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24 Unforgettable Gifts For Elephant Lovers

Updated on May 9, 2021 Updated on May 9, 2021
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    Elephants are incredible animals, so it’s not a surprise that so many people are obsessed with them. They say elephants have a great memory, so our gift guide has some unforgettable gifts for elephant lovers.

  1. Elephant Mug
  2. elephant-gifts-mug

    The sculpted head complete with ears and trunk holds a clever opening that neatly stashes your tea bag when you’re done steeping and want to enjoy your soul-sustaining brew. The elephant’s body holds your tea or coffee, the head stores the tea bag, the tail forms the mug handle, and it even stands on four detailed elephant feet. A perfect gift for tea lovers.

  3. Origami Necklace
  4. elephant-gifts-necklace

    Though the Japanese art of folding paper may well be centuries old, you can’t deny the modern look of these origami-inspired sterling silver necklaces. Featuring five beloved animals—from the sliest of foxes to the tallest, proudest penguin—each brings a bit of personality to your look, and Sue Beatrice’s delicate handiwork ensures they appear as fine as folded paper. Subtle yet playful, they’re a spirited addition to any jewelry box.

  5. Garden Sculpture
  6. elephant-gifts-sculpture

    These pensive pachyderms keep that necessary dose of tranquility in their trunks and provide a calming, yet distinctively elephantine, presence. To add even more charm, the Chinese characters etched into the back of each animal’s robe are indicative of the animal’s primary characteristic-wisdom. A great elephant gift idea for a gardener.

  7. Throw Blanket
  8. elephant-gifts-blanket

    Elephants symbolize strength, honor, stability, and much more. This Sherpa throws will be the eye-catcher in any room. This throw is available in your choice of colors, including hot pink, navy, tangerine, aqua, and soft gray.

  9. Succulent Pots


    This set of white elephant ceramic plant pots are just adorable! Each planter comes with a draining hole that allows water to flow through the soil so the plants won’t get overly saturated. Ideal for displaying live plants, but can also be used to hold and organize a variety of other items.

  11. Bottle Opener
  12. elephant-gifts-bottle-opener

    Our Three-Elephants bottle opener is a great gift for beer lovers. This magnificent elephant bottle opener is forged in fine detail and is a unique conversation starter to have in your home. Made from solid zinc alloy, this unique beer bottle cap opener capture a timeless quality suitable for any home. The best gift for a beer lover.

  13. Luggage Tag
  14. elephant-gifts-luggage-tag

    What else but a color-splashed elephant is eye-catching enough to make an ordinary suitcase stand out on airline luggage carousel? Nothing! That’s why this lively “lucky elephant” luggage tag is journey-read. The vibrant jewel tones of sapphire blue, emerald and garnet, white accents will make it pop. A great gift idea for a traveler.

  15. Essential Oil Diffuser 


    This elephant charm locket is unique and beautiful. It is not only a diffuser that helps you improve your health and mood by using your favorite essential oil, but also a kind of jewelry that can match any style. A great birthday or Mothers’ Day gift for the elephant lover in your life.

  17. Wall Art
  18. elephant-gifts-wall-art

    Show the one you adore that the strength of your love could lift an elephant. This print, “Love Carries All,” by Zlatka Paneva brightens any room with a carnival-like joy and a calming sense of optimism. Perfect for the pachyderm-loving partner. Zlatka Paneva’s artwork is a combination of reality, sources, and imagination. Her prints demonstrate surrealist and pop art influences that play with mother nature and the animal kingdom.

  19. Measuring Cups


    You’ll never forget where these lovable white elephant measuring cups are! With a trunk full of charm, this ceramic kitchen accessory serves as decoration when not in use! Easily store these nesting measuring cups in a cabinet or on a counter.

  21. Elephant Kimono
  22. elephant-gifts-kimono

    Black and white are the perfect colors to blend with any other color, so this pattern will match with your favorite clothes. This one-size kimono fits everyone and is made of high-quality fabric. What makes it one and only is the beautiful detailed elephants and mandalas on the borders!

  23. Wine Glass Charms
  24. elephant-gifts-shower-wine-charm

    If you know an elephant lover who loves their wine these magnetic wine charms would make a perfect birthday gift or hostess gift. Magnetic wine markers are fabulous because they work on all of your barware. They attach firmly through the glassware with two strong magnets and therefore work on stemmed or stemless glasses.

  25. Drunk Elephant Skincare
  26. elephant-gifts-skincare

    You take your vitamins every morning, so why stop there? This daily dose for your complexion delivers antioxidants to firm and brighten while replenishing essential hydration with C-Firma Day Serum and B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel. A routine is only as good as its worst product, and a product is only as good as its worst ingredient. Drunk elephant is dedicated to your internal health and external skin health; “If there’s any DOUBT, it’s OUT.”

  27. Elephant Family Bookends
  28. elephant-gifts-bookends

    Holding gingerly on to his mother’s tail, this baby elephant follows your book collection from A to Z. Inspired by the playful styles of the savanna, artist Eric Gross creates a charming silhouette scene on your bookshelf or mantel with his beautifully detailed bookend, crafted from carbon steel with automotive paint finish.

  29. Backpack
  30. elephant-gifts-backpack

    This large capacity outdoor bag has 15 different function pocket built in, meet all the demands of a mommy or a traveler. The water resist pocket help you to separate the wet towel from the dry clothes, help make your traveling backpack clean and tidy. 

  31. Jewelry Holder
  32. elephant-gifts-jewelry-holder

    This decorative elephant ring holder contains beautiful etched designs on the body of the elephant and open lotus flower.
    Rings slide onto the elephants upturned trunk and small jewelry like earrings, pins and necklaces rest in the lotus flower bowl at its feet. Keep all of your rings beautifully displayed, organized and safe near the sink, cabinet, bedside or dresser with this gorgeous jewelry holder.

  33. Slippers
  34. elephant-gifts-slippers

    Unique aplique art design on each slipper that are made with a brushed fleece exterior in colorful & fun printed patterns and then lined with a soft Sherpa fleece inside. Soft, comfy, warm and just simply adorable. Slipper socks keep feet warm even on the coldest of days! They work in warm climates too where air conditioning keeps floors cold.

  35. Tea Towel
  36. elephant-gifts-towel

    Made from cotton, the elephant print tea towel is very absorbent so clean up after a big party or wiping up spills will be super easy. The pure cotton tea towel is super-absorbent, allowing you to effortlessly dry a mountain of dishes and show a bit of stylish flair in the kitchen.

  37. Kate Spade Elephant Bag


    This is tiny. She’s a charming little elephant that holds all your necessities–even an iPhone xs max. Crafted from wicker trimmed in smooth Italian leather, she’s adorned with shiny gold-tone spade stud eyes and contrasting floppy ears. Lift the flap and you’ll find a canvas-lined interior with card slots for those days you want to go wallet-free. We gave tiny an optional strap so you can sling her over the shoulder or cradle her close.

  39. Elephant Necklace
  40. gifts-for-elephant-lovers-necklace



    Elephants are wondrous creatures that symbolize happiness, strength, wisdom, and reliability. This elephant animal pendant necklace is made of 925 silver with a chain that is dainty but strong and has an anti-tarnish coating. 

  41. Shower Curtain
  42. elephant-gifts-shower-curtain

    Bring bohemian appeal to your powder room or master bath with this colorful shower curtain. Its patterned elephant design and bright floral features make a stylish addition to your bathroom and is the perfect accent for neutral and splashy spaces alike.

  43. Pillow Set
  44. elephant-gifts-pillow

    Wanna transform a serious room into a fun inviting space? Sporting a trumpeting elephant as its centerpiece that is surrounded by a fun colorful print this pillow will add some jazz to any couch or bed. 

  45. Wall Decor
  46. elephant-gifts-wall-decor

    A bold design needs a bold subject. Take the taxidermy trend to the next level with the grandeur of the elephant. Certain to turn heads and elicit endless questions and smiles, you’ll love showing off your cruelty-free elephant head wall display. The minimalist palette saves the bold design from dominating the room. Instead, this polyresin faux taxidermy will complement your decor and tie everything together. This spectacular geometric design elephant head wall mount is a beautiful and unique housewarming gift for your ultra-trendy friend.

  47. Coffee Table Book
  48. The first book by wildlife photographer and writer Larry Laverty, Power and Majesty, features extraordinary images and informative text that capture the life of African elephants. The book focuses on these majestic animals and features stunning photographs from the most remote corners of Africa, from the savannas and deserts to the rivers and jungles. The text introduces various elephant habitats, explores the magical qualities of elephants, and underscores the immense challenges they face for survival in a world dominated by humans.