24 Adorable Sloth Gifts For Those Who Take it Slow

By Laura Fiebert | Updated: May 9, 2024

    You’ll be surprised by how many people love sloths.  What exactly did sloths do to earn the love of so many? Not much. It sure has gained a lot of popularity for a mammal that barely moves. If you know someone who is obsessed, here are the most adorable sloth gifts for those who love these three-toed cuties.

    So, what are the best gifts for sloth lovers?

    If you have a friend or loved one who adores sloths, you’re in luck! There are plenty of fun and quirky gift options out there that will appeal to their sloth-loving hearts. From cute and cuddly plush toys to practical yet adorable home decor items, here are some of the best gift ideas for sloth lovers that are sure to bring a smile to their faces.

  1. Sloth Crochet Planter
  2. sloth-gifts-planterThis is the perfect gift to brighten their home decor and provide a fun place for their favorite plants. These little cute hanging sloth planters add fun and playfulness and add a green touch to indoor or outdoor areas. The planter is made with 80% cotton and 20% environmentally friendly acrylic yarn to make it well-knit and enduring.

  3. A Sloths Guide To Mindfulness
  4. sloth-gifts-book

    A beautifully illustrated book of mindfulness that will help readers discover the path to a peaceful philosophical life. Follow a serene and smiley sloth through a series of light meditations and daily reflections: An unexpected and snuggable guide, you’ll learn that it’s OK to slow down. Take a pause and focus on your breath. A great gift idea for any sloth lover.

  5. Tea Infuser
  6. sloth-gifts-tea-infuser

    The dunk-brew-toss routine of normal tea bags contributes tons of waste to landfills and is not sustainable for our planet. Save waste and take a break from your frantic pace and let SLOW BREW make you the ideal cup of tea. This charming baby sloth design is sure to make them smile. Pair it with a funny sloth mug for a great gift for a tea lover.

  7. Sloth Hug Ring
  8. sloth-gifts-ring

    The sloth is one of the slowest creatures on Earth, but you can rock this ring in no time flat. Modeled after the three-toed creature, this ring features a sloth just hanging out on your finger, ready to accompany you on all your adventures.

  9. Sloth Socks
  10. sloth-gifts-socks

    They’re slow, silly, and they are always down to hang out! Let these irresistibly cute sloth crew socks for men be the conversation starter, and make that first move. Looking for ladies’ socks? You can find adorable ones here.

  11. Wine Tumbler


    It’s time to fill a glass with your favorite bubbly or wine. Sit back and take it slow. This cheeky hip tumbler is all about having a good time. Start your festivities the right way with a swig of your favorite beverage. Why not have a few more glasses We’re on sloth time.

  13. Slothy Ornament 
  14. sloth-gifts-ornament

    This critter is the original tree-hugger, whose prehistoric ancestors were the size of an elephant! Although arboreal by design, sloths love to swim and are faster in the water than on land. Invite this little guy to hang around with your family this holiday season. A wonderful Christmas gift or stocking stuffer!

  15. Trinket Dish
  16. sloth-gifts-dish


    She can now store her jewelry safely and in style. This ring dish is crafted from high-quality glazed ceramic and features an adorable sloth and the slogan, “Just a girl who loves sloths.” A great place to put their jewelry when they aren’t wearing them- great for by the kitchen sink, bathroom, or nightstand.

  17. Sloth Necklace
  18. sloth-gifts-necklace

    This silly sloth can’t wait to hang out with you! Beyond adorable, this sterling silver necklace is a must-have piece. The polished design showcases a sweet smiling sloth, who happily hangs from the chain. They will wear this lighthearted necklace as a reminder to take it slow and enjoy life.

  19. Cute Sloth Coffee Mug
  20. sloth-gifts-mugs


    Coffee is never really coffee unless it’s in your favorite coffee cup. Send your message loud and clear “Today I will do absolutely nothing”. This sleepy sloth mug will be their go-to funny coffee mug.

  21. Glass Markers
  22. sloth-gifts-wine-marker

    These sly sloths make it easy to find your wine in a crowd. Each set of six silicone social climbers comes in an array of fun colors and easily grips to the stem of your glass. The little guys are made of flexible silicone and designed to fit most stemmed drinkware, including wine glasses, champagne flutes, martini glasses, and more! 

  23. Handbag
  24. sloth-gifts-wine-hand-bag

    This tote is practical, functional, and playful. The cute animal adorns the front while huge front and rear slide pockets with magnetic snaps and a top zipper closure. It has a spacious interior ideal for books and tablets. Comes with a cute keychain and extra shoulder strap that converts tote into a crossbody bag! 

  25. Sloth Running Team Hoodie
  26. sloth-gifts-hoodie

    If a sloth could wear clothes, they would most definitely wear a hoodie. This Sloth Running Team hoodie is a great gift for staying them warm during those chilly winter months or just getting cozy on the couch. Looking for a sloth t-shirt? You can find it here.

  27. Sticky Notes Set
  28. sloth-gifts-sticky-notes

    This darling set of sticky notes lets you organize your life while reminding you to relax and slow down. Record to-do lists, phone messages, plans for today and tomorrow, grocery lists, reminders, and notes, mark pages in magazines, and much more.  The notepads come in an adorable hardcover case, for easy storage, with a sleeping sloth. This cute sticky note set is a great gift for someone you love–or for yourself!


  29. Sloth Yoga Figurines 
  30. sloth-gifts-sticky-figurines

    Be inspired by these fun little sloths executing a variety of yoga poses. Providing a visual reminder to relax and practice deep breathing, the set is perfect for creating a peaceful, zen corner in an office, family room, bedroom, and more. Grouped for a cohesive display or scattered around the garden, the yoga sloth figurines are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

  31. Sloth Coloring Book
  32. sloth-gifts-coloring-book

    Sloths are cute, Sloths are funny – But did you know that they have a secret unknown to most…? They love to FART! This farting animal coloring book for kids of all ages is just hilarious! There are more than 25 farting sloth coloring pages that guarantee a lot of fun

  33. Sloth Wearable Hooded Blanket


    This wearable sloth hooded blanket will help them get their sloth on. This wearable blanket is the cutest and most comfortable sloth blanket that will truly have them living the sloth life.

  35. Sloth Face Mask


    This adorable face mask will show their love for sloths and their conscientious nature. The mask comes with two filters, is washable, and has adjustable earloops that ensure a comfortable fit for everyone. 

  37. Cosmetic Bag
  38. gifts-for-sloth-lovers-makeup-bag


    Get organized with this fun sloth pattern make-up pouch! It’s absolutely convenient for keeping your cosmetics or any other smaller items. It could be filled with lots of items and still fit inside your handbag! Made from scratch-resistant and water-resistant material that will protect your item from scratches and dust.

  39. Sloth Plush


    For three-toed Sloth Lovers, this stuffed animal will bring fun and joy to any occasion. This cuddly sloth stuffed doll is soft, floppy, and huggable. The stuffed toy measures about 13 inches tall. 

  41. Sticker Set


    Decorate your water bottles, laptops, phones, and more with these encouraging and cute sloth sticker decals. They’re made of a quality vinyl material that won’t fade quickly and there are 50 unique stickers.

  43. Sloth Pop-up Card
  44. sloth-gifts-card

    A lazy sloth peers out from behind a branch on the mint green cover of this pop-up design. Upon opening, two sloth friends appear hanging from some tree vines. A great addition to a birthday gift for anyone who loves sloths.

  45. Phone Case
  46. sloth-gifts-phone-case


    A case ideal for anyone who loves a lazy day. With this bright and colorful chilled-out sloth shock-proof case and they can live their life as slow and relaxed as a sloth.

  47. Sloth Art
  48. sloth-gifts-print


    These prints are made from random pages from vintage dictionaries. They make for a unique gift and, best of all, environmentally responsible. All the book pages have that beautiful golden patina color that only comes from age and will look amazing in any room of their home.