27 Unforgettable Gifts For Elephant Lovers

Updated on July 25, 2022 Updated on Jul 25, 2022
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    Elephants are incredible animals, so it’s no surprise that people are obsessed with them. Spiritually, they symbolize wisdom, luck, loyalty, and strength which makes them even more meaningful. Here are some unforgettable gifts for elephant lovers who never forget.

  1. Throw Blanket
  2. elephant-gifts-blanket

    Elephants symbolize strength, honor, and in this case, extreme warmth! This Sherpa throw will be the eye-catcher in any room. But it’ll also be their new favorite snuggle bunny. It’s available in several colors, including hot pink, navy, tangerine, aqua, and soft gray (above).

  3. A Clever Mug
  4. elephant-gifts-mug

    This mug is utterly adorbs! The sculpted head – complete with ears and trunk – disguises a clever opening that neatly stashes their teabag when done steeping. The best gift for tea obsessives but doesn’t rule out coffee lovers, especially in this new “coffee bags” age.

  5. Cozy Slippers
  6. elephant-gifts-slippers

    The unique applique design on each foot makes these elephant slippers look homemade and they’re lined with a soft Sherpa fleece to keep feet snug and warm. The perfect gift for the holiday season when toes are extra frosty!

  7. Succulent Pots


    This set of white elephant ceramic plant pots is cute as a button! Each planter comes with a draining hole that allows water to flow through the soil so plants won’t get over-saturated. They’re designed with live plants in mind, but can also be used to hold various other items – like candy or paperclips, or pencils. Your BFF will love them!

  9. Elephant Kimono
  10. elephant-gifts-kimono

    This one-size kimono fits everyone and is beautifully detailed with elephants and mandalas. Black and white is also the perfect color combo to match with all their favorite clothes. It’s the ideal throw-on accessory for the beach, around the home, or dressing up jeans and a tee. 

  11. Garden Sculpture
  12. elephant-gifts-sculpture

    These pensive pachyderms provide a necessary dose of tranquility with their calming, yet distinctively strong, presence. An excellent elephant gift idea for a gardener to bring peace, humor, and the art of Zen to their off-kilter spaces.

  13. Wall Decor
  14. elephant-gifts-wall-sculpture

    Sure to turn heads and elicit endless questions, they’ll love showing off their new cruelty-free elephant decor – which they made themselves! This geometric elephant head is actually a 3D puzzle. It comes in pre-cut, pre-creased numbered pieces of fortified 250gsm paperboard It can be lovingly assembled and then put on display.

  15. Jewelry Holder
  16. elephant-gifts-jewelry-holder

    This decorative elephant ring holder contains beautiful etched designs. Rings slide easily onto the elephant’s upturned trunk (a symbol of good luck) and small jewelry like earrings, pins, and necklaces rest in the lotus flower bowl at its feet. 

  17. Essential Oil Pendant
  18. elephant-gifts-diffuser-necklace

    This elephant pendant is an essential oil diffuser that uses lava beads as the diffusing device, to calm the mind and senses at any time of the day. The elephant symbolizes good luck and wisdom, but lava stone has its own lucky charms of protection, strength, and fertility.  

  19. Coffee Table Book
  20. This book by wildlife photographer Larry Laverty features stunning photographs from the most remote corners of Africa – from savannas and deserts to rivers and jungles. But it’s not just a pretty book. It also delves into a well of information on elephant habitats, the magical qualities of elephants, and the immense challenges they face for survival.

  21. Silver Clutch Bag
  22. elephant-gifts-clutchThis charming little elephant is a clutch bag, crafted from tiny mini crystals to shine and dazzle all evening long. She’s a small bag and probably won’t quite hold a big iPhone Max but will hold your lipstick, keys and all the bare necessities for that cocktail soiree, wedding, or birthday party.

  23. Wine Glass
  24. elephant-gifts-glass


    Upgrade their glassware with a beautiful stemless wine glass printed with an elephant. The glass holds 17-ounces and the design is laser-etched so it won’t wear away. 

  25. Vintage Elephant Bowl
  26. elephant-gifts-bowl

    The embossing pattern makes this decorative bowl incredible eyecatching. Once developed as an ashtray it’s the perfect vintage bowl to put on your bar with some peanuts or candy in it. It makes for a beautiful piece of original home decor and a unique gift for that person who has it all.

  27. Tea Towel
  28. elephant-gifts-towel

    Made from cotton, this black and white elephant print tea towel is not only smart-looking but super-absorbent, so your giftee can effortlessly dry a mountain of dishes. A great stocking stuffer gift, or pair it up with the carved snack bowl that’s also on this list.

  29. Snack Bowl
  30. elephant-gifts-snack-bowl

    Make an impression when friends come around for food and drink with this meticulously hand-carved snack dish. Or keep it on your own side table for TV snacks. Kenyan artisans craft each bowl from a solid block of jacaranda wood and each bowl is painted by hand. A highly original Christmas gift for the elephant lover in the family.

  31. Shower Curtain
  32. elephant-gifts-curtain


    Bring bohemian appeal to the master bath with this colorful shower curtain. Its patterned elephant design and bright floral features make a stylish addition to a plain bathroom, especially if you’re renting and can’t do a lot to it.

  33. Origami Necklace
  34. elephant-gifts-origami-necklace

    Though the Japanese art of folding paper may well be centuries old, you can’t deny the modern look of these origami-inspired sterling silver elephant charms. The delicate handiwork ensures they appear as fine as folded paper, making them a gorgeous addition to any jewelry box.

  35. Pillow Set
  36. elephant-gifts-pillow

    Wanna transform a serious room into a fun inviting space that celebrates your love of elephants? These colorful but tranquil cushion covers will jazz up any couch or bed. Available in 14″ up to 20″ sizes.

  37. Cosmetic Case
  38. elephant-gifts-cosmetic-case

    Almost every woman needs a new makeup case. Why? Because they so quickly seem to get covered with broken eyeshadow powder and spilled foundation! This case is printed with stylish blue and white Asian-inspired elephants and is great for everyday use but big enough to hold all their toiletries when traveling.  

  39. Three Wise Elephant Figurine
  40. elephant-gifts-sculpture

    Give a loved one a visual reminder to “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” in life when they display this cute elephant family statue. With their trunks pointed skyward the elephants symbolize good luck as well as just being utterly adorable to look at.

  41. Duffel Carry-On Bag
  42. elephant-gifts-bag

    This cute-ass bag is a duffel but then shifts to help you out when traveling by supplying four wheels and a handle. The fully lined interior has plenty of organizational pockets, and it will fit easily in most airline overhead compartments. Perfect for standing out from the drab-bagged flying crowd.

  43. Sparkly Keychain
  44. elephant-gifts-keychain

    Looking for a sweet stocking stuffer for an elephant lover? These keychains are just the thing. There are four colorful designs available and it’ll be hard for them to lose their keys with all that rhinestone bling! 

  45. Wooden Coasters
  46. elephant-gifts-coasters

    Made from natural palm disk wood, these elephant coasters will bring a little nature to any table. An Amazon bestseller, they’re priced just right to be a great holiday party stocking stuffer, secret Santa gift, or an “any day gift” for your elephant-obsessed best friend.

  47. Bottle Opener
  48. elephant-gifts-bottle-opener

    This Three-Elephants bottle opener is a great gift for beer lovers. Made from solid and robust zinc alloy (stainless steel corrodes easier) this unique bottle opener has a distinct vintage quality that would look great on any bar.

  49. Salt + Pepper Shakers


    It doesn’t get much cuter in the kitchen than this salt and pepper gift set. Give this little designer duo for a housewarming or to a host during the holiday season. Any animal lover will utterly adore them.

  51. The Gag Gift


    This gift takes the “white elephant gift exchange” to a whole new realm of literal! This kit has everything you need to organize and throw a white elephant party. 

  53. Mother + Child Pendant
  54. elephant-gifts-mom-pendant

    This dainty necklace symbolizes a mother’s embrace and infinite love and makes the perfect Mother’s Day gift for your own Mom, or a brand new mom in your life. Choose from silver with a rose gold baby elephant, or silver with a gold baby elephant.