22 Perfectly Adorable Gifts For Anyone Obsessed with Llamas

Updated on September 8, 2022 Updated on Sep 8, 2022
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    Llamas (not to be confused with alpacas) are quirky, gentle and friendly animals that have become a favorite of many. Bring a bit of llama love into someone’s life with these adorable gift ideas for llama lovers.

  1. Dali Llama Coffee Mug
  2. funny-coffee-mugs-llama

    On the surface, this Dali Llama mug appears to be just a funny play on words. But when you stop to think about it, this mug is much more than that. It comments on the innocence and vulnerability of nature’s creatures while pulling back the curtain of the human psyche. Celebrate eccentric artist Salvador Dali. 50% enlightened – 50% surreal mug. Holds 10 ounces of your favorite beverage.

  3. Llama Flower Pot
  4. llama-gifts-planter


    This little llama is waiting to carry some flowers or succulents. It is a very versatile llama and can also be filled with cotton for the bathroom or packets of sweetener for the kitchen table. Great for llama lovers or plant lovers.

  5. Llama T-Shirt
  6. llama-gifts-tee

    Save the Drama for the Llama. This funny Llama flip-up shirt is sure to be a hit…make sure to give it that little extra flair by spitting on the person asking you about your Llama before you flip it up!

  7. Paper Plates
  8. llama-gifts-plates


    What could be more festive than these adorable Llamas, all dressed up for the party? There are 80 paper plates, and they’re 9 inches in diameter. These plates are perfect for a llama-themed party or just to add a bit of llama cuteness to any meal. 

  9. Llama Duster
  10. llama-gifts-duster

    Next time you’re cleaning why not bring a bit of South American flair into your mundane daily routine. The pink fluffy Llama Duster will brighten up the home or office and its polyester fibers will clean any surface.

  11. Catchall Tray
  12. llama-gifts-catchall

    If the table by the front door, the bathroom counter or top of your dresser is in a jumble maybe it’s time to clear the clutter with a fabulous studio Oh metal catchall. This versatile little metal tray is the perfect place to organize all your trinkets and treasures, from keys and coins to jewelry and other loose items. Its delightful artwork is printed using a unique four-color technique, and the metallic copper-colored coating on the bottom adds just the right amount of shimmer. 

  13. Oven Mitt and Pot Holder
  14. llama-gifts-oven-mitt


    This adorable llama oven mitt and pot holder set will make the perfect kitchen companions. Made of polyester and silicone, the adorable pattern will be endearing to any llama lover. 

  15. Mini Notebooks


    The 12-pack of the pocket journal contains four different notebooks which easily slide into a pocket or purse. Each notebook contains heavy, card stock paper to enable you to jot down quick notes or lists while on the go. 

  17. Throw Blanket
  18. llama-gifts-throw

    Rows of trendy llamas and geometric designs make for a cute, comfortable throw. A perfect fuzzy llama blanket for the living room, foot of the bed, nursery or as a gift. Decorative, pink and turquoise design set against a white background for a beautiful, functional throw.  A great gift for someone who has a serious case of llama love.

  19. Wine Charms
  20. llama-gifts-wine-charms

    Tiny prancers are mini-but-mighty unicorns and llamas that hang on the very edge of your drinks. Each of the six rim-riding silicone charms has a unique color combination, so there’s no mistaking which one is yours.

  21. Llama Origami Necklace
  22. llama-gifts-necklace

    Be llamazing! If she is a big fan of the fun, quirky llama – this necklace will be the perfect gift! The origami llama necklace can be worn alone or paired with other necklaces as a layering piece. It is a simple but unique design perfect to dress up or down for any occasion. 

  23. Slippers
  24. llama-gifts-slippers

    These easy to slip-on cute llama house slippers are not only cute they are super comfy too. The plush upper with super soft Sherpa lining for warmth and comfort and the no-skid bottom to keep you steady.

  25. Salt and Pepper Shakers


    The llama salt and pepper set adds whimsy to your cooking and serving experience. The set features an adorable llama couple wearing blankets. Salt and pepper shakers are earthenware with a classic glazed finish. Perfect for functional use or decorative display on your dining table all year round.

  27. Llamaste Tank Top
  28. llama-gifts-tee

    Find your inner llama. This design was drawn and screen printed with pride by skilled illustrators and printers in Ann Arbor. A unique take on the classic racerback leaves the back shoulder largely exposed, with a stylishly twisting fabric drawing the fabric together between the shoulders. A great gift for a yoga lover.

  29. No Prob Llama Pillow
  30. llama-gifts-pillow

    Do you speak Spanish or do you speak mammal? Combine the two and you get this adorable decorative pillow. The No Probllama Square Throw Pillow adds an element of whimsy to your home decor.

  31. Tote Bag
  32. llama-gifts-tote

    Care for the environment by replacing plastic bags with this reusable canvas tote. This tote is not only great as a grocery store bag but also can be used as handbags for a beach bag and gym bag.

  33. DIY Llama Art
  34. llama-gifts-art

    Have someone who loves llamas on your list? Tweens and teens will love the chance to watch one of their favorite animals appear in the string while boosting their crafting and creative skills. Designs look complex but are easy to complete with clear, detailed directions for crafters with a bit of experience.

  35. Llama Pop Socket
  36. llama-gifts-pop-socket


    A PopSockets grip is more than a stylish phone accessory. It’s an opposable thumb for your phone. It lets you take selfies like a pro and share them with your circle of fans, friends, and family members. It lets you text things you may or may not later regret with the greatest of ease. It lets you stand your phone up on an airplane tray table to watch a movie. When you’re done, it collapses flat like your bangs in a rainstorm.

  37. Fa La La Llama Dish Towel


    Update your holiday décor with this crisp cotton dish towel featuring a charming llama graphic. Decorated in a festive holiday llama motif, this kitchen towel offers 2-in-1 functionality. A classic flat tea towel surface is ideal for drying glassware, and everyday kitchen tasks. And to be extra festive, a flamingo dish towel! 

  39. Sticker Set


    This sticker pack comes with 50 unique designs, perfect for adding a dash of fun. Llama be honest, what other animal gives you so much room for Peru-fessional puns? Decorate your stationery with them, jazz up your planner, water bottle, or add personality to your phone case.

  41. Plush Llama Doorstop
  42. llama-gifts-door-stop

    You may know that llamas make excellent sheepherders and are known to spit in self-defense—but who knew that they’re also handy for holding doors? So courteous! This super-soft, South American helper with a sand-weighted bottom makes a delightful doorstop and a placid, pettable addition to your decor.

  43. Zen Llama Sculptures
  44. llama-gifts-sculptures

    These no drama llamas are designed to add calm and whimsy to your garden in equal measure. His meditative pose, cozy robe, and warm presence make him the perfect comrade for critters passing through.