22 Cute Penguin Gifts That Are Almost Too Cute

By Laura Fiebert | Updated: June 18, 2023

    Got a penguin fanatic in your life? I mean, can you blame them? Those little guys are beyond adorable, the pinnacle of cute animals if you are looking for a cute penguin gift for Christmas, a birthday gift, or just because we found the cutest and most practical gift ideas.

  1. Penguin Cocktail Shaker
  2. cute-penguin-gifts-shaker

    Great for the penguin lady who loves her cocktails. This penguin cocktail shaker is elegant, fun, and functional, and nicely complements other bar accessories. This whimsical fellow, with decorative beak and webbed feet, makes a great conversation piece when entertaining. It’s the perfect shaker for mixing martinis and other favorite cocktail drinks. Shakes up 17-ounce cocktails quickly and strains while pouring.

  3. Penguin Face Mask
  4. cute-penguin-gifts-masks

    Animate your skin with The Crème Shop’s Animal Masks! Keep your skin smooth and dewy like a penguin’s perfectly polished coat. Infused with hyaluronic acid, this ultra-moisturizing face mask quenches your skin’s thrist or an effortless, radiant glow. These super cute penguin masks are infused with hyaluronic acid.

  5. Penguin Origami Necklace
  6. cute-penguin-gifts-necklace

    This beautiful penguin necklace features an origami style penguin, with strong geometric lines. This penguin pendant is a lovely rose gold colour and is perfect for any penguin lover who wants to keep their feathered close to their hearts at all times!

  7. Penguin Mug
  8. penguin-gifts-mug


    This adorable tea and coffee mug set is made of high-quality ceramic and holds 11 ounces. It is suitable for enjoying hot and cold drinks. This is a great gift and will surely put a smile on any penguin lover’s face. 

  9. Vera Bradly Penguin Tote Bag
  10. cute-penguin-gifts-tote

    The perfect air travel carry-on bag! Designed for both functionality and fashion as you head toward the runway. the Vera Tote is refined, spacious, stylish, and road trip ready. It is machine-washable and fade-resistant to keep you fun and fashionable.

  11. Phone Cover


    This cute pattern is eye-catching while protecting your phone from scratches, bumps, and other daily damage. The case was created with a highly flexible material that feels great in your hand and will not warp even after frequently taking it on and off. Perfectly formed to fit your iPhone like a glove, preventing any extra bulk.

  13. Adopt an Emperor Penguin
  14. cute-penguin-gifts-adopt

    Save a penguin family! Climate change and habitat loss pose the greatest risks to these remarkable birds. Save pengins lives anf support WWF’s global efforts to protect wild animals and their habitats with a symbolic species adoption. Recieve a personalized acknowledgment letter to your gift recipient.

  15. Penguin-ology
  16. cute-penguin-gifts-penguinology

    Players collect favorite penguins and then up the rent by adding an ocean. It’s all fun and games until someone gets lost at sea and is out of the game for three turns. Flip over the deeds and read interesting facts about penguins. Penguin-opoly is lots of fun with some smart stuff thrown in. 

  17. Phone Stand
  18. penguin-gifts-stand


    Let this little fellow give you a hand! The phone stand holds an iPhone, Samsung, or Android phone or other flat objects that you need to prop up. Made of microfiber, the stand can also be used to clean device screens.  

  19. Penguin Couple Wall Art
  20. cute-penguin-gifts-wall art

    This is an upcycled print printed on an old dictionary page. We take old books about to be destroyed and upcycle them in order to give them new life. The aging, slightly-yellowed page is carefully removed, and the image is printed directly on recycled paper. The result is a unique and absolutely beautiful print suitable for framing.

  21. Wine Bottle Opener
  22. cute-penguin-gifts-wine-opener

    This dapper little bird can’t fly, but with a flutter of his wings, he removes any cork with ease. With his durable construction and 5 turns non-stick worm, Kingsley the Penguin is sure to become both a feathered friend and wine staple!

  23. Penguin Socks


    Do you love penguins as much as we do? Then these penguin print socks are for you! Our fun penguin socks will look great in any season.  Reinforced heel & toe for better durability and just the right amount of stretch for all-day comfort.

  25. Penguin Slippers
  26. cute-penguin-gifts-slippers

    These slippers are not only cute but super soft and comfy. Slip-on style makes it easy to put on/off and has an anti-skid cotton rubber sole. Great for wearing around the house. For you, get more safety guarantee, no falling down in your house. Perfect for keeping your feet warm while doing everything.

  27. Lunch Tote
  28. cute-penguin-gifts-lunch-tote

    Never lose your lunch again with this baby penguin print canvas handle lunch bag. This 100% cotton sack features a contrasting strap and roll to close with secure velcro featuring the cutest penguin printed on it! Machine washable in case you have leaky Tupperware. 

  29. Crutter Robe
  30. cute-penguin-gifts-robe

    Treat nighttime to a whole lot of cuteness with these fun women’s robes. Designed using uber-cozy velour and Sherpa lining in the hood, placket, and cuffs, this luxurious critter robe will add an incredibly snug touch to your evenings, and making lounging around the house an enjoyably plush affair.

  31. Penguin Water Bottle
  32. penguin-gifts-bottle


    This penguin water bottle is so cute you’ll be encouraged to drink more water! The bottle is made of stainless steel so it will keep drinks cold or warm for hours and it holds 9.5 ounces. 

  33. Apron
  34. penguin-gifts-apron

    Who knew penguins were so good in the kitchen? Your penguin lover will be delighted with this adorable apron. The apron is machine washable so no need to worry about kitchen stains and has two pockets. 

  35. Penguins of the World Book
  36. cute-penguin-gift-book

    Over the past 18 years, Wayne Lynch has traveled to and explored Antarctica, the Galapagos Islands, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand and a dozen remote island clusters in the tempestuous Southern Ocean, studying and photographing all 17 penguin species in their natural habitats. In Penguins of the World, he documents the extraordinary life cycles of these tough, resourceful and beautiful animals in the harshest environments imaginable.

  37. Ice Cube Tray
  38. cute-penguin-gifts-ice-cubes

    Have the best fun with the coolest ice cube tray! Ice cube tray in penguin shape. You can give a personal touch to your drinks and it’s also easier to carry! Easy to remove ice cubes thanks to its flexible rubber material.

  39. Penguin Paper Clips
  40. cute-penguin-gifts-paper-clips

    These penguin paper clips you can now add a touch of penguin fun to dull paperwork and filing. The stylish slide-open box contains 30 cool, 3/4″ tall paperclips shaped like penguins. Impress your friends, family, teachers and co-workers with these little penguin helpers that’ll hold all of your most important papers together!

  41. Night Light
  42. cute-penguin-gifts-night-light

    This little guy will light up the night. You can control remotely as needed, such as light adjustment, intensity adjustment, color switching, and touch mode switching. Built-in battery, the use time is about 15 hours. 

  43. Plush Penguin
  44. cute-penguin-gift-plush

    The kawaii plush penguin has a pretty round big and a plump belly, and little arms  seems like yearning for your embrace. As a iconic animal of the South Pole, the penguin will remind you of the cold winter. You’ll feel satisfied when hold it in your arms.