23 Llama Gifts That Will Stand Out From The Herd

By Laura Fiebert | Updated: December 7, 2023

    Llamas (who prefer not to be confused with alpacas, thank you very much) are quirky, gentle, and friendly mammals that have become a favorite of all ages. And, much like sloths, flamingos, and cute cacti, they’ve had a real resurgence in everything from home decor to clothing. Everyone just loves llamas, and when you look at those fuzzy little faces, all doe-eyes and long lashes, how could you not!?

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    What are the best gifts for llama lovers?

    Whether you seek housewarming, Christmas, or birthday gifts, a stocking stuffer, or a “Hey, I love you” surprise– bring a bit of llama delight into someone’s life with these adorable llama gift ideas. From throw blankets to cozy slippers, wine glasses to wine charms, body pillows to plush door stops, jewelry to tea infusers—even a sexy tee for the guys. Llama llama ding dong– It’s a lama glama fest!

    Oh, your sister prefers dolphins? Not my prob-llama! (Nah, we’ve got dolphins)

  1. Throw Blanket
  2. llama-gifts-throw

    Rows of trendy llamas and geometric designs make for a cute, comfortable throw. A perfect fuzzy llama blanket for the living room, foot of the bed, nursery, or as a gift. A decorative, pink, and turquoise design (or navy if you prefer) set against a white background for a beautiful, functional throw.  A great gift for someone who has a serious case of llama lovin’.

  3. Fuzzy Slippers
  4. llama-gifts-slippers

    These easy-to-slip-on cute llama house slippers are not only cute but also super comfy. The plush upper has super soft Sherpa lining for toasty warmth, and the no-skid bottom keeps you steady and ready for anything cool that’s could happen. These make perfect stocking stuffers for a loved one!

  5. Tote Bag
  6. llama-gifts-tote

    Care for the environment by replacing plastic bags with this reusable festive canvas tote. It’s not only great as a grocery store bag, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll also use it as a handbag, beach bag, and water bottle carrier. These make easy, functional, and cost-effective gifts for the whole family!

  7. Llama Flower Pot
  8. llama-gifts-planter

    This little llama is patiently waiting to carry some flowers or succulents. He’s a very versatile llama and can also be filled with cotton for the bathroom or packets of sweetener for the kitchen table! Great for both llama lovers and plant lovers, he’s available in five colors.

  9. Wine Charms
  10. llama-gifts-wine-charms

    These Tiny Prancers (ah, best name ever!) are mini-but-mighty llamas that hang on the very edge of most glasses. Each of the six rim-riding silicone charms has a unique color combination, so there’s no mistaking which cutie is yours. A must-have for cocktail hour!

  11. DIY Llama Art
  12. llama-gifts-art

    Tweens, teens, and llama-loving adults will dig the chance to watch one of their favorite animals appear in string while boosting their crafting and creative skills. The designs may look complex, but they’re easy to complete with clear, detailed directions. The end result is hipster wall art at its best.

  13. Tank Top
  14. llama-gifts-tee

    Find your inner llama! This design was drawn and screen printed by skilled illustrators and printers in Ann Arbor. A unique take on the classic racerback leaves the back shoulder largely exposed, with a stylishly twisting fabric drawing the fabric together. A great gift for yoga lovers.

  15. Llama Duster
  16. llama-gifts-duster

    Next time you’re cleaning, why not bring a bit of South American flair into your mundane daily routine? The neon pink fluffy Llama Duster will brighten up the home or office, and its polyester fibers will clean any surface. These make super unique and functional gifts!

  17. Origami Necklace
  18. llama-gifts-necklace

    Be llamazing! If she’s a big fan of the fun, quirky llama – this necklace makes the perfect gift! The origami llama necklace can be worn alone or paired with other necklaces as a layering piece. It’s a simple but unique design that you can dress up or down for any occasion. Made from hypoallergenic stainless steel.

  19. Ring Dish
  20. llama-gifts-trinket-tray

    If the top of your dresser is a jumble, clear the clutter with this fabulous, colorfully glazed ceramic ring dish– the perfect place to organize all your tiny trinkets and treasures. Its delightful artwork is both cheery and original, and you’ll be extra cheery when you can find all your rings. A sweet Valentine’s Day gift.

  21. Llama Plush Doorstop
  22. llama-gifts-doorstop

    You may know that llamas make excellent sheepherders and are known to spit in self-defense—but who knew that they’re also handy for holding doors? So courteous! This super-soft, South American helper with a sand-weighted bottom makes a delightful doorstop and a placid, pettable addition to all your other llama décor. 

  23. Festive Dish Towels
  24. llama-gifts-towels

    Update your holiday décor with this festive set of 100% cotton dish towels! Add a huge punch of color and some whimsical fun to the kitchen without losing your llamas to Santa! 

  25. Coffee Mug
  26. llama-gifts-mug

    On the surface, this Llama coffee mug is SUPER cute. But inside, it’s just as sweet with the adorable script, “Como te llama?” or, “What’s your name?” in Spanish. The mug holds about 18oz of their fave beverage and will look equally adorbs just sittin’ there on a kitchen shelf.

  27. Llama T-Shirt
  28. llama-gifts-tee

    Save the Drama for the Llama. This funny Llama flip-up shirt is sure to be a hit…just make sure to give it some extra flair by spitting on the person asking, before you flip it up! 

  29. Retro Salt and Pepper Shakers
  30. llama-gifts-salt-and-pepper-shakers

    This llama salt and pepper set adds whimsy to your cooking and serving experience, featuring an adorable llama couple wearing blankets. The shakers are earthenware with a classic glazed finish and are perfect for functional use and as decorative home décor.

  31. Party Bundle
  32. llama-gifts-paper-plates

    Llama-themed parties aren’t just for kids! I mean, what could be more festive than decorative llama tableware for birthdays, Christmas, Hanukkah, or even Thanksgiving? You’ll get 144 pieces – which is 24 sets of plates, napkins, paper tumblers, and cutlery.

  33. Oven Mitt and Pot Holder
  34. llama-gifts-oven-mitt


    This adorable llama oven mitt and pot holder set will make the perfect kitchen companions. Made of high-quality polyester and cotton, they’re breathable, heat resistant, non-slip, flexible, and easy to wash. This “No Prob Llama” set will be endearing to any llama lover. 

  35. Pop Socket
  36. llama-gifts-pop-socket


    A PopSockets grip is more than a stylish phone accessory, it’s an opposable thumb for your phone! It lets you take selfies like a pro, text things you may or may not regret later, and stand your phone up on an airplane tray table to watch a movie. When you’re done, it collapses flat like hot-ironed bangs in a rainstorm.

  37. Llama Body Pillow
  38. llama-gifts-body-pillow

    This large llama pillow is like a stuffed toy for adults! Except it comes with a zipper for optimum stuffing and washing. Could there be a more cozy way to sleep? Will your partner be jealous? Can you dress him in pajamas? There’s only one way to find out! Choose from brown or white llama fur. 

  39. Mini Llama Journals


    This 12-pack (yes, 12!) of pocket journals contains four different cover themes that are easy to slide into a pocket or purse. They also contain nice thick paper to meet all your on-the-go writing needs.

  41. Silicone Tea Infuser
  42. llama-gifts-tea-infuser

    Save the planet and add a little fun to tea time with this Andean-inspired “Como Tea Llama” reusable tea infuser. This little dude makes the BEST stocking stuffer for llama fans and animal lovers– and is packed in a colorful gifting box. Simply fill with your favorite loose-leaf tea and place in a cup to enjoy perfectly brewed tea. Pssst. Cat lovers are covered here too.

  43. Peruvian Ornament
  44. llama-gifts-ornament

    This colorful pure wool llama ornament is handmade by artisans in Peru using traditional craftsmanship. Each llama is hand-stitched and embroidered with colorful yarn– and each one will have a unique saddle color and fringe. Each purchase also supports Ornaments 4 Orphans helping vulnerable children in the area the items are sourced.

  45. Wine Glass
  46. llama-gifts-wine-glass

    No drama llama– spit happens! Wine lovers like cute accessories, too, and this stemless wine glass with silver llama and witty wording will bring a giggle to her every sip. The best gift for besties, Sauvignon sisters, or mama llamas– or just to brighten someone’s difficult week.