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31 Sea Otter Gifts That Are Otterly Amazing

Updated on August 30, 2021 Updated on Aug 30, 2021
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    Otters are adorable animals that are playful even as they become adults and the moms take great care of their babies. They have the thickest fur of all animals and sea otters are known to use kelp as a blanket. Also, did you know there are 13 species? Gifts featuring sea otters and other species are included to help find the best gift for your otter-loving loved one.

  1. Sterling Silver Necklace
  2. otter-gifts-sterling-silver-necklace

    A delicate sea otter pendant holding a starfish is displayed on an 18” chain. This sterling silver otter necklace is adorable and packaged perfectly for easy gift giving.

  3. Notepad
  4. otter-gifts-notepad

    Notepads make a great gift for anyone that loves list-making. This not only has a cute otter pun but also has an adorable mama and baby otter. Since there are 3 areas everything can be organized neatly for the day or week.

  5. Throw Blanket
  6. otter-gifts-throw-blanket

    Any friend or family member that is always cold or blanket obsessed will love this throw blanket. It has otters floating along and even some holding hands. Also, three sizes are available so you can pick what is best for their space.

  7. Friendship Bracelet
  8. otter-gifts-friendship-bracelet

    Otters are symbols of friendship and unity. This friendship bracelet features 2 adorable otter charms and is the perfect holiday or birthday gift for your best friend. She will love that it is such a cute design and hypoallergenic so it will be safe on her skin.

  9. Gift Card
  10. otter-gifts-gift-card

    Gift Cards can seem impersonal at times but this cute otter design will add a special touch that your loved one is sure to enjoy. No matter if it’s for your BFF, significant other, or close family member they will love getting this gift card from their otter half.

  11. Kitchen Towel
  12. otter-gifts-kitchen-towel

    A kitchen towel can be gifted alone or with other otterly amazing kitchen items. Any otter lover is sure to love how cute this animal is and appreciate the saying as well. Since this towel is made of durable material they’ll even be able to use it to clean up a mess.

  13. Cellphone Holder
  14. otter-gifts-cellphone-holder

    If your otter-loving friend doesn’t let their phone out of sight this is a great gift. This cellphone holder can be placed on a desk or kitchen counter.

  15. Pool Float
  16. otter-gifts-pool-float

    What better way to relax than on this adorable river otter float. It is made of durable material, UV rated so it won’t fade in the sun, and can hold up to 400 lbs. 

  17. Key Cover
  18. otter-gifts-key-cover

    If your friend is always trying different keys before finding the right one this key cover will help them out! Not only is it a cute otter but it fits easily over standard-sized keys.

  19. Christmas Ornament 
  20. otter-gifts-christmas-ornament

    Ornaments are a great item for a white elephant exchange. This otter ornament has a tag to commemorate the year 2021. Also, they include a booklet with instructions on how to add personalization with a thin permanent marker.

  21. Hooded Blanket
  22. otter-gifts-hooded-blanket

    This pretty blue hooded blanket has sea otters holding hands and floating on it. Since it is made of polyester microfiber the blanket is super soft and will be used all the time.

  23. Popsocket
  24. otter-gifts-popsocket

    Popsockets are great stocking stuffer items and perfect for teens too. The two otters are holding hands and adorn cute smiles as they float along. Since the top is swappable they can easily get other tops to swap out with their mood and add character to an iPhone.

  25. Pill Case
  26. otter-gifts-pill-case

    Three compartments are in this pill case to keep things organized. The top features two sleeping otters holding hands as they float. Since it is compact in size it can easily fit into just about any bag for easy travel.

  27. Kids Pajamas
  28. otter-gifts-kids-pajamas

    Pajamas are great holiday or birthday gifts. This two-piece set has the cute saying “I’m otterly exhausted” and is made of super soft material. Since the sleeves are long and pants are included it will keep them warm on a chilly night.

  29. Keychain
  30. otter-gifts-keychain

    Keychains are a great small gift or can be used to add detailing to the wrapping of another gift. When your friend is going through a tough time this keychain can remind them how amazing they are.

  31. Wine Glass
  32. otter-gifts-wine-glass

    Wine glass and bottle of wine can make a great Valentine’s Day gift. This stemless wine glass displays a cute animal and saying. Since it is packed in a gift box and even has a greeting card included.

  33. Travel Tumbler
  34. otter-gifts-travel-tumbler

    Any mom that loves otters and tea or coffee will be excited to receive this for Mothers Day. Since this tumbler is vacuum insulated it will keep her drink cold or hot for her to enjoy.

  35. Otter Coffee Mug
  36. otter-gifts-otter-coffee-mug

    An animal lover will be happy to receive this mug and might even lead them to love otters more. It displays a name and photo for each of six types of otters, I didn’t even know there were so many! Also, this is a great item for gift ideas for coffee and tea lovers or mug collectors.

  37. Birthday Card
  38. otter-gifts-birthday-card

    The perfect birthday card for your significant otter does exist. The adorable picture of two otters is showcased on the front and the inside is blank for you to include a heartfelt message and some of the included stickers if you’d like.

  39. Made for Each Otter Socks
  40. otter-gifts-made-for-each-otter-socks

    A pair of crew cut socks with the saying “we were made for each otter” on the bottom would be a great gift for your significant other or BFF. This can be a Christmas gift in a stocking, an anniversary gift, or a great item for any otter lover gift guide.

  41. Throw Pillow
  42. otter-gifts-throw-pillow

    Home decor items such as this throw pillow are nice additions to a space. The material is durable and a hidden zipper allows the cover to be easily removed for machine washing.

  43. Otter Space Tshirt
  44. otter-gifts-otter-space-tshirt


    This funny otter t-shirt has two adorable otters off in outer space. Since the t-shirt is lightweight and machine washable it’s great for kids or adults of any age.

  45. Sea Otter Sticker Pack
  46. otter-gifts-sea-otter-sticker-pack

    A sticker pack can be added to any sea otter gifts or gifted alone. These stickers are perfect additions to a water bottle, computer, or so many other items. Since they are 100% vinyl and durable they are great for teens that want to personalize items.

  47. Cute Sea Otter Artwork
  48. otter-gifts-cute-sea-otter-artwork

    Canvas wall art can fit in a home or office setting for any animal or otter lover. This is offered in two sizes and has a hook for easy hanging. Also, this could be great for a Father’s Day gift, dad can hang this in his workspace or man cave.

  49. Water Bottle
  50. otter-gifts-water-bottle

    My favorite thing about this water bottle is the marks and images to encourage you to drink more water. Hydration is important and who better to remind you than a cute sea otter?

  51. Children’s Book
  52. otter-gifts-childrens-book

    Good Night, Little Sea Otter is an adorable story about a baby sea otter that wants to say goodnight to all the creatures in the sea before going to sleep. Any otter loving parents are going to love this book that you get for their baby.

  53. Personalized Artwork
  54. otter-gifts-personalized-artwork

    If you love unique gifts look no further! This personalized artwork uses words or names you specify to create a beautiful image of an otter. Since you can specify anywhere from 5 to 30 words this can make a nice present with all the names of family members included.

  55. Onesie
  56. otter-gifts-onesie

    Onesies are the perfect small gift to welcome a new baby home. This onesie has a cute saying “I love you like no otter” and offers a snap closure at the bottom to make changing the baby easy.

  57. Bookend Set
  58. otter-gifts-bookend-set

    If your friend or family member loves books this bookend set will be absolutely loved. Also, this cute otter will be happy to help keep some shelves looking organized.

  59. Coasters
  60. otter-gifts-coasters

    Coasters are one of my favorites to include on a list and these funny animals make a perfect coaster set. These are great for a housewarming or white elephant gift since everyone can use them.

  61. Sea Otter Plush
  62. otter-gifts-stuffed-animal

    The otter gift guide list wouldn’t be complete without a sea otter plush. A plush animal can be gifted to friends or family of any age that love sea otters.