are 21 choices so you can make it a bill tracker, workout planner, or much more. Pick which style best fits the gift recipient!

  33. Salt and Pepper Shakers


    No centerpiece is needed when these adorable giraffes are keeping the salt and pepper shakers safe on the table. This set is made of hand-painted ceramic and is magnetized so they can stay curled up together! 

  35. Pop-up Card
  36. giraffe-gifts-pop-up-card

    A gift is not complete without a card to accompany it. This 3D card is sure to wow anyone but would be extra special for a baby shower or to welcome a new baby as it features a giraffe family. You can even add this fun fact into your card: Female giraffe gives birth standing up, their young fall about 5 ft. to the ground and can stand up within an hour of birth.

  37. Baby Bathrobe
  38. giraffe-gifts-baby-bathrobe

    New moms will be excited to use this cure giraffe robe for their new baby, it even has the option for personalization! It makes a great gift as it is super soft, machine washable, and will keep the baby nice and warm.

  39. Giraffe Bike
  40. giraffe-gifts-giraffe-bike

    Small bikes, including this giraffe one, are great birthday gifts for toddlers on the go. It has an adjustable seat and a three-wheel design with a larger back wheel to keep the baby safe. The sturdy material allows for indoor or outdoor use.

  41. Cellphone Case
  42. giraffe-gifts-cellphone-case

    Phone cases not only keep your cell phone safe but also have become an accent piece for many. This shockproof case has an adorable design of 3 funny giraffes sporting sunglasses. The recipient of this gift is sure to get a ton of compliments!

  43. Funny T-shirt
  44. giraffe-gifts-funny-t-shirt

    This is a fitting gift for anyone that loves shirts with clever sayings. Since it is lightweight and machine washable it is a low maintenance gift too!

  45. Night Light


    This adorable nightlight will brighten the darkest nights!  It makes a great gift for a child that loves animals or to welcome a sweet new baby.

  47. Nursery Wall Art
  48. giraffe-gifts-nursery-wall-art

    A set of three of the cutest animal prints you will ever see make a great gift for a baby nursery. A koala, elephant, and giraffe in neutral colors is the perfect wall art for any room. Frames can be added if you’d like as a way to personalize the style of the room.

  49. Decorative Clock
  50. giraffe-gifts-decorative-clock

    This unique wall clock is made in Europe from a 12” vintage vinyl record. It features a few trees and four different giraffes in the landscape. A great home decor piece or Christmas gift for anyone who loves giraffes!

  51. Giraffe Statue Set


    This family of three giraffes will be a nice addition to any shelf for someone who loves art. Also, this creative design offers two different colors for you to choose from. They will love this gift, especially if a giraffe is their favorite animal.

  53. Necklace


    Giraffes have a gentle temperament, accompany each other, stay close, and take care of each other. Moms of any age will be happy to receive this giraffe jewelry from their loved ones and won’t want to ever take it off. Also, the use of sterling silver material for this giraffe pendant necklace makes this hypoallergenic and safe for about any skin type.

  55. Christmas Ornament
  56. giraffe-gifts-christmas-ornament

    Christmas isn’t the only time to gift ornaments, this is also great for Mother’s day, a birthday, or any special occasion. This is a beautiful keepsake porcelain ornament that can be personalized and features two giraffes embracing. 

  57. Reading Pillow
  58. giraffe-gifts-reading-pillow

    Throw pillows can add a nice touch and bit of design to any area. Since it has a pocket on the front a few books can even be stored there. When you are looking for a different idea for the next first birthday or baby shower grab this and add a few books! 

  59. Throw Blanket
  60. giraffe-gifts-throw-blanket

    When in doubt gift a blanket, maybe I just feel that way since I love blankets! This giraffe pattern throw blanket is made of super soft fleece that is great for keeping warm on cold days or nights. What makes this even better is that it is machine washable for easy cleaning.

  61. Laser Engraved Water Bottle
  62. giraffe-gifts-laser-engraved-water-bottle

    Although giraffes rarely need water is it important for humans to stay hydrated and what better way than with this water bottle? It has a simple but sleek laser engraved design and an option for personalization. My last giraffe fun facts: Giraffes do not drink much water because they get water through their leafy meals.

  63. Giraffe Adoption Kit
  64. giraffe-gifts-giraffe-adoption-kit

    An adoption package is perfect for the list of gift ideas since it aids in saving the species as the population has been decreasing. Since there are various options you can choose what suits your loved one best. Also, each offers different items, like a plush giraffe, and an adoption certificate.