28 Perfectly Paw-some Gifts for Dog Lovers

By Laura Fiebert | Updated: May 24, 2023

    We all know at least one person who would prefer their dog’s company over yours.  There is certainly no shortage of dog-related gifts out there, so we have pulled together a list of our favorite gifts for the dog lovers in your life.

  1. Handfree Leash
  2. gifts-for-dog-lovers-leash

    If you’re looking for a hands-free dog leash that will absorb your dog’s pulls and changes in direction without causing you to lose balance, your search is finally over. Made to hold up against even the most active of dogs, our hands-free dog leash has some unique features that make it the ultimate choice for pet owners all over the world.

  3. Footprints in the Mud Doormat
  4. gifts-for-dog-mat

    Show your love for the outdoors, without bringing it indoors, with this playful doormat. Featuring a pair of footprints and paws, the coir mat welcomes you and your furry pal back from a walk, some gardening, or an epic adventure over the river and through the woods—just remember to wipe your feet. A super cute gift for a veterinarian’s office!

  5. Poop Bags and Dispenser
  6. gifts-for-dog-lovers-bags


    When you go out with your dog, you want to be prepared for their little (and sometimes, not so little) surprises. How many times have you gone out for a walk and forgotten to take a pet waste bag? Or used the last bag on the roll, when it’s more than a one-bag walk? Get your sh*t together, and never forget a poop bag again. This dispenser clips to the leash. 

  7. Pardon My Frenchie Wine Glass
  8. gifts-for-dog-french-wie-glass

    Pardon,l Madame, would you like a glass of wine? A glass of your favorite wine or cocktail in his adorable ‘Pardon’ My Frenchie’ stemless tumbler is the perfect weekend and after work wind-down for Moms & Dads of French Bull Dogs and all of the other amazing doggies out there!

  9. A Dogs Purpose
  10. gifts-for-dog-book

    Heartwarming, insightful, and often laugh-out-loud funny, A Dog’s Purpose is not only the emotional and hilarious story of a dog’s many lives but also a dog’s-eye commentary on human relationships and the unbreakable bonds between man and man’s best friend. This moving and beautifully crafted story teaches us that love never dies, that our true friends are always with us, and that every creature on earth is born with a purpose.

  11. Dog Wine Markers


    This set of charms makes a great gift for dog moms and fans of man’s best friend. The charms are simple to use – just place the charm on the outside of the glass, either near the rim or you can place them on the foot of the glass too. The charms are made of food-grade silicone and there are 12 in an order. 

  13. Potty Bells
  14. gifts-for-dog-potty-bells

    An Easier, Better Way for your dog to communicate!! Instead of hearing barking & scratching, you hear the gentle jingle of Potty Bells! All dogs have to go potty and you can housebreak and teach them how to signal you when they have to gogo!! What’s better than hearing the polite chime of our Potty Bells when your doggie needs to use the bathroom?

  15. You Dog Tumbler
  16. gifts-for-dog-tumblers

    Teacher’s Pet. Sit back and take a lesson from man’s best friend. This fetching tumbler set features Fido teaching his owners a few new tricks. Made of glass and they hold 16oz of liquid.

  17. Wooof Dog Vitamins
  18. gifts-for-dog-lovers-viatman

    It’s important to make sure your fur baby is getting all the nutrition they need and sometimes its hard for them to get it with food alone. Whether you are looking to improving your dog’s health or have a picky eater this All-In-One Multivitamin is the healthy topper for your dog’s meals that’ll have them running to their bowls again. This powerhouse blend of 25+ vitamins, minerals and superfoods supports all main functions in your dog’s body and gives a much appreciated boost to their overall health. 

  19. Car Seat Cover
  20. gifts-for-dog-car-mat

    This dog seat cover keeps your pet comfortable and safe during a car ride and also prevents any scratches and dirt, preserving the condition and integrity of your car’s upholstery, allowing you to travel with your dog or cat in the most convenient, safe and comfortable way. With Doggie World Pet seat cover you can head to the dog park or beach and back home again without worrying about muddy paws up the back seat.

  21. Doggie Treat Jar
  22. gifts-for-dog-treat-jar

    The Harmony Large Ceramic Dog Treat Jar keeps treats fresh while looking classy and cute in any home. Strong & sturdy ceramic paired with a modern bamboo lid to keep treats fresh longer. Imprinted with “Good Dog”.

  23. Custom Dog Socks
  24. gifts-for-dog-socks

    What pet owner doesn’t need socks with their pooches face on them? Get them a custom pair of socks with their loved pet’s face on it. Just upload a photo of your choice, and they will take care of the rest. This will be their favorite pair of socks!

  25. Leash and Key Hook
  26. gifts-for-dog-leash-hook

    This his, hers, and paw print organizer is the perfect solution for your entryway organization needs! Hang your keys so that you know exactly where they are each time you go looking, and your furry friend’s leash, collar, or harness has it’s very own spot as well! Three hooks are then attached for your keys and dog accessories.

  27. Go Fetch Bottle Opener
  28. gifts-for-dog-bottle-opener

    You’ve tried training Rex to fetch you a beer from the fridge and open it, but his lack of hands is kind of a problem. Short of such a talented canine bartender, try this adorable beech wood and stainless steel pooch. He loves to pry off bottle caps and hold them obediently in his magnetic mouth. He’ll sit patiently on your countertop or bar until good humans earn another IPA treat, and you never have to walk him late at night (unless you’re headed for the fridge, of course.

  29. Patches The Pup Pendant
  30. He likes to fetch, while his human likes to look fetching. Show your love for a canine companionship with this adorable dog pendant. Rendered in cloisonné enamel and 22-karat gold and suspended from a gold-dipped chain, this poised pooch makes a charming addition to any dog lover’s collection.

  31. Fetch These Mug
  32. gifts-for-dog-mug

    Fetch this mug as a funny dog gift for dog lovers. Any dog owner will love this dog gag gift. This traditional 11 ounce white ceramic coffee mug is perfect for any hot beverage. Wide mouth and large C-handle allow for easy, every day use. Whether drinking your morning coffee at work, or sipping on a hot cup of tea at home, this mug is up to the task. Microwave and dishwasher safe for your convenience. All designs are lead free.

  33. Silicone Molds


    These silicone molds can be used to make a variety of treats for people and puppies alike! Use the molds for ice cubes, chocolate, Jello, dog treats, and more.  Perfect gift for dog people who are always in the kitchen.

  35. Dog Socks
  36. gifts-for-dog-socks

    Well, aren’t these adorable! These women’s dog socks are lovely and will brighten up their day. These nice socks always keep your toes warm. If you want to kick it up a notch, give them socks with their own dog’s face on them.

  37. Wine Resuced Pet Candle
  38. gifts-for-dog-candle

    That wet dog smell will never be in style. With its calming, refreshing medley of clean herbs, fresh grass, and citrus, this candle offers a serene scent for pet lovers’ households. The candle’s creators, Craig Davies, and his wife have dedicated their lives to animal rescue, volunteering at the humane society and fostering dogs, making them experts in the pet candle domain. Beautifully contained in upcycled wine bottles, the essential oil-infused soy wax candle helps freshen pet-pervaded homes and provide a soothing ambiance for both two and four-legged family members.

  39. Chuck it
  40. gifts-for-dog-chuck-it

    No more touching slimy dog toys.  Elevate fetch with your dog with the Chuckit! This Pro Launcher, increasing the range and speed of your throw and exercising your dog in a fraction of the time. Chuckit!’s ball thrower for dogs’ high performance, ergonomic grip handle is comfortable to hold and allows pet owners to easily direct throws. Pro Launcher firmly grasps balls covered in mud and slobber for convenient pick-up without the mess.

  41. Bath Supplies
  42. gifts-for-dog-chuck-it

    We don’t just love dogs. We’re their parents. We realize they depend on us everyday for their care, and at pets are kids too we treat our pets just like our favorite people – with the utmost love and respect. Yet we struggled to find a dog shampoo that didn’t damage their skin or destroy their coat. That’s why they developed an all-natural, organic, vegan baking soda and oatmeal dog bath supplies. This gift set is a great gift for any dog owner.

  43. I Only Talk to Dogs T-Shirt
  44. gifts-for-dog-t-shirt

    Some days are not meant for interacting with other humans. Today, I will only be speaking to my dog. Woof! I like most dogs better than most people, don’t you? Show your canine friend some love with this funny dog tshirt. You’re dog will know you’re his BFF and the world will know to leave you alone. Plus, you’ll be so comfortable in this poly/cotton blend tee. Got this cozy dog mom tshirt and your pupper or doggo? You won’t need anything else for at least one whole day!

  45. I Hope You Like Dogs Mat
  46. gifts-for-dog-lovers-mat


    Don’t say we didn’t warn you! The perfect gift for people with a house full of dogs. The rug is made of natural fibers that provide traction for wiping shoes. And paws! This beautiful doormat is excellent home decor for any dog owner.

  47. Dog Shaming Calendar
  48. gifts-for-dog-lovers

    Each monthly spread features a themed collage of photos submitted to the popular Dog Shaming blog. Dog lovers will enjoy the variety of dog breeds, the funny stories, and the creativity of the owners. The calendar includes sizeable monthly grids for noting celebrations and vet appointments.

  49. Custom Pet Pillow
  50. gifts-for-dog-pet-pillow

    For all the games you’ve played, walks you’ve taken, and days you’ve spent in the fine company of your beloved pet, you can now honor your loyal family member —whether it’s a kitty, canine, or a canary—with a personalized throw pillow in their likeness. Submit a favorite photo of your pet and Ronda J Smith will use it to create a one-of-a-kind keepsake pillow that you and your animal muse can enjoy for years to come.

  51. Dog Lover Tote
  52. gifts-for-dog-tote

    That seems fair. Show this tote off at work or the farmers market on the weekend. You can even replace “Dog” with a specific dog breed making it more personal. 

  53. Deep Dish Cuddler Pet Beds
  54. gifts-for-dog-pet-bed

    From cuddling to sprawling, our luxury dog beds are flexible enough to accommodate any sleeping position! The high 12” rear bolster wall helps ease joint pain, while the 9” front delivers head, neck and extra orthopedic support.

  55. Dog Butt Magnets
  56. best-white-elephant-gift-ideas-dog-butt

    These dog butts may not sit when you them or fetch your paper, but they will stay attached to all of your magnetic surfaces. Man’s best friend. Designed by Steph Mantis. Set of 6 magnets have different breeds – Scottie butt, Pug butt, Retriever butt, Dalmatian butt, Poodle butt, and hydrant.